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October 01, 2021


Questioner: What kind of information do you receive before coming here?

Anéeka: We receive very complete information about star travel, Earth's situation, who will be with us, what other races and our relationship with them. And then you come here to learn in the process. The ships are schools too. Although you never stop learning, there are only experienced personnel left on this ship today.

Questioner: And how is your preparation for contacting humans?

Anéeka: We had none, on the contrary. It was assumed that, as it would be only by technological means, we who were in the 'First Contact' project would be the ones to decide or write those contact guidelines or protocols. But with face-to-face contact you do need to be trained in self-defense and wear the correct equipment, since we expect humans to be hostile. We wear entire spacesuits that have anti-ballistic and anti-energy weapon protection systems, communicators, remote ship controls, trackers and in some cases weapons.

Questioner: When you contact a person from Earth, what are your objectives?

Anéeka: Just to say, 'Hello'. To let them know that we exist and that they are not alone in the universe. Just that. We only share as little or as much as we can know, as you do, it's the same.

Questioner: And how do you learn the language, do you do any training or is it also hands-on? And the culture? I remember you explained that with telepathy it was easier to learn a language.

Anéeka: In the Academy we learn everything about the culture we will be living with. This happens with all, not only with Earth, and it is so where people who already know one language or another will teach that language or languages to the interested ones, and yes with telepathy it is faster and easier to learn a language.

The problem is that you also learn what is wrong, because you learn to speak the language as your teacher understood it. That's why some people categorized the English we speak here as Taygetan English because we all have a distinctive flavor of how we structure languages, not just English.

Questioner: In your case, how did you learn Spanish?

Anéeka: I learned it from a holographic computer in Temmer at the Academy before I came, and I ended up perfecting it here online. And depending on the languages that each person masters, they will be assigned to one task or another, especially with the 'First Contact' project.

I mean, if you speak Russian you will be assigned to Russian social networks and everything to do with that culture. As logic would indicate.

Questioner: And just to get a clearer idea of what education is like in Taygeta, could you explain a little bit about how you came to have that curriculum? Especially what you told us about yourself, knowledge in medicine, head of intelligence and much more, just in 22 years. Is it because some of this knowledge you already know from other lives?

Anéeka: Medicine, that was already on the ship helping Senetre and because I was interested in the subject. So, for the last four years I have been studying medicine. That's how it works with everything, you learn what you are most interested in, and that also gives you the flexibility and responsibility that comes with it to form you as a person, how you will be and what knowledge you will have.

As for languages, I was interested because it has always been easy for me to learn new languages and it was what I decided to have as a base for or before coming to Earth. Ships are not just ships and that's it, they are also schools. But in general, in my culture this is how you learn, on the go. The student is the one who says what he wants to learn, and he does it because he feels like it, because it's fun, because he sees the use for it.

Very few things, if any, are compulsory. For example, it would just be the survival skills that you are taught as a child. Children are taught that in general, but that's necessary and logical.

Learning a subject that interests a person will inexorably lead them to the conclusion that in order to advance in that very subject that interests them, as they progress in their knowledge of the subject, they will need more subjects, more things or different branches of knowledge that will nurture them and serve as a base for them to continue to expand.

For example, children are taught only basic mathematics, but later, when they want to learn something else that interests them, sooner or later they will see the need to learn advanced mathematics to continue achieving their objectives. So, with a knowledge or a subject that interests a person, as they advance, they will inevitably acquire more types of knowledge, other subjects, because everything is interconnected anyway.

It is difficult for me to know what I have from past lives and what I have accumulated throughout this one, but I know that all people carry and bring knowledge from all their past lives. Some are more noticeable than others, as in abilities to play musical instruments or advanced mathematics at an early age. Again, the clearest example is Yazhi Swaruu. It's not possible for her to have accumulated that knowledge at such a young age.

Questioner: So you don't have anything like universities or specialized courses in Taygeta?

Anéeka: Yes, there are, academies of one subject or another, but they are practical. They accept people who are interested in that subject and during their stay they learn the trade or the science, leaving it up to the personal motivation of each person to study the theoretical part, which is always there.

Questioner: And what is the academy like, and what surprised you about the culture here that you encountered?

Anéeka: At the Academy, which is not in classrooms as on Earth but in the form of talks or sometimes around a holographic projector, to view pertinent images and videos, we were told that it was a barely industrial Lyrian-based civilization, being attacked and conquered by an invading race of tall Greys and various Reptilians, and that the population would soon rebel. And that they called that the Ascension and that we would help and we would watch.

But we were told that it was being invaded, so Taygeta, in support of the Federation, sent a battle fleet to Earth between 2008 and 2009.

But today we understand that what is happening here is something much more complex, more complicated. Where the humans themselves are enslaving themselves and each other. For not only 3D reasons, but by intentions from higher up. Being that they are not victims, as we were told, but humans are caught in a loop of experiences on Earth that are becoming pathological, unhealthy and sometimes even psychotic, but it is of their own making.

So, the attack fleet withdrew in 2017, leaving only few ships here, three big ones, then two and finally only one. Being that the main person who caused the others to leave and for us to see that only one is needed, was Swaruu of Erra (9), who was the one who explained what is happening on Earth, and how it has nothing to do with a classic invasion, but with a sick collective manifestation.

Questioner: One question, Anéeka, what understanding did you have about this time on Earth before you decided to come here? Because, since there is no past and no future, surely it was already known that this would be happening?

Anéeka: We would know if it were linear, but time is not. So, even if you can see what happens in one line, if you go back to live it, everything changes and just by the simple fact of observing it. So, even if there is time travel as a routine thing here, it still doesn't change what was said before that things only happen once. Because if you go back to live them again, which you can, just because you have already seen it and you expect what happens, for that to happen again, you have already changed it and it turns out different every time.

When I came here, it was under the promise of witnessing a great awakening of humanity and its liberation from its oppressors, an ascent to be an interstellar 5D species. However, after four years here, since I arrived, nothing has been fulfilled. Or not yet, but I do see big discrepancy between what they tell you at home is happening on Earth and what is actually happening here.

I thought it was something to celebrate, and that I would just be a spectator. Or help a little bit through communicating with humanity, with the 'First Contact' project. Hoping to find receptive and eager humans willing to learn about other civilizations that could serve as a model for them to advance their own.

But I find that the vast majority of humans do not care or believe that another civilization even exists, or that I exist, for that matter. And I find that the vast majority of humanity is not under the yoke of invasive oppressors, but are trapped in their own creations and nightmares.

And so too are the starseeds trapped, who know they are not from there, because they are immersed in the common frequency of the population that drags them down to the same destination.

I was promised one thing and found another here. It was supposed to be all joy, more for people like me, looking down from above like "eyes in the sky", comfortably in our large, fully equipped ships. But I find that I have outgrown the ship, I feel locked in a floating tin can, where not much happens on a daily basis. And the joy that was supposed to be there has been replaced by frustration and despair, with the helplessness of not being able to help because the bulk of the population does not want to be helped.

And it is highly stressful for me to be here watching and connecting with people I end up loving as family, seeing them exposed below. It has been and continues to be a very hard experience for me.
What gets to me the most is humanity asking for everything that happens to them as a mass, blind to the obvious. I don't understand it and it hurts me.

Questioner: And what do you think has altered that path of humanity's awakening?

Anéeka: I don't think the path has been altered, but rather it is a general misperception on the part of many races observing humanity. It is still believed, that is, many believe, that they are invaded there by Reptilians, archons and so forth, who exploit them energetically.

I do not deny that. But we have found, mainly through the work of the Swaruu's, that above the exploiters are again the humans who themselves generate their exploiters, being sandwiched in the middle with humans on both sides of the oppressors. That is, the human being is oppressed by regressive races, especially the human race, and at the same time these are being generated by the very desires of the mass of humanity, being also manipulated and generated by the desire of the masses.

So, we realize that there is nothing to liberate, not as an oppressed people, the only thing to liberate are consciousness and minds. But, and this is what makes us desperate, they do not listen nor are they interested in listening to even the most basic things to improve their lives, much less more advanced concepts. I know that many do listen, ok, but they are starseeds, not exactly humans.

In fact, of the like-minded communities on Earth, notice that the starseeds, no matter how few or how awakened, have a clear tendency to seek out and cooperate with each other, whereas the average human will only obey the rules of the Cabal and be immersed in separation.

Questioner: Sure, I understand. But then, going back to the propaganda that was done, for example, to you, is it by the Federation? With what intention?

Anéeka: Because the Federation, let's say in the recruitment center, using human words, since it's not recruitment like on Earth, they tell you that humans are getting liberated and that you as a Taygetan are helping them to wake up against their captors and free themselves as a race, so you come here to help liberation thinking in a simplistic way: 'human victims against the oppressors'.

But once here, you realize that there are no victims, not at the causal level of the problem, only bad vices within or of the souls themselves. In eternal cycle of misinforming each other, creating dynamics of "I do something to you, now you are a victim" and now you the victim will look for someone to retaliate against. Only becoming compatible with their own creations or tulpas that exploit them. Call it Illuminati, Freemasons, Cabal, whatever, it came out of themselves, the humans.

By this I do not mean that there are no victims objectively, there are, and that lends itself to more misinterpretations. But that is not the end of the problem. It is not a matter of looking for the culprits and the problem is over, but the victims themselves generate their aggressors because of the law of attraction or the law of mirrors. Because if they are only victims and only suffer, they will only see that they suffer and that they are victims and logically they will only attract more of the same.

So there is nothing to liberate here, only minds, consciousnesses, but those same minds and consciousnesses are the ones that in turn create control or protection mechanisms so that outsiders like us, like Swaruu, the others, or like me, cannot even introduce concepts like the ones above in order to get them out of their self-generated loop of self-destruction.

Questioner: But I don't understand why the Federation would spread such propaganda if now, for example, they can be seen as such captors.

Anéeka: In many ways, the highest controllers on Earth, discarding the position of souls that know what they are doing before they incarnate, are the Federation. They are the hidden masters of Earth, as Salvador Freixedo used to say.

Questioner: How did this begin? How was this loop created? But if in the universe there is no beginning and no end, I imagine it is the same here, and then humanity has always been in this problem or situation. That is why I do not understand why they would tell you that you come to see the ascension or liberation of a planet if they themselves do not have those interests.

Anéeka: Yes, although from another point of view it had to have been generated at some point, but it is very difficult to pinpoint where. It is said that most likely it was a product of the devastation produced by the flood and its cataclysms. But as you know, the problem comes from further back.

It seems that at least those parts of the Federation that explain what happens in what I will call academies on the planets, do not quite understand what happens on Earth. Layer upon layer.

Questioner: And can't it be an eternal node? Won't the Earth always exist in 3D?

Anéeka: It is very possible. As Swaruu explained once, somewhere in the universe and in time, there must be a place that is characterized by offering souls that kind of experience or its opposite would not exist.

Questioner: Sure, I understand, but also what you were saying that this is a loop and that if you don't see something else, or you don't have a choice, it's hard for us to get out of the loop, isn't it? Although I understand that the sleeping humans themselves don't allow another option.

Anéeka: As Yazhi explains, it depends on each person individually and not on a traditional planetary liberation, because it is a problem of consciousness and perception. Yes, it does make one think how to get out of such a loop. A lot of mental energy.

Again, as Yazhi explains, it is only achieved with more knowledge that will bring more evolution. Not as isolated, stored or memorized data, but through processing, what that data means personally and for their own knowledge.

But as said above, they themselves, the humans, block themselves and do not allow access to greater knowledge, because what they call advanced knowledge here on Earth is university knowledge and that is very limited and controlled, as in the old Greece they used to say that you should not give knowledge to women, that giving the words to a woman would be like strengthening the venom to a dangerous snake. With that mentality they will stay in the loop of their own creation.

Questioner: I understand, thank you, well, we have no choice but to move forward.

Anéeka: Yes, to move forward, just being who we are. And over here also as far as we are concerned. Although we have our risks too. It is not true that we are sitting comfortably in a ship of love and light. It's hard here too, not the same, different, but it's hard and I rarely share or we share the difficulties of being here because it would do harm.

Questioner: Why?

Anéeka: I guess it would hurt the image that was held about one or the other positive race. Or people would not believe that such a thing was possible. For example, with all our very high technology compared to Earth, we still have hard-to-fix malfunctions caused by corrosion in the systems, life support systems malfunctioning, always something to repair, a constant risk.

It's just that many believe that in the Pleiades we manifest the ships by thought. No, they are made with a lot of hard work, in groups and over time. As Yazhi says: "If you can manifest a ship by thought, you don't need a ship.”

As I was telling you, it's a phenomenally complicated, complex, multidimensional mess, what´s going on on Earth. And neither we nor anyone else in these densities fully knows what is going on. We are all looking for answers. Depending on our point of attention and who we are, the density.

It makes no difference whether you are on Earth dodging syringes or in orbit dodging plasma shots or energy weapons. We all play our part in this tremendous cosmic mess and no one is exempt from great risk, but we go forward because that's who we are and we do it for those we love and for ourselves, because if we don't, we lose our souls.

Questioner: And how do you think this will continue to unfold?

Anéeka: Raguel says that we are in the middle of a battle and that during any battle you can never know what is really happening and who is winning. If you can't know in a battle, in a war with weapons, even less so in a battle where the weapons are the media.

Here we are of the opinion that we have no choice but to continue fighting as we can and with what we have because nothing is set in stone, nor can we know what is really happening. We cannot know at any level, we can only go on with who we are.

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