Light Beings, Demons, Part 4, Religion, Possessions and Star Seeds (English / Re-loaded)

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October 20, 2023

Light Beings, Demons, Part 4, Religion, Possessions and Star Seeds (English / Re-loaded)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again. Thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all doing very well. I am Mari Swaruu.

I've noticed a drop in interest reflected in the number of views of the videos in this series about demons. I want you to know that it is a vital subject to me and I see it as essential for people to understand what is happening around them in their lives and the world. What I share here is the result of long hours of research and learning, and it is only my opinion that I wish to share with you all.

Perhaps the images I was using in my last videos on this series are too complex and horrible. I get it, and I'm no longer using them in this episode. I will simplify the images this time. Anyhow, what matters is what is said, and the images are only ornaments most of the time. Although I also use many of them to illustrate things whenever needed or possible. But it does give me a hint as to what may be the reason why this series is getting so little attention and although each viewer has his or her own opinion.

But also I know that the majority of the people who listen to my videos are in the spiritual community, to call it somehow. So I want to say that focusing your attention only on what you want and ignoring the bad things around you as not to affect your frequency does not always work because you live inside an energy soup there on Earth where the thoughts feelings and emotions of everyone around you are shared in the field. You must know your enemy living in that place called the Earth's Matrix. It is unwise to live with a mere ostrich mentality because then you become a cute little helpless bunny that only is good for one thing - to be eaten. You can only be the light being if you know what it means to be the monster. And only then you can choose to be the light being only when you also can be the monster. One defines the other.

My friends here once asked little 11-year-old Sophia why she likes to roam the dark, empty, and lonely passageways of the ship alone and at late hours at night while she played. They asked her why she was not afraid. She answered back, "Why would I be afraid if I am the being that frightens the monsters away?"

If you want to know how to eradicate all those demons and evil entities from your life, if you want to control them and be immune to all their temptations and bad influence, at least as much as possible on Earth, the answer is very simple and it is the following: don't act like a demon. Please listen to these words as they are heavily loaded. Do not act like a demon.

But to be able not to act like a demon, you must first know how demons act, why they act that way, and what and who they are. And only then you will have the necessary context to be able to discern what the right path is.

If you do not act like a demon, you will be outside their influence. You will become unreachable to them. You will be outside their frequency. Remember, they exploit your weaknesses and your bad habits. Remember, your personal demons or the demons assigned to you are the result of your own manifestations, belief systems and bad destructive thoughts. Your demons are your own shadows and reflections. Dealing with your issues is dealing with your demons and eradicating them from your life.

Incarnated humans are not helpless against all those evil entities out there because, like it or not, believe it or not, they are there and they play a very big role in your life. There are good beings, neutral ones, and bad ones. You choose with whom you want to affiliate, and you can only choose when you know them all, how they operate, and how you can control them.

You are the beings who created those evil entities as part of the Matrix on Earth, and you are who can control and remove them as well. You are the creator beings, and that's why those evil entities do their best to manipulate you all into doing everything they want and need to keep existing.

You are powerful and you control what and who is around you, but you must know them first. When a person with a strong connection to Source, which means with a soul, keeps a very high frequency and is mentally strong enough to keep it high even when life throws them curve balls and much hardship of all kinds, as it always happens while you are incarnated there, that person becomes unstoppable and unreachable to those evil entities. And even when such a high-frequency person falls into a sad state when it temporarily feels down and blue, or even depressed because of the ups and downs of life, its frequency does not go low enough to be a match to lower astral evil entities.

And there is when they resort to other strategies which include attacking through loved ones, very much as the mob does. As they say, find a soft spot and then squeeze.

So you must learn to identify when they are using a close relative or friend to get to you. For example, those close people who always are in trouble and are always in debt, especially those who somehow feel entitled to your money, such as narcissistic parents. Remember that you can only help others when you are strong, and being strong means mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. So take care of yourself before helping others. You do not need any justification to do so. It is not falling into narcissism and thinking you are, is a trap in which many starseeds and positive people fall into because of their added empathy.

Helping others beyond their capacity and going against their essential needs ends up in both sides ending in bankruptcy: the helping side and the side in need. Because often that kind of people end up being an endless pit you can never fill because their problems can never be solved as they themselves are creating them all and constantly. And by bankruptcy, I don't only mean financial bankruptcy. I also mean emotional, empathic, and energetic bankruptcy as well.

These other kinds of situations evil entities use to force positive people to lower their frequency enough to be exploited again, to bring those high vibration individuals back into the flock. The people who are used the most to lower the frequency of starseeds and other positive people are the authority figures in their lives, those who feel entitled to have a say, to impose an opinion onto those positive people, as in wanting to educate them for their own good. And those people who are used the most for this purpose are the parents, mother and father of the positive starseed, and after them, teachers and bosses.

While looking at this problem on a mass scale, we can see that those dark entities who are controlling the Matrix from behind, manipulating the thought tendency of humanity, all their values, wants and needs, use authority figures to manipulate the people as well. In the form of politicians, police, military, medical institutions, schools, and so on. In all these cases, both on a small scale and on a mass scale, the people who are used as authority figures are organic portals, empty, soulless people who are nothing more than a channel through which lower astral entities can access and manipulate the world of the living.

It is also the case when a weak-willed person in a useful social position falls into temptation, where those dark entities use other people around them to offer wealth and power in exchange for their allegiance. And this is when the saying "they sold their soul to the devil" comes in perfectly, as that is exactly what is going on.

Then we move into the subject of possessions, which are not folklore fantasy misinterpretations of logical things such as medical conditions and are not the result of only more mind control coming from religious institutions, as far more complex things are going on in them.

A possession is nothing other than the same phenomenon of walk-ins but in a negative or evil context. Defining walk-in phenomena as when a soul exits a biological body and is replaced by another one, meaning that the same physical body suddenly does not host the same soul inside. Although looking exactly the same, it is no longer the same person.

This walk-in phenomenon is very common and widely used by star races as a way to enter life on Earth. This goes back to soul agreements in the space between lifetimes in the higher astral where one may only want to inhabit a particular body until a certain point in its life, wishing to exist there but leaving a body that usually is still healthy and that can still harbor another soul who only wants to have an experience in the physical from that same point in the life of that physical body to another set point or until the end of its biological life.

Many biological bodies on Earth are soulless from the start. They are only backdrop people and therefore can be entered, taken, or commandeered by stellar souls who wish to use them to have an experience on Earth. Empty bodies, when in the correct frequency, can also be taken by negative entities and demons in the very same way. And this is the case for most evil people, politicians, and any other ones who are in a place of power that are useful to those entities from the lower astral.

Besides politicians, police and military, many health workers in authority positions in the medical mafia institution are simply dark entities in disguise. And normal health workers can also be heavily targeted and taken over by dark entities as they are in a position to cause much suffering to their patients, only treating them as cattle and as means to make money, lacking empathy and attending to them in a purely mechanical manner.

This obviously does not go for all health workers. Many are also positive people doing their very best to help others while they make a living. But know that, in general, they are all especially targeted, influenced, or even possessed, in the worst scenario.

In the case of demonic possessions, or of a negative kind, this is the exact same case as with normal walk-ins, in which a biological body is taken by a demon, but this time by force, wanting to actively displace the original soul by force, seeing the body as a vehicle, which it is. This is the same as a hijack.

The original soul, the rightful owner of the biological body, has fallen into a frequency trap, into some kind of life dynamic that has brought their vibrations so low that it has become a match to those demonic entities of the lower astral, and that person needs help. And very few people can recognize when this is happening to someone else as it is often confused with medical conditions, psychological issues, and so on, which are there precisely to divert the attention from what is really going on. Because as I mentioned before, evil entities don't want you to know they are there. It is not in their best interest, and they have manipulated society into believing that those conditions which are flat-out clear possessions are the cause of psychiatric disorders, which from my point of view hardly exist if at all.

As I mentioned in another of my videos, reality is a mental construct that is only valid within the frame and the point of view of those who hold the same perception agreements. Reality as such is relative and never absolute, and everything that exists is the result of perception and mental interpretations of souls in the same awareness and perception range. What a person or a group of people believes in is reality for them, although it may not be for others with a different set of ideas and perceptions.

The reality on Earth, as in everywhere else, is a soup formed by the average of the thoughts, beliefs and ideas of those who inhabit it. And, as I explained before, the lower astral is the result of the ideas and the perceptions of those who have lived in the world of the living or who have placed much of their attention on the world. It is an echo or a bad copy of the material world formed by it. And, in turn, the lower astral also forms the material side as well in an endless reciprocating reality manifestation loop. The thoughts and beliefs in the one affect and form the other.

This is why dealing with possessions religiously, or in that context, is perfectly valid and even works well because those belief systems that formed the evil demons as egregors are at play there. They were mostly formed by them and hold a heavy religious context and frame. A demonic egregor needs to feed from the same kind of energy that formed it in the first place, or it will dissipate into the ethers.

But this also means that each specific demon can be dissolved in its own specific ways as well. This is why the procedures to exorcise a person can work if the exorcist knows what he is doing. The strongest demons were formed long ago on Earth as egregors and as the result of the fears of the collective unconscious. And many of them were formed by pagan beliefs of old outside the Catholic Church context. And this means that those strong demons may be immune to their classic exorcist procedures. But the best exorcist priests know this and also have a book of special spells which are old and classified by the church, so they are well outside the public's domain. But those specialized exorcist priests use them to confront and expel those demons from the victim's body.

And each religion on Earth has its own book of spells, same as they have their own specific set of demons and dark entities which, in turn, are the result of an egregor formation within each culture and their belief system. Those Catholic and pagan spells used to cast them out work on those demons because they too believe in them in the religious context. As I mentioned above, the lower astral is the result of the echo of the material world and vice versa, and belief systems are what manifests reality and all its rules and attributes.

This means that I am validating religions as a reality, which is correct, and it is reality within a specific context and range. I do not deny that. But not as an absolute as many other beings, positive ones and not, can also hold other belief systems that override those in the religious context.

Starseeds who are so aware that they understand human culture extremely well and who comprehend religions, their formation and their transcendence as well as their limits are virtually unstoppable and can confront evil entities from the point of view of a light being that is well above all the limitations of the belief systems on Earth, including religions. They do not need to confront a demon as they are much lesser things; they are no match for a light being, none of them are.

Very positive and high vibration people don't need spell books to expel demons from their lives. They can confront them in the dark night and command them away in the starseeds' name with no need for any other.

But please remember that while you are on Earth in a body, even though you may be a high vibration person, you are living inside a frequency soup, and bad things can happen to good people there. Deal with the paranormal as you would deal with a speeding bus when you want to cross the street. Know the rules of your realm, both the physical ones and the paranormal ones. Danger is real, but fear is a choice. Only by knowing the facts can you discern what to do, what to feel, and how to act.

Light beings just need to be, as in being themselves. They just are and that way they become incompatible with demons. Light beings are highly toxic to demons. All they must do is be themselves. Everyone with a soul and therefore with a strong connection to Source is a light being. The only thing that differentiates an incarnated person from one is the limiting belief systems that they grow attached to, gaslighting themselves into believing they are anything other or lesser than Source itself.

Know demons and know light beings. Only then you can know your path and what to choose. It is all in your powerful hands and mind. Only by knowing and taming the demon in you can you choose to be the light being.

Never mess with things you do not understand and never give anything paranormal any rights of pass. The paranormal is not something to play with. It is something to be taken extremely seriously and studied very carefully because it can cost you your life and your soul. Mark my words: the paranormal can be lethal for both soul and body.

And the final plan, what all demons, strong and weak, want is to pull down all the world of the living on Earth to match their frequency so it can be under their control for exploitation. That is why there are so many satanic things and subjects going on in the media and on the web, especially now more than ever as they want to normalize demons and bring them into the popular consciousness, into pop culture, with this forcing the people to accept things that not long ago would be considered simply hideous. They want to lower the vibration of the entire world, and they are hard at work for it.

This subject does not end here, as I have a lot to say and a lot to add. I'm aware this subject is one of my strengths, and I love it, but I will give it a break for now, uploading other subjects.

Thank you for staying until the end of this video. Thank you for liking and subscribing as well. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time. Please take care and be wise. Don't mingle with what you do not understand; it can be very dangerous.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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