Atlantis - Reptiles - Pyramids - Adam and Eve - Mentral Control - PART 4 **NO VIDEO**

ATTACHE, english
September 06, 2020

Atlantis - Reptiles - Pyramids - Adam and Eve - Mentral Control - PART 4 **NO VIDEO**

Yazhi: The Atlantean and Lemurian civilization had advanced technology, both with aerial capabilities. Atlantean pyramids were distributed throughout the civilization. Their main function was to provide free energy to the cities. They were no more and no less than Zero Point energy reactors.

All the pyramids formed, and still form, but now in a decadent state and with very little energy, an energetic structure, like an energetic grid that enveloped the planet with the function of providing free and wireless electrical energy. With Tesla principle or Zero Point energy. Although they are or were also portals and centers of consciousness expansion. As psychic energy enhancers. Facilitators of astral travel, especially for shamans and healers, to communicate with their entities and all that is in the beyond. Some pyramids were only intended to be condensers of subtle and non-electric energies. That is, not all pyramids had the function of generating useful electrical energy.

Unlike the pyramids built by the Federation races such as, for example, the Pyramids of Giza, which use water as an internal polarity conductor, the pyramids of Mesoamerica and other Atlantean pyramids used mercury as a charge differential potentiator, because of its high plasticity of electrical transmission. In contrast, the Lemurian civilization used mainly water-based pyramids because of their clear influence from Federation races at that time.

The Atlantean pyramids were equipped with structures with channels, where large quantities of liquid mercury circulated, using part of the principle of polarity between heaven and earth, electrical polarity. As you know, clouds and the atmosphere have an electrical charge and the ground has another. When one polarity is overcharged, a spark is created, because electricity seeks ground, thus creating a lightning bolt.

A pyramid is nothing more than a system to channel the charge differential between the atmosphere and the ground in a continuous and controlled manner to provide a usable current for electrical appliances and light in general. For example, the Pyramid of Chichen Itza was a Zero Point reactor, mercury based, with portals as alternate use, with links to the sun especially.

The mercury was exported from off-planet refineries. I cannot know the exact location of these refineries. I can only say that they were, by logic, in the constellations of Orion and Draco, where the Reptilians came from, but not from a single planet but from countless, for the whole region was, and still is, full of Reptilian races. And note that many races called Reptile or Reptilian are not necessarily Reptilian based, but only have Reptilian appearance. Some look like Reptiles, but are actually mammals.

Returning to the refineries, it is not that they were characterized by them precisely, but as an interstellar civilization they necessarily had some kind of industry to back it up for what was necessary as it happens with any other interstellar civilization, since they cannot manufacture their ships from nothing, they have to have their means of production, factories of ship parts, shipyards and all that.

You can't manifest a ship by thought. They are not at that level of consciousness advancement. Yes, you can manifest a ship with thought from very high densities of course, but, as I said before, if you can manifest a ship with thought, you don't need a ship.

So mercury was brought to Earth through portals or with primitive ships that use star portals as a means of transcending great distances. Mostly natural portals in space, like suns, or those found on large planets like Saturn. But also small artificial ones, such as portable, or nearly portable, portals. Just as an illustration, they are very much like the Stargate ones.

Mercury is mined on planets or asteroids, then refined to remove impurities and turned to electrical grade, but it still has more uses. Since it is a heavy metal, it can be enriched, as uranium is enriched for later use in a nuclear power plant. In Atlantis there were also nuclear power plants that ran on uranium, but they were mainly for weapons use. The enriched mercury on Earth is called red mercury.

If you spin that mercury at high speed as in a turbine and pass large amounts of electrical energy through it, it causes a toroidal electromagnetic vortex with gravity canceling properties. Of course, specific gravitational frequency control is needed to effectively control such anti-gravitational properties of red mercury. Without frequency control, only a portion of the energy passing through the device containing the red mercury will be applied to cancel gravity. The rest is surplus energy and is dangerous because it is too much. This is because in disorder all the anti-gravity apparatus containing the mercury will emit a whole range of frequencies randomly, and the result of gravity cancellation will only be noticed when by chance some frequency transmitted by the apparatus coincides with the frequency of the gravity where the apparatus is located.

If the specific frequency of the gravity outside the device is known, the frequency emitted by the device can be moved to the specific one to cancel gravity with 100% efficiency and with a much lower power consumption, in a safe and controlled way, as it is done in a spacecraft. These readings depend on the gravity sensors on the spacecraft. The sensors indicate the gravity properties to the spacecraft's computer, which makes the changes in the turbines.

According to Wikipedia, red mercury does not exist. But look at the logic, it says there that it is not in the periodic table, therefore, it does not exist. As if all that is contained in the periodic table of elements is all that exists. As with UFOs, they will never tell people that red mercury is enriched mercury and that it is spacecraft engine turbine material.

There are terrestrial references to red mercury in the Die Glocke tests in Nazi Germany.

But back to the pyramids, although there are clear external differences in the Federation or Atlantean pyramids, due to the clear influence of the local cultures or peoples who built them, they all operate on the same principle. They all obey the same basic mathematical pattern.

The major difference is in the complexity of the operation and technology. Zero Point reactors, mercury-based, can be made smaller and the same effect can be obtained as water-based reactors, in a smaller place or with less mercury. In other words, they do not depend on the environment like water-based reactors. They can be made smaller and very efficiently.

In contrast, a water-based Zero Point reactor like, for example, the ones at Giza, needs subway flows and rivers and even a water pump system running through the corridors, access to the queen chamber, to create a strong grounding effect. Therefore, they are more complicated to manufacture than the mercury-based ones.

The main problem with mercury-based pyramids is their added toxicity. Even today they are a problem or toxic focus even for the subsoil, especially for the subsoil and the permeability of the site and the local aquifers. The earth-based ones with water are cleaner. In fact, I would dare to say, they are clearly more advanced and efficient.

Earth science says that an advanced civilization harvests energy from the stars. No, that is a limited and human interpretation. You don't need to harvest a star because a Zero Point reactor provides all the energy you need. There is no explanation unless ETs enter into the answer.

Do you know the Kardashov scale? As you look at the ranking of civilizations, you will see that everything is based on their power to process and access energy. First from their entire planet, then from their sun, then from the galaxy. Clear human mentality. Civilizations like Taygeta would fall off that scale because they do not need to exploit and harvest energy from either their planet or their sun, let alone their galaxy. They have already transcended all that.

This is why they do not accept the existence of extraterrestrials. It is simply beyond any official or scientific understanding. As long as they only observe the material world, they will not understand extraterrestrial civilizations or the cosmos. Nor how the universe really works because they reduce everything to 3D or 3D understanding.

As Nikola Tesla said: "Once they observe the non-material world they will advance more in a decade than in the last 100 years".

The pyramids on the surface have been dismantled. They have taken away all the technology and left only the structure to the public. But there are still pyramids in operation with all their technology that no one is using. For example, those that are submerged in the Bermuda Triangle area. Where some Atlantean cities were located and which are responsible for the magnetic anomalies in this area.

But also, for example, there is another one in Crimea in a subterranean chamber in the south of the island. This one is water-based and fed a Federation base in that area. Former Taygeta base and the reason today for the dispute between Russia and the West for the control of Crimea.


Yazhi: Approximately 15,000 years ago during the flourishing and expansion of the Atlantean civilization, the Reptilians began experimenting on their Lyrian slaves. The goal - to make them more submissive and compliant. To avoid revolts and other possible problems resulting from oppression.

One of the largest concentration camps, where one of the most important genetic experiments was carried out, was in what is now the area of Turkey, where the Lyrians were made to live in subterranean cities, under the control of the Reptiles and under the premise: "That this was the way to live". These concentration camps are referred to in the Old Testament as "Paradise or the Garden of Eden".

The controllers tried to modify the Lyrians in the laboratory, attempting to suppress genes and modify DNA. But it didn't work as they had hoped. The Lyrians had a strong connection to the Source and all changes produced in the lab reverted back to their origin. So they could not make the changes permanent.

So, the Reptilians in Atlantis decided to take genetic transformation to the level of mind control since it was not achievable with a laboratory test tube. They began to use such mind control, along with perception isolation, to guide human slaves to alter their own DNA using a belief system.

On some occasions, babies were separated from their mothers at birth and given to other adults chosen as masters who raised them and indoctrinated them from birth with Reptilian teaching. Instilling them with other values, other ideas, forcing them to suppress their qualities of higher intelligence and their connection to the etheric field. That is, to make them dependent on them, the creators, as gods, so that the Lyrian humans could not oppose the exploitation.

The goal was the same, to lead them away from their connection to the Source and to guide them to modify their own DNA. Little by little, the children's minds would change and suppress the parts or qualities that the controllers did not want. They reinforced that they would not remember who they are or who they were while seeking qualities such as obedience and low intellect, the latter of which was essential. That is, they limited them mentally so that they would believe in a deterministic and material world. So that they would not realize that they had the same creative capacities as their oppressors. On many occasions, the adults were sacrificed leaving only the children to start a new group.

Eden was a site controlled by Atlantis, where they could see how their new artificially created race developed. And when it didn't work, they would remove it and start another one. For all this, it was of vital importance that the controllers were not to be seen, to maintain an illusion of freedom in the minds of the slaves. Making them believe that they are alone in the universe and that they must obey the gods, thus getting them to cooperate of their own free will as they do today. Allowing them a degree of evolution that was controlled and supervised by them. With very basic technology, the minimum to function. Also like today.

The Reptilians were perfecting mind control until they created a new race with the Lyrians, Adam or Adamic race. A race known today as the modern human. Establishing a system of beliefs and ideas according to their interests of what was possible and not possible. A guide to history and the reason for existence. Out of all this were born later the Sumerian Tablets, the mother of the Bible and now our modern science, the basis of human society.

But, on the other side, and at the same time, there was Lemuria, formed by Lyrians who had escaped from the oppression of the Reptilians. The controllers had failed to repress their intellect and memories. They knew they were free and that is why they had escaped from Atlantis. They were the Evas.

Lemuria was developing with the help of interstellar matriarchal societies such as the Taygetan and later the Engan and Solatian. That was the serpent. The Evas, which contained both men and women of the Lyrian race, were empowered with universal knowledge, "the forbidden fruit". Adams and Evas were the same race, the only difference was the mind.

One of the factions of Atlantis was located in what is now Egypt. As we have said before, the Atlantean civilization was complex and cosmopolitan. The Sphinx was built by them. It is over 12,000 years old and predates the Pyramids of Giza. The pyramids themselves were not built until many years later. The Sphinx was a symbol of power. It also refers to the introduction of agriculture in the Nile Valley.

There were two sphinxes, side by side. But one was destroyed. It is unknown why and by whom. The lions symbolize Egypt. The lion as the All. Two lions represent Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt. The Sphinxes stood side by side. As still shown today, two lions side by side in a doorway.

The woman's head, because it is a woman, represents the constellation of Virgo where the Egyptian new year begins, in the month of September, which coincides with the rains and the growth of the Nile and the beginning of the planting season. That is why the Sphinx faces east where the sun rises. And the lion's body represents Leo, the last sign of the Egyptian zodiac, back, the end of the Egyptian year.

The Sphinx has always been like this. But there is a theory that it used to have the head of a jackal, Anubis. The theory is false, it is only ignorance in the way of thinking of pre-dynastic ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egypt the woman is represented as a snake and it is repeated in other parts of the world. In China, in Japan and, for example, in some Mesoamerican legends. Genesis means the genes of the goddess Isis.

The ancient Reptiles used the snake as a symbol of woman, because of its similarity also with the DNA spiral. The serpent symbolizes many things, but not Reptilians. It is also or represents wisdom. That is why it is used in the caduceus of Hermes as a symbol of medicine, as representing DNA. But it also represents spacecraft coming out of the sun and it contains wisdom. For example, the feathered serpent represents a ship in atmospheric flight.

However, going back to Atlantis and Lemuria, Adam represents the Adamic human race. The Adams were the slaves of the Reptiles. A whole race created by them, by perceptual alteration, not by genetics. And Eve represents the race before the Adams. Eve, like Adam, was not a woman but a race. And that contained, as is normal, both men and women. Eve equals Lemuria.

The Eves, the whole race, were tempted by the knowledge of their stellar sisters, matriarchy of holographic civilization, mainly of Taygeta. Knowledge represents here the forbidden fruit that those who live under the Cabal, under Atlantis, under the controllers, must not have. Because they escape their control and turn against them, as happened with the Evas, founders of Lemuria.

So, the stellar matriarchy, here represented by the serpent, gives the forbidden knowledge to the Eves, who will then go out to liberate the repressed Adams. After all, they are relatives. Lemuria is interpreted as the feminine side, because it had a matriarchal society based on the influence of other races such as the Taygetan. Lemuria equals feminine, equals Eve.

Even today the feminine, the emotional, the integration with love, is despised in favor of the masculine logic, isolated, without integration with the other side, the emotional side. To the extent that women with power act or should act as men and not as empowered feminine women, a concept that does not exist on Earth. This is equivalent to a matriarchal society where everything is integrated, including the masculine side.

Returning to the symbolism of Adam and Eve, in the center we have the tree of life. The concept is, as I was telling you the other day, first Egyptian and then Sumerian, in that order. Contrary to what they tell you there, Egypt precedes Sumer and Babylon.

The serpent with the tree creates the caduceus, medicine, but which comes from the serpent. Serpent equals woman and that brings applied knowledge that came from a ship. Ship equals serpent. That is, coming from outside the planet.

And on the other hand, we have the paradise or Garden of Eden, which was not a paradise but a concentration camp where they experimented with human beings. This experiment, it could be said, had a period of duration of about 2,500 years, placing it from about 15,000 years ago to about 12,500 years ago. Dates as always only approximate. And during this period of time it was under the dominion of the Atlantis civilization.

They put them in the subterranean cities, implanting ideas in them from birth. Teaching them that this is the way to live, that this is the best way to protect themselves. So they do it at will, because they have no other choice. It's like asking me: How do they convince modern humans to live all together agglomerated in large, illogical, dirty, overpopulated and sickening cities? It is the same thing.

They just have to create in the minds of the humans the idea that living like this, underground, is the best option for them. That's why archaeologists themselves don't understand why or how they made or excavated these subterranean cities. With surprisingly good ventilation despite the depth since the inhabitants were quite primitive. That doesn't fit into their concepts of the capabilities of the Neolithic inhabitants. And that's because those subterranean cities were built by beings with very advanced technology, but with the intention of placing their human farm there. The structural calculations combined with the right shapes to promote ventilation would simply be a nightmare or nearly impossible for the level of understanding of the people of that time.

But the secret is in the non-rectilinear curved shapes of the internal structures. The fact that they use today straight, square and rectangular box-like structures in houses and buildings does not promote the energy to move, which can be called Chi, and which also sees and provides the dynamics of movement necessary for the air not to stagnate.

And in the design of these subterranean cities the difference in atmospheric pressure between one side of the subterranean structure and the other simply creates an air pump effect that injects or moves the fresh air throughout the structure or subterranean city. All using only atmospheric pressure and wind variables, between the outlets and ventilation openings. Houses in almost all interstellar civilizations are shaped like this, rounded, with almost no straight angles for the same reasons.

Returning to the mental control of the beliefs imposed at that time, the Sumerian Tablets emerged and then the Old Testament and later the New Testament as well and other religious variants. And they contain stories from almost everywhere to include the pagan, the Druidic Celtic Gnostic, including events that happened in Egypt and Sumer, altered and distorted for the people and adjusted to their limited understanding. They are no more and no less than their data imposed on the human population as absolute truths, truths to be followed or penalties of untold suffering for anyone who dares not to follow the rules.

But nothing has changed. Same formula today as back then. Humans living in Eden were slaves without knowing they were slaves, like farm animals. They were given food, but not as if it fell from the sky, just in a way that was not so difficult for them to obtain. That is, without implying work, because to exploit them it was not yet necessary. Like that being naked really meant that they couldn't defend themselves. That they didn't have the knowledge of how to defend themselves or to be self-sufficient. Which indicates that they were indeed given free sustenance in some way. Naked, without knowledge and without self-knowledge. Without the power to realize who they are.

Also, the unsustainable fact that Adam was created before Eve proves to be symbolism here. Because first there were the Adams as a people under the control of the Reptilian invaders and then the Eves would arrive to help them. Both races were genetically similar. The rib here means that it contains a lot of DNA for cloning.

But this is meaningless if taken literally. For this must be interpreted in code. Because, biologically speaking, the female will always come before the male with the male being a variant of the female of any species. That is why males have nipples, because only the "Y" chromosome is activated between the second and third week of gestation, where the nipples are already formed or with the cells programmed to form them.

So, in the Lyrians, as in many if not all mammalian species, the male is only a variant of the primordial being that expresses the real genetics of the species, the female. This is undeniable biology and has nothing to do with feminist agendas or the fact that the writer of these words is a woman. It is just a fact and it is so.

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