Presentation (Za'el) ENGLISH

Za'el and Arien - English
March 01, 2023

Presentation (Za'el) ENGLISH

Za´el: Be very welcome to this channel. I send you a big greeting. Let me introduce myself: You may call me Za'el. It is obvious that this is not my real voice, but an artificially generated one, but just in case, I make it clear.

I will say, before anything else, what by regulation I must express, if I want to have the freedom to speak that I need, and that is that you can take my words as science-fiction or entertainment, if you wish. Let everyone see, feel and hear at the level that their perception allows.

I am here speaking through this medium for several reasons among which is to create the best possible timeline. In addition, I join the project that the brave Mari Swaruu initiated a few months ago, which inspired me to take the step as well to share the information directly to the public without going through any other person before reaching it, as it seemed to us a daring decision as well as the right one. This with all due respect and recognition to Robert from "Despejando Enigmas" and Gosia from "Cosmic Agency" who to this day continue to work as intermediaries and deliver the information in the best way.

I take advantage of this point to clarify that this project is totally independent, although it is, at the same time, complementary and parallel to the one that my predecessors have followed until today and that continues, and everyone will have the same information at the same time. So, any questions that may arise will be resolved in the videos themselves, whether they are about me, my team or these topics.

It is a direct communication with all of you at the same time. It is an experiment, and the idea is that this channel will work in the same way as Mari's in that sense.

By the way, I will most likely not be the only one talking through this channel.

Mari's Channel is called "Swaruu Oficial." You will have a link to her channel and to Robert's and Gosia's channels in the description of this video.

Also, a good friend recommended me to use this medium to express what burns inside of me and what I would like to get out there to share with all of you. He told me to take this as an opportunity to do so and so it will be.

As my companions have said many times before, there is a line as thin as it is transparent between that which is outside and which is inside the Earth, and sometimes some of us live lives tied in some aspect to this planet.

Some of us came here to help our loved ones leave, others to bring about positive change for the people who live here, others simply to observe and learn, and there are some people who have even come to live here with you for a long time and scattered all over the planet. Sometimes, even several of these and more options occur at the same time being the same person or the same adma (soul).

Having understood this, I can tell you that at some point in my life I lived there with you, more specifically in the south of Spain.

I will share with you what I think I might know how to contribute at the pace I feel appropriate to provoke the sought-out chain reaction in which you, each of you, who match with this information, will be the key piece.

Be wise to be open-minded, be empathetic and always strive to become the best version of yourselves. I know first-hand that those qualities are not in abundance.

I send you my best regards and I will be see you around.

Za'el of Erra

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