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This page contains transcripts of the videos published in our channels. The communication with the Swaruunian and Taygetan Pleiadian ET crew members is conducted via live Internet chat using English and Spanish language.

Some of the transcripts also include community provided language translations. Open each transcript to see if it is provided in other language than English. We are not responsible for the quality of translations. NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: Please translate as exactly as possible to the original text. Do not add or subtract any text. Thank you!

What do Taygetan Pleiadians have to say about Corona virus? (DELETED BY YOUTUBE)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia February 01, 2020

What do Taygetan Pleiadians have to say about Corona virus? (DELETED BY YOUTUBE, video number 130 on the CA playlist, so no video, only transcript.)

Time and Timelines 2: Extraterrestrial Message - Swaruu - Pleyades

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 24, 2020

We continue with the subject of Time and Timelines. Enjoy!

Time Travel, Time and Timelines - (Extraterrestrial Message - Swaruu - Pleyades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 20, 2020

In this part of Stellar Navigation (8) Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta- Pleiades) talks about a topic which is especially dear and known to her, which is Time, Time Travels, and Timelines. Enjoy!

Frequency Mapping-Unknown Regions of Space (Stellar Navigation part 7-Swaruu of Erra-Pleyades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 14, 2020

This video is a seventh part of Stellar Navigation 2. In this article Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta- Pleiades) talks about how to map out unexplored regions of space, and much more.

Interiorization of Data and Time Acceleration - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 04, 2020

In this short video Swaruu tells us about the acceleration of time, what happens by internalizing the information, and the difference between densities for the ¨step downs¨, the extraterrestrial people who walk off the ships directly off onto Earth.

Moving through Ether - Stellar Navigation 2 (PART 6) (Extraterrestrial Technology)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 31, 2019

This video is a sixth part of Stellar Navigation 2. In this article Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta- Pleiades) talks about the Ether, Consciousness, Time, Starships, and much more.

Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian (Part 2): Dhor Káal'el - Extraterrestrial Contact

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 23, 2019

This is the second part of our interview with Dhor Káal'el, the Taygetean Pleiadian pilot from Erra. He explains the attributes the Taygetean pilots must possess, UFOs (ET craft) and why some ¨crash¨, what he does to disguise himself for the Earth air traffic controls, and a lot more. Enjoy!

AfterLife of Animals: What Happens when our Pets Die? (Extraterrestrial Message)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 21, 2019

This video for sure will be enjoyed by many of you, animal lovers and pets owners. It is about animals´ souls and where they go after they die. A big part of this conversation took place after I put to sleep my dog Ringo a month ago. Enjoy!

Death and Afterlife: More Questions (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 19, 2019

These are some questions from the public that we collected recently, and also some other questions from earlier chats with Swaruu (Taygeta, Pleiades). We talk about fear of death, ascension, euthanasia, babies and your children, and more. Always something to learn. Enjoy!

Life After Death: Where do we Go when we Die? (Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Swaruu Explains)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 14, 2019

In today´s video Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades) explains what happens to us when we die, what is AfterLife and the Astral realm where we supposedly go to rest after death. Enjoy!

Social Engineering: Protests in South America (Direct Extraterrestrial Message)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia December 05, 2019

This is a short video with our Taygeteans´ message informing people of the situation behind the protests in South America.

Live Sessions with Dhor Káal'el - Extraterrestrial Taygetean Pleiadian Pilot in the Orbit of Earth

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 28, 2019

These are the transcripts of two recent live Youtube chat sessions with Dhor Káal'el, a Taygetean Pleiadian Pilot who is right now a part of the Taygetean mission stationed in the orbit of the Earth. The topic was Stellar Navigation and Extraterrestrial Technology.