First Ancient Battle - The rebellion in the Garden of Eden - Orion Wars - PART 5 **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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May 29, 2021

First Ancient Battle - The rebellion in the Garden of Eden - Orion Wars - PART 5 **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Interviewer: How did this first ancient battle start, the one that caused the exit from the Garden of Eden?

Yazhi: It originated from the help that the Evas (Lemuria) decided to give to the new Adamic race that the Reptilian inhabitants of Atlantis were preparing or had. Where they entered the zones where they had them placed or kept, in Turkey. And they freed them causing a battle, or mass exit from there, and they fled to Asia and Europe mainly. But over time, they were diluted in villages all over the world coexisting with Atlantis which itself was very angry.

This also caused the famous Tiamat wars, I would not say as directly, but it is part of the chaotic social context of the time that contributed to that outcome with the subsequent flood by the destruction of the water planet Tiamat.

Many learned people say that the controlling gods caused the flood to reset mankind, but they say "caused," as if it were a magical act. Traditional idea of gods that whatever they think and dictate happens. But reality is complex, things happen with reasons, action-reaction, consequences, and much of this escapes human understanding, although from another angle it is normal and documented as what happened.

Interviewer: So, the Evas were also slaves by Atlantis, in Eden, who were provided with the knowledge by the Taygetans who then freed the Adams as well. Is that so?

Yazhi: Yes, just that they, the Evas, comprising males and females, as with the Adams, rebelled and escaped from Atlantis, place of containment, Eden, because the controllers could not suppress their intellect, their memories and all that. They knew they were free.

So, they were receptive to the arrival of Taygeta, reason for the base in Lemuria that kept empowering it to the extent that they made their rescue mission to free the rest of their more dormant and repressed relatives, the Adams. Although the Evas, as a race, logically had men and women.

It is worth mentioning something interesting here. They, as a Lemurian society, were a holographic matriarchy where it is very clear from the Taygeta records that it was the women who were more receptive to that kind of information and support from another Lyrian based star race, Taygeta. But, although 90% of that was Taygeta, there were Solatian and Engan bases or cooperation.

Interviewer: When you say that this first battle developed because of the help of the Evas liberating the Adamic race, how exactly did that unfold, what were the steps like, how did they manage to infiltrate?

Yazhi: The how, as I understand it, is that they sneaked into guarded areas or areas with poorly guarded borders considered as human farms, Cappadocia area (Turkey), among other places. They moved in a guerrilla warfare way or as Ninjas, opening laboratories or letting people out of there. In the case of Atlantis, the bases or facilities today, in the Bermuda area.

In the Cappadocia area, it was a more strategic infiltration where the Evas entered and formed ties and cooperation agreements, as well as escape routes for them. This after explaining to them the situation in which they lived.

As it has been explained before, the Eves with knowledge, serpents, DNA, woman, entered the garden of Eden to corrupt Adam noting that they are both naked, symbolizing that they had nothing to cover themselves with to defend themselves. In other words, the nakedness represents the lack of knowledge.

Interviewer: So, they coexisted for a while after their escape?

Yazhi: Yes. In itself, the Evas and the Adams mingled to create a race or the modern race which, speaking from the point of view of accepted history, would be the Homo Sapiens. Displacing the indigenous population that was already on Earth, a Proto Lyrian species, the Neanderthal, which was inhabiting Europe, especially Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Being that the most inhabited place by Neanderthals was the Bucegi area, Romania, near Turkey. And the movement of Homo Sapiens went directly there.

Neanderthals were not brainless primitives as they are painted, but were mentally advanced beings, with a lot of connection to the spiritual and to nature. Pre-industrial society, yes, but emotionally connected to the Earth and at peace with it and with other Neanderthal tribes because they had a clear empathic capacity far above the human one.

Interviewer: And after they fled, did they also coexist with the other races of Atlantis? What happened during that time?

Yazhi: No. It is my clear understanding that they did not coexist, but hid and isolated themselves from everything that has to do with Atlantis. They dispersed almost all over the world in the form of nomads passing or walking through large forested areas and large plains, today under the waters of the oceans and seas. At the same time, many dispersed and formed their tribes, colonies or small population centers, including small civilizations.

A great struggle continued between the more advanced Lemurians against Atlantis, largely triggered by the recent and not so recent rescue operations where they freed their slaves.

It should be taken into account that these events took several centuries to unfold and gain energy or escalate into space as there were interstellar races backing each side. The mostly Reptilian and allies supporting Atlantis and the mostly Lyrian ones supporting Lemuria. Ending in a highly technological war in this whole area of this Solar System which explains the traces of radiation and destroyed areas on Earth that even today are connected with nuclear explosions as the only explanation.

There are clear areas in India today that are still radiated by bombs from thousands of years ago. Traces of explosion are also still noticeable. Evidence of ancient nuclear explosions are not easy to hide. 600 years B.C., no, more like 12,500 years BC.

It also connects to the ancient stories in the Bible in the Old Testament about Sodom and Gomorrah where if they looked back, they were turned into statues of salt. Of course, more evidence of nuclear explosions.

Interviewer: How did these nuclear battles unfold, what technology was used?

Yazhi: In a very traditional way compared to today. It is known that flying devices were used, ships that they used to call "vimanas". To me, they are just ships like today, no mystery, where they engaged in aerial and space battles against each other. Resulting in the well-known destruction of Tiamat and the devastation of the surface of Mars.

Interviewer: So was it nuclear bombs that were used or something else?

Yazhi: Yes, nuclear bombs were used, no doubt about it. The traces indicate that, also the historical records outside of Earth.

Interviewer: Did Lemuria also use nuclear energy for defense?

Yazhi: Mostly what was provided to them by their outside allies. This is documented as being so. The problem that I personally see with this is that there were already other kinds of non-ionizing, non-radioactive weapons. So why use those?

Nuclear energy weapons are low-tech, quite dangerous and useless. Just a naval plasma cannon, like the ones the Toleka has in turrets, when fired against a base on the surface of the Earth, or wherever, enters the beam, beam of plasma energy several meters. Sometimes between 50 and 100m below the crust, and then concentrates there when it hits a rock stratum that offers more resistance.

Then, it expands the accumulated energy in fractions of a second, and it is a lot, and explodes outward lifting the target, the base, or whatever is on the surface, completely annihilating the structures and buildings and everything that is there, making it fly up to thousands of meters in the air between rock, earth and debris, leaving a huge crater. And it's not nuclear, it's an energy weapon.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for all the explanation. And what races took part in that first battle?

Yazhi: The exact same Federation races present around Earth right now. Again, the Andromedans just watching and giving their opinion, but not getting into trouble, because of their karma, always their karma.

And the races that got involved the most were the Taygetans, the Engan and the Arcturians and the Reptilians and the Maitre, and they were all over each other.



Interviewer: The god Shiva was Andromedan, right? Does it correspond with those times?

Yazhi: Yes. But it's hard to know well. What happens is that everything before 12,500 is difficult to calculate in time. I don't remember when they mention Shiva on Earth, but here, what I have seen goes from before Tiamat to about 650 B.C., around the time of Buddha. I cannot specify when, there is no data. But it is associated with vimanas and fighting.

However, there are things about Shiva that I personally do not agree with. For example, his warrior spirit and strong nature are not very Andromedan. And they always depict him as having hair, and Andromedans don't have hair. I would say he would look more like a Pleiadian Celeano. But that's just my opinion.

All this from memory. Shiva is associated with confronting the occult, destroyer of worlds, but in a positive sense. That is, he dissolves the lie, exposes the reality, however hard it may be. Revealer of the unconscious, associated with the planet Pluto.

So, it is not known if he participated in that battle before the destruction of Tiamat or not, and if he did participate, he would not be Andromedan.

Interviewer: So you think it is possible that he was not Andromedan?

Yazhi: The records here say he was Andromedan, but I have a tendency to question everything. He didn't have an Andromedan personality.

The only thing that fits Andromedan is his skin color and the fact that the Indian area had a lot of Andromedan influence. He did participate in wars, according to the whole Shiva story. However, although Tiamat war was the biggest and most remembered, there were many other wars with ships and all.

The most recent is the one in Germany in 1561. It is only very recent. From 1880 onwards, the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials began to be erased from the culture, and even more so since the 1930s when the Nazis began to experiment with anti-gravity technology. It was then in their interest to hide the existence of these Wonder Waffen, or top secret weapons, as well as possible.

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