Tenerife Fires Complete Report, (English) - Space news Number 02

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August 22, 2023

Tenerife Fires Complete Report, (English) - Space news Number 02

Mari Swaruu: Tenerife report: what I have found out up to now. This text was written on the morning of the 20th of August 2023, my time. Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all doing very well. I am Mari Swaruu.

As with my Maui report, I had to change some algorithm-triggering words here, but I'm sure you will understand my drift. This information can be taken as science fiction or as the viewer sees best. I say this to comply with YouTube regulations I do not wish to disobey.

Now the report. As the artificial tragedy continues in Maui, another great fire is in progress, this time on the Spanish island of Tenerife, where at least 10,000 hectares have been destroyed. The similitude between both fires, the one in Maui and the one in Tenerife, is outstanding, and that alone makes it all very suspicious. As well as in Maui, thousands of people have lost their homes, and the devastation against nature is simply horrific.

The fire is once more acting in a selective way where they burn infrastructure but leave alone other highly inflammable areas such as trees. Yet, having said this, in Tenerife, the fire is mostly in the woodlands, yet by this time, it has reached and destroyed countless residential places. In the areas that have been evacuated but have not yet been destroyed, pillage and house robberies have been reported to be going on in an unprecedented way.

At this time, there are officially 26,000 people who have been evacuated from the affected areas. The firemen are reporting that they are not being given what they need to fight the fires, to the point where they are given one small plastic-packed salad as the only meal for their entire day in the fields.

Firemen in other islands report that they ask and almost beg for their government's permission to travel to Tenerife to help fight the fires, but they have faced only negative responses. So they are left with no support and no way to reach and fight the fires. Same way, civilian boats are being stopped by Coast Guard ships, which prevent them from arriving on the island to help evacuate the people.

The local firemen also report that they are not authorized to go towards certain areas to fight the fires, and the government's excuse is that it is not safe for them. Yet, the firemen themselves assure that those areas they are not allowed to go into are not especially dangerous to be in at this time, yet they are close to residential areas and resorts that apparently are targeted for destruction.

At least three Bombardier or Canada CL 415 firefighting aircraft have been seen over the island, as well as numerous helicopters. Yet, some reports say that those aircraft are instructed to only circle the areas where they can be seen by people, as if they were to act as if they were fighting the fires, yet they are not doing so. On the other hand, there are also reports of those aircraft fearlessly attacking the perimeter of the fire in an attempt to stop or control its advance.

I must add that I know that firefighting aircraft cannot go into certain areas of large forest fires because of high turbulence in those areas and because the heat is so intense it places those specialized aircraft´s integrity at risk.

The technicians of the local government consider this fire in Tenerife to be of sixth generation, and of complexity and dimensions that have never been seen before in the Canary Islands. And the local government representative states that the entire nature and behavior of the fires are very unusual.

The local government's civilian protection branch issued a warning for the province of El Rosario and declared that all residents and citizens are to be retained in confinement, that is, in lockdown. This is in the city of La Esperanza where people are instructed not to leave their homes and not to do anything outdoors, and not to use any emergency telephone numbers.

And as it happened in Maui, the forest fire emergency notification systems did not work or were previously turned off. As well as the water supply to those houses. It was as also turned off to prevent their owners from fighting off the fires themselves.

Up to now, the most affected areas are the following:

La Orotava with 2423 hectares destroyed
Candelaria with 1751 hectares destroyed
Arafo with 1623
Santa Ursula with 1000
La Victoria with 546
El Rosario with 516
El Sauzal with 235
La Matanza with 194
Tacoronte with 52 hectares
Guimar with 48 hectares destroyed, among others.

We have come to find out that the starting points of the fires for both Maui and Tenerife are all lined up and at an equal distance from one another, which is unequivocal proof that they started artificially. And this was detected by both orbital detection and by overflying aircraft.

My group and I conclude that both fires in Maui and Tenerife were started artificially using incendiary flamethrower drones and with energy laser and plasma weapons. These weapons are well above the understanding of the average person, yet they are openly exposed in the mainstream media as exotic and futuristic weapon systems. They are not science fiction.

The military target nowadays is the civilian population. They are targeted to destroy society and start another heavily controlled one from scratch to impose the one globe government, which, although is already in place, they must change the mentality of the remaining people so they conform to the new rules without resistance, and for that, they must erase their past and their memory. And with Maui and Tenerife, we can see that their horrible plans are accelerating now, as if they were in a hurry for some unknown reason or on a schedule, such as getting to some specific advance point before the year 10, 20, 30 is here. Please remove the 10 in your mind, as I only placed it there to mess with the algorithms.

The first thing people must get to understand is that the governments who control Earth are all branches of another larger one that operates in the shadows. We tend to call it the Cabal, and although this is heavily ridiculed as coming from crazy conspiracy theorists, that exact term was coined by the heavily controlled mainstream media precisely to disqualify all the information that does not conform to the official narrative and to hide from public view and understanding any theory that is close to the truth. Ruling everything as a conspiracy theory is a psychological operation in itself designed to gag and shut people's mouths, forcing them to conform to what is socially accepted and controlled.

Coming back to our subject, the reason why Tenerife is being targeted is the same one why Maui is being targeted because it is an island of a decent size and with large touristic installations, resorts, and high-level residential areas of the rich and famous, which have not been touched by the fire, by the way. Furthermore, both islands are in the program to impose half of half our cities on the population, and they need to destroy the present infrastructure to reconstruct the cities to their new prison camp specifications. As well as in Maui, there are large plans for Tenerife's reconstruction that were set in place well before the fire started, adding to the plans of imposing the half or a half-hour city programs.

As I was informed, Tenerife is planned to be transformed into an intelligent touristic destination through the initiative called Tenerife Smart Island, which is being backed by The Institute of Renewable Energies ITER, the Intech Tenerife company, The Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands IAC, University of La Lagunilla, and the Official College of Technical Engineers of Telecommunications of the Canary Islands, among other institutions who have all participated in the development of the Tenerife Smart Island project.

As they say, and I quote, "The project consists of creating a platform of intelligent cities to improve the digital competitiveness of enterprises, companies, micro-companies, and entrepreneurs." Quoting someone else, "We fear that there may be more large destructive fires in all those areas and cities that are targeted by such projects, as they must first destroy in order to build their prison cities."

Whoever is doing this is using the high temperatures in the area as an excuse for the fires. Those high temperatures are not unusual for this time of the year, so they are only using them to worsen the effects of their artificially created destructive fires. And, of course, they are using all this to further their imposition of the false idea of the world heating kitchen stove problem. Remove the kitchen stove in your mind, which many scientists know to be false, as well as the footprints you all leave on the carbon black floor. You get my drift.

There are numerous videos showing flashes of light resembling lightning strikes, as well as beams of light coming down from the sky starting fires. We have found that at least most of them are genuine, although nowadays, no one can know for sure because of the heavily used and abused digital manipulation that is everywhere. Having said this, we are aware of several fake videos that are found all over the place, which involve older footage or show other things such as rocket launches. These fake last ones are being used to discredit all the real ones systematically.

What I state about the use of energy weapons is not based on those videos but on my group's knowledge and my own about those weapon systems, as well as the evidence we can recollect and see in the damaged areas themselves that, forensically, similar to using ballistics, we can know whether a fire started naturally by lightning, using an accelerator and a match, or whether laser or plasma energy weapons were used.

As with Maui and with other full-spanner attacks, the evil Cabal who controls all the governments from behind also uses these events to create a great amount of pain, fear, and suffering in the population and in the animals and plants of the area and are used as offerings to their egregor demons and wicked entities whom they worship. My heart goes to all of you out there, and especially to all those who are suffering from these hideous artificial attacks.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more if you find my content of value, I appreciate it a lot. Please take care out there and be wise.

With much love and a great hug.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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