The Astral. Part 3. Important recapitulation of base concepts that describe everything. (English)

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August 12, 2023

The Astral. Part 3. Important recapitulation of base concepts that describe everything. (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, my friends. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for joining me here once more. I am Mari Swaruu.

As the principle of One states, everything is Source, the Original Source from which everything that once existed, exists and will ever exist, spawns from, existing outside duality, outside all contrast, where everything is understood to be part of the same.

The principle of No Time states that time is a construct of the mind, a side product of having awareness and a side effect of having a sequence of thoughts. It does not exist independently from consciousness or the consciousness that is experiencing it as part of itself.

And as the principle of Non-Locality states, there is no space, no here and no there, as everything exists in one unique spot that is everywhere and at the same time nowhere because everything is here. And concepts of distance and volume are also constructs of the mind, the results of how each consciousness interprets the non-local field of potential energy it is part of, the potential energy that is nothing else but pure consciousness. And where the ether is that potential energy, and gravity is a vector flow within that potential energy ether field.

And all the above is a construct of the mind, of the great sense of Source Oneness and of its ideas and attachments from where every other consciousness is manifested, as well as everything else, all as part of itself.

There is no here, no there, no matter, no energy, no particles, no present, no past, and no future; therefore, no time. Everything is here, everything is now, and everything is how consciousness interprets its own thoughts and the attachments it developed to them. Everything is the result of how consciousness interprets its own ideas; therefore, there are no rules and no universal laws, as the imagination coming from consciousness is the limit to what can be and what cannot be. All laws, rules, and limitations only exist within a limited context developed by more ideas coming from those who thought them.

All smaller or lesser consciousnesses that define individuals are also spawned from the group of ideas and the concept Source has assigned to each one in the shape of the span of awareness each one will have and to the evolutionary level it will have as compared to similar others, where existing in low frequencies is equal to low awareness and a higher frequency to more awareness.

Knowing that all things that have a consciousness awareness strive towards expansion, the evolution of a consciousness, of a being, can be defined as the progression of acquiring more existential frequency and with it progressively more awareness. And from the awareness level that being has and is, it will manifest the apparently external world it lives in in perfect accordance and synchronicity with its level of consciousness awareness and vibration.

No being can experience anything that is not in its awareness vibration perception because if it does not have the correct contexts and agreements of perception with other beings with consciousness, those who are generating that which is being collectively experienced, the being simply will not understand. And that being with no context will experience only the parts of that reality that are vibrational match to it and nothing else. Each being with consciousness awareness will only be able to experience reality with all its rules, laws, and limitations that are matched to itself. The reality of being experiences is who that being is.

The material world is part of the astral. And it is only defined by laws and limitations placed and observed there by the perception agreements of the beings who inhabit the existential realm. And part of those laws and rules is that they will experience only what the biological body, as a perception filter, will allow them to perceive.

Thoughts are frequencies, and consistent repetitive ones define the character and the personality of each individual and its existential vibration. They define who each soul is.

Considering all this, let's proceed with the astral planes of existence. There is only one thing that really defines the astral as a whole, and it is that at large there are no rules there, from the context of ones of the world of the living.

This means that every consciousness in the astral will experience and will manifest whatever is a vibrational match to itself. This includes the world of the living as well as it is part of the astral. Each person or each individual will experience the astral according to who they are and to their vibration. They will manifest their thoughts and whatever holds their attention the most. Therefore, each living person who attempts to define the astral will have a unique and individual perception and idea of it, how it is described and defined - me included.

So, in my perception, every person who is defining the astral, or who is sharing its experiences there will be unique and cannot be taken as false, as the experience largely will only be individual except shared experiences, which in reality are had because two or more souls have a set of perception agreements that allow them to synchronize. The astral will be experienced in a personal way, so it will always be relative to each individual.

Therefore, what one person experiences in the astral will not necessarily coincide with what other people are experiencing there. Someone may see what is happening to someone in the material world, but it will not necessarily coincide with what that person is actually experiencing there.

The vast majority of near-death experiences are very peaceful and positive, with few exceptions. But those few exceptions may be because the physical body, although damaged, may still be filtering perception to one degree or another. For example, there is a well-known case of a brain surgeon who suffered from acute meningitis and had a near-death experience where he described being trapped in a dark and humid tunnel. This, for me, is mostly caused by his physical body still providing some distorted reality filtering.

The part of the astral which is closest to the material realms, defining closer as being similar in existential frequency, will copy most of the material world's attributes, including buildings, streets, and structures, as well as a similar perception of time. And this lower astral realm will be similar in frequency because the beings who inhabit it are in that vibration because they are heavily influenced by the world of the living, as they also influence it from the lower astral.

That lower astral realm is usually inhabited by entities, egregors, and disincarnated who hold heavy attachments to experiences on the material side or world. When a being, or a group of beings in the astral, hold their attention on other things there that do not have anything to do with the world of the living, the external structure of the world they experience there will also change. As well as their perception of time. And where, if they have lower vibrations thoughts and experiences, they will experience what will be a match to them, more ugly things. And if they vibrate higher, then they will go to nicer and more positive realms.

Defining a realm as a place that is individually and collectively generated and manifested by two or more beings who share the same or at least similar perception agreements. Each individual soul will experience the result of its thoughts, as those define its frequency, therefore, who they are. Manifesting low-frequency realms with bad and very bad experiences akin to hell or manifesting beautiful and loving things akin to heaven will depend on each being's thoughts and where it has placed its attention.

Although from an objective point of view, victims, in general, do exist, from the more expanded or absolute point of view, all souls are in total and perfect control over everything they experience, thanks to all that I have described above. It all depends on which thoughts they are entertaining.

With these concepts, I can now proceed to describe in detail what happens in the so-called astral planes of existence, including ghosts, apparitions, and other interesting paranormal events, in the next video on this subject.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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