MENSTRUATION AND PREGNANCY - TAYGETANS **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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March 18, 2021

MENSTRUATION AND PREGNANCY - TAYGETANS **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Anéeka: On Earth, lunar frequencies are the ones that mostly govern women's cycles. Other women and proximity with them, and with men, also have an influence, but let's say that it is mostly lunar. It is also because everything is seen as something inevitable that happens to you and that's it.

There are no lunar frequencies here. So, what dominates is the mind, even over the hormonal stimuli of the environment and other people around. Of course, relationships with other people influence the mood and thus the mind. It is not perfect, but it is normal to go many months or even years without a menstrual cycle and suddenly something throws one out of focus, or takes one out of the normal, and there it is again. This means that there is birth control using only the mind, of course.

The problem is that, after her period, a Taygetan woman will not have a fertility corridor of a few days, but that fertility corridor can be up to a month later. After you skip the date of the next cycle, then again you know that you are no longer fertile.

Another difference is that the Taygetan woman has a tendency to store sperm in her ovaries, which means that she has the potential for pregnancy even years later. And as if that were not enough, even a virgin can get pregnant because with 24 chromosomes she has a strong tendency to get pregnant herself. This is self-cloning.

So, although Taygetan women have the ability to control their cycles mentally, the disadvantage is that if you are not careful with your thoughts and deep desires, you will always have the threat of getting pregnant.

Of course, to prevent this there are contraceptive methods that suppress this, be it any of the three ways a Taygetan woman can become pregnant. These methods are mostly hormonal, similar to those on Earth. Also, specific frequencies have been tried before, but the woman's aura overrides the instrument, nullifying it. So, hormonal is still the safest.

Interviewer: And in the case of pregnancy, how do you know whose child it is, and can you make a conscious choice in desiring pregnancy?

Anéeka: The truth is that if the woman has been with more than one man, it is not possible to know whose child it is. Only with DNA tests. But it also happens that it depends on the number of times a woman has been with which man, being then the one who tends to dominate the sperm of others.

The problem is that, even at the ovarian level, sometimes the sperm, although no longer mobile, just being present in conservation by the ovary itself, can impregnate a new egg. Or an unripe ovum may already be fertilized and ready but be dormant there for years until it is mature, and if the circumstances are right, pregnancy occurs.

It can be argued that with the mind and with desire one can prevent an egg fertilized by someone unwanted to be formed and be of the one that is desired, the new partner, for example. But this is a problem that all Taygetan women have to deal with. There the humans do have an advantage. Although we have found that they also retain sperm from their partners for life. Which indicates and accentuates the need to be very careful with the partners one chooses to have. Being that things like promiscuity are something very destructive or with very destructive potential.

Interviewer: How long is your menstrual cycle on average, and do you also have problems with very heavy or irregular cycles?

Anéeka: That's right. It lasts about five or six days, on average. Sometimes it can last four. As far as irregular, the Taygetan woman is very irregular, as you can imagine from what we described above, and we also suffer from heavy and light cycles and pains and cramping and all that.

Interviewer: And the hormones as a contraceptive method, isn't it harmful? The ones here, I had always believed them to be very harmful, completely eliminating the cycle and causing a lot of problems.

Anéeka: On Earth, I know it is controversial. For example, they say that one gains weight, and many people defend that, but we found no evidence. It seems to be used as an excuse. Here, with the ones we have, they say they are perfectly safe.

Interviewer: I have not only observed that, but physical consequences in the body such as swelling and nipple infections, mood swings, not being able to sleep etc.

Anéeka: It may have something to do with it. It's just that the amount of hormone present in human pills can be unnecessarily high. I know they sell the same compound, but at a lower dose. For me, that is too strong, it should be reduced. Also, you have to check which hormones. And the logical thing is that they are very synthetic with other harmful things added. But that's the pharma's problem, not the method itself and how it's supposed to work. Maybe trying another brand and dosage.

Interviewer: At what age does it usually first appear? Do you also go through menopause?

Anéeka: At what age? Around the age of 13, rarely earlier. While in human females it can appear as early as nine years old.

There is no menopause here. Taygetan women remain fertile potentially all the time. The only difference is that many women, really emotionally and intellectually older, are very stable. They know what they want and what they don't want. Being that this reflects on the control they have over their body and they never have another period. You can call this menopause perhaps, although the origin is different.

Interviewer: Thank you, Anéeka. Very interesting. And does it bring any physical or emotional consequences to withhold your period for a long time? It is said here that it releases energies as well.

Anéeka: I don't know, but you feel very free and secure. And the more time goes by, the more secure you feel because, even if you have emotional ups and downs, you know that you still keep your mind at peace and you feel in control of your body.

Interviewer: And what methods do you use when you have your period?

Anéeka: Basically, you use the same thing you have over there for feminine hygiene, but more natural, no chemicals in the pads. It's annoying, but it's the healthiest way.

Also, unlike on Earth, here the menstrual cycle is very much respected and not seen as something negative or dirty.

As here the cycle is not something that is really a problem, as in the sense of not having to keep having it, despite that, it is taken as an opportunity to rest a little, stay at home, break the routine. As here there are no bosses to tell you anything. Even though this may be controversial for the Earth, menstrual blood can be used to demarcate the limits of your house in an energetic way, like around your perimeter.

Interviewer: How long does pregnancy last? Even knowing that you don't calculate time.

Anéeka: Taking the pregnant woman into account, the only real reference in terms of a time frame is about nine to 10 months, about the same as on Earth. Just a little bit longer, but not much.

Interviewer: And do you sometimes have premature births?

Anéeka: Yes, when there is a problem, of course. However, pregnancy complications are much more rare or infrequent than on Earth. Births are almost always natural, rarely not. And as a normal procedure, it is customary to give birth underwater.

As an additional annoying fact, when parthenogenesis occurs and the woman is still a virgin at the time of delivery, it is customary to surgically assist her there, because many report that it makes everything not only more complicated, but much more painful. Also, more dangerous for the baby, in this case they are always girls, and also for the mother.

Interviewer: At home or in the pool or in the sea? You once said that you had an easier time giving birth. How exactly? Biologically?

Anéeka: In hospitals they have special tubs for giving birth. At home, in a swimming pool, or in natural running water wells. In the sea, I don't know. I have never heard of that.

The sexual organs of both genders are a little bigger than humans. This means that the vaginal tract is more suitable for giving birth than in human women. That's why it's easier. Although it does not mean that it is without pain and problems. It is always a difficult event.

Interviewer: When you say surgically assist, you mean like a cesarean section?

Anéeka: In this case, the hymen is surgically removed or opened. C-section only if there is a serious problem, but it's a last resort.

Interviewer: So you maintain the concept of virginity? Because here it is already being annulled. Like it was imposed by religion, and in reality the hymen breaks by itself a lot of times so it makes no difference whether you have had sexual intercourse or not.

Anéeka: The hymen of the Taygetan woman is usually stronger and thicker than that of the human woman. This is another biological difference. On Earth, virginity has been enforced as a method of population control and against women, taking away freedoms and all that. In many ways, it's also control over the human farm because that is what human society is in many respects.

The problem is that, already looking at things closely, in terms of sexual freedoms, and contrasting this with biology, we find that there is not much benefit in promiscuity in general, for any gender, being that the unrestraint in this sense is like a catharsis derived from having been in repression. So, this does not come from a religious or social moral aspect, but rather it biologically ends up harming the person. Very easy to see in the case of Taygeta's woman, but applicable to the human as well. I am talking mainly of women, but men too. Also, psychological problems occur that derive in social or couple problems afterwards.

In itself, a person absorbs the energy of the other person and becomes the other person because they share their frequencies. They do mix because the frequency of one person influences the frequency of the other, reaching an average.

But that is as far, let's say, positive people are concerned. But it happens, especially on Earth, that one person will have a very dense and dominant energy, usually of low vibration, that will dominate over the other person creating personality problems, like spirals of negativity, being graphic here.

This happens many times if a person has very regressive energy and, when mixed with a very positive person, the regressive person will feel very good and will want more, but the positive person will feel very bad, exploited, drained. Here you can see that you are literally draining them of vital energy.

In short, it is not just anything to have sex with any person. It is something to be very careful about and to think a lot about.

Interviewer: And how do you surgically remove the hymen?

Anéeka: The traditional way. With local anesthesia and scalpel, laser, or compressed sound. It's a big job and a big task, but it's necessary. It is not a matter of morality or religious morality. Do not confuse freedom with being free of consequences. It's just that I have seen and studied consequences in general, for example. And this is also controversial. But I still mention it.

Although we are supposed to be equal, men and women, the truth is that we are not. Even biologically. So, no matter how progressive a man is, it will always bother him that his wife has had many partners before him. This is especially noticeable in Taygeta because, even though it is a very matriarchal society, where basically women have control over society (not to be confused with nullifying men because it is not like that), even here men will still prefer women with fewer past partners. And this is more than logical if we remember the phenomenon of sperm retention.

I understand, and of course it happens, and depends on each person, both in Taygeta and on Earth, that men abound who adopt their partner's children. But I am not talking about this here, but about deep psychology based on biological needs.

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