The Stars - Anéeka **NO VIDEO**

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August 03, 2020

The Stars - Anéeka **NO VIDEO**

**Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Questioner: What are the characteristics of the stellar cluster of the Pleiades? In what else is our science wrong other than cataloging it too young to contain life?

Anéeka: The entire time frame about everything outside the Van Allen belts is different from what you are told. For example, the age of a star is cataloged by the spectrum of light that it emits, which determines the components of the star, what gases it has, and depending on that, a table already formulated by them will put it as either as young or old.

The first problem is from Earth you can only see 60% of the light frequencies that a star has in 5D. As we have already said, 5D is the most common base frequency of matter or the material world. (And this also includes the Hubble telescope in the orbit because it is below the Van Allen Bands.)

60% of 100% between 5 is 20%. 3D would be 3x20% =60%. Just 60% of 5D can be seen from Planet Earth. With a range of error of 40% non-observable. This is the first problem.

The second is that they take a stellar object that is moving away from Earth, like in the principle of the expansion of the universe, that is said to be expanding. But this is a mistake, another problem of observation.

They can only see the light emitted by stars or distant galaxies to study them, then they see that this light has a tint that moves towards the reds side of the white or visible light spectrum. This is because, according to them, the red light wave is the longest of all the colors that compose it. Therefore, the object they observe is moving away from them at high speed, according to their science.

In part that is logical to observe. But they begin to generalize and that is where the big problem lies. Because they assume space is a void, when it's not a void or empty space, It is a fluid or a liquid at high existential vibrational frequency.

So the light passes through said fluid and refracts it as it goes through it. Losing its power and leaving only the components of the white light spectrum in reds, which are the ones that take the longest to dissolve or that can travel the furthest. This means that the spectroscope readings that determine both if a galaxy or star are moving away, as the results of the chemical analysis of a star based on the light it emits, are wrong, because the light is not the same nor with the same properties of when it came out of the star.

In the case of M45, the problem is especially noticeable because in addition to the problem above, the light from all the stars passes through the nebula that surrounds them, changing the readings even more.

Another lateral problem to this is that even if the stars of the Pleiades were young, which are not, human science is very attached to Darwinism and the evolution of the species. So they will say that there was not enough time for life to evolve there, much less to form a complex civilization. And as you know already well, my race did not evolve there, it was founded by emigrants of Lyra. Life does not evolve, it is sown. Natural selection does work and it is part of the whole, but only selects fittest individuals within a species, it cannot create one species from another.

So human science is simply too far behind to understand why the Pleiades are full of life and they are not as young as they say or calculate. It is only human egocentrism at work here assuming that they have already reached the power to understand everything, when they are still far behind.

Besides all this, time in 5D is not linear. So it makes no sense to assign a linear time value to something from outside Earth. Because they could only observe that with Earth's time frame of reference and that doesn't apply outside.

The first problem is that from Earth they can only see 60% of the light frequencies that a star has in 5D. As we have already said, 5D is the most common base frequency of matter or the material world. And this also includes the Hubble telescope in orbit because it is below the Van Allen bands.

I quote this part above: “5D is the most common base frequency of matter or the material world.” This is a point of view as accepted by the species, races and cultures that live in 5D. But Yazhi differs drastically from all of this. For her it is all spiritual world. The matter is only a manifestation of the spirit and consciousness, an idea. I only clarify this, so as not to enter into controversy with her, and I used that sentence about 5D in an explanatory way.

Questioner: I didn’t understand this part very well. What do you mean when you said it gets refracted when it passes through it?

Anéeka: Yes, the light when it passes through the water is losing strength, starting with the bands of light of greater frequency, the violet and the blues. Leaving the yellows and the orange and reds at the end. In other words, as light passes through space, it becomes "tired". Because it is not an empty space, a void. It does offer resistance to the advancement of everything, including photons.

Questioner: I understand, thank you. And is it this that the Earth science detects as the universe expanding?

Anéeka: Yes, they base it on that. And on their Big Bang theory, which never happened, since that is esoteric symbolism. In other words, distant galaxies are not moving away, as they say, based on the light data they receive from them. Their light is only getting tired because it comes from so far. They receive wrong data, so their conclusions are also wrong. As Yazhí would say, the fact that the Universe is not expanding does not mean that it has no movement.

Questioner: If it’s not expanding, how does actually the universe move? Toroidal movements?

Anéeka: They are mostly cyclical, repetitive, yes, toroidal, exactly. Because that is the basic form of the energy’s movement, and energy and matter are two sides of the same. But there is another more complicated aspect.

Within this movement, the position of all changes from temporal line to temporal line, from person to person. So the perceptible movement will only be or will be seen in let's say a direction in particular, from a time progression frame of reference from one place or person, but it will change for another.

In other words, although if we could verify that a galaxy is moving away from us by observing, that movement or direction of movement is only valid from our perception. But not for other people or points.

Precisely because all movement is subject to time, without time there is no movement. And since time is plastic and non-linear, only semi-linear according to people and according to the agreements of perception they have with each other, even if a Galaxy is moving in one direction, that is only valid for us and for no one else.

But the universe as a whole is out of all time. Because it comprises all existential frequencies and densities as a whole. So this is where human concepts collapse, that the universe was created out of the Big Bang, and that one day it will end. Here you enter into the concept of eternity. That the universe has always been and always will be. And also life.

Only having apparent cycles obeying apparent linear time, only applicable from the point of view of a density or frequency of consciousness. That is why death does not exist, because it is only an apparent linearity, illusory within a greater a-temporal frame, permanent, infinite.

Questioner: I see, in fact I always felt something like this, as everyone perceives reality different but, perhaps we understand it to be the same by agreements (for example in the perception of colors and time…)

Anéeka: Yes. We only see things in a similar way, by agreements, but it can never be the same. And the more people differ in thinking, the more different it will be too.

Questioner: So, leaving aside our null science, how do you define the Pleiades cluster, according to your science?

Anéeka: Within the lifetime frame of a star as its perception of linear life, because they also have it, they are half-life stars, like this sun, Sun-13. They are within a cluster working in conjunction with each other, cooperating with each other, all the stars. But there are not only nine (much less seven), there are countless within the cluster.

For example, Taygeta (Tau-19-A) is a binary system, since it has Sadicleya (Tau-19-B) a white dwarf, according to human science. Sadicleya (Midnight Sun) is not counted within the nine stars of M45, but it is there. And it serves for wildlife like a moon. As the Moon would do for Earth, since none of the Taygeta planets have natural moons (only artificial space stations).

Questioner: What do you mean when saying it serves for wildlife? How?

Anéeka: Because Sadicleya is very close to Taygeta, so it illuminates the nights of the planets as the Moon does with the Earth, and Sadicleya affects the rhythms and life cycles of all animals and plants. And by the same cycles of Sadicleya as it orbits Taygeta, it also varies how it illuminates each planet and this is astronomically predictable. It has cycles.

Questioner: What do you mean by a midlife star?

Anéeka: Taking life as a reference from the moment a star is "born" until it "dies", they have half a life, like the sun-13. This having as a time reference the apparently linear life cycle of the star of which we speak. As I have explained above, they are eternal. But also all living beings are. So it is only from a particular frame of reference to how they perceive time, where it makes any sense that it was born, lived and died.

Questioner: And what happens when their life ends? Although I understand the concept of eternity too.

Anéeka: The life of someone or of a star? Although technically a star is also someone.

Questioner: Of the star.

Anéeka: It tends to become a brown dwarf, and become a portal when completely collapsing. It is what we or the races in general call a gravity hole, which is not the same as a black hole, but it is related. A gravity hole can be formed in many ways, they can be seen as potholes on a bad road. When travelling, the ships must know where they are or can receive a shock and sensors might disorient and all. (They are on the maps, star maps).

Those potholes or gravity wells are not a problem for ships in Supra Luminar flight, only when they are in propulsion mode.

Questioner: Taygeta is a white star and Sadicleya a white dwarf according to your science. Right?

Anéeka: In equivalent yes. But for example, human science says that the Sun-13 is a yellow star, but that color tint is only observed from Earth, below the Van Allen bands. From the outer space outside the Van Allen bands, it is perceived as white. Another example of how colors are altered and it changes the data received by humans.

Questioner: Since all suns are portals, where does your sun Taygeta connect? I mean, where is the black hole of your star?

Anéeka: It is not a fixed wormhole with an entry and an exit, from the inside all the suns are connected, infinite variables, but even so there are exits that are stronger in frequency than others, dominant outputs.

In the case of all the stars of M45 they interconnect with each other because it is a very closed energy system between them. All M45 stars converge on Alcyone, the main one, and the one that the others orbit very slowly. And Alcyone with Aldebaran. Aldebaran with Betelgeuse.

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