Creation of the Cabal - Reptiles and Human Manifestation - Control system on Earth **NO VIDEO**

ATTACHE, english
October 10, 2021

Creation of the Cabal - Reptiles and Human Manifestation - Control system on Earth **NO VIDEO**

Interviewer: What is or what does planet Earth represent for many extraterrestrial races?

Anéeka: Many extraterrestrial races enter Earth to test their courage, their expertise, their inner strength as people, and then with what they have learned they return to their places of origin. It is the norm, enter Earth, train there and then return home. This as the nature and purpose of an incarnation or 3D experience. To face their fears and their ideas of limitation, to see how strong they are and what they need to perfect.

Some to see themselves and feel worthy and capable of taking on the role of leaders of an entire interstellar culture. Because, as you know, humans are not a race, it is a bio suit for many races to work or coexist as one. That's why so much conflict. They are not one race. What they look like doesn't matter, inside their souls are different.

Interviewer: How did it start to define itself as that, a planet for this type of experience?

Anéeka: It's a bit complicated. From a stellar point of view, Federation, the main point or quality of the Earth experience is limitation and it being a difficult place with constant challenges that test people's character, and that can't be achieved without creating a villain. Although good and evil is relative, I don't doubt that the Federation itself has imposed or engineered the entry of evil into Earth on purpose for the sole intent of increasing the level of difficulty of life there.

But in itself, within what we here know, the Cabal was created at the moment when Nefertiti took control of Egypt since King Akhenaten was her puppet. Because he began to impose a totalitarian monotheism going against the principles of tolerance and variety of beliefs that Egypt had at that time directly influenced by being or having been a star port of the Federation, Giza.

So, a great uproar broke out in Egypt with some members of the population following Nefertiti and the other more conservative ones following the scattered and disorderly priests who upheld the polytheism of ancient Egypt.

The dispersed side was losing control over the militarized side imposed by Nefertiti. Until the arrival in ship of a non-human female person who identified herself to the people of Egypt as Ishtar herself, the founding goddess of Egypt.

Her presence there united the people of Egypt against Nefertiti, Akhenaten and her militarized side, being the vast majority, and united them to expel Nefertiti and Akhenaten from Egypt, thus creating the biblical story of the Exodus and the twelve peoples of Israel who followed Moses through the wilderness.

Moses = Akhenaten
Twelve peoples of Israel = the Egyptian people who decided to adopt and support Nefertiti and Akhenaten.

Interviewer: And how is this related to the Reptile invasion?

Anéeka: Reptiles per se, their participation has been overestimated in the alternative media. Per se, their way of exploding is slower and more covert. Not so in your face as here with this "bug" thing. This overt manner of repression is more typical of Maitre or regressive high Greys.

But here, as I was saying before, everything bad, negative, what is extreme malice, is in itself a manifestation of the human collective. That is, they all focus on their suffering and what is bad for them and with that, by the Law of Attraction or the Law of Mirrors, which is the same, if they focus only on the negative, they will only receive more of the same, more of the negative and evil.

So, all those demons and regressive entities, child-eating Reptilians and high Greys are concepts contained mostly on Earth, where they do exist from outside because, as already mentioned, it is all intertwined with other planets and other cultures with a soup of influence among each other.

So, for all races that see or understand or perceive these kinds of regressive beings as child-eating lizards and evil tall Greys, it is the result of collective manifestation.

But it is concentrated and agglutinated on Earth which can be seen as a special place because it offers the experience of knowing and living what is fear, terror, pure evil, whatever it is.

So, if the evil, Reptiles, Maitre, demons, Djinns, whatever you call them, is the result of the collective consciousness, all focused on creating and agreeing to perceive as real the existence of these things or beings, then that becomes reality, but not necessarily as in they are manifesting material beings, not as in their collective consciousness manufacturing a Kracken or a Godzilla, but with the simple idea that there is a Kracken or a Godzilla, it makes it real as a threat and they live with that, accepted by the collective as something real.

But it doesn't have to be a 100 meter long octopus or a giant lizard, it can be other kinds of things that are perceived as accepted limitations that define the human condition. Like, for example, having to obey governments because otherwise there are serious consequences, or believing a "bug" that lurks around and is about to jump on you from behind a bush as soon as you get distracted, but waits for you to eat in the restaurant and only comes out at night. That's why the curfews, because the "bug" is a vampire.

Or it can be more abstract things such as ideas of handicap that lead many people to depression. Religious beliefs that limit them using their fears of punishment or even the simple accepted rules that form the Matrix itself and define what is real and what is not real. All this is of human manifestation by agreements made and formed from within a collective unconscious.

Then, certain groups of power form or propitiate the formation of limiting ideas that they produce as rules or impositions on an inexperienced, receptive and influenceable human race. So, the physical lizards only take that role as humans take other roles. Also, with their suffering within their highly oppressive society, forming part of a planetary collective unconscious as well.

But everything is interconnected, where what each group of people and each individual sees and accepts as reality and lives according to that accepted reality rules, and only being in accordance to another event by frequencies, being that thoughts are the frequencies that form the ideas from where all reality is drawn, since everything there is and everything that exists started once with an idea or a concept.

Interviewer: I understand, thank you Anéeka. You mentioned that the Reptilian type of control is different. Were they collaborating with these power groups or something?

Anéeka: Those that formed Atlantis. Those who had the role of exploiters, although there is only an exploiter when the exploited are agreeing to be exploited.

The Reptile on Earth likes to have slaves who do not know they are slaves and therefore control them. Maitre, on the other hand, likes to have slaves in chains and just make them obey by force with a whip. That's the difference in how they exploit humanity. They take a role where they obey the human collective being part of the same planetary collective unconscious.

It is true that they exploit, as David Icke has commented. However, here we must make a distinction between two concepts, which all the time interfere one with the other, which is the real physical Reptile with skin and scales, and another is the concept of manipulative entity from another density that eats Lush or energy of human suffering and that cannot be seen because it parasitizes human beings in multiple ways such as, for example, by sticking to their auric field. Where the first one just takes the role of another species competing with the human one, and the second one is the result of the same thoughts of human beings.

In itself, what we understand here, is that those kind of entities that parasitize from 4D have been handed down to have form or have Reptilian nature, but that does not come from us here, but from other people on Earth like David Icke.

What we understand is that it is the same creative attention of the human that creates the egregore or the tulpa that are those parasitic astral entities and calls them 'Djinns', demons or whatever, but they are egregores coming out of the human unconscious, and as they only exist if they are given correct attention they need constant attention in the manner and of the nature that has created them in the first place: fear, terror and suffering. And that creative attention nurturing those entities is what we have understood to be the famous 'Lush'.

So, for us it is not that they eat anything generated by a suffering person, but it is the total concentration of the brain and consciousness of the suffering person itself that strengthens the egregore giving it more life, and the more people accept that as reality and react in the same way, the stronger the egregore will be.

So, the 'Lush' is not a substance that fearful beings emanate, but only focused attention of the kind they need. And not to be confused with adrenochrome which is a real thing and is a substance made from concentrated human blood taken from people, mostly children, terrified to death. That is something else.

Fear focuses a person's attention completely on that, on what he is afraid of, so his creative attention is defined and concentrated as a laser beam. In comparison to what the same person desires as something positive that is rather, on average, something scattered, not concrete and fickle, which causes people to manifest the negative faster than the positive. But this is only because of their own mental programming because, when it comes to the negative, they enter into a vicious circle spiral where if a person suffers, they will only be able to see that suffering, because they are suffering. Therefore, this causes that he can only see and receive more of that suffering.

The same thing happens with the positive. But on Earth, given the stimulus of the collective unconscious always toward the regressive and toward the suffering, it will determine that your attention will be mostly on the unwanted while what you want is changeable, so it cannot manifest with equal strength or efficiency.

Interviewer: Thank you, I understand. And in what ways did the physical Reptilians exploit humanity after the flood and throughout the Nefertiti period or up to the present day?

Anéeka: Mostly they hunt them as food, it boils down to that.

Interviewer: And all the mind control?

Anéeka: For us, the system that exploits from the other side is made of entities that have little to do with physical Reptilians and more with real entities, but of egregor formation of the human being.

Mind control comes from the very side of humans, from high human echelons, who themselves are also controlled from behind by their own creations and egregors because they consider them as real and yes they become very real.

There is also mind control from the outside by the myriad of extraterrestrial races that are interested in maintaining the illusion of 3D and how reality is supposed to work there, where that intersects with the real Reptilians who use that to hide and use humanity as they please, all mixed together.

Interviewer: But, for example, in the Garden of Eden, it was the Reptiles who initiated mind control, wasn't it?

Anéeka: Since Atlantis yes, as a farm. It's not that there is no human farm with Reptilian manipulation, it's just that it's not everything that happens and it doesn't explain everything that happens.

Interviewer: I understand, Anéeka. The Reptilians would be like opportunists here.

Anéeka: Yes. It's not one or the other, it's a soup. There is no simple explanation. Because it also so happens that the same mentality that forms the egregores is conducive to humans being compatible to being exploited by the flesh and blood Reptiles.

And yes, there are entities that manipulate. They guide children in the forest to their demise. Or they manipulate an alcoholic to keep him drinking. Just because they are an egregor of human manifestation doesn't mean they are not very real.

Interviewer: Sure, all interconnected. The Federation doesn't let Reptilians have contact with humans either?

Anéeka: They have no way to prevent that. The Reptilians don't contact or come into contact with humans for their own reasons, because if they were known to exist there would be a lot of human resistance against them, including armed resistance against them. It does not suit them. They just take what they need using manipulation which, in itself, uses the weaknesses of the human ideas themselves to be used to their advantage.

Interviewer: I understand, thank you. And how does all this influence you to want to be here today?

Anéeka: I feel that many things were not done well on Earth and with Earth. It is an extremely complex and difficult situation to understand. So, many so-called Pleiadians carry a burden of consciousness, so to speak, to help clean up the problems on Earth that in one way or another our ancestors also contributed to form or generate the current situation.

Interviewer: And how are you with all this current situation?

Anéeka: We are fine. Although we are all worried, not only about what is happening down there, but here too, because there is a lot of politics and conflicts between members of the Federation itself about what is happening on Earth. Everyone wants to do things differently, and that is reflected in the problems on Earth many times as their cause, because they are a reflection of each other, inseparable.

That is why I tell you that no one understands it well, neither us nor other races. They and we only do what we can with what we know and with what is within our reach, like you and the rest of the starseeds.

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