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War in Ukraine - Nothing New - Message from Yazhi

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 30, 2022

Originally in Spanish - March 24 2022

Yazhi: What's going on in Ukraine? Simple, irritatingly simple. Nothing new. People are just becoming aware of what has always been, that's the difference, not what's going on.

Remember that I have already seen the movie. Although I can't know everything because the movie is interactive but there are patterns. You see, it's simple. History is written by the victors. That's true what they say, ohhhh yes. But it's simplistic, it happens to extend out more. 

In history what happens when you accumulate centuries if not millennia of history written by the victors? Accumulation of lie after lie. And to sustain so many lies they invent even more lies. And they end up erasing those who can expose their lies. Like Tartaria, simplifying everything. It doesn't fit their narrative so that's enough to invade them and erase them from existence. Not only with Tartaria, it happens with countless other things and people and civilizations.

Ukraine today: Simple: There is war but it is in the interests of those in power for their geo-political movements to move pieces for their New Dawn (NWO). But that real movement of pieces of theirs does not match with what the people, the world public, can see.

It doesn't match because they would notice things, like Zelenski working with the Cabal and there are moves to sort out with Zelenski's differences with Putin, because just because they are Cabal doesn't mean there aren't disagreements and power struggles internally.

Russia has been used since 1917 as the enemy of the West being that the Cabal Bilderberg level, not even that far down, control both sides since then, as the Rothchilds and Rockefellers financed Lenin's Bolshevik revolution of 1916-17. Russia has been theirs ever since. It is only one of the two arms of the Cabal's dualistic thinking in control of the Earth. Having one side against the other always controlling both sides.

So Ukraine today: 

While disputing their own power issues between those of the Cabal who move Zelenski (puppet) and those who move Putin (another puppet), a controlled and limited conflict is created between two sides who are not interested in the total destruction of Ukraine but in geo-engineering, plus exploiting the suffering of the people.

But that real controlled conflict that serves also to reactivate their machinery, war economy, to test their new weapons systems, and provoke economic and energy crisis etc...that conflict does not fit the narrative of their previous lies. But it is in their interest to make it that way for their own interests.

So: What they do is fill in holes in the real narrative of a very limited conflict, using crisis actors and special effects sets and all things Hollywood, so that this conflict that would be seen otherwise by the world public as a minor thing of no importance, local and between identified parties... grows to affect the whole world in exactly the way the controllers want it.

So they have the real results of their local, minor conflict, and at the same time they have the results of geo-engineering at the global level, with nothing getting out of hand. So it is a win-win scenario for them. They do their little local war their way and get the exact result they would have with a major conflict, without the adverse side effects.

Bottom line: 

There is a very small and limited war going on in Ukraine between people in power and their mercenaries, (local factions of the Cabal itself). They use this little war to test weapons, revive war economy and all that, while using the Covid controlled mass media to hype everything up for greater effects and benefits to further their New World Order agendas. And that's what´s going on there. But it's nothing new.

It turns out that as the victors write history, they pile on their lies, so whenever there is a war what they will report and what they will write will never be what actually happened. Not just in this Ukrainian war, but in any war you care to mention.

They used to control the narrative easily using controlled press, and the simple fact that people could not communicate en masse with each other. So they just obeyed and only understood what they were told, never what happens or happened. And this has been going on since Egypt and Sumer.

Then they manages to spread these lies with manipulation of perception, its peak during Roman times with Vespatius and Titus who created the whole Jesus myth, like what you are seeing in Ukraine, as disinformation for mass control.

So the only difference is how they control the masses and their perception, how they feed them lies. It used to be easy, everything was limited and controlled, and what a soldier who was on the front lines of some war in the past knew was not enough to understand the larger context of the whole war. The same today.

The only difference is that today they use the controlled Mass Media, because it is their tool of perception manipulation. And the problem is that already many people are becoming aware of that, that everything is controlled and everything is false. It is not that only the Ukrainian war or Covid is false, but everything that comes from official news and from official explanations since thousands of years is false too. 

That's why nothing fits in history, because it's not real. It's never been real, that's why Ukraine isn't real either. And the danger that the Cabal, the controllers, see is that too many people become aware of this, and that's why they want to reset humanity. Because they're getting out of hand, and it's very dangerous for them. That is why.

However, mark my words well:

The way in which they are going to reset humanity will never ever be in the way how the conspiracists understand it. That is another level of lies created and inserted there to control and guide mankind's perception. That is why everything spiritual, everything New Age, is infiltrated by the 3 letter agencies.

Us? It's up to you what you think, I'm just telling you that we are different, that's why they hate us so much. Just look at what I just told you today. I'm annoyingly in their faces. I expose them for what they are. I tell you to think, not follow me, think!! Use your head, don't follow anyone!!

That is what is happening in Ukraine. And I am not speculating, I know what is going on, because it is not new.  It is more of the same. They don´t even have creativity as the Covid is copy and paste of the 1918 epidemic but with asteroids (steroids). Even mouth covers were imposed on the general population back then, nor that is new. 

The same is happening now but made bigger thanks to the modern mass media, that is the only difference. The way the population is brainwashed is different. The soap is different but the brainwashing is the same.

That is why many other people talking about other things talk about how time is not linear but cyclical, and it is not that it is but they make it cyclical or seemingly cyclical by repeating their same tricks because they work for them, and they work for them because people have no memory and end up repeating and falling into their same traps!

And another sad thing: humans love to be led. That's terrible and that's what gets them into so much trouble. Their affinity to being sheep!! Because it's comfortable. But that's where the trap is. That's why I scream at them to stop following and start thinking.