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January 29, 2020


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Anéeka continued explaining that these animals also carry a great symbolism and the Cabal itself has used them in that sense and for things that are not so logical, such as their transgender or sacrificial agendas.

But the most well-known and logical symbolism is the search for perfection, for the unattainable. For example, using what Swaruu said, that she strived with all her might to know everything, as her ultimate goal, knowing that it is impossible to know everything. Yet, she fights to achieve it. Therefore, knowing everything is: Swaruu's unicorn.


Continuing with the symbolism of the unicorn, Yazhí also explained that, for example, it is rare to see symbolism of herds of unicorns. They are always seen alone or two together, at most.

It's esoteric symbolism based on the Earth, the occult world. The unicorn symbolizes the coming of great change as the materialization of a Messiah. But there is more, it is expanded in that it indicates the arrival of a time of change where people will be deceived, lied to, tricked into obeying an agenda, taken as a symbol of the Antichrist. This goes diametrically against the image of the good and perfect animal, the ideal animal.

It also symbolizes the third eye, which is also the eye of Horus. And also solar worship, Atonism, monotheism of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. It symbolizes who carries the light, but in the negative aspect representing the unicorn as Lucifer.

It is related to the pineal gland, therefore symbolizing "the transformation". This is why the unicorn is also related to Shiva in India, because of its connection to change. This is a positive aspect because it is associated with the planet Pluto. Shiva is associated with Pluto and unicorn with Shiva, this is the positive side.

It also symbolizes that one can no longer be fooled by the fall of one system for another, the removal of a veil, the awakening. This is also related to the fact that the science of the terrestrial Cabal has removed Pluto from its status as a planet, demoting it to planetoid by downplaying Shiva, trying to maintain the Matrix of control over the Earth.

Unicorn is also associated with the arrival of a future conqueror, with its third eye-horn, it sees into the future. Conqueror can be new paradigm as well. It removes the veil from the eyes of those who have been oppressed and opens them to their true nature.

In Celtic mythology it symbolizes total control over genetics, because it is a spiral, like two intertwined snakes. Its horn is a spiral, but it is symbolism of phallus or erect male member that gives or imposes its genetics.

Positive and negative side, two sides of the same coin, same unicorn.

Right now in our society the unicorn is very trendy. We can see it on all kinds of things: T-shirts, mugs, ornaments, necklaces, among many other things. Curiously, it is usually accompanied by a rainbow.

Yazhí went on to explain that the unicorn is being used as a symbol to impose agendas. It is the change they wish to impose, the negative aspect of the unicorn as the inverse of Shiva being the positive one. That is, to impose change.

The unicorn has a strong masculine association because of the erect member and the genetics it imposes with the strength of a stallion, but they degrade it, they turn it towards the negative, degrading masculinity, bending it in favor of the negative, bending it in favor of the transsexual agendas that in turn are associated with Agendas 21 and 30 of depopulation of the Earth.

Few people have realized that masculinity is under attack. They are turning it, in the perception of the masses, into something destructive, toxic masculinity, the reason for the world's problems, the cause of all evil, the cause of the attack on women, on the feminine, that which subjugates the feminine.

It is being imposed everywhere with feminist movements and their variants or with things like campaigns against gender violence and feminicide. Thus creating greater separation between men and women, greater conflict, less unity, more control, depopulation as there are fewer babies. It is all perception control, creating in the male psyche a feeling of guilt just for being men, shame for what they do, imposed on human minds through the media, criminalizing being a man.

The unicorn represents the man and is turned into a tiny, weak, funny, baby unicorn. A stuffed animal with baby eyes, helpless, with a rainbow because masculinity has been turned in favor of the transgender. Rainbow is adopted because of the wide variety of colors that symbolize each of the different sexual tendencies in one thing, as various colors, it defeats that which would be defined. The blue, the black, positive side that symbolizes the masculine, and the cheerful colors such as pink, yellow or orange, associated with femininity.

The unicorn symbolizes here the destruction of masculinity on Earth, they do not want male gender because they are the ones who are able to do something against the system imposed by the Cabal, because man is associated with action, with doing something, with defending in general, thus losing all meaning of what it is to be a man, as defender and protector of femininity, working together, not separated. Never separate.

Souls have no gender, they are just souls, that is a quality or experience of the physical body. But as that physical body gives a series of definite experiences, those experiences in one gender or the other make souls have a clear preference for being of one gender or the other.

In previous incarnations, one has been both genders. If one wishes to change gender, one can do so in the next incarnation. That is why it does not make sense to do it from the present one because for that you are already of one or the other. Unless the very experience of the confusing and chaotic 3D is precisely to be transgender.

Yes, it would seem that many people have been forced to incarnate in a gender that is not their preference, causing internal conflict. But in the case of the Earth as it is today, 90% or more, 98%, to say a percentage, of homosexuality, comes from culturally imposed ideas, or from media, using actors and actresses and fashion trends of how to be. And youth follow them just because it's "cool", because it's "in", without seeing further consequences.

There have always been homosexuals, this is not against them, but against those who are using this as a weapon against people, to destroy the youth and with it the future of humanity. It is not a question of homophobia, for me that is part of the agenda so that this agenda cannot be attacked, because the homosexuals themselves will come in to defend their rights. That is why I emphasize that they are using it as a weapon.

Everyone deserves respect. This is not against anyone, it is against using it as a weapon as they do with countless other matters.

And on the other side, there is the feminist agenda. While there are positive aspects to feminism, and there is no denying that, again the problem is when it is pushed further with other goals in mind, masking and using the real rights of women as a shield, so that that agenda is not attacked. It is the separation between the genders, to always separate, divide to win. Creating conflict of all kinds, such as that of identity as well. For example, it is seen that men and women are taken as equals in everything, when it cannot be so. They are not equal, although this does not mean that one is superior to the other, but rather that they complement each other.

So, if the rights and therefore the responsibilities of both genders become equal, the perception of identity disintegrates, and this creates a myriad of problems. But not only that. It is also for further exploitation of society and humans. Because now in society, men, on average, can no longer support a family on their own, creating the need for both men and women to go out to work just to be able to pay the minimum expenses. This creates destruction of the family unit, and with it destruction of communities because the family is the basis of society, creating a dystopian society.

The issue of feminism is very complex. It is like the gay agenda, using genuine rights of one group to hide a different agenda, and having the members of that group work for them by believing that they are only defending their rights, so that their agendas cannot be attacked because the minority groups will defend those agendas on their behalf.

Sure, women are oppressed, but you forget that men are oppressed too. To lay the entire blame on one group or the other only aggravates the problem. Of course many men abuse women. Of course women abuse men too, and in complex ways, sometimes not equally, but the problem is of everybody, and you can't solve the problems of one gender by exploiting the other.

The problem is that feminism, generalized as a global trend, does not seek that equality, but to impose female superiority over men, thus again collapsing the number of births, lowering the number of humans as an agenda. It's all planned, down to the last detail. As I have said before, you are being dominated by an intellectually superior species.

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