The Moon, part 4, how it influences Earth’s Matrix, shady things and conclusions. (English)

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July 13, 2023

The Moon, part 4, how it influences Earth’s Matrix, shady things and conclusions. (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all doing very well. I am Mari Swaruu. This is the fourth part of my videos about the Moon, and to be able to fully understand what I'm saying here, I strongly advise watching the other three parts first, if you haven't already. I will place links to them in sequential order on the top right part of your screen in the next few seconds.

Talking to one of my Taygetan team friends, we realized that this subject is not only very large but also confusing, as there are a lot of incomplete pieces of information, even though the amount of it is huge. I have found that although there is a lot of stellar information about it, when I research something, it gives me some of the needed pieces of information, but then it does not completely explain what I need to understand as it starts to branch out in other directions. So, I need a lot of time and dedication even just to find out simple facts.

This means that a lot of the information about the Moon is confusing, incomplete, and even contradictory. Besides, there are parts that don't make any sense, even though, as I said above, there is a lot of information about it, yet not everything is relevant for a video.

One of the problematic pieces of information states that the Moon is an old battle-damaged biosphere spherical ship, which was beyond repair, so it was used as a counterbalance to stabilize Earth's orbit around the Sun. But the reason the Federation states that it was beyond repair is because it was and is heavily contaminated with radiation from the multiple nuclear weapons used against it during the Tiamat War.

This is circumstantially backed up by evidence of nuclear explosions, including the presence of radiation in several old archaeological sites on Earth in the Middle East. For example, in Mohenjo-daro ruins in Pakistan, or in the Rajasthan territory in Northwestern India, which their dates more or less coincide with the 12,500-year-old Tiamat war. Also, taking into account that dating anything that far back in time is nearly impossible because the duration of any unit of time is not a constant, so how long a day lasted thousands of years ago is impossible to calculate accurately.

Some researchers on Earth have placed the dates of those ancient nuclear detonations as early as 2,500 years ago but, as dating is a mess, they may very well coincide anyway. And dating is a mess not only because time is not a constant, but also because on Earth, scientists mostly use carbon 14 to determine the age of something, and that method is known for being extremely unreliable.

The problem I see with this, according to Taygetan archives about the Tiamat war, is that both sides in the conflict had access to much more advanced weapons and with a much higher destructive power. So, nuclear weapons are something that I feel smells like coming from the governments of the Earth Matrix. And as something much more recent. Yet, contradicting this, there is evidence of yeast nuclear weapons on Earth thousands of years ago, and the Federation archives state that they were detonated during the conflict.

A Biblical example that can be interpreted as caused by nuclear detonation is the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, where it is said that the few who survived were instructed not to look back at the city while they walked away, or they would become a salt statue.

And another interesting example is found in the Sanskrit text Mahabharata, which describes total devastation with descriptions that exactly match those of a nuclear war, including a weapon release procedure identical to the one that would be used. As it is stated there, there were blasts more brilliant than a thousand suns, and the bodies of the victims were consumed and turned into dust. Adding to this, it states that the individuals who survived these blasts lost their hair and fingernails shortly after, and the land was contaminated as well as all their food supplies.

Other researchers state that the radiation found in those archaeological sites, although ten times stronger than normal, others say 50 times more, could still be coming from natural causes. I could quickly know if this is so if I had access to the exact kind of radiation found in those places, but my research efforts have been futile so far.

So, the use of ancient nuclear weapons on Earth doesn't necessarily mean that they had to come from more modern times. But when we add these facts to the presence of 12 nuclear reactors on the Moon, then things start to point in another direction, and an ugly one.

The use of modern nuclear reactors on the Moon to power the Van Allen belts and to sustain Earth's existential frequency low obviously points to human intervention, and it is easy to conclude that the Earth's Cabal had something to do with the installation of those reactors, as they had all the motivation to do so. Because, as usual, what they are interested in is to manipulate and control the human population into submission and into always being in a low frequency mind state.

Although contradicting this is that the information I have about those lunar nuclear reactors indicates that they are quite ancient, at least a few thousand years old. Yet, the kind and type of those are eight pressurized water reactors, or PWR, and the other four of them are fast neutron reactors, which are modern-day technology.

Then, returning to dates that don't match, the fact that those nuclear reactors on the Moon are ancient does not mean that they didn't originate recently, as from the 20th century even, because if the Earth's Cabal was who installed them now on the Moon, they would have used the Secret Space Program, and that includes the use of advanced portals and temporal manipulation as well as time travel, and would have needed the full cooperation of the local Galactic Federation authorities, if not their full cooperation as well.

Why the Moon systems are not being powered by Zero Point reactors is not clear. They would be the simplest, cleanest, and most reliable option. But it does point in the direction of the Galactic Federation cooperating with the Cabal on Earth, so you can understand or imagine the ramifications of this.

Another contradicting point is that even though the Moon is said to be highly contaminated with radiation, there is a lot of Federation activity going on there all the time. From here, it is easy to see a lot of starship traffic coming in and out of the Moon.

When I asked about this, I was told that the heavily contaminated levels were the deeper ones and not the more superficial hangars and installations, but I don't find this very convincing because if there was a nuclear attack against the Moon, logic suggests that the surface areas would be the most affected ones and not the internal levels unless someone managed to detonate a device or devices while inside.

Or, as an alternative explanation to all this, the data about the reactors and the Moon may be erroneous, placed forcefully to create a context to justify other actions. Nowadays, we already know that much of Earth's history, if not all, is fabricated, and all the dates are wrong as well, and I transfer this to the information about the Moon as well.

The fact that a lot of this information comes from the Galactic Federation, therefore, is stellar accepted data, does not mean that it is not manipulated as information is on Earth, because sadly, what I just said above is yet another indication that the Galactic Federation is not only working with the Cabal that governs and controls Earth's society, but that they are simply levels of the same thing.

As we've said before, there is a larger Matrix outside Earth that also includes the one on Earth as another level of it, and the Galactic Federation is, in fact, the ultimate controller of Earth. And I must insist that if dates don't coincide perfectly, it does not mean anything because the Galactic Federation uses time travel manipulation and portals all the time.

Another interesting fact here is that the Moon is considered a no-fly zone, which means that any curious stellar race cannot simply send a drone there to take radiation measurements or send a team to research and investigate it closely. Special permissions are needed to go there, and they are not easily granted. Yet, there is a lot of Federation military activity going on there all the time, but the normal stellar races are not allowed to know why or what for.

This also makes me link this with the human-built reactors there and with all that is being said in other YouTube channels about the Secret Space Program and its activities on the Moon and Mars, another no-fly zone, by the way.

And this inevitably leads me to compare the similarity between the no-fly zone of the Moon and the one in Antarctica, which also has heavy Galactic Federation activity going on year-round.

Moving on to another thing. It is said that the Moon is the control center from which the Matrix of Earth is being projected or created, but what I have seen is that the real control center resides in the Andromedan biosphere ship, Viera. Although this does not mean that the Andromedans are behind all this because the Viera is a multiracial, multicultural hub, full of activity.

It is also said that Matrix things such as banks and government buildings are being created and inserted from the Moon, but I see no evidence of this. What I do see is that the Moon transmits low frequency waves that transform the Earth's magnetosphere into the super radioactive Van Allen belts and, as a secondary effect, all this lowers the overall existential frequency and vibration of Earth and everything inside it.

In my opinion, and with the best information I have, what I see is that the Moon only propitiates low frequency life experiences on Earth, and it is those who end up making the Earth's inhabitants manifest those government buildings, banks, and other 3D Matrix things and events on their own.

And, to finish this video, I must insist that living in determinism and a victim mentality would be part of the effects of living in a low vibratory frequency soup, but that does not mean that each one of the inhabitants of Earth cannot create their own frequency bubble and positive personal reality.

I still see that it is the people and each person who is in control, and Earth is a place full of challenges for a nourishing and enriching experience for souls and their spiritual advance.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you, and I hope to see you here next time. Be very well and take good care of yourselves.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu.

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