The Rulemaker's Advantage - Does "Good" always win?

Za'el and Arien - English
August 18, 2023

The Rulemaker's Advantage - Does "Good" always win?

Za´el: I send you my best regards. Thank you for coming in to listen to me. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Today, I would like to talk about a problem that, from my perspective, is quite serious and causes great suffering to many people who, full of hope, think that abuse towards them will end simply because the universe gives you back what you give. To me, this is a very wrong concept, very New Age, and it keeps people in a docile puppy dog mentality that puts up with whatever comes its way, no matter how harsh, cruel, abusive, or blatant it is.

It is said that if you are able to see or perceive attributes, positive or negative, in another person or group of people, it is because somewhere inside you there is also that attribute or set of attributes. If you see in someone a great goodness that you deeply admire, it is because that great goodness also exists in you. If you are able to see in someone the darkest and most malicious, it is also in a way because you yourself have that darkness in you. I recommend watching the video on this channel about light and darkness.

But just because you are able to see those virtues or flaws in others does not imply that those things define your actions or how you want to be with others in this world. They are simply there and they define the expanded, all-encompassing being that you truly are. From higher planes, that right and wrong take on other meanings, although you know I'm a big advocate of what really matters is your values and principles now, being who you are today, and acting in a way that is consistent and congruent with those values and ethics. You, encompassing all that you are able to recognize in other people, are the one who decides who you want to become, what and who you want to be.

As Jordan Peterson said, and little Sophia here too, it is more virtuous to be a monster and keep that in check than to be a cute little bunny who only knows how to be eaten.

Now, having understood this, I bring it up because sometimes we also tend to want to believe that people are not so bad. Couple this with the concept, which of course is true, that good and evil are relative and that those people don't think they are being regressive imposing an abusive, and the concept that everything is perspective, and so it is, and we have an extremely convenient and perfect situation so that, in the end, it is the people with the most authoritarian and aggressive attitude and the least respectful who will always control or limit the perception, actions and circumstances of the kindest, most respectful and humble people.

As queen Alenym the First of Temmer once said, “Those with greater total aggressiveness will be those who will impose their rules on the more peaceful ones.”

My theory, or one of them, as to one of the main deeper reasons why we refuse to see the evil in other people, apart from the obvious desire not to have an uncomfortable or traumatic experience as I said earlier, is that we don't want to admit that evil exists in us too, even if we choose to act nobly in our day-to-day lives, because to assume that evil exists in our reality would also imply acknowledging that this reality exists precisely because we ourselves manifest it and what we are, we manifest.

Let's imagine that you are playing a board game with me, whichever one you feel like. It turns out that you have a set of rules and limitations that apply to your token or team of tokens, your cards, or whatever you want to imagine. You start moving around the board, but you're limited to moving when it's your turn to the number your dice indicate and to events related to the squares you move into. Some rules return you to the starting square, some rules remove your tokens and resources forever until the game ends, some rules prevent you from advancing until you meet certain requirements.

However, while you move forward as best you can, staying true to those rules and doing things right, you watch as I move my counters when I feel like it. You see how I fall into certain boxes that I should react to in a certain way and I don't. You see how I get to your token, step on it, and remove it, even though the rules of the game said I couldn't do that. I mean the rules, what's real and what's not, who plays and who doesn't play, and the meaning of events, absolutely all of this I dictate. Is it fair? Who will always win the game? The answer is simple. The person who controls the game will always win, or only those who that person decides will win.

Now, replace the word rules and the word limitations with the words, ethics, morals, empathy, or even code of honor instead. Listen again since we started the board game, and you will understand the message I want to convey to you.

Does this mean that we should give up our ethics, our morals, our empathy, or our code of honor? I am not the one to tell you, let alone impose on you, how to proceed or who you will become, but I can tell you my perspective, my way of life. I don't think the answer is ever to renounce your values and your code of honor because that would be to renounce yourself. To me, it's a direct path to losing you, to losing your soul, your connection.

However, that doesn't mean that we should stand by and be silent when we see injustice or abuse of any kind, whatever the abuser's reasons for doing so. The way I see it, it is easy to use the argument that everything is perspective or the argument that everything is for someone's sake or for your own as an easy tool of mind control and manipulation of perception and circumstance for those people who hold the key to ending the macabre game that the abusive party enjoys playing without rules or limitations and at the expense of the suffering of others.

A clear example of this is right there with you, and we call it the Earth controller Cabal, although I'm sure you can apply it to your daily life.

I'm afraid I'm not sure that good always wins from our perspective, especially if only one source of information is taken as the bearer of truth. However, as I said in the previous video, the truth comes out on its own as long as you are willing to find it because a regressive attitude, no matter how much it hides behind a mask of supposedly well-meaning light, ends up giving strong clues to what lies behind it as long as you are prepared to see it, even if evidently they sometimes know how to cause confusion.

You must be open to hear and understand all the possible parts that encompass what you wish to discover and be willing to encounter whatever it is and to integrate that it is there and does not have to define you or mean that you have done anything wrong.

Act from nobility, from empathy, and from your code of honor. Never lose that and always bring out the best version of yourself whenever you have the opportunity to do so. But don't turn the other cheek, don't let them hurt you at will or let them control your fate and circumstances or those you truly care about on the premise that it's for the greater good or because it's your fault.

Everything happens for a reason, yes, and we create our story, yes, but you and you alone decide how that story will end and which path you choose to take. Remember not to ignore your heart, which sometimes refuses to see the evil but often knows it is there. However, it will shine whenever it can and will know how to move forward intelligently, avoiding and exposing the darkness.

Take courage. It is a great test. Overcome it. I don't know if good always wins, but you can win. I'll sign off with a thought I dropped a few videos ago. I tend to think that mind control doesn't necessarily exist only on Earth.

Za´el of Erra

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