Nuclear scare, don’t worry

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February 27, 2023

Nuclear scare, don’t worry

Mari Swaruu: Hello, thank you for being here with me once more. Please take into account that I may have to avoid speaking clearly or with direct names and words as not to upset this video platform's algorithms. Specifically, the term nuclear scare, as you can imagine what it stands for.

Once more, the controllers of Earth at the human level are recycling old scare tactics that go back to the time of the Cold War. It looks like they don't have much talent to come up with new ideas as we've seen that they recycle their fear-causing tools.

In order for you to understand why there is nothing to worry about, talking about nuclear scares, you must know that all human governments are under the central control of one larger organization - government behind all governments, the Cabal, or however you want to call it, because it is all compartmentalized. So, people who know one level can know what happens inside all the levels below theirs, but they know nothing about what is going on in all the levels above.

All human politicians, and at all levels, are puppets and do not hold any real power over important decisions that affect their country and humankind, being that they only hold inner power as applied directly to the people with their impositions upon them, and this helps them maintain the illusion that they do have real power. And they do have it over the people, and only at that level. But for anything really important, they must obey orders from the secret organizations above them, and the ones who disobey and try to go their own way are quickly removed, terminated, or used as an excuse to start a war.

Those secret organizations are the ones who decide who will be in office at all levels and only simulate a government that was elected by the people for mass control purposes.

Then, there is another important concept I must point out. Those secret organizations that control all governments must also control all the media. This is key for them, so much so that they have been selling to the public the idea that the press and the media are independent and can even be used to expose governments and secret organizations. And they have done so for decades in series and movies.

The press and the media are completely controlled, and they do not give any truth to the public. They only transmit whatever their owners want the people to think at any given time or about any specific situation. If something is a truth, and the people can corroborate it is so on their own, then that truth is irrelevant and has no importance or relevance for the public's life.

The alternative media is also controlled and also has false representatives that willingly, knowingly or not, also serve their purpose. Guiding the alternative public's perception in the direction the controllers want, and with it silencing the creators of the real alternative media.

I'm saying all this because I'm trying to make a point here. All those secret societies that control the governments follow certain rules and patterns of behavior, and one of them is duality. They love to create separation and friction between cultures and people of the general population of Earth. And they do so for control purposes, guiding humanity in the direction they want, exactly as a human farm.

It is known that who funded Lenin and the October Revolution in Russia back in 1917 was no less than the Rockefeller Foundation, and those are part of the shallow level of who control all governments.

My point is that all the Cold War was false from the point of view of real government power, and it was only theater to maintain control over the human population, forcing them to live in a world of clear duality, West versus the Soviet Bloc, in order to create a fair atmosphere and activate a long period of war economy. Not wanting to lose their profit-making machine, they developed funding both sides of World War II.

The same is happening right now. The United States, all Western countries, and also Russia and its allies, are owned and controlled by the same group of secret societies. And in reality, they are not enemies. They only play the theater of being so for the people.

From the level of perception of the people in the general population, that theater is very real. It is reality for them, and people do suffer and do die because of that reality that was deliberately created for them and by them. No doubt about that.

The reason to go to war or for any large armed conflict is never what they tell the people. The official version is always false. It is only an excuse. The reason and the purpose for any conflict is the conflict itself. For it activates war industry and its large profits, works as population engineering and reduction, reshaping the political structure of a region, and works as ritualistic sacrifice of human life to feed the dark entities they idolize.

All those controllers and secret societies, even those dark entities they worship, none of them really desire the destruction of a large region of Earth, much less of the entire humanity. They have no use for such a level of destruction. They do profit from isolated wars in many ways, so they love regional conflicts, and they promote them all over and just about all the time. Simply look at the 20th century. It is nothing but war after war, but also note that the history books impose conflicts as relevant events over so many others of far more positive nature.

So, directly said, nuclear scares linked to threats of global conflict are nothing more than more theater, and it is not even new, much less original. It simply won't happen because no one benefits from that, not even the controllers and their entities. They need a constant supply of human and animal suffering and not one big event and then nothing.

Remember, they control both sides, and they control all the media. And this brings me to the next point.

They do not need to create real events in order to guide the perception of the population in their wanted direction. All they need is to create isolated ones and then hype them up, exaggerating their relevance and the meaning behind them. All they need is to push a congruent story all over Earth, using their media and their political and social puppets, and the general population, the masses, will believe their narrative and behave accordingly, exactly as they want.

So, this means that there are real events that are tragic and worrisome for everyone and that really took all take place. Many events may include highly toxic spills and isolated wars, even detonation of explosive devices that the controllers may instruct the media to say they were nuclear. And, sorry to say, accidents do occur, even those against the interests of the greater controllers, although the last chemical event you all know about was no accident.

But the controllers would never cause real global destruction. It is not in their interest. And the problem between Moscow and the West is also theater from the highest level, and if any conflict would arise, it would only be local.

And next, the higher perspective of why no global destruction due to an armed conflict would ever happen. It is quite known in spiritual and extraterrestrial research groups on Earth that the off-planet races monitoring Earth would never allow a nuclear scare event to happen or any other total global destruction event, and this is known from a long time ago.

Just about all new age channels and groups are pushing the narrative that the Federation of Light, or however they like to call it, is fighting the forces of evil on Earth and soon will liberate the planet from its exploiters. It is always about to happen, always just around the corner but, in reality, it never comes to be. It is never so, and they are only another level of the same propaganda for population perception and control purposes, as their information is evidently coming from entirely human sources.

Although I'm generalizing here, as there are a few out there who do have genuine off-planet information and sources, but they are few and rare. In reality, the Federation, Galactic Federation, or United Federation of Planets, has full control over what happens on Earth. They control the degree of everything that goes on, so they would never allow a nuclear scare because it is not in the best interests of anyone to lose Earth.

I know it already happened at least once before with Tiamat, but it is not the same circumstances as the ones on Earth today, and even that Tiamat event was not as simple as it is said to have happened. I mean, there was a lot more to that event than a simple war.

My group has been blamed in the past for what others call slandering of the Federation of Light, as they like to call it, because my predecessors said that they were the real controllers of Earth, and they are. They have full control. The Federation in this quadrant is simply extremely powerful, so they are not fighting any negative dissident groups, at least not around here. But my predecessors never said the Federation was bad or evil. Those groups are only twisting our words to fit their narrative in order to gain more attention of the greater public and to lessen the influence and credibility of the group I'm part of.

The Federation is not evil, and the reason they seem like they allow all kinds of atrocities and suffering on Earth is complicated, and I will be addressing this issue in detail in a later video. But basically, the Federation allows the people on Earth to create their own reality as a school, if you like. So it is the people and their manifestations who are the ultimate controllers of Earth, even if it does not look like it at first sight.

The Earth is not a planet of human suffering. Heaven and hell are manifested there with all the gradients between both extremes as well, and it depends on each person and its consciousness and spiritual evolution's level what it will experience and manifest for itself.

This works from a collective manifestation level, but it mostly works from the perspective of each individual and what he or she can manifest. From one point of view, this would make the Federation seem as extremely permissive and irresponsible, but from another, this is extremely empowering not only for humanity at large but for each individual there. But this will be a subject for another video.

Don't worry about nuclear scares, don't worry about monster solar flares and stray asteroids either. It is only more of the same old fear-mongering tactics of the Earth's controllers at a very human level.

Live your life, be happy, and be thankful for whatever you have. Take care of your little corner of yourself and of your loved ones. Keep an eye on what those politicians are doing if you need to, but never take them so seriously. It is even better if you stop watching media altogether. If there is something you must know, you will find out about it anyway. There is no need to be watching negativity every day.

I love you all, please take care. See you soon.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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