Frequently Asked Questions: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades (Taygeta)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 04, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades (Taygeta)

Question: How can we have self-sufficiency and self-govern ourselves liberating from the Cabal and financially?

Swaruu (9): There is no simple explanation to share in a few lines. In itself the answer to your question is what we want to say and communicate in general through this communication with you. But in short you need to raise consciousness, as individuals and as a collective. But each person's work is individual, and it is the only way. Here we know that the amount of government is inversely proportional to the consciousness of the people. The more awareness less government needs a culture or a people.

To begin, I want to share with all interested people, with as many people awake, the fact that there are other alternatives to money, which is the method of control and limitation par excellence of the controlling Cabal and ultimately of the Matrix in general. Another point to be self-sufficient is the application of free energy. This has already been said a lot, the problem is that it is useless to insert more technology there on Earth if there are mechanisms to suppress this technology. People who have been given free technology only end up with problems, I mean arrested and eliminated. Therefore, the underlying problem must be cleared before applying the alternative energies. I mean stop the Cabal. And this is a process.

But much can be done on an individual level. Speaking more about personal control over timelines, the work of each person is what changes the system. What I also want is to erase the idea that you cannot do much or nothing if you are just a common citizen and with problems like everyone else.

Question by Jorge: I heard from the Youtuber that the Earth is considered a spiritual prison. Have you come to rescue your friends trapped in the Earth Samsara by raising their frequency or giving them some technique to escape?

Swaruu (9): The Earth can be considered as a prison, but it is only a point of view and it can be valid. However, from our point of view there are no victims, you only have been made to believe that you are, and you act as such, perpetuating the feeling and the idea. In many ways, yes, we are here to pick up our people. Awaken everyone in the process.

But the Earth is not considered as a prison because from the higher planes’ souls wish to enter the Earth to have the limiting experience that will greatly help their individual expansion. The values change radically when viewed from the other side. It is a very complicated subject. For some, the Earth can be considered as a prison, for others a school. Let's just say that it is a place to experience whatever is experienced in that place and it is one of many places that offer unique experiences.

What I can say is that it is considered that to incarnate on Earth is the most difficult level of incarnation, where only a few dare. In any case, living there is only one level, or the incarnation that is quick, strong, comparatively brief, but very rewarding.

Question: It is commented on the internet that there is a political, positive military group at a global level neutralizing the negative forces. Is this true and will it play out in favor of humanity?

Swaruu (9): Too many groups can fall into that description. In general, yes there are such groups, and they are active right now.

Gosia: I have a question about implants, how to know if I have them and how to extract them without suffering.

Swaruu (9): The fastest and safest way is to subject them to an EMP or electromagnetic pulse. This burn and disables them. Yes, they are effective because they do not need much energy to burn a chip or an implant. However, you should know that not all implants are there because of negative agendas. Many starseeds have implants for their star family to follow them carefully during their life / incarnation / mission. Removing them can put the person at risk because literally and even if they do not realize it, said starseeds do have what we could describe as "air support".

Gosia: Who puts them?

Swaruu (9): Almost everyone puts them, from the military (MILAB) to the gray, reptiles innumerable races. We do not use them because our technology has already overcome the need to use them.

Gosia: And how do you know if they are because of the negative agenda or from your star family?

Swaruu (9): Without technology like the one we have here it is difficult to know what agenda the chip is for. More than anything from there, below, you should follow what you feel. If you truly feel that the implant is negative, then it is. Follow the intuition and the knowledge of yourself. Also, negative implants will have harmful side effects ranging from simple discomfort to metabolic problems. If so, then the implant is negative. We do not know of any adverse reaction to a tracking implant from one placed by a star family to care for their family member.

Question by Mónica: Sol Ahimsa teaches how to extract them energetically without electromagnetic pulse, since, as she affirms, the oldest ones are removed in this way but the newer ones that are more subtle, require another work. In addition, she states that there are several types of implants placed by several entities.

Swaruu (9): Sol Ahmisa has to refer to the etheric implants, yes with an EMP they are not removed. However, I would classify them as something else, more towards archonic manipulation. The good news is that you alone can remove them. An implant can be something physical and still be of etheric origin. And yes. It is true. Most of them are implanted with negative and control purposes. Most positive races (not all) use a different kind of technology to track their starseeds: Soul spectroscopy.

Question by Monica: In a video you say: "When there is a medium with a potential energy and the influence of an awareness that has something in mind is received, an intention with a constant attention, a stationary wave forms..."

What technique can we use, in addition to meditation, to create that stationary wave and influence certain nodes? How to know about which nodes we must apply our influence through the standing wave? I do not know anything about "nodes" or "standing waves", they are new concepts for me, is it possible to achieve the same results without knowing these concepts?

Swaruu (9): All the time you are creating these standing waves, you do it right now, you yourself are a standing wave generated from your consciousness. You do not need to know the concepts thoroughly to use them, you already do it naturally. It's just that knowing what you're doing helps your intention because you're starting, or you master the way the Matrix works.

Question by Monica: How do we know that we are vibrating at the right frequency?

Swaruu (9): How to know what frequency you have? The better you feel in general, if you feel happy, or if you feel happy about something in particular then it is high frequency. If something scares you or makes you feel sick inside, very sad or angry then it is low frequency.

Question by Monica: Should we use symbols (drawings, photos, graphics, etc.) of what we want to achieve to fix our intention and attention?

Swaruu (9): Yes, what you say works, use drawings or photos of something you want or want to achieve if it helps you focus. But this also depends on your visualization capacity, because if it's a lot, then the images can be irrelevant.

Question by Monica: There is a lot of talk about the mind but not about the heart, which is said to have neurons and an even greater understanding (Intuition) than our mind (logic - brain); It is said that if we want to raise our frequency through meditation, we should also focus on our crown chakra, in our heart chakra. Is this true?

Swaruu (9): It is true what is said. In the videos we still have not come to the subject of the heart in the subject of the Matrix. In itself the heart is let's say the interface between your mind - the body - and the reality that you would call external. It is the means by which the field of the Matrix reads your intentions and shapes them according to your needs. The heart is the strongest electromagnetic generator of the human body and its influence affects a lot of space around it being that a conscious activated seed affects its aura up to 18 km (or more) around it.

Question by Monica: But you have to be a conscious activated seed, otherwise you do not affect it?

Swaruu (9): All consciousnesses affect (as long as they are real). It is only the level of consciousness and personal intention-energy that would dictate the range of influence.

Question by AntonioHidalgo: What does this influence consist of?

Swaruu (9): The effect is that if you have an intention or just a frequency of your own you "infect" the Matrix within your range of action so that it follows what you are transmitting. For example, if you decide to focus, let's say, doing aerobic exercise, and that energy that you release, with all the intentions you say that you apply it to cleanse your environment of negativity, that is what will happen. Your mere presence there transmutes negativity into something more positive. This is already known on Earth because it is recognized that group meditation with intention manages to drastically reduce the crime rate in a city, or in the focused city.

Question by Monica: By raising the frequency, will I be able to see the Matrix as it was seen by Neo in the film and come out of the 3D confinement; see the different beings without their camouflage, reptiles, reptilian goo’s, etc. As they are, in addition to the beings of 4th density and 5th; and will it allow me to be centered in the here and now, out of duality and deprogram and reprogram my DNA at my will?

Swaruu (9): Your level of consciousness and your frequency directly affects everything around you. The more awareness you perceive and the more things you control, this also activates your DNA because it is designed to copy and manifest your consciousness as a means of controlling your consciousness over your body. DNA copies your consciousness, what it dictates. You leave behind everything else too, because the more awareness, the more frequency of vibration, and you are no longer a match to the black goo’s, reptiles or whatever. There comes a point where you can literally have invulnerability. And I say it very seriously because you control your experience and your personal Matrix.

Gosia: You said the souls come here at their own will... knowing that here they will play the game, not knowing who they are, operating without the access to their creative mental powers... isn’t trying to wake them up against their plans? Why are we doing it then if being asleep is what they came for? Or perhaps it is more complex and there are souls who would like to get out and wake up... but they are trapped?

Swaruu (9): That's the jackpot! That's the ultimate why we cannot fully interfere! We cannot take away their playground, the only place in the Galaxy where it's possible to experience all that!

Gosia: Yes, but forget the interference... I am talking about waking them up, with the information etc., telling them they have the power.

Swaruu (9): Many want to feel trapped. Just for the thrill of freeing themselves later on, ten lifetimes are but a blink of an eye from other points of view and places. As we see this from here. The ones who truly wish not to be awaken will simply move away from this kind of information. The ones who need it will be a match for it and will come.

Gosia: So why are you trying to help? And me?

Swaruu (9): Because others are trapped and cannot find the way out. Many have openly said "time out" help in Federation language it's H.I.U. (Help), HIU = SOS. Many souls on Earth are openly calling for help. They do it telepathically willingly and unwillingly. All those who feel homesick and look up to the stars at night. They are being heard! I told you yesterday, that nothing you do, feel or think goes unnoticed there. But, as we said, many want the game. But we must not worry about the ones who want the game. It's like our work isn't even there. Doesn't mean they are not real. Only that they are not willing to wake up.

Gosia: How come you are from all these different planets if it is known here that the Pleiades system didn’t develop any planets yet?

Swaruu (9): Because your science is a lie. They suppress the knowledge because it's dangerous to them. All telescopes and systems capable of detecting exo-planets are under the control of the Jesuits. And the Jesuits are the Illuminati, no difference. They are hiding us from the public with pseudo-science. They also say the Pleiades is a young system, too young to have any planets, but young means time. And time is relative. They are also seeing things from 3D and 3D perspective, we are 5D people. In short they are lying!

Gosia: If all outside is in 5D… and we are in 3D… how come we see all the stars and the moon and the sun? Shouldn’t we see anything?

Swaruu (9): 5D is made of five levels, of those five levels you can see three of them from 3D (only logical). What you are seeing of the stars and planets is the 3D compatible components of those stars and planets, you are not seeing all the spectrum. You are seeing the 3D aspects of those stars and planets. If a star transmits from 0 to 5 mh you are looking at 0 to 3 mh of the total star energy range. I hope this is clear.

Gosia: Do you also contact in dreams? I see beings in my dreams.

Swaruu (9): We cross in our paths yes. But we don't do it on purpose. But yes, we do. This is a question of frequency again. We might see someone in the astral when we sleep, yes it happens all the time. Especially if that someone is focused on finding one of us. Not done on purpose though. Only talking about us.

Gosia: But you have a more conscious dream, yes? You control it more? Are self-aware?

Swaruu (9): We are mostly self-aware that we are dreaming yes. We also control our dreams to a great extent. But we can also be unconscious that we are sleeping.

Gosia: Will you ever show yourself to us massively?

Swaruu (9): Yes. When the time is right, and after the Matrix and the Cabal have gone. As long as the Cabal is in place we will not.

Gosia: What other races are out there now helping apart from Taygetans, until recently?

Swaruu (9): Countless races are helping and at many levels and with different tasks depending on their skills. The main races I can mention are: Andromedans, Antarians, Centauri (Alfratans), Sirians, Arcturians (Dieslientiplex), Engan, Alpha Draconian, and Urma* (Lion race). But many more, like Sasani, Largan Avian... so many!

Gosia: Ok. Why doesn´t the first directive allow to interfere in internal matters of our culture, for "good motifs", nevertheless nobody does anything to stop the Reptilians from intervening for the bad ones?

Swaruu (9): The rules here including the First Directive prevent us or the rest of the Federation from acting directly. But we are openly acting to stop the Reptilians and the other negative races. We are acting but we cannot be too overt at doing so because the humans must take the credit for solving their own problems. If we solve them for the humans, we would be seen as saviors. We don't want that. It changes us as well. We help with what is necessary and we already stopped the Reptilians. Now it's your turn to stop all the negativity and the thought patterns that make you stay in a negative environment. And we are also helping there, hence this communication with us now.

Gosia: Will the open contact happen through the governments or how? In what way is it predicted to happen?

Swaruu (9): Not through the governments. The Governments will be gone by then. At least the ones you know. These Governments will never ever disclose any real ET presence. The idea that they will is misleading. They cannot disclose, only small silly things, very carefully calculated by them. If they Disclose fully as people would wish/expect the game is over for them. They won't. That's the last thing they will ever do.

Gosia: How can government disappear so fast?

Swaruu (9): It will disappear. But a new system will have to be implemented in its place because most people simply will not be ready for a full holographic society. But this is still being pondered here, it depends on what happens next. If a new monetary system is to be implemented, it will be temporary and only while the full holographic model is installed with ET mentors. Ummo is already developing such new system.

Gosia: If you said banks will disappear... what will happen if I have the money in the bank?

Swaruu (9): There is no money in any bank. That's a lie. It's all numbers in a computer.

Gosia: People who see ghosts or have clairvoyance and mental powers etc., are already in 5D, they live or perceive the 5D and it means that they are more evolved than those who do not have those skills?

Swaruu (9): It's all a question of Frequency and of perception. People who have the capacity to see other things like auras, ghosts… can see things that are outside 3D. What you would call lower astral or in the 4D range of frequencies. They went into physicality there with the intention to have more of their senses active. They are seeing past the 3D into 4D and even into the original 5D.

But anybody can develop those capabilities. If interested they should practice looking at auras. More evolved? I would say advanced in perception, because they have enough frequency and open mindedness to be able to see other realms.

Gosia: I can’t see anything. It means I am less evolved? I can’t even see UFO’s. Never seen anything “paranormal” in my life.

Swaruu (9): No, you are not. You are just evolving in a different manner. And you went in with and under the agreement of being restricted in what you can see. But not less evolved. It has a lot more to do with your personal limitations. There can be someone that can see those things and be a really nasty not evolved-spiritually and morally person. And it also means that that person who can see ghosts is also a frequency match to whatever he or she is seeing. So, the question now is... what are they seeing? Nasty negative beings or... Light beings?

Gosia: Is it true that we never went to the Moon, since you said no one can pass the Van Allen belts?

Swaruu (9): Nasa and Apollo missions never went to the moon. That's a certainty. There is no way they could have gone to the Moon, Van Allen Belts or no Van Allen belts. The Cabal has been on the Moon, but using the SSP (Secret Space Program) only! I can give extensive mathematical, technical, mechanical, technological proof that it's impossible to go to the Moon using the technology they supposedly used in the 1960's - 70's. It simply didn't happen. It was theater. The Apollo crews never left Earth low Orbit.

Gosia: Related: What about NASA sondas? Curiosity Rover etc.?

Swaruu (9): The Mars Rovers, all of them are on Earth and they are a hoax. What people see them doing is moving around a NASA place proving ground that is an island in Canada named Devon Island North Canada. The images are form Earth. And they are given to the people as a cover for other things and for real missions.

The Government / Cabal cannot give real images of Mars because it is full of life, plants creatures and civilizations there. NASA probes and unmanned spacecraft are real, Voyager, Cassini... (most of them) but they are unmanned and the data they transmit never reached the people, only very filtered data the Cabal wants the people to know.

Gosia: It is not good to use moon energy for anything? It has negative energy? And how do the seasons work exactly? Sea tides etc.? They are controlled by the Moon?

Swaruu (9): The seasons, the tide is all controlled by the Moon and by the Matrix its transmitting. It's all Matrix. The Moon controls them all. Moon light / Moon energy as used as for cleaning crystals, amethysts, rocks pendulums and other "esoteric things" is not recommended by us in any way. The Matrix is at its highest energy whenever there is a full moon, and at its lowest when it's a new moon. The crystals absorb the frequency, so you are only locking Matrix restricted frequency in your crystals and amethysts. What we recommend is to cleanse them in water, running water or bury them in the Earth.

Gosia: What about putting them in the Sun?

Swaruu (9): Sun light is very good for them because it cleanses them, and it gives them a charge of positive energy with new frequencies the Sun is transmitting, but it does have one problem: It will decolorate / fade many crystals, amethysts and rocks.

Gosia: If from our 3D we can see the rest of the cosmos (which is supposed to be in 5D), why can´t we also see the ships in 5D in the Orbit?

Swaruu (9): Yes, you can. They are not hiding. If you have a big enough telescope, you can see the ships sitting parked in Orbit and I mean a commercial civilian little telescope. The bigger the better.

Gosia: Oh yes? At night or during a day too? How do they look?

Swaruu (9): Both, but mainly during the night. Many times, a ship may pose or be confused with Venus or with Jupiter. Usually this happens during the night. Also, many small ships are flying atmospheric and are easily confused with Human made aircraft.

Gosia: Next question related to money disappearing... just came in now. The companies where we work will also disappear?

Swaruu (9): No simple answer. Most will. Depends on the company. Many will remain as they are necessary, like the ones that distribute food and goods to the people. But yes. Most will disappear.

Gosia: You said that our planet is real with holographic inserts. So, everything that is vegetable and bark is natural and the buildings are holographic. It turns out that the buildings are made with stones, clay, sand etc., as well as with plant materials such as doors, windows. Needless to say, of the houses entirely made of wood. In other words: will buildings made of wood and stone disappear too?

Swaruu (9): Again, no easy answer. Each building is different. But I insist. Most steel structured buildings will disappear. But remember one thing. It's the people who are manifesting reality there, so it's not a question of picking which building will disappear and which one wont. It all depends on what the people want, independently of what material each building may be made of.

The ones that will disappear, will disappear because no one is focusing their attention on them as with anything else that is receiving NO attention from the real people who are the ones manifesting them there.

Gosia: Ok. If the Earth was also in 5D where there is no duality, why were there intergalactic wars, quarantines, negative reptilians and many problems to the degree of having to lock them in 3D on Earth?

Swaruu (9): Because there is duality in 5D. I'm in 5D and we have black and white, Male and female.

Gosia: I think that´s what people confuse. They think there isn’t. But you see them more a part of the whole, no?

Swaruu (9): There isn't any duality but only in higher realms who have effectively merged it all into each individual's perception (if you can still call those "individuals") And yes, we understand duality more here. We merge concepts and a lot more. We are on our way to transcend duality. But you also can do the same in your mind from 3D, you must in order to evolve and ascend in order to leave 3D and go into 5D where these concepts are being dissolved.

Gosia: Ok, to modify a site is it necessary to meditate or with positive thinking is enough?

Swaruu (9): Meditation does enhance all your mental physical and intellectual abilities. It enhances all you are. But with your focus and beliefs is enough. I mean people manifest their reality all the time with no need of meditation, not even realizing they do.

Gosia: Now this question is one of the most frequent ones and I did a separate video about it... but perhaps you can give an encapsulated answer again: what’s the fastest way to elevate our frequency in our daily life?

Swaruu (9): If you eat animals (people) you are consenting to be eaten… yourself! The fastest way to elevate your frequency is: Stop eating other people! (Animals.). Animals are people and you should stop eating other people, anything with a face, and a heart. I know many people won't like this answer but it's the truth and I'm sorry to say... there is no way to get around it! It also helps in your evolution and with your health and in more ways than what I can say now. You cannot be a member of the space-galaxy community if you insist on eating other members. Most species out here with an advanced interstellar civilization are "animals" or would fall into the human classification of an "Animal".

Gosia: There is talk of raising our frequency, our vibration. My question is what is it that emits this frequency? Is it in our physical body?

Swaruu (9):

1.) It's all perception, your perception with no need for any physical body to intervene.
2.) At the same time, it's your heart that emits the frequency the Matrix is reading.

Gosia: Perception emits the frequency? I am sorry I didn’t understand.

Swaruu (9): I mean; you are creating your reality with your focus intention. To do that you don't even need a body. That's why you do so even after death. Yet while in the Matrix, its' your heart what physically emits the energy that the Matrix reads to then adjust things to what it's reading.

Gosia: What happens to our brain when we ascend?

Swaruu (9): When having two brain hemispheres and you ascend to 5D, all your DNA activates so the connecting tissue between both hemispheres takes its real shape. That means it will grow and interconnect the whole brain giving you the full one brain mass wholeness, as a Taygetan.

But even having a split brain, it's not entirely, they do connect. The brain only brings what you are into the material reality, it's not you who you really are. So, in the end how long it takes will depend on you and you alone. Your brain, split or not, is not a limitation. Only your ideas are.

Gosia: Thank you Swaruu, you answered a lot of questions today. Let´s take a break and until next time! We appreciate you very much.

Swaruu (9): I appreciate you too, Gosia. Until next time!

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