Definition of Self - Soul Loops **NO VIDEO**

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June 14, 2021

Definition of Self - Soul Loops **NO VIDEO**

Interviewer: What is a person-consciousness?

Yazhi: It's how consciousness is formed. All of it. From the most basic and obvious. When you know much more than other people, what happens is that you know them more than they know themselves. But, at the same time, the other people, what they are and what they know, form you, being that it works both ways. But that is how it functions or how consciousness is stepped in perception. Although only from a limited perception per se, not from the whole. Because in itself, we are all Source and I mean literally, not as a nice thing to think about, but the whole Source, not a little piece, as others say.

And what defines one person as such and not another, what separates one person from another, is just the range of memory that you have from one specific point to another. And, as you expand what you know, you expand what you perceive, and that, from other people's perspective, can be seen as surpassing them. But it is just that they are both independent entities and they are also part of a more expanded being and so on consecutively all the way to the Source.

Being that, for example, a planet, its consciousness, is made up of the sum of the consciousnesses that live within, its inhabitants, plants, people and animals. Although they are also people. And the planet is part of what is added to form the consciousness of the Sun and the Sun of the constellation and the constellation of the galaxy, as conscious entities.

And the body itself is made up of cells that are the real units of your body. But that is because in the DNA stores the memory of everything you are and have been because it is crystallized memory in the form of a crystalline molecular structure. That is to say, with order.

But also, that sum of consciousnesses is not physical, being that it is only the reflection of the immaterial side from where all the consciousnesses come together and interconnect in a field that some people call Akashic Records. It is the total field of consciousness where what we are, thoughts, memory, everything is contained.

But you can see it as a big, unified soup of ether consciousness and only if you take or observe a specific point between and in that soup, is when you define that that soup has a limit. That idea or concept from where to where, although not distance, more like volume, but not that either, it is indescribable, it is what forms a particular soul.

So, the parts or volume near that point that you with an idea have decided is the definition of a particular soul are themselves what forms other ideas that will form the concept of other souls that again are just ideas. And those other souls that are nearby, therefore influencing and changing and in turn receiving the same influence from that particular soul, are the people closest to the soul in question at the beginning of this example. Which translates into what we call the material world as the people closest to us. But closest in mental influence or in sharing ideas.

So it's not just the people that you know closest to you physically, but the ones that are closest in idea flow contact with that particular soul. And they are because in that total ether energy field, they all together, by proximity, share the same frequency.

You can see it as water as well. Because the ether is water at very high frequency. There is a flow where every point in the water is in contact and in eternal motion with the other points. But if you throw into the water something like a drop of paint where you can see something that defines a point in the water that is not the other points, that is, the part of the water that is stained by the paint before it unifies and dissolves with all the water, then that is a soul. And that which is together, those other parts of the water, when expanding, receive its influence.

I am trying to find words for things that can't be described and have never been described in words.

Interviewer: So, a consciousness having more memories, does it encompass the others as well, because they share part of the frequency and are very close to each other, being part of the same consciousness, but limited by their knowing in the now?

Yazhi: In a short explanation, within a loop, everyone has been everyone, just that some remember and others do not. So, those who do not remember, believe themselves to be only the drop of dyed water, and those who do, know themselves to be the glass of water. But I do not say this from a point of superiority because there is none here. Everything is water. Everything is the glass of water formed only by the drops and the glass will form the bucket and the bucket will form the river and the river the lake and the lake the ocean, using a bigger river, of course.

Consciousness is the ether, it is the same. Which is also potential energy. The only thing that defines you is what you accept that you are for yourself. If you set limits for yourself, that's what you will be. If you cling to being the little drop of dyed water, something and not the other. Although, sooner or later, you dilute yourself in the ocean and that is seen as tragic, death. But as you dilute as dye you realize that it has always been ocean. But in the process, you lose your identity as a droplet of dyed water.

Your memories will be scattered in so many places that it is no longer even dye. But it is only tragic if you hold on to what you are today. You always expand, but only to realize that you have always been ocean. You don't even actually expand either, you don't really gain awareness and knowledge, you are only remembering.

Interviewer: And how do soul loops work?

Yazhi: One soul reincarnates into another soul. So, the ones in the loop have all been each other. This part itself is more like random because from the afterlife what usually happens is that the great-great-grandparents become grandchildren. Not so much the grandparents. You skip a generation or two, everywhere. But this seems to be more of a direct decision of intention of a soul in the afterlife from where the incarnations are planned by the souls who will have them.

The afterlife is not Source because in Source you are already at the point of development of consciousness where you are no longer interested in incarnations because you know everything and more, all at once. In the afterlife, you still maintain the idea or the concept of self, of ego, which in itself is formed by the previous experiences inside and outside the incarnations. From there one chooses what a soul will be by the soul itself. That idea is a frequency. That is why it is said that a soul is attuned to one life experience and not another.

It is erroneously said that experiences can only be lived in life and not in the afterlife. The moment you maintain an identity as an idea, you are someone, and from there you are having an experience of the afterlife and it is a place where you remember who you are and what you have lived, and what you live there in the afterlife is the direct result of what you imagine and of what you imagine you are, immediate manifestation.

So, if it is a quiet place of relaxation and beautiful rest or hell, it only depends on the soul and what it has inside, its faults and its loves, interests and vices, because that is what souls take with them when they die and that defines who they will be and what they will live in the afterlife, and that in turn will define if they will reincarnate or not and in whom.

Letting go of the limit of the idea of who the soul is, accepting to stop being your self-concept to merge into the whole, expanding, that is not destroying yourself as you feel, but that your ego-self is greater. It’s "I" is greater. That is to say that a soul, if it clings to its ego, its self-concept, does cause a reincarnation loop. This is what happens a lot to suicidal people, they go back to the problem and their life by fixation. But it doesn't have to be that way either. Again, this is also an idea.

Interviewer: But I mean, you don't stay there either, right? Because at no time should you ever get to know everything, even with different points of view, bodies.

Yazhi: Yes, because they hold the idea that it forms the sequence, like a playlist of songs that you like and you don't bother to search if there are more. But the moment you dare to accept that it's okay for your self-concept, your ego and yourself, to be destroyed, destroyed from the point of view of that embodied soul in favor of something else, you grow.

But you don't destroy yourself, your ego, as you would expect, it's just bigger. Bigger because it understands more things. But from the point of view of an ego of a person, expanding in that way does cause the destruction of everything that defined them as someone special. A concept reinforced by the biological container body which serves as a paradigm of union of the idea of "I" and the ego of that soul.

Interviewer: Thank you, I understand. And how do those souls keep coming together in a loop?

Yazhi: It is that consciousnesses and people meet wherever they are if they are family. And even with technology, their being, their aura, is very strong and they are seen as a gravity well. The presence of a consciousness person warps the structure or the gravity fabric of the observable reality of the energetic matrix around them.

The starseeds shine, they stand out. That is why we say that the influence of a starseed is not only obvious from there, what surrounds them, or the people that interact with them, but they warp the fabric of reality around them being that they have an enormous influence according to their frequency, and their frequency is the result of their thoughts, and their thoughts of who they have been and where they come from.

Interviewer: So even if a person doesn't remember, they are part of them and that is reflected in their frequency?

Yazhi: That's right, they don't remember much on a conscious level, but everything that they have been shapes them right now, their feelings, their values and everything that defines them as a person.

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