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Gaia update

Cosmic Agency, Gosia June 12, 2023

Hello friends! As some of you know, some time ago we introduced our Taygetan/Swaruunian experience and information to the public on Gaia and many of you are now enjoying our content on Youtube after discovering us there. Thank you for finding us here!

Just to remind you, and for those who don´t know yet, our series on Gaia can be found under the name GALACTIC MESSAGES. Link: LINK There are 12 episodes.

If you ask if we are planning to continue sharing more episodes on Gaia platform, it hasn´t been talked about. With so much work on my hands, I haven´t really pursued it either. The main idea was to introduce the viewers to our material and the sheer presence of our Taygetans/Swaruunian friends there, so I feel the goal has been achieved and we are grateful to the producers/editors/artists for showcasing us.

As far as I know, Gaia has also released some episodes or parts of it on their free Youtube channel, so you are welcome to check it out there as well.  

Also, although I don´t have much information on exact episode, Dale Harder has also been interviewed by Gaia for their new series Deep Space where he talked about this communication as well. Thanks Dale! 

So that´s an update on Gaia, and now off I go to work on more and more episodes on our own channel in Youtube. 

Be well! Gosia