Aneeka talks about the Urmah crew **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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February 01, 2021

Aneeka talks about the Urmah crew **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Anéeka: Ruhr is naturally albino, like his father. That is, he does not dye his hair white, he is a white lion. Ruhr is a young royal dynasty lion, recently crowned. It will be only about two or three years, replacing his old father who is still alive. He is like Alenym, doing work in a highly troubled area so that he can learn how to rule well at home.

The Urmahs of Avyon observe a High Council using royalty as role models and as representatives before other races when appropriate. However, as with Alenym, they also have a great deal of political and decision-making power. They have a very strong influence with Taygeta, because there has been communication and cooperation between the two races for millennia, where the king or queen is considered an embodiment of everything that represents the entire civilization, compressed into one individual.

They have at their disposal a group of wise men who guide them, mostly while they are new and young, but as they advance in their qualities and abilities, the guides are withdrawn depending on their specialty, until only the king or queen is left.

Ruhr still has at least five of these wise guides with him, but he is still the decision maker. This concept of king with sage alongside to guide him can be seen on Earth, in the legend of King Arthur and Merlin, and also alongside Ruhr is his consort who is the queen, his partner.

Interviewer: At what age had Ruhr's father retired?

Anéeka: I have no way of knowing or calculating that, but for human understanding he will be about 500-700 years old, but I speculate. He's very old and he gave up his position over to his son.

Interviewer: How old is Ruhr?

Anéeka: Again, I don't know, but he's young, human equivalent of someone in their twenties, and he has his wise guides along with him who are very old.

Interviewer: Anéeka, how many Urmahs are on the team that's in orbit?

Anéeka: I don't have the exact number, but as I recall, the number is around 3500.

Interviewer: The Urmahs that you met, what positions did they hold?

Anéeka: I knew Ruhr, and I knew fighter pilots like Istshi, and I knew his shipboard cook, Gor'yo, another lion but orange. From there, his guards and some of the cat maidens, but I don't know what positions they would have. Their names are more than two syllables, but lest I make a mistake I'd rather research it, because sometimes they start to elongate their name and it's hard to get it to stick with you. The one that knows it the most is Yazhi, but they sound tender like Istshi, but that's like compressed, or See'ma, one of the cats. I hope I pronounce it right because I don't know how to spell that. It'si - another one of the female cats.

Interviewer: And within the Urmah team, do they have similar positions to yours, or do you think they specialize more in other fields?

Anéeka: Yes. Very similar, because they don't tend to specialize per se, they just educate themselves in whatever they can, and then as time goes on they become more defined in what they become more expert in.

Using myself as an example, I studied everything necessary like generalities, and from there I went towards what I like the most or where I felt more affinity, and with time I am defining myself more in exopolitics, exo-interaction, languages and medicines.

Interviewer: What are they doing here and do you know when they arrived with more influence?

Anéeka: They arrived with more influence only a few months ago. What they state is that they have a presence here to stop abuses that the Federation may commit, just by their presence. They refer to abuses against humans, but they also serve as escorts for us.

Interviewer: Do you know if the Federation does the same to the Urmahs what it does to you?

Anéeka: Just like us, they have been asked to leave more than once. Just like us, they just ignore. The Urmah collective is extremely numerous and strong. The Urmah are very close to humanity and in more ways than one. If they are in a higher orbit than we are, it is for no other reason than if they were closer, the ships could interfere among each other. From the bridge, knowing when and where to look, from there you can see the lights of the Urmah ship passing above us.

Interviewer: And how is the communication you have with each other?

Anéeka: By Muon, mostly screen to screen. Language in Taygetan, mostly, or Andromedan. And the Urmah speak with a deep snore and a bit slow to articulate words, like a purr or low frequency vibration behind. Clearly, it always reminds you that you are talking to a big cat. Their voice is very low frequency, with a huge thorax, very deep and gravelly. And listening to them commands respect and even fear, if it weren't for the fact that you know they are on your side.

Interviewer: Do the Urmah contact humans, people, through telepathic means?

Anéeka: Yes, they definitely do that.

Interviewer: And do they have any intentions of contacting through the internet like you do?

Anéeka: Because of anatomical issues they don't see it as viable, because it's very limited, and almost heroic. It is only Ruhr who has tried it.

Interviewer: How many ships are they on?

Anéeka: A single large ship, Avyon-1. As for us, Toleka. Plus the small ones. Twice the size of the Toleka. And the design is similar because there has been technological influence and cooperation. The Avyon-1 ship is fully equipped.

Interviewer: Is it painted, striped or does it have some kind of royal emblem on it as well?

Anéeka: Only on the upper deck, back on the main engines, it is painted orange with black stripes. I haven't seen the actual emblem as ours.

Interviewer: At what altitude is the Urmah ship, Avyon-1, at the moment?

Anéeka: About 650km. We are at about 480km and sometimes we go up to 500. They are the only two major spacecraft in low orbit. The others are far away, in lunar orbit, about 400,000 km from Earth. That is where the bulk of the Federation ships and other observers are. Between 390,000 to 400,000 km in high orbit.

Interviewer: How are their fighter spacecraft?

Anéeka: The Urmah fighter ships are also very similar to ours, which look like very advanced aircraft, classic Sci-Fi ships. That is, with engines in the back and cockpit in the front, not the disks.

Interviewer: Do the ships have any cockpit adaptations because of their biology?

Anéeka: They are 30% roomier and bigger. So, in general, Urmah ships are similar to Taygetean ships. There are only biological adaptations and design variants accordingly, but the level of technology is comparable.

Interviewer: And any difference, for example, in the chairs or the controls?

Anéeka: The chairs hold the backrest on one side only with a port arm, that's because of the tail, of course.

Interviewer: What are the Urmah uniforms like?

Anéeka: They wear their equivalent of our second skin costume, but on top of that, their fashion, as I've already told you, is very much towards the classic epic with lots of leather and ornamental armor. In terms of casual fashion, they do wear something like t-shirts, which use x-shaped straps instead of buttons. It's like the typical shirt that has a collar with some laces in the front.

Interviewer: Do they wear any emblems like you do?

Anéeka: All of their emblems have a cat or feline proudly on the front, but the real emblem I've seen the most is the white lion face or lion face silhouettes. They also use claw symbols, as you would expect.

Interviewer: And in the background they also place their constellation?

Anéeka: No. Independently, as a single symbol of their planet, I haven't seen them, or I would have to ask.

(Update 2023: Istshi is no longer part of the Urmah team. He has passed away in 2022).

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