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This page contains transcripts of the videos published in our channels. The communication with the Swaruunian and Taygetan Pleiadian ET crew members is conducted via live Internet chat using English and Spanish language.

Some of the transcripts also include community provided language translations. Open each transcript to see if it is provided in other language than English. We are not responsible for the quality of translations. NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: Please translate as exactly as possible to the original text. Do not add or subtract any text. Thank you!

Nuclear Bombs - Energy Bombs that Fake to be Nuclear - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 24, 2022

In this video Yazhi Swaruu explains why nuclear bombs, as we are told, cannot be nuclear and rather, they tend to be energy bombs.

Electric Cars and Why they are Bad - Cabal´s Agendas - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia January 01, 1970

Why are they bad electric cars? Why does Yazhi say that they are part of the Cabal's agendas for social manipulation? In this video you will understand why.

Telepathy - How to Activate it in 3D Reality? Yazhi Swaruu explains

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 11, 2022

Recently I received a comment from Angel, our good "follower" in the Spanish audience, with the question of how to develop telepathy, since it would be a good weapon against the Matrix and the Cabal that keeps us programmed to think that telepathy does not exist. In this short 7-minute video, Yazhi shares what she thinks, and why it's not just a matter of doing a couple of exercises. What else is missing?

Evacuation of Humans to other Planets - Yazhi Swaruu´s Opinion

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 08, 2022

Evacuating Earth in ships. Is there any truth, according to Yazhi, to all those stories of evacuation of humans to another planet? Will such a scenario ever happen?

Autism - Swaruu of Erra shares her perspective - Taygeta (Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 06, 2022

Have you ever wondered about autism and autistic children and people? Why are they the way they are? In this video Swaruu of Erra shares how she perceives this "condition". The information was originally given in 2018.

ET/UFO Contacts "Experts" Community is a HUMAN organization - MiniTopics with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 05, 2022

Let's go with the next episode of MiniTopics. Topics are: 1. Quarantine around the Earth 2. Moon 3. Race Wars 4. Black "race" 5. Jews 6. UFO communities 7. Overpopulation 8. "They don't tell the truth" 9. Heat - Spain 10. Future

Cancer - Extraterrestrial Women share their Knowledge - Taygeta (Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 02, 2022

To end the series on health, I am sharing what Swaruu of Erra said about cancer, and then Aneeka of Temmer. It is not all that can be said about this topic, it is complex, like many others, but I am publishing what I have. Even with the little I share, it will be well understood what cancer is, I think, and how they view it in the Taygetan society.

Health and Illness in Taygeta - Pleiades - Extraterrestrial Information

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 23, 2022

How do they view health and diseases in Taygeta? Do they have depression? How do they treat patients? Do they have hospitals? Does abortion exist? How do they treat pregnant women? And what did Swaruu of Erra think about comments like: "I don't care about their ships. Teach us how to heal ourselves!" All this and much more in this video.

Nutrition and Diet - Chatting with Swaruu, Aneeka, and Yazhi about Food

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 17, 2022

Let´s continue with the topic of nutrition. Here I am sharing several conversations from the past, and some more current ones, on the subject of food.

MiniTopics - Variety of Information - Reptiles and Extraterrestrials among Humans and more

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 13, 2022

In today´s video I will share a variety of conversations (mostly fresh) on the following topics: 1. Oscillations of matter 4 and 5D. Oscillations of the soul 2. Mysterious rays appearing in the sky 3. ETs influencing behind the scenes (off and on Earth) 4. Queen Elizabeth´s death 5. Reptilians transforming into humans 6. Artemis Mission 7. North Korean missile 8. Georgia Stones and more!

Veganism - Yazhi Swaruu responds Questions from the Public

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 10, 2022

This video contains Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu's answers to questions from the public about the topic of veganism. Some of the questions are mine.

Veganism - Agendas - Taygetan Investigation - We do NOT Recommend a Vegan Diet

Cosmic Agency, Gosia October 02, 2022

We are finally publishing the information that the Taygetans shared with us about veganism between 2019 and 2020. It is a controversial topic, so be patient and open minded. In the conversation participate: Swaruu of Erra, Aneeka of Temmer, Nai'shara of Erra, Robert and I (Gosia) (of Earth :) )