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Food and Replicators

Cosmic Agency, Gosia July 29, 2023

This was the question someone asked after Mari's video about food and replicators. Sharing Yazhi's answer here:

Question: "I don't quite understand. It has been said that the Cabal has not reached the technological level of creating matter from energy out of nothing, but a multinational can create to print food from energy."

Yazhi: Because those replicators are not at that technological level. Those replicators still need basic raw material and that's incomplete. Printing things directly from the ether is a technology far beyond what they have there.

It's that they replace food volume with things like expanded styrene with artificial flavorings because they don't have the chemical bases needed to print complex amino acids, vitamins and complicated nutrients.

Gosia: So replicators don't really create matter from energy or some like yours do?

Yazhi: It depends on each type of replicator. Yes, there are those that print from nothing. Some of ours do.

Robert: But food is "biology", it will never be the same if you replicate that.

Yazhi: The food replicated with cutting edge technology "from the ether" yes it is almost perfect, but it is that "almost" that makes it... you better not eat it, although it would still be healthier than anything processed terrestrial.

It's just that molecules or molecular structure are reversed in replication, not always but it happens a lot. And the inverted molecule of a nutrient turns out to be useless to the body. 

An example of that is, as Mari said, vitamin C that is inverted creating ascorbic acid (what they sell you as vitamin C in the pharmacy) which is completely useless for the body, being that what gives you relief in case of flu or cold is the acid itself and not the vitamin C. In that case it would be more useful for you to consume apple cider vinegar and not ascorbic acid."

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