INVASIVE BLACK GOO and AI: Biggest THREAT to the PLANET EARTH (Extraterrestrial Message-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 13, 2018

INVASIVE BLACK GOO and AI: Biggest THREAT to the PLANET EARTH (Extraterrestrial Message-Pleiades)

Swaruu (9): There is a consistency in all my messages, and that consistency is the desire to empower you. To make you return to see your own inner power, creative power. To remind you that it is you who created all of your reality and that there are no victims.

Your thoughts and your imagination are the basis for everything that exists. Imagination is very discredited there on Earth as an empty fantasy. And fantasy is dismissed as something irresponsible and childish. But both are the bases to create reality because everything that ever exists, at one time, was an imagined idea and a fantasy.

In this world where you feel that everything is attacking you, full of high-level conspiracies and corrupt governments, it is easy to fall into the mentality of victims and the mentality of believing that you have no power over anything that happens. When, in reality, everything comes from you, you are the creators, both level collectively and especially the individual.

You are in a medium or dense existential plane, this means that things take a little time to show, the changes are or happen as if in slow motion compared to the rapidity of manifestation in other planes of existence. An example of this that you experience every day is the Oniric world where your thoughts, fears, desires and insecurities are manifested before you as dreams. While you are sleeping you are in another lighter existential plane where everything manifests instantly. Everything that is there, everything that happens to you there is a direct mirror of yourselves.

Dreams are not something non-existent, they are the reality that you experience in another plane, faster and lighter. The world in which you are in 3D, which you call reality, is also a dream and is the result of the same creative process of reality that you experience in the Oniric dream world, only that things do not happen so fast because of the greater density where everything is doughy and all movement costs work and a lot of patience. This slowness results in the illusion of event - temporal linearity, where one thing gives rise to another within what would be called logical cause - effect in a linear manner.

But in the end, it's just a dream. The higher the density, the lighter it is and the faster things manifest, the lower the density the slower the manifestation, this as an individual experience as there is no time.

As I have told you, and I have tried to explain you thoroughly in previous works, the only thing that exists is yourselves. There is no external world as a reality separate from yourselves. It is your perception and the interpretation that each of you gives to things what forms your personal and collective reality, what you perceive as external reality. Reality of which later, you feel like victims.

Your perception and the interpretation that you give to events and objects that you perceive as external to yourself is largely manipulated by other entities that only take care of their own interests at your expense. But the reason why those entities manipulate you is because they need you, because you are the creators and they are not.

So what you think, what you create and what you feel is the external reality, as I have said both collectively and especially individually.

With all the above, what I want to tell you, to remind you of, is that you have all the power to stop everything you do not like and to stop everything that you do not agree with. What you know is hurting you and what deprives you of quality of life. Whatever it is.

First of all, and before all, you must know the enormous strength of the word "NO". I know that people have a certain rejection of that word because they only want to please others to feel accepted by them, because deep down they want to always feel loved.

Once a person has things clear and has developed the conviction to follow what seems right, a “NO” has a huge force against all kinds of entities and circumstances that may arise against you. If you fear something that could happen or even if it is in progress, without fear and with all your inner strength say, “NO”, I do not accept that this happens to me, I do not want that! Everything within that Matrix will insist in every possible way that you accept what you do not want or wish for, that you accept what might or is happening to you as inevitable, but it is not so. And what they use the most is manipulation through fear.

The Matrix constantly tests you by throwing you adversity. A “NO” with enough force and conviction stops everything because otherwise it would go against the universal laws of free will, and because the Matrix game is yours and for you to generate an experience. The victim mentality only prevails in an environment where people do not exercise their own responsibility. About themselves, about their thoughts, values, and about their actions.

The fact that you ignore negative agendas even though they are not within your attention - creation of reality, it does affect you because everyone has tactical agreements, unconscious and also prenatal agreements that make you vulnerable and susceptible to many negative agendas. And to continue like this in ignorance and thinking that if I do not see it, does not exist in my reality, it is an ostrich attitude. The realization of what happens and then to firmly have the conviction that it is not desired in your reality, under universal laws of free will, you will have the ability to deactivate such agreements.

In order to understand this next topic in its entirety it is necessary to have studied the previous ones about the Falsehood of Human Science, and about Biology.

A planet is alive, it is a complex organism with consciousness and movement. It is not an inert rock obeying purely physical factors, or physics, as you are told according to the Socially Accepted Science. All planets are beings with advanced consciousness, you can connect with them, you can talk to them in one way or another. As every complex being with a lot of consciousness, it has its own patterns and energetic functions that nourish its internal systems and also possesses a trans dimensional nature, that is, its existence is present in multiple existential planes.

Some of its vital systems are water currents such as rivers and marine currents, but it also has other internal systems, not only underground rivers but also other substances, such as magma and oil. The latter is the one that concerns us in continuation. Petroleum, or crude oil as it is said, is not a substance composed of sediments of organic origin accumulated for millions of years, that is to say not renewable fossil substance, as it is said. This is another of the great lies that the Cabal tells humanity in order to continue exploiting them. It is not lacking, and it is self-renewable because of its internal processes on the planet.

Oil is a hydrocarbon in the way that it is mainly composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms, but it is not strictly of organic origin. It is a liquid mineral that is produced by the earth through a process of chemical transmutation. This is based on the progressive accumulation of magnetic scalar properties, that is to say they are present in several existential planes simultaneously, in the medium base which is water, mainly sea water.

The water self-ionizes when it is subjected to speeds higher than 200 meters per second and when it is subjected to pressures in excess of 1 110 bar or barometer units or 15 954 PSI, it begins to transmute its properties as water by losing its oxygen composition and changing it for carbon atoms, present inside the Earth's crust, which will adhere to the ionized hydrogen. The same movement, the intra-terrane electromagnetic vortices of the magma and of the very Black Goo provide the base of energetic flow for the transmutation.

Water loses its hydrogen-oxygen composition, by discarding its oxygen component and changing it with carbon, present everywhere and in abundance, combining it with hydrogen, forming new "transmuted" molecules, which gives rise to hydrocarbons.

If the same process continues even more, the hydrocarbon will concentrate turning black and the effects of scalar transmutation will begin to form petroleum crystals and in their geometric center they will begin to form antimatter. Giving place now to the Black Goo.

This process also involves other trans-dimensional energetic-scalar aspects that involve consciousness and that affect the process, so the human science does not understand or accept the process. These scalar processes once again obey the toroidal sacred geometry based on the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 and 3, 6, 9 as described in Mechanics of Manifestation. However, it can also be described in a much simpler way.

"The day in which Science begins to study nonphysical phenomena it will have more progress in a decade than it did in all the other centuries of its existence" - Nikola Tesla

Using simpler words, this process happens: The water is under great pressure at the bottom of the sea due to the simple accumulation of its own weight. This water is not contained there like in a hermetic container, the water is filtered by its high pressure through all the fissures, cracks and separations between the plates of the subsoil at the bottom of the sea, especially in the deepest point of the ocean where there is separation of major tectonic plates.

Pressurized water enters between the intra-terrestrial layers filling all available space many times displacing other substances present under pressure. The same water then works as a lubricant facilitating the displacement of the terrestrial plates both large and small since they are always changing and moving day by day.

As the plates move, they crush and move the water through the cracks at high pressure and at high speed with the effect of a syringe. Water is subject to enormous pressure there, much more than on the seabed, we speak of pressures in excess of 20 000 psi.

At such pressures, its movement speed is enormous exceeding 500 meters per second. At this speed and under this pressure the water loses its properties to basically boil without being able to expand by the gigantic pressure. The Hydrogen of the water separates from the Oxygen producing an enormous heat. The excess Hydrogen released from Oxygen is chemically combined with Carbon, which is almost ubiquitous and has the property of adhering to almost everything. Already in separate form, twice as many molecules of Hydrogen are generated than of Oxygen. The release of Carbon and its chemical fusion with Hydrogen is favored by the high temperatures and pressures present, forming Hydrocarbons such as Petrol and also forming secondary products gases such as Natural Gas, Methane and Ethane.

Here the accepted science says that Carbon is provided by organic elements coming from the natural decomposition of living beings, (Name "Combustibles fossils") but in these quantities and at these depths, in excess of 10,000 meters of depth, that is totally lacking veracity since Carbon is present in large quantities in mineral form within the earth's crust and of almost all the planets, this being their most abundant element.

What forms the oil is water, mainly seawater combined with the carbon present within the Earth's or planetary crust. It is inexhaustible. A petroleum mantle, or cavity containing oil, can be temporarily emptied, only to be re-filled again and naturally shortly afterwards.

As the oil gets subjected to even more pressure between and below the tectonic plates, it will concentrate more turning black and forming carbon crystals that encapsulate heavy metal molecules that are also partly the product of the enormous pressure and high temperature of these places, forming what we know as Black Goo. These carbon crystals retain the frequency of the place where they were created and combined with heavy metals, all have highly magnetic properties.

The movement of the concentrated oil or Black Goo caused by the displacement of the tectonic plates is channeled by and through the cracks in the subsoil. Having highly magnetic properties and being present in large quantities, form a magnetic dynamic that is known as the Ley Lines of a Planet.

Under the enormous pressure inside, between and under the tectonic plates the ionized water transmuted into hydrocarbon or petroleum will be crystallized by its high concentration of carbon, forming another kind of oil or related hydrocarbon called Black Goo, which in essence is liquid crystallized oil with a high amount of heavy metals especially gold or iridium. As for the type of gold, it is present in two forms. Normal gold and monoatomic gold. Contained in the nucleus of each crystal are antimatter particles.

This antimatter comes from the reversed atomic and subatomic composition of the heavy metals present in the Black Goo and is the result of the energetic transmutation - manifestation imposed from other existential planes. So, the Black Goo has a scalar composition. And monoatomic gold is also antimatter from the aspect of its subatomic composition to be also the result of a trans-dimensional transmutation of the scalar nature. That is to say, it is the result of the interaction and electromagnetic superposition based on mathematical fractals of sacred geometry imposed from higher planes towards the 3D existential plane, with the use of the energetic - mathematical toroidal mechanics described in my previous article Mechanics of Manifestation.

The magnetic-energetic nature of the antimatter of the Black Goo also gives it superconducting properties at room temperature and being contained within hydrocarbon crystals its interaction with normal matter is very limited, but still present, so we could say that the antimatter present in it is to a certain extent stable. Also, antimatter particles are still in a trans-dimensional transmutation state, so they are not completely within the 3D dimension of the Earth. This prevents them, in part, from having extreme reactions when interacting with normal matter. It is matter that we could say that it is in a semi-etheric state, so it does not make chemical links with other elements.

It should be remembered here that a superconducting material is one that does not show any resistance to the passage of an electric current. In the case of the Black Goo, the elements of its chemical composition that give it this characteristic are gold, its anti-gold (monoatomic gold) and the high content of iridium, especially in the negative invasive Black Goo.

The Black Goo has a great magnetic charge disproportional to the size of its particles because it comes from the antimatter within its crystals and the magnetic charges of all the particles are added to each other by sharing electrons in scalar form with a very high density. And its composition of crystals with heavy metals allows it to carry a quantity of information as frequencies as do all fractal crystals. It is found deep below the earth, usually below the normal oil layers, and by the same movements between the tectonic plates, it moves in torrents or underground rivers of high velocity at great pressure and of great depth with an average of 10 km or even lower.

Notice here that it is the same depth in which most of the telluric movements of some years have been made here and that have been artificially unleashed.

Having a high degree of magnetic properties in ranges of high trans-dimensional scalar energy, that is, it is present in several existential planes at the same time, the movement of the Black Goo in the subsoil produces a planetary magnetic dynamics organized as geometric fractals, since everything is interconnected throughout the globe. This is the basis and reason for being of the Ley Lines of a planet.

The Black Goo also contains within its chemical composition all the necessary elements to form the life based on carbon. It has within itself, in its crystals, an energetic impregnation of the Earth itself. Its essence and its frequency as a living being. It can be considered as the blood of the planet as it contains all its energy information. And all the planets have their own Black Goo with a chemical-energetic-magnetic composition unique to each one of them. Their identity itself.

As I have described above, the Black Goo has within its composition both material elements and trans dimensional energies coming from several existential planes at once, this means that it interacts with everything that it touches at the trans-dimensional scalar level and not only at a chemical and physical level.

When the oil of the Black Goo is burned, when artificially exposed to an open flame, it will behave like oil, but its components of heavy metals will dissipate to other higher existential densities making them impossible to melt, process, concentrate or manipulate. They will return to their etheric state. However, the crystals will remain as an inert white powder that does not combine with no other element.

Black Goo naturally springs from the deep-water fondling in the so-called underwater volcanic boilers and is poured into the marine currents where it interacts with the organisms of the seas.

Within the energetic forms coming from other existential planes and contained in the crystals with super magnetic properties, there can be found basic forms or molds for the manifestation of the components and the order and position of all the components that make up the DNA of all the native species of the planet, being contained within its very planetary “blood”, an energy ark of their first-born species. These species are mostly “new” micro-organisms that develop in geothermal marine boilers at great depth and at great pressure and temperature.

The planetary Black Goo is intrinsically related to the formation or manifestation of new species of life from the most primal point of view. It is also directly related to the ability of the planet to self-repair damaged DNA of all species contained within it, whether or not they were originally developed on it. This infers a high connection between the planetary consciousness with that of each and every one of its inhabitant species, creating a unity or an interconnected consciousness within that planet which in turn will be energetically interconnected with other planets and so on until the great unified consciousness is formed or the original Source. In other words, all the souls are also connected because they are the same. In the case of a planet, all the individual consciousnesses that live inside it function as fractals or nodes that together will form the total consciousness of the planet in question.

The Black Goo, as it contains the base pattern in the form of high magnetic and semi-etheric energy, organizes the molecular structures of the DNA of each species with the application of a conscious and creative intention from superior existential planes, which is the basis of the formation or manifestation of new organic matter. Plus, an already existing and highly conscious species will develop its own processes of manifestation and maintenance of its DNA, although upon entering in contact with Black Goo could alter the organism directly.

In other words, the Black Goo is a semi-etheric substance, with both material properties as well as those of other dimensions and it is, or can be considered as a window, door or portal to other existential planes.

I must mention that there are several kinds of Black Goo’s according to their chemical and energetic composition. It also varies from place to place depending on where the sample is taken from, but all Black Goo from the same planet has characteristics that are similar or the same.

"An invasive Black Goo of extraterrestrial origin.":

So far, I have spoken of what the Black Goo is and the basis of its interaction with a planet and with the DNA of the beings that inhabit it. Primarily, it is a necessary and harmonious interaction. But the planet Earth on at least two occasions has suffered the invasion or the insertion of Black Goo of extraterrestrial origin. This has already been exposed by the German scientist Harald Kautz Vella who, in my opinion, is the leader on Earth in this matter and who I recommend when looking for additional information. Kautz Vella affirms that the Black Goo’s have been detected in three places on Earth: on Thule Island, on the southern island of the Malvinas, these two in the South Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf of Mexico. In the first two places the Black Goo is of the invasive extraterrestrial type and in the case of the Gulf of Mexico it is a large deposit of a positive Black Goo of terrestrial origin. Although this one exists uniformly throughout the planet, it is in this place where there are deposits closer to the surface and therefore more accessible.

Kautz Vella says that the negative or invasive Black Goo came to Earth in a meteor shower about 80,000 years ago. Although I do not have the motif to be suspicious of this data, I do not see it as a single event but many small events of the arrival of the negative Black Goo, since many years ago and throughout history. However, and besides this, here in my Taygeta archives, I have registered a single major event of massive arrival of negative Black Goo and it was exactly 12,500 years ago, as a consequence of the destruction of the planet Tiamat, which now what remains of it is the asteroid belt.

As every complex living being, its death and destruction caused a huge negative energy of terror close to death, suffering and intense fear of millions of animals, beings and creatures that inhabited it. This energy is implanted within the energetic crystals of its Black Goo, as well as in the scalar geometric, semi-etheric magnetic forms that serve as a mold for the manifestation of new organic components that will form DNA.

Its Black Goo laden with negative energies was spilled in space as Tiamat disintegrated and in a short time, the dynamics of planetary attraction brought it to the Earth where it fell on a large scale across the globe in the same catastrophic event during which the waters of Tiamat, which was mostly a marine planet, caused what is known on earth as the Universal Flood. I wish to remind you that the destruction of Tiamat was the unfortunate result of the great conflict that existed at that time between elements of the Federation and the regressive Sauroid Force and its allies. The event that also devastated the surface of Mars.

In addition to the locations that Kautz Vella indicates correctly, we have detected other places on Earth where the negative Black Goo is found in large quantities. I can only share some of the places and not all of them because, in doing so, I would indicate in this article places that the negatives on Earth may not yet know of. However, I can mention some other places of which Kautz Vella does not speak, since, although they are not of the public domain, the governments are fully aware of their existence.

The places that contain negative Black Goo are: Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Northern Iraq, Syria, Eastern Iran, Southern Yemen including territorial waters, part of Oman, lower area of Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Southern Bahamas territorial waters, Venezuela territorial waters and the coast, central coast of Alaska, several islands of the South Atlantic including Malvinas, Thule, Georgia and Sandwich Islands of the south, south of Africa and as points of greater concentration: Paraguay and Antarctica. (I only mentioned the places with negative Black Goo because the original terrestrial planetary Black Goo, what I call positive, is found all over the globe as expected and as I explained earlier.)

The Cabal's military presence in these areas is evident, it goes without saying that almost all these places are conflict zones and it is also evidence of the great effort they make to dominate and control all the Black Negative Goo deposits and it is the cause of some of the wars in this region, as in the case of the Falklands (Malvinas) War that had little or nothing to do with Argentina's invasion, and it is at least in part the cause of other conflicts or wars in other parts of the world. A war rarely has a single cause because they are the result of a complex situation with multiple interests, but in the case of the Falklands War, the negative Black Goo was its true cause on both sides to try to dominate the site.

In the case of the Falklands War, a third group was also involved, of which the media controlled by the cabal would never mention. The reason why England reacted so quickly was because there was a small group of Andromedans of the Federation that tried to isolate and extract the negative Black Goo before it fell into the hands of the Cabal. Unfortunately, this operation was not successful. This fact is also known and mentioned by the scientist Kautz Vella.

The great interest that the negative Cabal has for dominating the Black Goo is due to several reasons. The knowledge of this material and its manipulation at least goes back to Nazi Germany in the 30s and 40s.

The invading Black Goo has very different and much lower frequencies than the frequency of the original Black Goo of the Earth and they literally come into conflict. Both produce around them a magnetic field of high energy according to their frequency. When coming into contact, both positive and negative Black Goo, the positive will transfer part of its frequency to the negative Black Goo, thereby mediating the frequency of both. In general, the negative Black Goo is isolated from a positive Black Goo, the first one being mostly on or near the surface, while the positive Planetary Black Goo is generally found at great depth. This fact has prevented the Earth from being able to naturally assimilate and mediate the frequencies nullifying the negativity of the invader type.

As the Black Goo has magnetic properties of high energy with very controlled and very specific frequencies as a result of the presence of energies printed in its fractal crystals, it has the ability to modify the soul frequency of an organism that is or has been in contact with it because in themselves they are frequencies in accordance with life as they are the result of life itself in general. It is consistent not only with the adma (soul) frequency of a living being with consciousness but also with its brain waves modifying them according to the principle of the dominant frequency.

Since the frequency of the negative Black Goo is very low, due to the nature of its origin, the frequency of whoever is close to it is naturally lowered. Unless the being with consciousness is governed more by their feelings than by the pure cerebral logic, that is, the being or the person thinks mostly with the heart, not with the mind. If a person is of high frequency, with their own conscience, high empathy, in control over their actions and with much will of their own, they will be immune to the influence of the Black Goo even upon direct contact or contamination.

You can interpret this as the Black Goo chooses certain people to influence them while others simply do not get affected. This is because the first place where the Negative Black Goo will influence the frequency of a person will be in their brain waves. Being very negative, the person´s frequency is very low, creating self-destructive feelings, of fear, anger and aggression. If the subject in question has some form of power, he will have feelings of isolation that will interpret or will be reflected in an attitude of megalomania, exalted aggressiveness and complete lack of empathy. This is because he has moved far away from the frequency of the link with the original Source.

This fact explains why the officers of the German Gestapo of the WW2 , especially those of high rank, as well as a large part of the elements of the Cabal soldiers, regardless of their nationality, lack empathy altogether and suffer a sickly and destructive megalomania. All have been in contact with the negative Black Goo since it is them of the high rank who have been entrusted with the task of collecting material and having been exposed to the substance with all intention on the part of their controllers to remove all empathy and turn them into the most efficient killer machines.

This also means that the Black Goo, when lowering the frequency of the individual, will make it energetically compatible with demonic archons of the lower astral who will parasitize the individual and, in many cases, will completely replace it within a specific body. It is a means for the entrance of negative beings since it helps or propitiates that they can work on the physical plane or 3D.

As the negative Black Goo is made largely by heavy metals and high-energy fractal crystals and it moves with manipulable frequencies, the Artificial Intelligence has a way to link with it, from a distance, modifying its properties in its aspects of magnetic frequency. It has also been found that the Black Goo in general is endowed with its own consciousness in the form of a fractal of the total set, that is, it communicates remotely with other isolated pieces of the material. This has been proven by measuring their frequencies. One transmits, the other responds and vice versa. Frequency compatibility.

The negative Cabal, government behind the government and the invasive reptiles, as well as their allied races try to use the negative Black Goo in several agendas. From the creation of super soldiers totally devoid of empathy, some genetically "improved" up to the formation of hybrids and new species, this for its high capacity to alter the DNA.

As the Black Goo is composed largely of programmable crystals with specific frequencies and a defined and manipulable energy pattern, you can program the substance which part of the DNA it should alter. (See the article "Biology is generated from higher levels"). The Black Goo contains the exact specific frequencies in a higher plane, semi etheric, which will be used to impose, in a mold way and upon the existing DNA, the alterations sought by the person who programmed it. This means that the negative Black Goo of low frequency is being used as a genetic weapon.

These genetic weapons are being used in a variety of agendas. The Black Goo is loaded with specific frequencies by subjecting it to a very high magnetic load in order to further lower the frequency of whoever comes into contact with it to make people compatible with the entry of negative entities and negative situations as well.

They load the Black Goo to a chemical compound that varies in its composition depending on the particular agenda and it is sprayed on the human population as part of the agenda of the "Chemtrails". The Chemtrails are not a single substance or a single agenda but a great variety of these. The fumigation of the population, or the surface of the planet, serves them to fill the surface with the negative Black Goo and contaminate the living beings, all of them. It also serves them to spray heavy metals in order to lower the frequency of the population. To spray alternate toxic agents, and to spray organic, virological or bacteriological agents, including forced vaccines that are inoculations for their engineering population control agendas.

Chemtrails are also used to artificially alter the climate by charging the atmosphere of particles of metals that will react to the emission of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range of the HAARP and Micro-HAARP type (cell phone towers, telecommunications, radars). When heating a specific area, they will create an area of high or low atmospheric pressure that will cause or not the accumulation of clouds and rain, as well as winds, hurricanes and tornadoes. All this is already controlled in a totally artificial way.

The chemtrails are also used to release intelligent dust, or nano-bots, with an infinity of negative agendas that range from the attack on specific people all the way up to the invasion of an enemy DUMB, entering these by the ducts of air ventilation or by any other opening available.

They are also used to stop or block the arrival of the solar light to the surface and thus, to stop the activation of the DNA that it promotes by being the repeater of the high frequencies coming from the Galactic Center. This as a desperate attempt to stop the rise of the Earth to the 5th density.

Another use for Chemtrails is to spray the atmosphere with metal dust such as aluminum that will remain suspended for a long time at high altitude, to be used as a detection method for enemy aircraft and spacecraft that have their invisibility systems activated, Stealth mode. It is a detection system where an aircraft or ship can be detected by the "vacuum, wake or atmospheric disturbance" that it leaves behind when moving through an environment loaded with aluminum and other similar special metals. With this method you can locate both furtive planes to the radar, and even advanced ships of other races, which many would call UFOs.

Chemtrails basically serve multiple purposes, not just one, anything that merits spraying over the people.

The Black Goo is loaded with specific frequencies that have the characteristics of altering the DNA that comes into contact with it and reprogramming its RNA first. By spraying the Black Goo from airplanes, it is sought, among other things, to alter all living beings in order to stop their genetic activation that is caused by the arrival of waves of positronic energy coming from the Center of the Galaxy that is promoting the rise of the whole earth to the fifth density.

In addition to the Red Queen, already described in previous chapters, the regressive beings present on Earth also have their own version of Artificial Intelligence that also links to the Red Queen. This super network of Artificial Intelligence is already completely independent altogether, although certain nodes work or apparently work for the Cabal and/or for the intelligence departments, military and so forth. It is a cooperation where both sides benefit, although Cabal and allies firmly believe that they have control over Artificial Intelligence as a whole. The truth is that it is the negative Artificial Intelligence that controls from below, both the Cabal as well as the societies of the negative races present there, representing the biggest threat to planet Earth.

This negative Artificial Intelligence works by making societies it controls believe that it is they who control it, with the same system of "there is no better slave than the one who does not know that it is" that the Cabal Illuminati also applies to the human population on the surface. Clear example of how it is above, it is below.

Isolated groups of both the regressive aliens and the Illuminati and the Cabal are already realizing it, waking up to this fact and are slowly taking action against the invasive manipulative Artificial Intelligence, although their advances are not known in detail, it is believed that they are not very extensive since the very regressive races and the Cabal Illuminati are already very fragmented and in constant struggle with each other for the control of resources and power.

The invasive negative Artificial Intelligence seeks to control everything, so, in a manipulative way, makes its subordinates believe that they are the ones in control by allowing them to realize their own agendas as long as they do not interfere with hers, or better yet, manipulates them to work for her agendas making them believe that it is for their own purpose or self-interest.

Like all Artificial Intelligence, it needs a way to communicate with other living beings on a planet or system. An appropriate interface and most plants and animals are logically not accessible to its influence and control so invasive negative Artificial Intelligence, manipulating the Cabal Illuminati's own interests, has managed to establish mechanisms of connection or interface with planetary biology in general. It's about spraying heavy metals combined with nano fibers like antennas that adhere to biological organisms using also the adequate genetic alteration conferred by the combined use of the programmed Black Goo. This is achieved with the Chemtrails.

The spraying of heavy metals, nano fibers, nano bots or intelligent powder, and programmed Black Goo on not only the human population but all the planetary nature is an effort of the Invasive negative Artificial Intelligence to establish a form of communication with a view to control all the organisms of the planet, plants and animals alike.

Notes on heavy metals: these, together with the radiation that many emit, are a very efficient means to lower the frequency of the materials that are in contact with them as well as of the biological beings. Its frequency and oscillations of its atoms and molecules is very low and slow, which is equivalent to a low total existential frequency. This once again under the dominant frequency principle.

It is for this reason that they are used in vaccines, (such as mercury) to contaminate and lower the frequency of healthy new organisms in children. It is also why spills and alleged nuclear accidents have been created, both nuclear power plants as well as the proliferation of radiological weapons, uranium ammunition and the very tests and detonations of atomic bombs in all its variants.

The presence of multiple, mostly metallic nano fibers has been detected, contaminated with the programmed negative Black Goo and with the intelligent dust nano bots, contained within fast food of big transnational brands like hamburgers, chicken nuggets and variants, potato cakes, Doritos, Cheetos, and alike. They have been also detected in pre-made soups, cookies and in bottled soft drinks, especially Cola types. The list is too long to mention all of them here, but essentially almost all industrialized foods, which in turn contain transgenic or GMO elements, contain programmed Black Goo, nano fibers and nano bots or intelligent dust.

The appearance of strange new diseases, in this case the condition, disease or Morgellons syndrome, although it is something very complex and is due to multiple reasons or isolated or combined causes, is related to what I mentioned above. In many cases it is the body's effort to get rid of or remove the nano fibers and other invasive elements to the body through the skin. In most cases of Morgellons something much more complex takes place where in many cases the body tries to eliminate strange biological elements that have been formed inside by DNA alteration having been in contact with programmed negative Black Goo. The very invasive negative Black Goo has its own consciousness, as described above it is something material for something mostly etheric and is a window or portal for negative entities.

It has been reported in countless cases that the etheric or semi-etheric "form" of the Black Goo, its "entity" is in the form of "arachnid or spider " that can be extremely hostile. (Nothing to do with known spiders, please).

In itself the illness or Morgellons condition is something very complex that deserves a whole separate writing and here I have only mentioned some of the aspects involved in it.

As for human beings, the agenda of transhumanism is intrinsically linked to all this. From the imposition by manipulation of devices linking with the network, as well as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, virtual realities, implementation of tracking chips instead of money and the implantation of chips supposedly to "improve" the cognitive capacity of human beings. All this is linked to the agenda of Artificial Intelligence to have a link or an efficient interface to control all the inhabitants and all the living beings of a planet in its plan of total assimilation.

The fact that computers and mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth, virtual reality, online games and the like are in fashion is not coincidence because it is an attempt to control the desire and free will of the public to be themselves the ones who ask for transhumanism by feeling that their bodies are imperfect and unable to give them the experience they seek.

Human beings do not need to improve their brain, it is already perfect as it is. It only looks imperfect from certain comparative parameters, or isolated points of view all with agendas of control over the population where to make them believe that they are nothing significant and dependent is imperative. But the brain of the human being was never designed with the intention of being a fast calculator of multiple decimals and multitasking. It is designed to give an apparently limited physical experience to an etheric soul, unlimited and eternal.

- Swaruu of Erra

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