Important thoughts after 5 years of contact (English)

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December 25, 2022

Important thoughts after 5 years of contact (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again. I am Mari Swaruu. Thank you for joining me once more.

It's been five years since the Taygetans and Swaruu of Erra started sharing their information online. They had been talking to many people for years already before that, but in a more personal one-to-one manner with mixed results. Although I understand that they didn't hold any expectations, at least at first.

It's been a long learning process for both sides, but I can only write about what happened on this side, and my best about what happened on the other. And I'm conscious that I'm only the newest here, as I arrived on board a little over a year ago, not so long ago.

I feel that one of the biggest problems during the past five years has been trusting the wrong people, but besides that, I also feel another significant problem is that my predecessors were more interested in pleasing their interviewers than in leading and giving the information in an orderly and focused manner.

This most probably happened because at the beginning no one from this side wanted to share any information with the larger public, they were insisted on, under the argument that the information was too valuable not to share and publish.

This created a thought pattern in my predecessors that their entire viewers were giving them a favor by publishing Taygetan information in their YouTube channels. So, Swaruu and Anéeka had to be grateful and thankful to their entire viewers, therefore creating the idea that they had to please them. This because Swaruu and Anéeka come from a holistic service to others society, therefore they both were 'people-pleasers'.

Even if it is true that the two initial interviewers turned out to be good friends deserving thankfulness in their own right, the real problem arose when a third and fourth party of not so nice, not so wise, interviewers appeared, because Swaruu and Anéeka translated that idea of needing to please and be thankful to those other interviewers just because they too want to publish the information in their channels, not seeing the real motivation behind them, and with this creating a recipe for disaster.

My predecessors gave information to everyone with no regard whether they deserved it or not, not thinking what they would do with it either, they gave and gave until they could give no more, collapsing into exhaustion, not only because they spent so many hours online, but also because they were talking to too many people at once.

As they collapsed into burnouts and exhaustion, they caused their interviewers to feel that their expectations were not met, causing frustration and anger in them. This is hardly the fault of the interviewers, they were what they were at their own low level of spiritual evolution. It is more the fault of my predecessors who did not place or put any healthy limits before or during the contact. Placing rules and limits is not giving less, it is setting the correct stage to be able to give even more in a healthy way that will also benefit both sides without hurting anyone.

My predecessors were functioning in a service to others mentality and only knew to give and give and please people as much as possible, whoever talked to them, only limited by the Federation's own rules of contact and engagement. Without those rules they would have given even more. And many did give too much, and so much to the point where they are not even here any longer, they are no longer among the living.

This service to others only mentality caused a terrible retribution, because on Earth pure service to others becomes a form of slavery. Let that sink in.

While living in a full holistic society, where people live in full service to others mentality, there is no problem because those others will also have in mind their own best interests, therefore creating a healthy balance among all the members, they take care of each other.

But on Earth that does not happen because it creates a "you must give because it's your ethical obligation, and I receive only because I live in lack and scarcity mentality, because I've suffered so much". Dynamic mentality that will end up draining the giving side, hence causing slavery.

This happened because there were no form of retribution, no form of true cooperation where both sides have their needs fulfilled, because both sides are people and both sides have needs.

This was made a lot worse, because most people on Earth in the so-called 'spiritual UFO-community' - 'New Age community' if you like, think that extraterrestrials are all powerful beings who owe humanity, and they ought to help them out of their problems and out of their misery. But no!

Most ETs are just more people like you, with their problems, wants, and needs, trying to make their lives make sense, and trying to make their ends meet. As Anéeka once said back in 2016: “The hardest extraterrestrial to accept is the one that looks like you in the mirror”. That couldn't be more accurate.

But I understand that it has been a learning process for both sides. Not only for the information giving side and the receiving and publishing side, but also the public in general has had to adjust to the simple fact that Taygetans and Swaruunians are here, now, and they are talking.

It's not even important if they trust this is veridical information or not. It's not important for me who believes me or not, I know most don't, especially the so-called experts, and I'm perfectly okay with that, and I am because what they say cannot change the fact of who I truly am, my life and experiences on and off that planet called Earth.

No matter what they say, I'm still writing these words in my room, in orbit with a beautiful view of Earth from space in my window to my left right now. The simple fact is that someone, some group, with a unique stellar perspective is talking and many times contradicting what was formally understood by the so-called experts. Even our mere existence contradicts those experts who control and try to monopolize the truth.

My predecessors have made the mistake of seeking validation, perhaps, with this fully ignoring how the human mentality works in general, and how controlled that mentality at large is by the officially appointed groups, who supposedly study extraterrestrial contact and information.

And I know they looked for validation and appreciation from the larger public, because that was the only retribution they would ever get, and when they didn't get it they felt very hurt, because all the fruits of their efforts was perceived by them as in vain.

It is impossible to live seeking validation all the time, especially when talking about highly controversial subjects, so I see that as a yet another harmful side effect of a people-pleaser mentality.

People coming from a holistic service to others, non-terrestrial society, cannot mix with most people on Earth, because those are still functioning in a survival mode that keeps them in a service to self mentality. The results can be, and have been, lethal to the non-terrestrials. That's why I'm going my own way with my own project, with this YouTube channel, and I'm not willing to make the same mistakes. I am publishing this information on a more progressive manner, from lesser to the more complicated, and I'm publishing all this in a focused manner with few to no distractions.

But in general, I think that one of the most important concepts, if not the most important one to take away from the entire five-year publishing project, is the fact that there are other humans in space, and many, many more. As simple as that.

It sounds simple and innocent, but the implications are huge. It means you've been lied upon for perhaps thousands of years. It means that the population of Earth is under perception and mind control to achieve a self-validating, self-corroborating, and self-contained reality world realm that can only be valid in its own context. You may want to call that 'The Earth Matrix'.

My information is what it is, and I write it because I was not born on that planet, so I cannot fall into the same mentality and the same ideas that hold that Matrix together. Because I have seen and lived other experiences outside Earth.

I know many of you out there listening right now would like to talk to me, and I know most of you are beautiful advanced souls I'd love to be friends with. But at this time I cannot start any kind of direct communication, because it is not healthy for me, as I just explained why above. And also because, although I do have some technical help here from my friends, I'm doing all this work essentially alone, and I would get severely swamped. That is why I have the comment section deactivated, I hope you understand.

With much love,
Mari Swaruu

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