Emotions - Their Power and Meaning

Za'el and Arien - English
September 17, 2023

Emotions - Their Power and Meaning

Za´el: As always, I welcome you. I hope you are doing very well.

Much of this information or much of this knowledge already exists on Earth but this is a particularly important topic, especially for starseeds as they are often burdened with quite stressful and hard lives, especially when it comes to mentally strong starseeds whose frequency is not easy to lower.

This I just said connects directly to something Mari Swaruu has been talking about in her important group of videos on the lower astral so I highly recommend watching them for more information on attacks on starseeds to lower their frequency and how to defend yourself against them. You will have a link to their channel now on screen and also in the description.

For highly emotional beings such as Lyrians in general, knowledge about the proper handling of emotions is essential. Otherwise, and perceived in the wrong way, they become something against you, even dangerous to oneself. However, emotions, far from being necessarily a danger or even a burden, can become your greatest strength, your greatest source of power.

On Earth, and although I do see an increase in movements urging to take care of oneself, not to self-treat oneself and to give emotions the necessary role and importance, the general tendency always leans towards dismissing emotions, towards treating them as something that negatively influences what is really important according to them, or that distracts from the work to be done.

This is seen, for example, in the popular philosophy that everyone will have heard at one time or another through the famous expression: “You come here to work, not to make friends”. With this, the person is locked into a sad, robotic mindset to efficiently and mechanically perform their tasks and keep them in a morose, tense and depressed state for as long as they are there which is usually most of their waking time, that is most of their lives.

And being that they have no alternative, the people end up being a slave to not being able to be themselves in a proper environment doing what they like and surrounded by like-minded and loved people. There is also a tendency to ridicule the person who shows his or her emotions or the belief that the person who shows them is weak.

However, it is not difficult to conclude that it takes far more courage to express yourself despite the punishment of external opinion than to hide for fear of it in order to maintain an image that, in the end, will collapse on its own because your own nature will eventually make it come out.

However, as I said before, it is important to learn to manage these emotions and to educate the mind to create constructive and positive thought patterns, and also to know how to channel those emotions when they have already appeared, what to do with them, and how to integrate them.

And it is curious how, ironically and by magical chance, it is people with extremely low emotionality who direct and guide people living on Earth. And I'm not talking about the Cabal living in there only. As Mari explained recently, the regressive egregors of the lower astral, whom the Cabal adores, feed precisely on the negative emotions they produce in people who cannot perceive them.

And seeing that some non-empathic beings continue to maintain a project based on the suffering of beings who are emotional, being that the evil creatures of the lower astral feed on bad energies and bad emotions, here is something that, at the very least, raises the eyebrow. Strange, suspicious, especially considering the recent statements of Arishah, our fellow Urmah, to whom we are very grateful, which coincide perfectly with the suspicions that many of us already had here. But, oh dear, I'm getting off topic again, apologies.

When you understand that emotions are not the enemy, that they are there because they are simply the message or the consequence of what you have previously perceived with a value and meaning and that being an emotional being it is totally normal and understandable to live them, you start to be quite a bit happier. It is your nature and repressing and hiding it leads eventually and logically to subsequent health problems both mental and physical and of multiple levels of importance or severity.

A cat gets sick if it is not allowed to be a cat, a dog when it cannot be a dog, and a Lyrian will get sick in the same way if it is not allowed to be a Lyrian. Of course, you can change the chip, the value, or the meaning to the circumstances that you live, that happen and that surround you, and it is a hard training to achieve it and not to let yourself be carried away by self-destructive and self-abusive thoughts. And you can and should aspire to achieve it because that is the real way to get a good control over yourself and your emotions. But it should not be taken as a failure, the appearance of a negative emotion in the face of an annoying or painful situation because, as an empathic and emotional being that you are, sometimes you will not be able to contain the appearance of an emotion and that is natural.

Accept it, breathe the emotion, and go through it because you have to experience it. Only in that way can it be diluted at some point and not manifest itself in the form of worse future problems.

In the same way, it makes no sense to repress positive emotions of joy or affection as long as they do not represent an annoyance or a lack of respect or consideration for someone else, of course. But the right moment must always be found to let out all that asks to do so.

However, so far I have spoken very briefly about how to deal with situations in which emotions could cause us some trouble and not about how powerful they can make you. This because for that it is necessary to first learn how to accept and correctly channel emotions in complicated situations so that they do not lead you to do real harm. Because, as our feline companion said in Mari's channel, if you are not able to help yourself first, you will never be able to help someone else. And the fact is that when your determination is strong and your idea is clear, your power of manifestation increases in direct proportion. And if anything fuels true determination to achieve something, it is the strongest emotions. That is a powerful tool at your disposal.

But for a tool or a weapon to work properly and to its full potential, you have to learn how to use it properly. And the strongest of all the emotions that can fuel determination and with it the power to manifest incredible things, in my humble opinion, is the one that integrates someone else, the desire to make the people you truly love happy whatever the situation and whatever the cost. It sounds very cliche and I don't like that, but the truth is that, based on my own feelings and my own experience, this is one of the most useful truths I can share with you.

And the more unstoppable that power becomes if, in addition, there is nothing you are afraid of, because it is almost always fear that stops us from moving forward. It is fear that gives rise to many of those destructive thoughts that end up leading to negative and unpleasant emotions, to a strong focus on danger, and finally to the manifestation of negative events that divert us from the path we wanted to follow. Think that even if what you fear the most happens, everything can be overcome, life goes on now or later, and you have literally countless experiences to live, adventures to have, and things to learn.

I'll be honest with you, the subject of emotions is quite confusing and loaded with teachings that may seem contradictory. Pay attention to your emotions but don't be consumed by them. Pay less attention to your fears but look them in the eye and face them. Accepting and integrating how you feel but being aware that you can change the value or meaning you give to things, because that is actually what hurts you the most.

And, at the same time, don't punish yourself if you don't manage to master yourself 100 percent. I still know myself to be an apprentice in all this, which for me is literally learning to live. We are not perfect and we don't have the answers to everything; we still have our nature, and actually, that's a wonderful thing.

It's hard to understand, but I can sum it up for you in one sentence: accept yourself and take care of yourself, be understanding of yourself when your emotions come up. And, at the same time, aspire to become strong, balanced, trained, and powerful. Work on yourself, learn and train yourself to find the objective value or meaning in things, and without losing sight of the positive possibilities. Don't get carried away by negativity, accept the emotions you feel at any given moment, and use them to your advantage.

Whenever you feel like giving up, focus on the happiness of the people you care about when you achieve what you aspire to achieve, and your own, of course, because you matter too. Nothing and no one will be able to get you that way. Be extremely powerful.

Za´el of Erra

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