Atlantis and Lemuria - Invasion of Venus - Questions and Answers - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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October 14, 2021

Atlantis and Lemuria - Invasion of Venus - Questions and Answers - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Interviewer: The writer Tolkien who is famous for writing the "Lord of the Rings" saga, did he have real information about what the Earth was like before the cataclysm? Did he rely in any way on real data?

Yazhi: Tolkien didn't get his information just from his mind. It's not made up by him, only partly, but what he says is based on ancient pre-Celtic and Celtic records. Information that is not out in the public but still exists in places like the Vatican library.

I have the root of the name Lemuria seen in "Lord of the Rings" as 'Moria', only changed as a word play because it refers to the same thing. The name 'Mu' is also explained with this.

Contraction of:

ÉL ---> with ´EL ARBOL´(Spanish for tree)

As in French:

El árbol - L´arbre
Murias - Mu
L’ Murias
L´ Muria

I haven't found the meaning itself, but it has been found there for thousands and thousands of years in Irish mythology. The story of the lands and the sinking civilization of L' Murias.

The best explanation based on that Irish mythology as to the meaning is " Mother Earth", as in motherland. Although I know there must be something even earlier, that is the oldest reference there is.

It can represent a region or the whole Earth, planet, as a zone of enlightened people, and also with a clear connotation of matriarchy, perhaps. I also see a connection to it being the Mother Earth from which all western civilization is born.

This is also found in bardic texts called Irish mythology today based on reference to the works of Michael Tsarion and Irish origins of western civilization that coincide with my own records or those of the Federation. Lemuria as in ancestral land.

Interviewer: How interesting, thank you very much, Yazhi. Picking up on the previous topic, could you tell us the names of the planets in our Solar System?

Yazhi: Yes. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Tiamat (destroyed, today asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris 136199 (for the Federation Ojalu with a moon Dysnomia), Haumea (moons: Hi'iaka and Namaka). Makemake (no moons). Sedna (no moons).

All harbor complex life, either on the planet itself or on its moons or on both.

Interviewer: Are the last three the names of the Federation?

Yazhi: No. They are names known to Earth. Sometimes for the Federation if you don't have a name assigned by natives, as in the case of Ojalu, you just designate a number.

Sol (Sun) – 13-10 (Eris)
Sol – 13-11 (Haumea)
Sol – 13-12 (Makemake)
Sol – 13-13 (Sedna)

These last three are considered planetoids or dwarf planets for human science but, strictly speaking, this Solar System has countless planets. I am talking about hundreds if we are talking about big rocks, the size of an asteroid, being that, as a characteristic to be a planet, it must orbit the Sun and not another mass.

Interviewer: You have commented that the Federation has other names. What does the Federation call Jupiter, Mars or Venus, the same as here on Earth?

Yazhi: It so happens that those names are ancient on Earth. Not assigned to them as would be Eris, Haumea or Makemake.

As you know, Jupiter was the king god according to the Romans. Mars was the god of war and so on. So where did the Romans and the Greeks got it from, we would have to go back to the roots of both languages, and they go way back.

In itself, for example, Rome was founded by immigrants from various parts, but with the main guidance of the so-called Hebrew people who came out of Egypt during the exodus following Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and they themselves traveled to where Rome is today, among other places, and where those Hebrew people arrived who were nothing more than the followers of the monotheism of Nefertiti and Akhenaten, expelled from Egypt by Queen Meritaten. Information largely suppressed.

So, the names Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have stellar origins. So, that is what the Federation calls them to this day. Eris, Haumea and Makemake, among others, are still Roman and Greek names, but they were assigned by human science later and only a few years ago.

Interviewer: What was our Solar System like then, in what order were the planets? In the same order as today?

Yazhi: Different order or different distances. There was a large mostly water planet called Tiamat, also called Lucifer, Luna or Phaeton, according to other sources. It was where today the asteroid belt is, which is its remnants.

Asteroids are accepted on Earth to be mostly dirty ice with dirt and rock. That is, the remains of an ocean planet.

The planets in general were closer to each other because the energetic and gravitational dynamics were different due to the presence of Tiamat. There are records on Earth where it is said that the ancients could see Saturn's rings without needing anything, just with the human eye.

There is talk that Saturn was before Jupiter. There are records of this, but to me in particular, I find it difficult to be so. In my opinion, it was in the same order.

Interviewer: You have said that there are records on Earth where it is said that the ancients could see Saturn's rings without needing anything, just with the human eye. So when they talk about Saturn having horns, are they referring to its rings?

Yazhi: Yes. It's just that the fact that the horns appear everywhere in records has another simpler explanation, the Moon.

But I must clarify that, in the case of an Apis bull, the disk represented here is the Sun. However, there are the horns.

Look at this Apis bull. Look at the cracked top. It's on purpose, it represents the solar portal.

Interviewer: Amazing, yes. That's accurate, thank you. And does Tiamat have any relation to Nibiru as well?

Yazhi: Many confuse Tiamat with Nibiru in the ancient records, it's the same thing. It is the second sun because Tiamat was so luminous because as a water planet it reflected the sun like a mirror. That is the origin of the ideas that this Solar System is binary, it is not, it is a simple system.

Interviewer: At the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, what was the oxygen concentration on Earth?

Yazhi: I don't have it as a concise figure, but the air was obviously cleaner than it is today. And yes, there was much more oxygen on average. Just comparing it to Erra or Temmer which have more oxygen than Earth at a very strong concentration of about 79% (only estimated number), but since it is of lower density being 5D it compensates a little bit. However, it is toxic for people from Earth. They need a period of adaptation.

Interviewer: And returning to the subject of the Neanderthals, who exterminated them or why did they become extinct?

Yazhi: They were mainly exterminated by the explosion of Tiamat, but it is also believed that they were exterminated by the Lyrians themselves, 'homo sapiens'.

But we also have information of Reptilian intervention. But in itself the destruction of Tiamat and the flood helped to exterminate them.

Interviewer: Sorry Yazhi, I'm a little confused here. You said that sometimes they could coexist together, I understand that they got along well and respected each other. So how were they able to exterminate them?

Yazhi: Because, as with everything, some people, whether Neanderthals or Lyrians, were more morally, spiritually advanced than others. So surely there were differences of opinion. Some people got along well, others were exploited.

Interviewer: And do Neanderthals still exist on other planets or did they become extinct?

Yazhi: I have no knowledge of where they are, if any. But considering how vast it is out there and that many animals coexist on different planets, they most likely do exist elsewhere. On Earth, many argue that they still walk among you, their genetics.

Interviewer: And continuing with the indigenous races of our Solar System, a question. The inhabitants of Jupiter, the Karistus, then, are of the sixth density?

Yazhi: In officially accepted explanation, yes they are 6D. I, personally, hold that densities are only an idea in the mind, therefore, they inhabit all densities according to them, each of them, depending on the state of their consciousness.

To support this, they can be found in 5D easily, let alone above 6D as well. Which supports what I am trying to say.

Interviewer: I understand, thank you Yazhi. And about the invasive Reptiles. You commented that the first Reptiles to arrive were the Usungal. What Reptilian and sauroid races arrived after that?

Yazhi: Yes, there have been so many over time that it is impossible to know. The Usungal are considered to be the main ones.

The main problem is that Usungal, according to the data presented by humans, for example Anton Parks, who is the one who began to divulge topics concerning that race, maintains that Usungal was created by the Kingu. And the records I have indicate the contrary. But, besides that logically I would believe more my records, those of Taygeta and those of the Federation, as I said before, it makes no sense that Kingu has created Usungal since Usungal is common in the galaxy. That is to say, they are interstellar. And Kingu is contained to Earth. Some will be gone, but more is not known about them. I make that point clear.

Other collaborators with an Usungal were the Draco but, as I explained, Draco is one race and Alpha Draco is another very different race.

Interviewer: So, when the Reptilians arrived, let's say they chased the Lyrians until there were only eight women and not sure how many men left, and they turned them into slaves. Then the Taygeta base came to be about 20,000 years ago and settled in Oceana, right?

Yazhi: It is not known whether these were specifically turned into slaves or were only those who remained free. But it is known that all human genetics is based on those eight initial women.

And, then, being so, it is easy to admit that they were taken as slaves by logic or that only eight women could procreate in the case that there were more. Regarding Taygeta, it did arrive thousands of years later to the area of Lemuria with some objective to help them.

Interviewer: Thank you very much Yazhi for the clarification. And, when Taygeta arrived, did any other races arrive at this time? Were they already Federation?

Yazhi: Yes, they were already Federation. At that time, there was also the Solatian race present and later the Maya and the Elohi, all from the Pleiades.

Interviewer: And they all founded Lemuria?

Yazhi: Lemuria was founded by separatists from Atlantis. Lyrian based humans. This is very clear. Lemuria arose from those who fled Atlantis. Then they were supported by other outside races who formed bases or colonies there, causing the major conflict.

Interviewer: And what position did the Solatian bases and later the Mayans and the Elohi take with the liberation of the Lyrian slaves?

Yazhi: Same as Taygeta, since they are all allies, members of the Alcyone Council. But it is known that the troublemakers were the Taygetans to the extent that everything ended in a disaster, literally. And they don't stop being rebellious. They have a tendency not to follow the rules.

Interviewer: And about the Taygetan influence at that time, what was the Taygetan base on Earth like?

Yazhi: Going back to Taygeta bases, there was not only Lemuria, today's French Polynesia and underwater.

Later, there were Taygetan bases in what is today Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania with influence over Scandinavian Nordic countries with support from Engan bases in Norway, Sweden and Finland today.

The largest Taygetan base on Earth, historically speaking, was not even the one in Lemuria, it was the base in Ukraine, specifically in Crimea, today Russia. Where there are still vestiges that the Cabal wishes to hide such as pyramids, Zero Point reactors and entire cities underground with advanced technology.

Interviewer: If the Lemuria base was not the largest, why is it the best known today?

Yazhi: Because it is the one that had the most influence on Earth. The largest and much more recent is the one in Ukraine in Crimea. Let's say, it can be interpreted that because of the Taygetan base in Lemuria, a series of events was triggered that ended in an interplanetary war with the destruction of Tiamat and the formation of today's 3D.

Interviewer: I understand, thank you Yazhi. And, continuing with Atlantis, you said it was more of a non-interstellar civilization. Why not interstellar?

Yazhi: Yes. Some races don't move or don't move much. Many reasons for that. Still, they do give hosting, cooperation or collaborate with interstellar races.

For example, today the Molus of the Mayan sun of the Pleiades, although they used to be interstellar, today they are no longer interstellar. They argue that they don't see the point because they are fine on their planet, on their home, and being interstellar just takes them away from their home where they really want to be. They have the technology, but their culture has made them sedentary, unlike Taygeta who, although in small numbers, are everywhere, always exploring.

Interviewer: And about the Atlantean cities like, for example, Machu Picchu. So, were they cities of Sauroids and other races like space ports at strategic points? And why do they look like those prehistoric buildings? According to the official history, they made sacrifices with stones that marked the summer and winter solstice, or did they mark portals?

Yazhi: Today everything deteriorated seems ancient, but it is not. There are signs of high technology everywhere, as can be seen in the works of Von Daniken.

And it also happens that other more primitive settlers built and used the same constructions when they moved in.

Classic example of this are the Maya where the primitive part that you can see were actually Toltekan immigrants who used the area and the infrastructure when the Maya, the star people of M45, withdrew. The sacrifices are much said to be a distorted representation trying to copy a surgical intervention of stellar beings for medical purposes.

I don't doubt that this has something to do with it, but it does have another more sinister component which is to please entities of the lower astral or archons that, I insist, are manifestations of the individual and collective mind of the human being, although that does not make them any less real.

Interviewer: Okay. So, I understand that these cities like Machu Picchu were built during the Atlantean civilization, totally omitted in our history, and later they were used by civilizations like the Incas.

Yazhi: Yes, exactly. They are layers upon layers of civilizations over the same area.

Interviewer: Of course. The truth is that there is so much data that it is difficult to put it all together. According to the official data, civilizations like the Inca disappeared from Machu Picchu overnight leaving the whole city intact. Was that the case? Why?

Yazhi: Although I don't have the direct explanation as to why, it is easy to see them leaving overnight if you take into account that they have stellar roots and interstellar capability, something that modern terrestrial scientists will hardly accept. They left because of the very collapse of the Atlantean civilization as a result of the Tiamat Wars against the Federation.

Interviewer: Chichen Itza was also Atlantis?

Yazhi: Yes, and Tikal in Guatemala as well.

The problem is that what remains archaeologically there is more recent. But that "recent" is also a problem because, as I was saying, the further back something happened, the less linear time is. That's why archaeologists can't fit anything and end up inventing things that didn't happen.

Time only seems linear, but it is not and it is not for anyone, not even for humans. Only recent direct perception.

Interviewer: And the Toltecs, Incas, who were they, Lyrians?

Yazhi: Again, it was mixed. There was a lot of Homo Capensis or Elohi in that region, although that name is used by more than one race.

Interviewer: A question about something you commented on earlier. The Mayans of the Maya star, you said that their arrival, like the Elohi, is after Taygeta. Was that before the cataclysm or after?

Yazhi: I have Solatians and later Engan as being in small numbers in Lemuria with no base, just present, not much influence, but not Maya. As such, they are much later like those who formed their bases in Mexico and Guatemala, Mesoamerica.

Interviewer: At what time did they occupy cities like Chichen Itza?

Yazhi: Later. Between the year 0 and the year 1000. Officially, between 750 and 1200 AD. Here the official does fit with the records, at least roughly.

Elohi, that´s between the year 10,000 and about 1000 before Christ. And almost to the present day orbiting without bases. They are currently not in Earth orbit.

Interviewer: You said that later in Lemuria there were also the Engan race. When did they arrive?

Yazhi: To the best of my knowledge, they arrived around 800 AD. Already much more recent. Although I must admit that there could have been an earlier arrival due to the appearance of nomadic tribes around 50 BC. But in mass with global influence, yes, around 800 AD.

Interviewer: It is incredible how many civilizations and cultures have interacted and influenced our planet to this day. Continuing with the Atlantean cities, you explained that the Nazca lines were a space port. Who made them, were they made before the flood or are they later?

Yazhi: Atlantean civilization, but emphasizing that it was cosmopolitan with the collaboration and cooperation of countless races. They are prior to the flood. I don't know if this area was flooded, but most likely it was not flooded and is much older than officially accepted. Because of the position, it was probably not flooded.

Interviewer: Now, we would like to ask you about the situation of our Solar System, the other planets. While Atlantis was flourishing, what was happening on Venus? You said the invasion was recent, but how and when was Venus invaded?

Yazhi: Venus was a very peaceful place with its own Neanderthal-like civilization at first. Then the Lyrians arrived there also after the Great Expansion or during.

It is mostly a water planet. From 3D, you only see clouds of sulfuric acid in the absence of 40% of the other elements that make it up as a planet to form a tropical paradise essentially. They only see 60% of what Venus is in 5D.

There had been little attention to Venus until very recently. They were very peaceful. Venus was invaded between the year 1965 and the year 1975. The Vietnam War, that did happen, was partly to cover up the invasion of Venus by the Cabal using the SSP, or Secret Space Program.

Thousands of American soldiers, military vehicles, planes and helicopters were sent there. Also the use of portals was extensive for this invasion. These soldiers, at least mostly, did not know where they were, thinking it was just Vietnam in a remote jungle with strange things going on around them.

There are countless reports of soldiers in Vietnam reporting things that don't add up, like seas and rivers off the official map. Encounters with beings, plants and animals not recorded before. Situations where they had to fight against people with strange technologies or unconventional weapons including countless encounters with extraterrestrials.

An example of this is an encounter between a unit of Navy Seals and beings with similar appearance and behavior to the predators in Hollywood movies of the same name. This actual encounter was the basis for the 1986 "Predator" movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Venus was not a hostile planet nor did it have any way to really defend itself. It was a collateral or sympathizer of the Andromeda Council which itself is part of the larger Federation.

Then, along came the Cabal. It invaded all of Venus and they divided it among themselves giving new names to their islands and places. Names like: New Camchata or Kennedy Islands.

Today it is totally invaded and it is a Cabal colony on Earth. Many of the famous people and politicians retire there for vacations or to hide. For that reason, many traveled to Antarctica recently since from there they have jump rooms by large portals. Nowadays, the Federation does not allow them to leave with their ships, but they keep coming and going through the portals.

According to the Federation, if the Cabal falls and Earth is freed, as a consequence so will be Venus.

The Cabal has two large colonies outside the Earth. The largest being Venus, the other is on Mars where they occupy three quarters of the surface and DUMBs underground.

Interviewer: Wow. Thank you very much, Yazhi. This is very interesting and connects a lot of things. It raises a lot of questions too.

Yazhi: Sure, as you wish. I know it's hard to process or believe, but I have very detailed information on this event.

Interviewer: Last question now that you have mentioned about Mars. You explained that the planet was wiped out after the explosion of Tiamat and is now just desert with some patches of green areas. Who is there now? What is the situation of the Mantis of Ojalu?

Yazhi: Mars today is divided into three parts. One is dominated by the Mantis, another by the Tall Greys commonly called Maitre and the third part is inhabited by Earth humans under total Reptilian control, part of the so-called Secret Space Program or SSP.

Although these Ojalu Mantis are considered neutral, the truth is that they cause more trouble than they help. They have been known to help regressive Reptiles on more than one occasion. They are difficult to deal with and Lyrian races generally avoid them. Their political structure is hive minded with a queen, as bees.

I should clarify that there are countless Mantis races, many of them very advanced and characterized by their nobility and love. It's just that these specifically present in Ojalu are difficult. And they are the ones with large base or large colony on Mars. They used to be separatists when the Tiamat wars happened. It is known because the modern Ojalu still resent that. Today, they just are.

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