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Warning from CIC

Cosmic Agency, Gosia August 05, 2023

Guys, talking to Athena Swaruu yesterday, she left this information to share: "There is something that CIC found that we should say. And that is that we are already detecting movement towards new COVID restrictions in Latin America, especially in Mexico, where they are already saying in the mass media that they are going to re-impose the face masks for the winter season. I don't know if this is going to proceed, but if there are still anti-COVID activist groups out there, this would be a time to start moving against that once again. This ties directly in with what the Urmahs said and why they destroyed that building, as they claim it was the 'supplies' for the second COVID wave. Whether or not that is the case, cannot be known, but CIC's meta-data does indicate that they are moving in that direction. The problem is that they are already saying that they will be re-imposing the face masks - among other measures - around this year's winter season. We also find that they are moving a feline COVID as dangerous coming out of Cyprus, and the Urmah take this as retaliation for their operation against the warehouse and laboratory (the Urmah insist that not only was that building a warehouse but it was, in fact, a laboratory as well). Needless to say, it is all false. The feline COVID was seen towards the beginning of the plandemia, in the first months of 2020. At the moment we only have data for Latin America and North America, USA and Canada. We have nothing specific for Europe and the rest of the world." Best regards!