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This page contains transcripts of the videos published in our channels. The communication with the Swaruunian and Taygetan Pleiadian ET crew members is conducted via live Internet chat using English and Spanish language.

Some of the transcripts also include community provided language translations. Open each transcript to see if it is provided in other language than English. We are not responsible for the quality of translations. NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: Please translate as exactly as possible to the original text. Do not add or subtract any text. Thank you!

Symbols of the Federation of United Planets - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

ATTACHE, english January 11, 2021

Aneeka tells us about the Federation logo and how it relates to the logos used by NASA and other organizations on Earth. - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Attachments and Infestations, Part 3, Demons and Acorns. (English)

Swaruu Official - English June 29, 2023

Originally Written in English.

Telepatía, incluso directamente con todos ustedes

Swaruu Official - Español June 28, 2023


Buddha and Enlightenment - Can it be Reached? Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 05, 2023

What does Yazhi think of the enlightenment process? What is it according to her? And what are her thoughts about Buddha? Short conversation between Yazhi Swaruu and Robert.


Revelación Cósmica Semillas Estelares, Robert November 18, 2020


Los Simbolos de la Federacion de Planetas Unidos - **SIN VIDEO**

ATTACHE, español January 11, 2021

Anéeka nos habla del logo de la Federación y cómo se relaciona con el logo utilizado por la NASA y otros en la Tierra. - **SIN VIDEO**

Telepathy, including directly with you all. (English)

Swaruu Official - English June 27, 2023

Originally written in English

Buda y la Iluminación - se puede alcanzarla? Yazhi Swaruu

Agencia Cósmica, Gosia October 04, 2023

Que opina Yazhi del proceso de la iluminación? Que es segun ella? Y que son sus pensamientos sobre Buda? Corta conversación entre Yazhi Swaruu y Robert.

Desclasificación OVNI en la actualidad. Parte 2, Profundizando

Swaruu Official - Español June 26, 2023


Disclosure nowadays, Part 2, going in deeper. (English)

Swaruu Official - English June 25, 2023

Originally Written in English

Artificial Intelligence and the Astral (PART 3) - Do they Relate? Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 03, 2023

The third and last part, for now, on the topic of the astral world, and today it is Artificial Intelligence and the Astral. Can AI access the astral plane? What is it doing there, if so? I am talking with Yazhi Swaruu about the cosmic, super-conscious AI, the one that is entangled in the fabric of the Universe (see the series on Artificial Intelligence that I did some time ago to understand the distinctions between different types of AI) and the invasive regressive one.


Revelación Cósmica Semillas Estelares, Robert November 15, 2020