You are never really alone, Part 3, Technological surveillance (English)

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December 26, 2023

You are never really alone, Part 3, Technological surveillance (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice and enjoyable holiday party. Thank you for joining me here once more. I am Mari.

This information can be taken as science fiction or however the viewer sees best, but I take my information very seriously for whoever has eyes to see.

In the first and second parts of this series, we discussed how both good spirits and bad entities monitor and follow people, both hoping to influence them in a positive way or in a negative way so they become easier to exploit and to stop them from elevating the vibration of others around them, also making them more difficult to exploit for all those lower astral dark entities and their evil agendas. Evil and entities literally follow positive individuals around, looking for weaknesses to use them to bring their vibration down, using third-party incarnated individuals, mostly non-player characters but not only, to question and manipulate the high vibration individual who is usually a starseed. So beware of what kind of information you share with others. Silence is a very important key for protection and success in life.

On the other hand, guardian angels and spirit guides do whatever they can to protect an individual so it does not stray from his or her life plan. Most people on Earth ignore and even discredit the existence of the astral side, thinking that the material world is all that exists, while they are immersed in a complicated existential interwoven matrix where several densities and all the entities and creatures that live in them interfere and guide their lives in a very strong way. This is why I've always said that researching the paranormal and how things work in it is very important for your well-being and success in life.

But besides all things astral, good and bad, there are other kinds of surveillance you must be aware of. For example, government and corporate monitoring using closed circuit and web cameras as well as the ones in your smartphones as well as all the other sensors in them and all other devices also labelled as smart.

Making things a lot worse, recently government and corporate surveillance have gotten even more complicated as they are now using the electronics of new cars to gather data about your activity. Not only where you go but also what you say inside your car and with whom you associate with. Notice that new car commercial ads place all their attention on the internet connectivity included in the car in its dashboard and how you can connect your smartphone to the car and so on, while they no longer give you any relevant information about what kind of engine is under the hood and what it is capable of, being that when you want to buy a new car, that should be the most important and most relevant information and not what apps you can run while inside it.

This is to place all the public's attention on the relevance and importance of having connectivity while they remove or deviate the engine and its mobility from the public's interest, as ultimately the corporate Cabal's agenda is to remove all private transportation, leaving the population dependent on whatever super-controlled transports they want to provide for them, mostly only public transportation.

This problem with vehicles monitoring and transmitting their owners´ information to the corporate Cabal behind the public's back and without their consent is even worse in the case of electric vehicles they are pushing so strongly nowadays as if they were the answer to pollution and other problems when they in fact are not, as I explained in my videos about the problems with electric vehicles.

Most people completely ignore all this corporate Cabal technological monitoring they are under and they mostly do not care. The average citizen thinks that they wouldn't be of any interest to any government or agency, and they even think it is funny to think that if they were under surveillance, those there would be very bored while watching, as their lives are so normal.

The problem is that this is not so, as every single person, every citizen, is of interest, even if they may only be so from a statistical point of view with metadata, for example, as a tool for the corporate Cabal to see the tendencies of the population, how they think, as well as the values and interests trending in different cities, countries, and places. All this is for the greater Cabal to know what changes and regulations they must impose on the population and how much of them are necessary to guide the people's perception and interests in such a way that their greater population control agendas can move forward as efficiently as possible.

Many starseeds, even those who may be suffering from low self-esteem, are under government surveillance and are people of interest because the Cabal knows they are starseeds. And in many cases, they may even know more about who they are in a more expanded context than the starseed itself. They may know things such as their stellar identity and fear that they may become a problem for them if they activate, become active, remember who they are, or awaken.

As I've explained in many of my videos about the Galactic Federation, they do communicate and work with governments on Earth and with the secret societies which control them. So know this, the Cabal does have access to detailed information about the identity of at least most of the starseeds living on Earth now, especially those big powerful starseeds who are actively doing something against them.

The Cabal, which is the government behind all governments, also has technological devices which can read the aura of starseeds to gather information about their frequency and vibration as to know more about their identity and stellar origin. These devices are mounted in the noses of helicopters and aircraft equipped with special FLIR or front-looking infrared equipment.

Not all FLIR-equipped aircraft monitor starseeds, of course. Still, they do have dedicated crafts to go around reading and gathering people's information to be able to understand everything and everyone that may become a problem for them.

This aura reading technology is simple to understand, even though it sounds very advanced or science fiction-like. It is a simple sensitive spectrometer that reads the color variations in the aura field around a person and contrasts it with a database that indicates to them what colour combination corresponds to which star races or even planets a person in a human body may have been incarnated on or may still be on in the case of people who have entered life on Earth using a non-human technological immersion pod. The Cabal considers all those non-human people, the starseeds, as foreign agents that most surely are working against their interests and therefore need surveillance.

This is especially so when the Cabal detects that one or another starseed person is on Earth using immersion pod technology, as those most certainly are on a mission and are working to fulfil one or another particular objective, most surely against theirs.

When one or another person has become too troublesome for the Cabal, then they may become targeted individuals, where they may start to be attacked through several means, usually using directed beam technology and frequency weapons in an attempt to neutralize or take them out. And those weapons are all over the place as they use cell phone towers to transmit destructive waves towards unwanted individuals.

There is another level to this technological surveillance, and it is that the dark lower astral entities also use it to gather information about high vibration positive individuals to look for weaknesses to exploit. Those lower astral entities may enter a Matrix NPC (non-player character) individuals with low vibration, therefore vulnerable and who are part of the Cabal's technological monitoring system, to be able to access all that information in the side of the living.

And, as you may suspect, many Matrixed people in those kinds of jobs are only empty vessels operated by dark lower astral entities and even demons. I say this not to make you paranoid; it is simply something you should be aware of. And, as many of you suspect, yes, you may be being followed.

Moving a step forward. As regressive Cabal governments monitor people and starseeds, so do many star races because they constantly monitor their starseeds and people of interest from their starships in space. As it happens with the spirit guides and lower astral entities, where one side monitors with technology to lower the vibration and to control the population, while the other does the same but to guide and help their friends and family incarnated in human bodies. A clear reflection of duality and the old good against evil struggle of old.

Many star races watch their starseeds from space using orbital technology in sensor packs usually placed in the nose of their starships. But they most often follow and monitor their people of interest using advanced drones, which are mostly spheres powered with a small but strong Zero Point reactor, as I described in detail in the videos about drones I published at the beginning of the year 2023.

The Galactic Federation has clear rules about how much a star race can interfere with the lives of their starseeds on Earth, as described in detail in the infamous Prime Directive, which I also have several videos dedicated to. The drones cannot be detected by the human population and must help their starseeds only to the degree that it may be attributed to other more mundane reasons or factors. This is clearly described in the Prime Directive under the paragraph that says that no technology that is more advanced than the level of development of a culture can be introduced into it, as it is a lesser evolved society and would be considered as interfering.

When a starseed is being monitored, the star race will dedicate one or more drones, usually those called 110cm ones, to follow him or her, mostly for protection. When a starseed is on Earth on a mission, it usually enters Earth using immersion pod technology, and once inside, it will have drone air support, although it is not always seen by those starseeds.

When a starseed on Earth is detected by its star race, it may also send one or more drones to monitor and provide protection, regardless if the starseed has entered Earth using immersion pod technology or is there naturally incarnated directly from Source. The support or protection a drone can provide can only reach a certain level because of the capacity of the drone itself and because of the Prime Directive rules it must follow, also respecting the life plan of the individuals as much as possible and when it is known.

Drones may also be assigned to other people to gather information about who they are and what they are doing. This is often the case of people who may start to interfere or be relevant in the life of the starseed they are providing attention to.

This is done to prevent the starseed from being interfered with or placed in danger by those other people. Gathering information in detail using drones is not considered as unethical or illegal by the Galactic Federation, as long as it does not pass over certain limits, mostly regarding how much a star race can interfere with the life of the starseed directly using their drones.

There are thousands of drones airborne all the time on Earth, and they may be seen many times with the naked eye because their stealth systems are not perfect. Drones use anti-gravity technology, which is based on high-energy electromagnetism, and this technology tends to overheat the atmosphere around it, turning it into plasma, therefore glowing at night or even during the day, turning a drone visible as a ball of light in the night sky or as a silver ball during the day, although the drones are literally metallic spheres which also tend to reflect sunlight.

There is a lot of debate about whether the use of drones is ethical or not because many people consider them to be highly invasive as there is no clear regulation about how much a drone is intrusive when the individuals under surveillance are doing private things, for example.

A drone cannot be used to provide proof of the existence of extraterrestrials, at least not in a direct way as stipulated by the Galactic Federation directives. Yet, they are by far the most observed and most common form of unknown aerial vehicles observed by the general public.

But, invasive or not, ethical or not, star races have used drones to monitor people of interest for probably thousands of years, and they most probably will continue so.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time. Take care.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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