Origins of the Lyran / Human race (English)

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December 17, 2022

Origins of the Lyran / Human race (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thanks for joining me. I am Mari Swaruu.

(Disclaimer for Youtube: The following information is published for entertainment purposes only, it can be taken as science fiction or as you see it best. Anyone with eyes to see).

Before moving on to new topics, I would like to outline some of the most important basic concepts needed to understand what follows. Later I will expand on these concepts as well.

Humans have the tendency to reduce everything that exists into small pieces that are easier to explain and to understand. They fragment what they want to study and analyze, and from there on they try to explain the whole.

This is a thought strategy inherent to all thinking beings who, as limited individuals, limited by their own perception and understanding, logically restrict the results of their attempts to understand anything to their own personal limits as individuals.

That is why the more awareness and understanding a person has, the greater his frame of understanding will be, and with it he will understand more accurately the world in which he lives, that surrounds him and everything else he tries to understand.

This fact or problem is very evident in the case of terrestrial science. Man's system of analysis, called the scientific method, is only valid within a previously specified framework of understanding, but it will not be able to explain what still remains outside of that system of thought, as the perceptual framework of the scientific method directly depends on the people who are using it, as it also depends on their system of beliefs and values, or what they by agreement perceive as real and not real, possible and not possible. Then the very framework of understanding and the validity of their science will be limited to the belief system agreed and held by the scientists who apply it.

In the case of the Earth, it is what we call the system of beliefs and agreements that form the terrestrial Matrix, where the system of beliefs and conclusions derived from its scientific method only apply within that Matrix, but not to what is beyond, outside of it, since it is not yet accepted as existing, much less understood by the inhabitants of said Matrix.

In a few words, the scientific method creates a self-contained and self-validated system that does not reflect everything that exists, since it can only validate what is within the framework of agreements that form the terrestrial Matrix to which it is subjected.

And whether or not the set of agreements that make up the terrestrial Matrix expands or not, depends on a group of human and non-human entities called the Earth controllers, who do not allow the expansion of consciousness necessary to understand concepts and truths that are outside of what they want. And they want it to be so for the purposes of control and exploitation of the population. And their main way to achieve this is using institutional validation, with it controlling what is real and what is not, what is possible and what is not.

Moving on. From the not-from-Earth understanding/perspective, the fact is that humans did not evolve on Earth as described by Darwin's evolution of the species theory, because humans, as a genetically defined species, are found on countless other planets. There is evidence of at least 400,000 civilizations with clearly human features only in this galactic quadrant. That is a lot of humans.

It is true that there are many differences between Lyrian variants of humans beings in outer space. Some look more human than others, but all have the same distinctively human form. And many of those civilizations are beings with the exact appearance and genetics of Earth humans, differing only in minor but sometimes important genetic markers, but dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt will pass off as a simple Earth human being in any bus station.

Holding the same morphology, these species adapted the world around them to the common and specific needs of all human bodies, which also brings a way of thinking and reasoning very similar to that of terrestrial humans beings. So, many things in all these civilizations are common to what human beings have on Earth.

The same way of thinking will cause similar clothes, shoes, gadgets, and so on. A chair is a chair and is a chair on Earth and on Alpha Centauri. And there is only so much you can do with a t-shirt.

The common understanding among non-terrestrial human civilizations is that humans beings in general, as a race, initially come from planets that orbit the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra, and for that reason the entire group of human races in outer space are called Lyrian races, from where they migrated to different solar systems of this galactic quadrant in an event known as the Great Expansion, which itself is part of the so called Orion Wars.

However, the human being as a species already existed before these events, and there is also evidence that, at the same time as in Vega, they also inhabited many other planets and places.

This is very difficult to calculate since time itself is very flexible when it is outside of an established context such as the perception of the speed of the passage of time within one or another specific planet. There is no single agreement on the perception of speed and the constancy of the passage of time.

It is true that there is some degree of artificial genetic alteration in Earth humans as such. However, the understanding of the Taygetans and the Swaruunians is that it was done, at least mostly, through the use of mind control and perception control over the human population, and therefore it is reversible individually as a consequence of each person's expansion of consciousness.

The understanding of Taygeta and of the Swaruunians is that human beings, as a species, and like all other species of plants and animals, have always existed and are part of the expression of the universe itself. They all are the universe itself, with variants of each species adapted to the specific place where they live, considering climatic and general conditions, among many other things.

The concept of no-time. Time itself is being only relative to consciousness and to the consciousness that perceives it, and only an illusion. Therefore the universe has always existed. It never had a beginning and will have no end.

This last one is a very difficult concept for the average person to understand and even more for its scientists, as they are fully immersed and subjected to the values of the Earth Matrix, as they are all immersed in their own self-contained and self-validated belief systems and their own empirical experience that states that all things are born, live and finally die. They end up translating these ideas and concepts to a larger universe reality that follows dynamics they are very far from even starting to develop the capacity to understand.

This is a direct reflection of human hubris and egocentrism, thinking that they have the capacity to understand the all, the everything, thinking that they are the centre of the universe and the only sentient thinking creature in existence.

In short, and as a conclusion, human beings as such are present all over this galactic quadrant at least, live in countless other planets and places outside Earth, and are part of the very essence of the universe.

Thanks for listening. With all my love and a huge hug.

Mari Swaruu

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