Artificial Weather (English ) / (Re-loaded)

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October 17, 2023

Artificial Weather (English ) / (Re-loaded)

Mari Swaruu: Hello once more. Thank you for being here with me again. I hope you are all well and strong. I am Mari Swaruu.

First, I want to say that I was somewhat shallow or even kind when I was talking about aircraft tailpipes, but I can't say much here on this media platform. I didn't get a warning, but I did get "Wikipediated," if you know what I mean with that new verb I just made up. So once more, I must say that this content is for entertainment purposes only and that it can be taken as science fiction or as the viewer sees best. But I take my information very seriously.

That aircraft subject is heavily censored, and more than I expected, so I couldn't say much. Anyhow, I think I could pass strong enough information about the airplane subject. I know I was perhaps too kind to the contaminants of a normally operating aircraft engine, but my data strongly indicates that they are mostly only small ice crystals. Yet, they are full of harmful contaminants because of all the fuel additives, which include barium, which I can't find why it is mixed as part of the chemical components of jet fuel.

Barium is linked with diminished hormone production. It interferes with testosterone and reduces overall fertility in both men and women. If you add one plus one with the rest of the Cabal's agendas like papayas and obligatory sweets you must take in the arm, harmful food additives that also lower testosterone and all hormones that are involved with reproduction, such as monosodium glutamate, normalizing and even strongly pushing relationships between members that cannot produce offspring and creating conflict and separation between the genders that can, you can see where I'm going with this.

And even if those trails were 100% ice crystals, they would still be harmful because they are blocking sunlight in large areas, and there is no denying that. No wonder this subject is so censored as it is one of the most overt and obviously wrong and harmful things that the Cabal tries to hide from the population, even downplaying its effects and denying its very existence, which is nothing more than gaslighting the general public because you would really need to be brain dead not to see those trails as a clear indicator that something is terribly wrong.

About climate on Earth in general, I would expect this to be one of the subjects uninformed or matrixed people would be most skeptical about, but it is the objective truth to what is happening on Earth.

Even though the planet has its natural climate mechanisms, they are all altered, modified, or guided by above human knowledge technology on at least three main levels or scales where the first one is the official one, the one governments accept exists, which is normal cloud seeding with normal chemicals, which include silver iodide, potassium iodide, dry ice (which is solid carbon dioxide), and liquid propane. They all cause the condensation of atmospheric water into ice, the exact same way jet fuel does. And depending on atmospheric temperatures one or another compound is used.

Then, we have the next level of artificial climate control, which involves microwave technology, such as the infamous HAARP, whose original installations are no longer operating as they have been replaced by far more efficient mobile array antennas equipped on large military ships and even on land vehicles, making them a lot harder to detect and trace.

This level mainly uses high-energy microwaves to alter the high-pressure and low-pressure areas in the atmosphere, also altering its temperature with radiation, which when using known combinations and algorithms which involve the chemicals suspended in the atmosphere to increase reactivity, will cause strong weather changes in the affected areas.

And then there is the last level of climate control which involves even higher technology and which only the Galactic Federation and its member races and henchmen races have at their disposal. This technology is way above human level and understanding and has been used to alter Earth's natural climate to the point of creating floods, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, among other events at will, all in the name of producing an existential experience for the souls incarnated on Earth.

This level uses all the tools and methods mentioned above but with an added one that gives the operators a lot more control, and that is modulated gravity beams, which move the atmospheric components at will and on a large scale, literally spawning a hurricane to later drive it in one or another direction as desired or dissolve it at will. This includes all other existing weather events, not only hurricanes.

This method is the most commonly used by non-human races of the kind supposedly appointed to be the guides and custodians of Earth, all members of the Galactic Federation, of course, and its controls are on the observation and information decks of orbiting starships, much like the CIC platform onboard of Taygetan Toleka class.

These controls are large three-dimensional holograms of global weather patterns in full color, which can be modified at will by moving the holographic objects by hand wherever you want, or simply by thinking where you want it if you have the mind-to-machine interface activated.

I insist that most simple weather patterns are natural, but they end up being altered artificially to the point where it becomes impossible to know where the natural ones end and the artificial ones begin. But it is completely safe to say that the large ones, such as massive storms and hurricanes, are artificially created and guided.

All this also goes for most large earthquakes, including the ones in the far past, as this is nothing new. This has been going on for thousands of years. I say this reminding my listeners that the official past is false and that there have been other highly technological global societies on Earth and several times before.

This goes for most large earthquakes as well, as both the Cabal on Earth and the Galactic Federation have the technology to map underground tectonic plates with utmost accuracy, all using highly efficient Earth-penetrating radar machines. And in the case of the Galactic Federation, highly sophisticated gravity and mass density mapping devices. Knowing exactly how the tectonic plates are shaped in their relationship with one another, they can know exactly where the weak points are, the place where pressure has been building up, and where the plate above is leaning or being held in place by the one below.

Knowing the weak points between the plates, they can send a shock wave directly aimed at the vulnerable high-pressure point, which may be enough to cause a displacement on its own. But in the case of more stubborn pressure point places, the continuous vibration they can send as shock waves and adding microwave high energy, it causes those vulnerable points to liquify as it mixes with pressurized natural underground water, which also acts like a lubricant causing loss of grip in the desired area and a subsequent slide or movement along the tectonic plates, causing an earthquake.

What can you do with or about all this, you may ask? There is nothing you can do other than be vigilant and continue with your life. Even my group and I up here cannot do anything about it other than tell you all using small YouTube channels most people don't even know exist.

But this information is important for you to know because you can then add what I just said to other things you have learned elsewhere and to things you may have noticed on your own. For example, a series of earthquakes that have occurred on the exact date, such as the three that affected Mexico City on September 19th, have little to no chance of having been of natural occurrence. But that is only one example of many that are too much of a coincidence.

Yet, you must also know that human beings and biology, in general, are far more resilient than what the Cabal and even the Galactic Federation can understand. As my predecessors have stated, biology is very resilient, and its base DNA also has a very strong tendency to reverse its forced changes, going back to how its initial blueprint dictates.

DNA is not inert; it is a crystalline manifestation of the soul who is using a biological body. It may take time, but it does revert back to reflecting what its owner's soul wants. So altering people's DNA in a lab by force can only bring temporary results unless the consciousness of the person can be altered as well to go with those artificial changes, so they get synchronized. Therefore, fixing in place the artificial changes.

Yet, if the artificially produced alteration is very strong, then it disrupts the connection with the soul, basically maiming or even killing the individual. So don't count on your DNA going back to normal if you end up accepting the unacceptable obligatory things because it is similar to expecting a hand to grow back after it has been cut off just because it is in your original DNA blueprint.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing. I appreciate it a lot, and it helps me out more than what you think. And I hope to see you here next time.

Take care.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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