Invaded Planets - Earth, Mars and Venus - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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February 19, 2021

Invaded Planets - Earth, Mars and Venus - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Interviewer: At some point you commented that there were nine planets in Earth-like conditions. Other than Mars and Venus, what are the others?

Anéeka: The first and most notorious was Alpha Centauri A3. Known as Phaeton by some. Today renamed Alfrata which is the main planet of the Alpha Centauri or Alfratans.

Then, in the same system there are:

Sycorax - Alpha Centauri B3
Phainon - Alpha Centauri A4
Stilbon - Alpha Centauri B1.

Plus five other planets in Canis Minor. I don't have the data on which ones, but they are under the positive control of the Procionans in the area but have nothing to do with the Taygeta Procionans on the planet Procyon.

Ok. I have them, but with somewhat incomprehensible nomenclatures:

Tau- Cete
GJ 667C- c
GJ 667C- e
In the Canin Minor system.

Sol 13B, i.e., Venus, and Kepler 296- e.

All were under regressive control. No longer, with the exception of one. Only Sol 13B is still under regressive control, Venus.

Interviewer: What is the difference between planet A and B in the Alpha Centauri system?

Anéeka: It's three suns in a triple system. All three orbiting each other. They are Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and Alpha Centauri C. Brown Dwarf also known as Proxima Centauri. The A or B depends on the sun that each planet orbits.

They are found on the internet, but the information is correct. Only small planetoids are missing, and the names are outdated or some of them. But it is correct enough to illustrate the Alpha Centauri system.

Interviewer: Tau- Cete, GJ 667C-c and GJ 667C-e, are they from Canis Minor? And what about Mars?

Anéeka: Only GJ are from the constellation Canis Minor. I have no information on suns.

Mars is a disaster divided in three. One third of Earth's regressive Cabal, another third of Maitre (Tall Greys) and the last third belong to Ojalu's Mantis. Mars cannot be categorized as a free planet nor as a planet under regressive control.

Interviewer: And Tau-Cete and Kepler, where are they?

Anéeka: Tau-Cete in the constellation Cetus, sun Cetus- a, 12 light years from Earth.

Kepler-62f orbiting sun Kepler 452 at 1402 light years from Earth, it is very far away. I clarify that Kepler-296e is the same as Kepler-62f according to my data, just classified in two different ways, but the same planet.

Interviewer: Thank you. So the only planets under regressive control are Venus and Earth currently?

Anéeka: Yes, at least in this sector. It is known that what is regressive and what is not is a relative thing but, officially, according to the Federation, those are the planets that were or are under regressive control as in Earth. Notice that they go by groups in the same solar system in general, this is only logical.

I had to contrast with human information now, to make sense of my information, as I only have planets here with Federation nomenclatures, numbers and assigned frequencies that it makes no sense to share, as they are just sequences of numbers.

Remember that we move by star maps by frequencies. So I don't have the off-Earth star name that corresponds phonetically with each planet, except for the obvious ones like Venus, the ones from Alpha Centauri, since there is a lot of information about them, Tau- Cete and Kepler-62f.

Interviewer: And what is the Federation doing on Venus? Are they the same ones that are here on Earth?

Anéeka: They have another advance group of ships in orbit there like they have on Earth. Here, the major Federation ship is the Andromedan Viera. In orbit of Venus, it is its sister ship, identical: the Varena. Plus the support group of countless races coming and going, also coming and going from Earth orbit.

The regressives in control of Venus are the same as on Earth and they go to Venus using jump rooms or portals.

Interviewer: Is Venus better off now than Earth, and does the Federation use the same rules of non-intervention?

Anéeka: It is the same, just that on Venus they do not have as much civilian population as on Earth. The Cabal often uses Venus as a summer resort for its beaches and luxury seaside facilities because Venus in 5D is a water planet like Temmer. Mostly water with few solid or dry continents. Tropical paradise planet. Its climate and atmosphere are more stable and gentler on biology than Earth.

They say it is very hot and pure sulfuric acid, that is Cabal propaganda. Plus, there is this problem that if you see things from 3D, you will only see the 3D part of whatever it is you observe. This principle applies to many things.

Interviewer: Do they have the same agenda there as they do here? Are they also suffering from the current situation there? Or are they not attacking the population there?

Anéeka: Because they are few in number there, the attention of the regressives is on Earth, because they have completely dominated Venus and it is under their control.

Interviewer: Like China then, obedient?

Anéeka: I think it's different because there is very little civilian population. So, they have them under control in other ways that are momentarily less invasive. What happens is that for the Cabal there are so many humans on Earth that it is impossible to continue with a soft control over them.

Interviewer: Oh, sure, I understand. That's why they keep on going on about how there's overpopulation. It's that we're getting out of their hands.

Anéeka: Yes. And because you are waking up. What they don't see, but it's on purpose for sure, is that if there are so many humans and with that destructive mentality for the planet, it's because of them and their bad influence.

Interviewer: Are you also helping Venus?

Anéeka: Taygeta helps Venus through Earth. Venus is a colony of the Earth Cabal. If Earth is liberated, Venus is liberated, they go hand in hand. But helping Venus alone does not help Earth. The Earth is key.

Interviewer: And of the planets Tau-Cete, GJ 667 C-c, GJ 667 C-e and Kepler-296e, do you know the history of some of them? What happened to them?

Anéeka: Only that they were very positive planets that lived in peace with no way to protect themselves, just using their high frequency as a shield. I understand that they didn't even think they needed to protect themselves from anything, so the regressives came and just took them over like that, without any resistance whatsoever.

That is precisely why the Federation saw it was easy to go in and take them out, because it is clearly a direct hostile external invasion. And for reference, the case of Earth is a very complex problem that is not a traditional direct intrusion.

As a side note, this is why you can't just be love and light as many New Agers say, because you end up getting eaten. You only apply that in the higher densities where there is no more evil. And that is why they do not understand why Taygeta is militarized, although not in a human-like way, simply because we have to defend ourselves.

Be kind and loving to everyone but carry a sharp sword.

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