The problem with UFO researchers. (English)

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February 02, 2023

The problem with UFO researchers. (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello, I'm Mari Swaruu.

First of all, this is my opinion, and I'm sharing it with no intention of convincing anybody at all. I don't care about convincing anyone. I'm just placing this out there for anyone who may appreciate it, and those who appreciate it have the right to hear this information. As a member of this Toleka crew, I feel I have the right and the need to express my thoughts in a free and open way.

There have been UFO sightings, encounters, visitations, abductions, and so on since the very beginning of time. Humanity itself was seeded or arrived on Earth in a so-called UFO, as the information I have at my disposal clearly says. At first, or what fell into this group of phenomena, was attributed to gods, demons, ghosts and witchcraft, because, as I've said before, each person can only explain his or her world with the information, perception agreements, and all within the frame of his or her own understanding, and everything outside of it simply cannot exist.

Same thing happens here with this so-called UFO phenomena that when a sighting occurs involving a craft, it is nothing more than people observing an advanced aircraft outside their comprehension and Matrix perception agreements, and as mystifying as would be a simple Cessna 172 only a few hundred years ago. It is their worldview what conflicts with the existence of a craft that supposedly cannot exist and not the phenomenon itself.

It is said that extraterrestrial visitations started to occur in much greater numbers since the detonation of the atom bomb back in 1945 because of its obvious dangerous implications. We don't question that. It sounds logical, even though we have serious doubts around nuclear energy used for explosive devices. But in my personal opinion, and with all the non-human data I have at my disposal, the drastic increase of UFO sightings and cases had a lot more to do with two things: first, with World War II itself as a whole event because it was very notorious for its extension and cruelty, and second, with the advance and expansion of global communications from the decade of 1950 and on, making it a lot easier for people all over the world to simply find out about what is happening around the globe.

With this happening, logically, the powers that be, the Cabal and its controllers saw the need to contain and explain away all those incidents so they wouldn't disturb the status quo.

Before I go on, I must clearly say that the so-called UFO phenomena is not only caused by advanced spacecraft, but by a very wide variety of things that also include inter-dimensional creatures, energetic disturbances, simple misunderstandings, and so on, and I'm perfectly aware of all that. I know that not everything out there is extraterrestrial, paranormal, or even something concrete, as I'm aware that over 95% of all cases are hoaxes or misidentified things.

People's general assumption that the human population at large is given all the truth and all what there is to be known is one of the biggest problems facing mankind nowadays. As I explained in my previous video, people will tend to believe anything and anyone with some kind of official authority over what does not have it in their perception. At least since the decade of 1940, government agencies have been hard at work doing their best to guide and control the public's perception about UFO phenomena, and one of its most known operations to achieve this is Project Blue Book.

They disguised a disinformation campaign as a supposedly transparent, publicly approved research into the phenomena, and it always ended up disqualifying all incidents as misunderstandings, atmospheric phenomena, or as simple hoaxes. Nothing has changed nowadays, nothing. They are still controlling everything that has to do with extraterrestrials and UFO phenomena. Now more than ever, because with the advent of the internet and with it the drastic increase of global telecommunications, everyone has a cell phone to watch videos and news with it, and with a decent camera in it as well. They must control the public's perception at all costs.

Today, what they are using the most is to allow socially validated, well-organized UFO phenomena research groups to be created, or create them on purpose, and then infiltrate them with people paid and trained to guide human perception. They even use professional psychologists to know what to say when and how to exploit the public's weaknesses to their advantage, to the point where today I even know about at least one of those groups that was specifically created to discredit and disqualify my groups, Taygetan and Swaruunian information, always placing contradictory information to ours and bad-mouthing us as well.

But you who are listening are the only ones that must be able to see that we are not attacking anyone, me much less. They go about with their business and I go about with mine. You can see who is who there and clearly. I understand their point of view and from where they are coming from and their intentions and motivations as well. They don't understand mine.

Not everyone in those official research groups or people with a lot of respect and fame in these subjects are ill intended, and I even respect several of them a lot. I understand how they must work and with what restrictions, especially because they must never go against what the established science religion on Earth imposes on them, or they will face ostracism. So, they must comply.

Then, we have another group of lesser or minor researchers that just do their best to be respected by their greater UFO community, and so they go abiding and repeating what the larger ones say without questioning anything on their own.

Then, there is another added problem with all those large, well-organized, and publicly approved UFO research groups and organizations, as I explained in my previous video. They all want and strive to fit all phenomena inside the reductionistic and materialistic Earth science little box. And if you saw my last video about the problem with science on Earth, you will remember that it is not really science, it is an established dogmatic religion. Therefore and by design, hardly anything that has to do with the UFO phenomena and extraterrestrials will ever be taken as something serious or something provable and will much less be accepted as a reality because there can never be any proof that satisfies their dogmatic, highly controlled religion passing off for science.

And it will never ever be accepted because of the simple fact that all extraterrestrial and UFO phenomena obviously are coming from outside their established Matrix, falsely scientifically proven self-contained reality that does not and cannot be applied to anything outside Earth's socially accepted box. And, therefore, can never explain what comes from outside of it.

Ufology and all those socially accepted UFO research groups are limited by their pseudo-scientific dogmatic box that makes them neglect and automatically discredit even obvious things that are in front of their very noses, explaining away everything with simple reductionistic reasoning.

Then, we also have deliberate organized religious groups twisting their own teachings to fit into today's technological expectations, inventing false saviors of mankind, using their same age-old avatars with a twist, adding spaceships to them, always placing them as fighting evil, and with it reflecting a clear duality-based false reality that only is a reflection of their own spiritual and intellectual limitations.

That's why I'm perfectly conscious that me and my group will never be recognized as something real by any of those official groups or by any of those people with a large name within that community, but I'm not asking for any such recognition because I know they cannot give it to me, and I'm perfectly fine with that because I know it would be professional suicide for them.

They may say that there is no proof, but there is, and a lot of it, and even more will slowly be filtered towards you all. And I don't mean only words and YouTube videos. But those officially appointed three-letter agency controlled individuals and organizations will never be able to see them. They simply lack the needed capacity.

Nevertheless, no matter how high they may jump or how much they may kick around and throw tantrums, we are still here, and it won't change the fact that I'm real and that I'm writing these words from a spacecraft in orbit.

I've learned from the mistakes of my predecessors, and I'm happy and motivated. I send all my understanding and all my love to all those people in UFO and extraterrestrial research groups who are doing their best to find and expose what they consider to be the truth in their own way and under their own limitations. I'm not against them, and I truly understand them, even though I'm quite conscious that they cannot understand me.

All you need to know is that what I say is completely truthful and accurate from my point of view. I stand by my words, and I will continue to share more of my topics, and I have no plans to stop. There is a lot more to say about this subject, I know, but this will be all for today.

All my love to all spiritual teachers out there as well, regardless of who they may be, and all my love to the Taygetan team, to my friends, and to my public.

As usual, be strong, be wise, and be happy.

Mari Swaruu.

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