Is the Experience on Earth Positive?

Za'el and Arien - English
July 16, 2023

Is the Experience on Earth Positive?

Za´el: Greetings, and I welcome you back, or for the first time, if that's the case. How are you?

Today's topic, I think, will make many people feel understood, or many starseeds who are still out there wondering why they have to go through the experience of being human. Though I will always remind you that it is all levels, it is all points of view, and the ones I may present here today will never represent the whole picture or reality as it is. Everything is always perspectives. In fact, this itself is something of utmost importance, for it is precisely the fact that everything is simply perspectives that makes it so that there is no good and bad as such in many instances. Or perhaps it can even serve as a barrier or an excuse for some to continue to do something that, from many points of view, is wrong or harmful and even regressive. I tend to think that mind control does not necessarily exist only on Earth. Gee, I guess I'm rambling. I'll focus on the topic.

Recently, I was talking about how to change your destiny by the method of changing the meaning of situations while remaining aware of the reality in which you are immersed, of course, and not falling into what I call empty positivity. But it is important to train the muscle of positivity as such.

Always, in all situations that can come to mind right now, you can find a reason for every event or situation, especially if you already possess sufficient knowledge or a level of awareness to acquire the ability to observe many different levels of circumstances in general. Not only on the level of practicality and manifestation of better circumstances but on the level of a better quality of present life, which is what really matters, since what you observe and experience right now is what you could most understand as existing, even though there is no time as such.

However, I can understand, and very well, that it can be very frustrating or exhausting to be constantly hearing that everything is for your own good, that everything is as it should be, that you have decided this for yourself. Because, even if it is so from other planes, the truth is that right now you want to change things.

For that reason, and while understanding that everything has a million potential meanings, possible positive reasons, and good things that you can use to your advantage being where you are, and so you should, I also tend to try to provide a useful and powerful tool, a spark in the hope that it will light your fire and make you realize that you were never a helpless victim.

From many points of view, you are a victim but never helpless because if we look from them right now and the illusion of the character you now embody, you are a victim of a huge group of remorseless people who keep you a prisoner of their plans, their lies, and their rules, and worst of all, that group is probably much bigger and more extensive than you imagine.

From a higher point of view, you are a victim of a more expanded version of you who decided to live a story in which you would suffer those things you suffer for whatever reason. But from an even higher point of view, you are only a victim of one thing of yourself, of your thoughts, of your thought patterns that translate into waves that with the necessary frequency or continuity end up leading you to create.

And, as I said a while ago, you can stay there and think that you have no escape because you cannot run away from yourself, or it is very difficult to control your thought patterns. Or, on the contrary, you can wipe your tears, put on your work gloves, and say, "Okay, here's the situation. I've realized that it's all up to me. What pressure? What do I have to do to try to make things better? I have no choice so let's get on with it. I know it can be done so I'm moving towards it, however long it takes.”

Does this mean that the higher planes are more important than any other? Well, actually, the idea that one is superior to the other is also just an idea. That's why I think we should always focus on what is practical and what we are interested in or want to experience now. Because, as I said in the videos on how time works, once you finish your experience, you will realize that you did everything the way you were supposed to do it, even though you were making decisions and changing timelines from a different perspective. Confusing, I know.

Being a great advocate of not needing to experience suffering in order to understand it or not to manifest it, I can also understand the experience, not of suffering in itself or of the sensation of lacking something but of the contrast that one experiences when one later requires that which one desired and the lack of which made one suffer at the time. I can understand this, but I don't think it is at all necessary.

However, and unfortunately, this opinion is mine and also that of some of the people in my team, which does not necessarily coincide with all the other people who hold the 3D Matrix system of the Earth as it is, and I am afraid we have to respect that.

I do feel that there are people both out here and down there who don't quite understand what is going on or how it works, and I think many of us have for a long time fallen into the naivety of thinking that we were not in the same game just because we were outside of what the Earth itself is. This I say now connects quite a bit with what Mari has been saying lately, so I highly recommend visiting her channel, please. Here's a link above in case you need it.

It's up to us whether or not to play the game, and in this as I include you who are listening to me now, wherever you are and whoever you are: human, non-human, Matrix, awakened, controller, or player. Being that densities do not exist as such, that there is no something superior to something or of greater importance, because all our points of view that can always be exploited in favor of whomever wants to be right, I feel that the only thing that matters is what we create day by day in our present and where we want to go in our present perception, which already, right now, is everything.

Even if we were to look into the future, and I say future to say the least as nothing is linear and look from a point of view of soul expansion, adma/katra, point of focus, or whatever you prefer, being on Earth can lead to a number of things. Of course, it is up to the individual which path his or her adma will follow. However, submitting yourself willingly or unwillingly to an experience such as the artificial 3D of Earth can not only lead you to become strong and powerful as a great school, it can also plunge you into a series of traumas upon traumas that far from healing overlap each other, creating a complex web of problems that will lead precisely to continued frequency compatibility with that realm and thus to more suffering.

I stress the expression “artificial”. Yes, artificial. I think I could make a whole video just saying this, just kidding, within what is not a joke at all, because even if being there means you were at some point frequently compatible with that realm, the fact is that the observer has a moral obligation to help, since the person suffering from their point of view will be manifesting that help that made them stand up again, or so I feel at least.

And to use the argument that you only affect your timeline, what you perceive, to me is not a particularly ethical explanation, shall we say, to continue to make anyone's life difficult. If someone wants to experience suffering or coincides in frequency with that, they will eventually manifest it without you contributing to that suffering. So yes, I will step in, as they say, and say that my honest opinion is that I am not in favor of the 3D Earth Matrix, and I believe very strongly that it is not at all necessary. Positive? It depends only on the individual but not at all necessary.

But now that you are there, don't lose sight of what will get you out of there. You, now, the listener, are everything, and everything depends on you. You are going to be one of those admas who will get out of there sooner or later because, even if everything is difficult, even if you think you can't do it, there is no one who has greater power to achieve it than you. In the meantime, I will do my part.

A strong embrace,

Za´el of Erra

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