Fears, and Attitude towards Life

Za'el and Arien - English
March 27, 2023

Fears, and Attitude towards Life

Arien: Hello everyone again, I'm so glad to see you all here. I have been thinking lately about all the knowledge this crew has been working on and sharing for years now, with the aim of triggering as positive an outcome as possible.

I especially think about the youngest ones on the ship, Yazi and Mari, and how they have been conveying their views with focus and dedication, with great courage, despite the uncertainty of whether or not their work will be as successful as they would like it to be. This has made me reflect on fear and insecurities which, of course, also manifest themselves off Earth and is therefore an issue that concerns us all.

As a conscious being, you live immersed in a soup of frequencies that is always influencing you and your state of mind, at the same time as you influence it. It is a continuous flow of exchange. And this exchange depends on multiple factors, among which is being immersed in a duality in which, down there, the negative part is much more present, generally speaking.

And, as a consequence, this accumulation of negative energy pulls on you, trying to interrupt and eliminate the hindrance, which for it is the frequency that is not in accordance with its own, law of dominant frequencies. When this happens, and if you are not mentally and emotionally stable enough at that moment, fears start to appear. Fear is at the root of everything that holds us back in our daily lives, as do other negative emotions such as loops of anger or sadness.

But I am not going to go into these now. I am talking about fear because it is the opposite of love. Love is the precursor of light, that which motivates us, that which stimulates us, that which moves us. Fear is the greatest break you can ever have, that which paralyzes, that which annihilates. But as Lao Tse says, there is no greater illusion than fear.

How many times have we stopped doing something because of uncertainty or our own insecurities? Moreover, knowing that much of it is tied to a reaction that you assume will appear as cause and effect, and that in reality, it may never happen.

In other words, you anchor yourself in the "what if this happens" conditional thinking loop. And sometimes, these possible triggering negative effects may not even have anything to do with you. For example, you fear being judged or that others will think badly of you. The person who judges you is reflecting what is inside him or herself, something that may be bothering them about you. There are many life moments or experiences that define that person's pattern of behavior but, in the end, they have no power over you if you learn to understand that it is the other person's scenario that speaks for them.

Or maybe you have felt different from the rest and have been afraid of appearing ignorant or crazy, of being left alone because of the rejection of those around you. This is very common with starseeds because they don't adapt well-being more connected and closer to the Source, and because the frequency of the Earth collective pushes them to vibrate on the same line.

But doesn't that have a positive side? It means that you seek something deeper than the rest, to evolve your consciousness, to learn and enrich yourself, that you don't submit to what is clearly a hive trend. Be proud to be different from the system out there, from the more Matrix people. Don't give up on being yourself for the recognition of others. Work on your inner strength not to fall into what does not define you as a person.

If you are afraid of losing what matters most to you, ask yourself if what you think you need is really indispensable in your life. Sometimes, we fear losing someone with a very different point of view and mentality from yours, and sooner or later, they will naturally be destined to go their own way. This is because, deep down, you both agreed that you need that for your growth, and being together stagnates you. You get into a dependency mentality.

But if the person or thing you are most afraid of losing is truly valuable, then stop your mind. Don't let it keep creating that reality that you don't want. Remember that your thoughts can be very constructive but also very destructive. Your reality is created by what you think, and focusing on what you fear is precisely what makes your fear manifest.

As little Mari expressed in her video “Same events, different meanings”, on the physical side versus the spiritual side, you yourself realize when you die that what you suffered on the material side was not so bad, that, in fact, it has been very enriching, and that you can redesign whatever you want to do in your next incarnation. That you can do whatever you set your mind to because, from that side, you don't have those fears that hold you back in life.

So, I ask you, if you can do everything you want to do motivated by the teachings and the growth that comes from what you do, why not start right now?

I also want to tell you that it is normal to feel fear in new situations when what is at stake is very valuable and important to you. It is not a matter of never feeling it. Fear tends to be based on previous bad experiences, traumas, and so on. And sometimes, you have to know how to separate it from what you logically believe as a warning to take care of what you want.

But this is where you, once again, have to exercise self-responsibility, look beyond that thick layer called fear that is clouding your judgment, and assess with understanding and ethics the situation you face in order to choose how to act. So that if you decide not to act, it is not because of fear as such.

The decision and responsibility must always be your own. You decide the value you place on everything. Every emotion can be transformed by our way of thinking and seeing things. Find your motivation. It is your motivation that will attract your point of view to the positive.

Change the chip now. Change your mentality. Don't wait for it to engulf you from the inside out. If you focus on the negative things, even after death, you will generate attachments, and these attachments will lead you into loops.

If you try desperately to fit into a society that only disowns you, you will end up destroying yourself inside. If you cling to something material or to a person who does not want your life experience, you will not grow spiritually or as a person. Your fears are the only thing paralyzing you. Your thinking and your attitude towards life is all you have.

You, as a soul, forget. You forget many things if that is what your expanded self-desires. That is right. And among all those things, you forget that you have gone down there with the greatest of courage, being perfectly aware that all that is going to hold you back is yourself and your ideas, nothing more than that. But you will always have something very important in your memory because it's in you and you can't separate yourself from it: your essence, your tastes, and your way of being.

So, as we have already said, you can find your mission, motivation, or whatever you want to call it in the things that make you happy. Use it as a guide and focus on them, no expectations. Don't set limits before you've even tried.

Mari also had her doubts. She didn't know how her channel was going to work. She had to start from scratch in setting up her videos. Za’el and I also went into this with some insecurities. As someone I hold dear told me, "Everything big and innovative requires risks." Take them and step out of your comfort zone. There is always going to be uncertainty. Don't get distracted, visualize, and get moving. Be free and responsible for your life. You can do anything and more.

I hope you have been inspired. A big hug and see you another day.

Arien of Erra

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