"Soul" Agreements, Omission of Action, and Changing someone else's Timeline

Za'el and Arien - English
March 23, 2023

"Soul" Agreements, Omission of Action, and Changing someone else's Timeline

Za´el: A big hello to you, Za´el here. How have you been?

I would, first of all, like to encourage you to watch the first video that Arien posted on this very channel, which talks about past lives and the inner knowing to identify what may or may not be memories of them. It is very interesting and could be useful for you.

Today, I am going to talk about how I see soul agreements, the omission of action to respect them, and whether it is really useful to try to change another person's timeline.

I prefer to call them soul agreements rather than prenatal agreements, because I don't agree with the meaning of that expression. Prenatal agreement would be something you have agreed to before you are born, but if everything is happening now, if time is not a linear thing, if you can write your history as you go on living, how could it be pre-birth? As always, it depends on what plane you have your attention on in the present moment, but I tend to look at everything as the constant now.

In the last video on time, I explained that your destiny is and is not fixed at the same time, and that really your destiny is being written by yourself all the time, constantly, in a constant present, as I say.

It is possible that you yourself leave clues to the path you have set yourself to follow, although not many people are aware it is there. Let me explain.

I see that many, and when I say many, I mean many, many people despair of knowing what their life mission is once they begin to open their eyes to a more expanded reality. They even suffer to know the meaning of their stay there. This is not really something that only happens there on Earth, but it is generally much more frequent.

Following the line of thought that Arien explained in her first video, this can also apply to your mission, so to speak. You don't have to call it a mission because, at the end of the day, these are things that you decide to do yourself. And no one else can tell you what that goal is. Because even if you went on a mission to do something specific that you told others about before you went down, that just means that was your intention when you went down. Now, your ideas might be totally different and your soul might be desiring something else entirely. Although, in most cases, I feel that the feeling you went in with prevails, but it is never good to close yourself off to things being one way or the other. There are always, always, exceptions to absolutely everything. Nothing is, let's say, simple.

And how do you find that path that, according to you, you have to follow to fulfill your mission then? Well, the first and foremost thing is to sit down and think and talk to yourself. Ask yourself what you would most like to live, no matter how utopian it may seem. My advice is not to limit yourself to thinking about 3D things, such as living in a mansion surrounded by riches, although if that is what you want, it is, of course, perfectly valid.

But I say this because many people find it hard to get out of the mindset that all there is, is 3D, even knowing all there really is on a conscious level. That said, what would you like to do? What makes you happy? Is there anything that doesn't fill your heart from what you are doing now? Is there a project or a path that you would really like to take? Is there a situation that you would like to change?

You can pause the video and think about it coldly. You can even write down the answers and continue when you have done so.

I continue.

I can sum it up for you in a very simple concept, even if it just serves as a guide because it is never that simple, as I said before. The point of watching a film is to experience those emotions that the film gives you. The point of reading a book is the same. The point of playing a video game is to play it. And the meaning of life is to live. So, just stop going down the path that makes you unhappy and makes you want to do something else, and take the courage to move in the direction that your conscience is screaming at you to go. If it is shouting at you, it is because that is your mission. Nothing is insignificant, however absurd and boring it may seem that you want to do.

But now we get to the tricky part. A moment ago, I was saying that you can't even get someone from outside to explain to you what you should do because that's what you decided beforehand. First and foremost, that is linear thinking. And to continue, what your soul desires once you are inside may have changed completely. And if there is anyone who can know what your conscience desires, it is you and you alone. If it is already complicated at times to know oneself, what one's soul desires, how could anyone even dare to claim to know better than you what your soul desires? I insist that I don't like the word "soul." Anyway, point of attention.

It is true that many people, when they go out, think that they should not have gone out, but what their point of attention tells them when they are there on Earth is that they don't want that. So, why give more attention or priority to the 5D plane than the 3D plane if there are no densities as such? Having lived there, I feel that it is not a greater understanding or a greater expansion of the mind that necessarily differentiates a person incarnated on Earth from one born on Temmer or the Andromedan Viera, to give an example. So, what makes this plane superior to the one you are perceiving there? Wouldn't it be better to simply stop using that tool for learning and start doing it in a less painful way?

As someone who has lived there, I see it as just another planet whose people also have the right to roam the world they were born into and to know the truth. And if that is what their soul desires now, to deprive them of that right and to nurture just the opposite is actually the invasive and the imposing, in my view. Both that and sitting back and watching the other person suffer.

When you see that you no longer like the video game because you think it is unfair, no one is forcing you to keep playing it. When you don't like the film, you can leave the cinema. When the book bores you, you leave it in the bookshop. When you get on an attraction and you see that it is higher than you thought, you have the option to get off. And when a conscious person knows what the Earth is like and no longer wishes to live there, the most natural thing is that they could go somewhere else without waiting for another life.

Sometimes, now moving on to talk about here, a person decides that their life has lasted long enough and has given them enough, and they can go in peace. And that has to be respected because that is what they have decided.

However, I do not agree with letting them go from a position of pain and suffering without having first tried to help them overcome it. Because once that trauma has been overcome, that person is usually happy and proud to be alive, that they have overcome it, that they have become stronger.

However, you don't help someone to overcome a trauma by letting them sink into that trauma or by feeding it to continue to torment them until they overcome it. That, in my opinion, is nothing more than unnecessary whipping and punishment of that person who, a victim of their own ideas, has fallen into a pit where they may need help.

The way to heal those ideas and, therefore, to get him out of that pit is not to fill the pit with bats and cover it up so that it does not come out, but to give him a hand and show him how to get out of it and how to avoid falling down ever again.

From a more expanded point of view, that same person will be the one who has manifested that help, and therefore it means that he or she has already learned how to get out. From the point of view of the helper, you might think that you are only changing your own timeline in which you perceive how that person gets out of the pit, but in reality, you can't know that, and you are creating a line on which that person can coincide with you. A positive line that you both perceive and that you have created together.

Here, I'm not addressing humans on Earth with the following question. Tell me, would you rather continue to watch that person drown in the well? Is this what you want to perceive, the suffering of others? Will your conscience sleep easy as long as you know you didn't let them out?

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