Antarctica - Extraterrestrial bases **NO VIDEO**

ATTACHE, english
January 04, 2021

Antarctica - Extraterrestrial bases **NO VIDEO**

Anéeka: In Antarctica, besides the large entrance to Earth's interior, which is heavily guarded by the military of many countries, mostly USA, Russia and NATO countries, there are also regressive extraterrestrial bases there, mostly of tall greys known as Maitre, but also Draco and Kingu, all in cooperation with the USA mostly. There are also ancient DUMB bases there and large ships parked under the ice. There is also a Cabal DUMB, founded by the Nazis in the 1930s.

There are also ruins of pre-flood civilizations including ruins of the Atlantis civilization, as it was planetary. It's a hotbed of ETs there. All regressive and/or not very friendly.

Interviewer: How do you guys see it from orbit? Because it's censored on Google Earth. Is it like an industrial area with lots of bases? Is there ice everywhere?

Anéeka: It looks white, of course, but with a lot of facilities that glow at night. I mean, you can see dozens of cities there from above. Some of them quite big and with their DUMBs below.

It's like what happens on Mars, what's there as surface facilities is just the entrances to the DUMBs and everything that goes on, or where you live, is mostly underground. Yes, you see the entrance to Earth, as a large dark area the size of Switzerland, maybe. With lots of lights and facilities around it. I mean, they surround the entrance with military bases.

Interviewer: Thank you, Anéeka, are there Reptilian cities there?

Anéeka: Yes, I don't know about cities, but bases and installations. You would have to define what a city is.

Interviewer: And how do you prevent people from seeing it? Sometimes I watch documentaries of Antarctic explorers who go there as expeditions.

Anéeka: They simply can't fly even remotely close to those installations. No airline passes over Antarctica. The flat-earthers argue that this proves that the Earth is flat and Antarctica is just a barrier surrounding the world. It isn't. Commercial airliners don't fly over it because it is a no-fly zone, controlled by the military, for obvious reasons.

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