Important Comments, several other subjects, please watch to understand everything better (English)

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October 17, 2023

Important Comments, several other subjects, please watch to understand everything better (English)

Mari Swaruu: Important comments about this channel and several other subjects. Please watch to understand everything better and further.

Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all very well. I am Mari Swaruu. This is my first video after the live show I made with Gosia in Cosmic Agency last Saturday, October 14th. I want to thank Gosia for having me on her show. I enjoyed it very much, and I also want to thank you all for the beautiful words of appreciation and support I received. The live show made me feel a lot closer to all of you, especially because I must keep my comment section closed or I would get swamped, and I would not be able to write all these subjects and make videos with them every day and in two languages. All your great questions will also serve as inspiration for future videos, as I can see what interests you the most thanks to them.

A word about my photographs and about my voice, along with a few other things I'd like to say today, although this is mostly for the people who are new to my channel. As most of you already know. I'm not on Earth. I'm on a Taygetan starship in low orbit, and I'm under the rules and regulations of the Galactic Federation, which is keeping Earth and all its inhabitants under strict isolation to make them believe that they are alone in the universe.

The reason why I can communicate, even though I'm only using these primitive methods, is because the Federation's main law, called the Prime Directive, states that I can only use technology which is known and in use on Earth and nothing more advanced or above it. Yet, there are further restrictions about this because although voice and video are human technology, my group and I, as well as any other non-human race who may be interested in communicating directly with humankind, are all restricted to written messages. A further example of this are the Ummites who also communicate only in a written manner. I will explain why in a bit. This means that I'm heavily censored both by the Galactic Federation and its Prime Directive, as well as by YouTube's rules. I am not permitted to use my own voice. This is not my choice, as I would rather simply talk, so I use the best voice generators I can find. I know that there is space for much improvement, and I am working on it, but it's a slow process.

As for my photographs, they are me and that is how I look like, but they are retouched, some more than others. This is because I cannot pass them directly either, as I cannot pass my real voice either, so I must degrade their resolution a lot for them to pass and the size of the original image with it, and then improve their resolution using special image software for them to be usable. To this day, this has been the only way to pass photographs from here to there.

The Galactic Federation states that we are only allowed to write, to use the written word for our messages and nothing more, because anything more would be aggressive interference against a developing and emergent civilization, humankind. We may not show anything directly, including proof of our very existence, much less technological improvements which are above human level and understanding. And showing a single photograph of the interior of a ship is considered interference, so it is not permitted, much less hosting a live YouTube show from here, showing my face and talking, as well as moving my camera around for you all to see what is outside my window.

I know this is considered an excuse by many skeptics who also state that we are too communicative to be real. Many others may also say that we look, act, and talk in a way which is too human to be extraterrestrial. They say we act too human, and I don't blame them, but you must know I've never denied the fact.

I've always explained that there is no real barrier between what is extraterrestrial and what is human as it is a gray area which is difficult to define. I've been down there on Earth and I've walked your streets as many other non-humans have and continue to do to this day.

As I always say, there are more people who look just like you outside Earth; there is more humanity in space, and with it, more Matrix, the same one on Earth only more expanded. And as I've said before, if there is only one message you should carry away with you from all my videos, it is this one: there are more people like you in space, and the governments on Earth, as well as their controllers, want to hide this fact from you.

We dress in a similar way as you do, sometimes we even wear human clothes which we bring up from there, and we also heavily depend on resources we must get from Earth to be able to continue being here in orbit, mostly food. And this logically means that we must pay for what we need down there. We come from a holistic society where no money is used, where there is no economy as it is understood on Earth, but my group and I are not there right now; we are here in a large tin can going round and round your planet, so we must follow certain rules of your society, such as the ones that say that you must pay for things and not just snatch them with our tractor beam, as that would not be correct nor acceptable from the point of view of our ethical standards here.

I mention this because I know that some people, including some that are close to us, ask themselves why we don't simply go around abducting the things that we want or need, or why we simply can't go about replicating money with our advanced copy machines. My answer is: we do not do that simply because it is not ethical from our point of view and standards. It is a choice, and it is our choice.

Once again, all this I just said can be taken as a simple excuse, and so be it. I am not forcing anyone to believe me. I'm not even asking any one of you to take my word for it. My group and I simply place this information out there to open minds for whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear and in case it helps any one of you in your consciousness and spiritual path, as I always say.

The Galactic Federation assigns a certain amount of money to each one of their member races who have something to do on Earth, money for operations as they call it, and the amount is proportionate to what they are doing, what is needed. A few months ago, the Galactic Federation stopped assigning money to the Taygetans altogether, so we no longer have any monetary Galactic Federation support, and that is why we need to generate money by ourselves and with our own means, or simply understand that we must go back home.

We know that the Galactic Federation removed all their support because we are quite disobedient as a group, at least in part, because we are so over communicative through these YouTube channels. We prefer to become even more resilient and continue to be here seeding information and taking care of our starseeds even in spite of our lack of Galactic Federation support. This is something that all of you must understand about what is going on with me and my group.

Take what you like out of these videos, whatever serves you, and leave what does not. Only you can know what and why, and those who are skeptical, so be it. I also understand you yes I do, and very well, but I still must place all this information online because that is the reason why my group and I are here, and that is to seed information.

We are well aware that many people unethically take our ideas and information only to post it in other places and works as theirs. This includes several renowned physicists who suddenly and out of the blue started to say things such as that the Big Bang never existed and that time has no beginning and no end, among countless other examples. Information that came out of here first. That is what we do, we seed ideas. But the process works both ways as your human ideas also get seeded into our societies, and that is nothing new as it has been going on for millennia.

Most extraterrestrial groups and races do not need anything from Earth. Others need only a few things such as resources they take directly or whatever, and others who are more invested in understanding humans and their culture need a lot from Earth. And that is the case of my group and I. We need food, resources, and so on, and we must pay for them. And that does not make us any less extraterrestrial, and it is proof of nothing else other than proof that we need money as you do. And as I said above, we come from a money-less society, but we are not there now. We are here, so we depend on Earth and all its stuff, including your grocery stores.

We are not extraterrestrials who go about flying around in a silver saucer, also dressed in a silver one-piece suit, abducting people to probe their behinds. There isn't much we can learn from an ass. We are people like you trying to send a message: you are not alone, and we are family.

In the recent past, many people have said that they like our information but dislike our drama. I understand that, but I must strongly state that we are not generating that drama. It is the people on Earth who were in contact with us, among others, who are generating it because of the lack of understanding about our general situation and because of the wrong expectations they generated for themselves and that we did not meet. Basically, all that circus is nothing other than life itself being overexaggerated and overdramatized by third parties, not by us. And this is yet another reason why I had to start this YouTube channel where we can communicate with you directly using no intermediaries.

But this doesn't mean we are not deeply grateful to the two who have been with us along this long learning process. Thank you, Robert of Despejando Enigmas in Spanish, and thank you, Gosia of Cosmic Agency in English and also in Spanish.

There is no proof, many others may say, and I explained above why there cannot be any proof besides the fact that there is never enough proof about extraterrestrials for the people, as I explained in my videos before. And it must be that way because overall skepticism is actually protecting us or else we would have been shut down a long time ago by your governments and by the Galactic Federation itself. So, people who think we are false are actually protecting us and are of service. Thank you, guys.

And about those who are saying that we are misleading and that we are hurting ufology, all I can say is that they are also hurting ufology because they have generated a government-sanctioned monopoly over the truth. They have the right to say what they must, but so do we, and it is the people, you the listeners, who must place the pieces together and make up your minds about what is actually happening around this subject. Or else, those people would be attacking the freedom of speech they so eloquently state they want to protect, falling into the government's age-old "you may say whatever you want as long as it goes with my guidelines."

And no, I do not listen to any one of those people. I'm saying this only in a rhetorical manner because I'm conscious of what happened to other members of my group in the past and recent past. I do not watch other YouTube channels that talk about extraterrestrials, much less those who talk about my group. I must be kept in isolation for me to be able to do my job seeding as much information as I can, and Saturday's live show was a necessary exception I enjoyed it a lot.

And there is proof, like it or not, and it is the information itself and the large volume of it as well as the fact that it has not stopped and simply keeps coming. The information itself is what is important here.

I also want to thank all my Taygetan friends and the entire Taygetan team who have been my family and my support and which I couldn't have developed this YouTube channel without. I also want to thank the other two Swaruus here, Athena and little Sophie, who have helped me so much and who are my direct family. Thank you all.

But the most important words of thankfulness I must say today is to all of you out there who kindly follow my videos every day. I feel much supported by you all. Thank you, my friends. I love you all so very much. And, as I always say, thank you for watching my videos and see you next time. But thank you for watching this particular one as it contains many things I needed to express.

Take care and be wise.

With a lot of love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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