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April 01, 2021


Cristina: Hello friends. Welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge, I am Cristina. Today in this video we want to present you how our alien contact is, as we promised in the previous video. Who they are and what they do here. To do this I will use a presentation to make the explanation a little more didactic and more visual, and above all not to leave out any important points. So I will share the screen with you. One second please… OK, I think the screen is shared.

Who are they and what are they doing here: well, they are a race called the Taygetan race and they are not human. That is, they are not from Earth. They are characterized by being a race of scientists, fighters and explorers. Furthermore, they are highly empathic and emotional and this is due to several differences in their biological body, especially differences in the nervous system, which as a consequence have a higher or higher range of emotions than a human being.

They have a matriarchal society, which is also composed of many more women than men. We will explain why on another occasion, but we will tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with feminism. In itself, they tell us that on Earth we do not have the concept of matriarchy. They have a holographic society. Their political system is called the Holographic Step System, the Andromedan model. The Andromedans are another race. It is a system that includes everything and everyone equally. It has nothing to do with communism, or anything else. They don’t have governments like here, but what they have is a political structure formed by several councils, independent councils. All citizens have unlimited resources, that is, each citizen can have at his or her disposal, everything he or she wants.

In their society there is no money, no exchange, no religion, but yes, they are highly spiritual. I would like to add that spirituality has nothing to do with religion. There are no borders or countries, or anything like that, and they consider themselves to be one race, one civilization. In their society all citizens have the same rights, and they can do whatever they want as long as they do not disturb other citizens or nature.

The Taygetan team: A group of them is now here on Earth, in orbit, in a large ship, and this team is mainly made up of volunteers, and among the crew there are pilots and experts in communications, scientists, historians, experts in culture, languages and human society, etc. Also some members of the crew are from the Special Forces: Hashmallim and Shinonim. And I will explain a little bit to you what a Hashmallim is and what Shinonim is for those who do not know what it is. A Hashmallim is a male person who is highly trained in a way that on Earth you would say he is from the special forces, such as the Delta Force, Navy Seals or SAS (Special Air Service). Some of them are also experts in vehicles, human weapons. On board, some of them are also pilots and perform support tasks and maintenance. The Shinonim are the same as the Hashmallim, but in the female gender, only the Shinonim are also Royal Guards.

Some people of the crew are also Sand Clock, which means experts in stellar and temporal navigation, that’s to say, experts in time jumps.

I would also like to add here that many of them have several positions at a time, or are specialized in many things at the same time. This is because, as I said before, their society is very different from ours. For example, in their society people do not specialize as they do here on Earth. Therefore, many people can have knowledge of many different things, because they have a totally free education and training.

In their society, individuals are formed from childhood onwards only in what interests them. That is, they do not have a compulsory subject or something as here on Earth that we all have to go through. But each child simply does what is in his or her interest. Let’s say that the difference between their society and ours is that their society would make available to the person everything that the person needs, whereas here on Earth it is the person who… or we are those who are trained to somehow be at the service of society, that is to say that in the end we do what society wants us to do or demands.

Another very important thing, and one that can sometimes cause people some confusion, is that in order to describe, for example, the positions they hold in the crew on the ship, or what their society is like, or whatever we are describing about them, human terminology is being used. This sometimes makes them appear to be human when they are not, and this has a very simple explanation. It is that without the use of human language, that is to say speaking the same language or using human terminology, it would be impossible to carry out any communication between two civilizations, and above all two such different civilizations. For there to be communication, or understanding, between two species there needs to be a common frame of reference. Without this frame of reference it is practically impossible for anyone to communicate with another civilization, for example.

Thus, these people are trained to learn our culture, our language, with the sole intention of being able to communicate fluently. Above all avoid misunderstandings between the humans, because we all know that when there are such big cultural differences, if neither of us has taken the trouble to learn, or to understand the culture of the other, it can be that things that seem right in one culture can look very bad in another, can’t they? And we can observe this on our own planet, in the cultures that we have here on Earth. To also think that when it comes to communication between the human species with, for example, they or any other extraterrestrial civilization, we also find that there are no words or concepts to describe some things, how to describe something we don’t have.

That’s why extraterrestrials don’t just turn to human terminology, but to concepts or similar things that we have so that we can really see an understanding, as we find that, for example, many concepts or things like, for example, the word “pilot.” When they use this word, they don’t refer to a terrestrial pilot as we understand what a pilot is on Earth, they only look for something similar, something that we have within our reach that we know well, so that we can understand or get an idea of what they are trying to tell us or describe.

And you will understand it very well with an example: imagine you are going to an Amazon tribe that has never, ever, ever had contact with people outside that tribe, not even towns or cities, or absolutely nothing. You arrive there and for example you want to explain to them what a skyscraper is. First of all you must learn their culture and their language, otherwise it is impossible to start any kind of communication. Once you have learned the culture and language very well, then you can start looking for similar things in their environment, so that they can understand you. If you are in an Amazon tribe then, for example, explain to them that it is a very, very tall stone tree where people live. But you know that this is very, very far from what is really a skyscraper, but you also find that the word skyscraper does not exist in their vocabulary and so we could find a thousand and one difficulties. And the same thing would happen if you want to explain what a computer is, how a television works or what the internet is, or something as simple as, which is snow.

If the aliens will not speak the human language or use the human terminology it would be impossible or almost impossible to maintain any kind of communication. So I hope this has made it clear why these words, or these very human concepts, are used as part of the contact. Going back to the Taygetan team, I would like to tell you that we are making a very special video with all the crew in orbit, with each of them, who they are, and what training or task they are carrying out here on Earth.

Where do they come from? Well, the Taygeteans come from Messier 45 in the Pleiades, the Tau 19 Star, better known as Taygeta. Although once again as we have explained before, Taygeta is a name used by humans. They do not call their star by that name, but they call it MOMA which is in their language. The star Taygeta is located at a distance of 440 light years from the Earth. Taygeta is a binary system, meaning that there is a second star that they call Sadicleya that orbits Taygeta. As Taygeta has four planets orbiting it, Sadicleya, this second star, has no planets in orbit.

The four planets that orbit Taygeta, from the closest to the star, to the furthest are: Temmer, Erra, Procyon and Dakote. Hence, the Taygeteans are also Pleiadians as they too live in the Pleiades. As you can see here in the picture the Pleiades are many stars, and all of them are inhabited by advanced civilizations with very different biological and cultural aspects. Taygeta would be one of them. As I mentioned before, the team here is in a mother ship parked in the Earth’s orbit. This ship is parked in high or low orbit depending on the task. It has a length of almost 2 km, with several floors and levels.

The last data we have is that the ship was at a height of 423.9 km and was traveling at a speed of 7.9 km per second. So it is moving very fast. They also have small fighter type ships. These ships are about 90 metres in size or length. They have nothing to do with an Earth-based fighter, but are like small self-contained units that are equipped for combat and defense. These small ships move around the Earth according to their purposes.

Here is a line from Swarúu of Erra. And who is Swarúu? For those of you who don’t know her, she is one of the extraterrestrial women. She is an expert in time jumps, she is from the Sand Clock category. She also has a great deal of experience in manipulating time lines, observing and altering events in time.

“Life in the universe is the rule and not the exception.” -Swaruú of Erra.

What do they look like? They are biological beings very similar to human beings. We are in fact the same Lyrian branch, since the human being is of the Lyrian base. They tell us that the Lyrian base is very abundant in the universe. There are more than 400,000 civilizations in this part of the galaxy that would pass for humans with a shirt and jeans.

But there are also other branches in the universe such as amphibian base, feline, canine, insectoid, reptilian, etc. In their race the Nordic type predominates, which would be similar to the Scandinavian type here on Earth. They do not have as much variety of races as we have here on Earth, but all are of the Nordic type.

The fact that we have such a variety of races here, comes from very far back in our history as the Earth many, many years ago was the base or colony of many, many alien races with Lyrian bases of different types. And this is what makes us today have, so many different races within the human race.

And what are the women and men like? Well, they have a lot of differences between the genders, which means that women are very feminine and men are very masculine. Women would easily go unnoticed among humans, while men are a little more different from a terrestrial man. They are a little bit larger and heavier. The average height of women is 1.60m and the average height of men is 1.95m. They have fit bodies, but these health reasons are not because of the race or genetics per se, but because of the food they eat, the amount of oxygen their planets have, technology and other factors.

How do they communicate? They are telepathic, but they have verbal communication, meaning that they speak using words. But with each word they carry a block of information through telepathy.

Here is another quote from Swarúu:

“We differ in genetics; but we are of the same Lyrian race. That is why we say we are just more people, not angelic light beings. There is more humanity outside the Earth, much more, but people do not accept it because it is under the control of Darwinism, which was imposed by the Cabal. Charles Darwin was a Mason of the 33rd degree, to control the other naturalists of the 19th century. You find it difficult to leave behind the idea of the evolution of species. Humans see only two options, science or creationism. And they do not understand a third option. A more complicated option, which has to do with the creative intention or manifestation of every consciousness that wishes to intentionally enter a physical world because of the experience that this would give it. “

- Swaruú of Erra.

What density are they? They are of the fifth density. As we have explained before, they are biological people. There are many densities and existential planes in the universe. They explain that densities are only a gradient of frequencies. In the universe everything is frequencies, and the frequency is determined by the speed at which the atoms of matter rotate. Even us, the body we have, is not glued together, but all of us are atoms that are separated from each other. In itself each of us is a resonant field, and each of us is also a frequency. They explain to us that everything around the Earth is in fifth density. The Earth was also in the fifth density, but for about 12,500 years it has been kept in the third density artificially. And this separation between the third density and the fifth density would be what our scientists call the Van Allen belts.

The Van Allen Bands are only the electromagnetic field that is surrounding our planet and is what keeps the Earth in third density. That is, if you leave the Earth you would be in 5D, in the fifth density. Their ships, although they are close to the Earth or may even be below the Van Allen Bands, are kept in fifth density, just as the ship maintains its own density through the engines that create a toroid that envelops the whole ship.

I am now going to read you a direct presentation from one of the women. We are currently working with her, and her name is Anéeka of Temmer. Anéeka, for those of you who don’t know her, is the intelligence leader of Taygeta. She is monitoring anything that happens on Earth or in space around the ship using terrestrial terminology. She would be something like the CIA director of her race:

"We are a positive race based on ethics, in the need of all for spiritual advancement, and the sharing of what we have found in that regard. We are of a spiritual foundation. To the contrary to how we are wrongly described by many people, we are not gas balls, but people like you. With similar genetics because we are related in origin. We are a society with less racial variety than on Earth, being that we are all just Nordic. Being in contact with countless races of all kinds of origin and appearance, the race does not affect us, nor do we see it as important. I only mention it because it is important to many on Earth, for we are members of a group of non-human races called the Nordic races, which are Scandinavian in appearance.

We are a society strongly inclined towards the feminine, towards the matriarchal. But as such this defines more our men too. Therefore, the fact that we are seen elsewhere as androgynous is false too. In Taygeta, genders are very defined and clear in their secondary features, that is to say, women are markedly feminine and men markedly masculine. The fact that we are a matriarchal society with a tendency towards the feminine does not mean that men in our society are considered less. Both genders are happy with their identity, and with what goes with that identity. Everything is equal.

We are a race of explorers too, where the curiosity to know more has always defined us. Therefore, spaceships have always been something that defines us, and it is in our interest to be as advanced as possible. Technologically we are among the most advanced races among the Lyrians, being that we no longer need natural space portals to move, like the solar ones. We are a highly interstellar race. Our civilization has already reached a degree of advancement where not only can energy be obtained from matter, but we can create matter from energy. The latter defines the degree of technological evolution of a race. Our spiritual and technological advance is such that we see the need to return to the simple. To the art and the hand-made, leaving aside the over-complicated that no longer nourishes us as souls, but would only bog us down more. It would stop us from having our peace."

- Anéeka of Temmer

When did they arrive? As we said in the previous video, we can almost say that they have been present throughout our entire history. Taygeta had a star base in Lemuria about 20,000 years ago. The Lemurian civilization was mainly on Earth, on the continent of Oceana, which today is submerged under the Pacific Ocean. They also had two fairly important bases, one in what would eventually become Egypt and the other in the Crimea. Today they have no base on the Earth’s surface. They are only here now in orbit. Later they were quite active from 1919 onwards and were very involved in the history of the Earth at that time as well. More consistently they have been here since 1952 and with a greater force in 2008.

How many are there? In 2008 there were 36,000 Taygetans in 29 large ships, which were also in orbit. Today there are only 30 in one large ship.

What are they doing here? They are helping the Liberation of Earth from the hostile takeover of aliens of mostly reptilian origin. I have to add here that the Earth has been invaded for over 20,000 years. They are also studying the Ascension of Earth from a scientific point of view and accompanying the terrestrial population in this process. Although they have explained to us that the ascension is not only planetary, but that the ascension is actually individual. This is a very complex subject and we have other videos that explain better how this process really works and what is happening on Earth today.

They are also here to learn, observe the historical process, and also to monitor, assist and bring the starseeds back home. For those of you who do not know what starseeds are, starseeds are extraterrestrials who are using human bodies either through technology or through a natural incarnational process. Many races now in orbit have their star seeds on Earth. Many people who are now on Earth living as humans are not really humans, but are extraterrestrials using vehicle bodies or human bodies as we, none of us, are really this body. Rather we are just directing it as if it were a drone. Thus the star seeds are walking amongst the population, leading their lives and behaving like humans doing everything that anyone else does here.

In addition, most bring with them what they call the "veil of forgetfulness" for their own safety, and in order to actually carry out a mission here on Earth. This means that these people do not remember who they are or most do not remember what they are doing here, or their lives before they enter or incarnate on Earth. So many people are extraterrestrials and do not know it themselves, although many already sense it. Currently the actual population of Earth is a large mass of star seeds from many alien races, mainly from the Federation.

How are they helping? Through contact with people, through outreach to the public. With the aim of empowering people to free themselves from oppression and also through direct influence on some layers of some governments. Not only with governments or key people there, but mainly with people in intelligence agencies. It is very important to clarify that all governments on Earth are aware of the extraterrestrial presence here and many of them are also in contact with many races. This is only hidden from the population.

Why are they here? One of the reasons for their presence here is because of the Orion Wars, as the entire galaxy is directly or indirectly affected. On our channel or in the playlist you will find a series of videos called "Orion Wars," and there you will find out in depth what these wars were and how they have and are affecting Earth. They are also here because of the effect they have on timelines, just very, very, very briefly say here that time is not linear, meaning that time does not follow an arrow from the past, via the present to the future, it is happening simultaneously right now and it is possible to move through time in all directions if you have the technology. They do have it, with their ships.

What the ships do, is that they manipulate the frequencies as everything is frequencies. In the universe there is no time, but only frequencies. They manipulate the frequencies through total toroidal inversion motors. Every place in the universe has a frequency, if you know that frequency you appear in that place by frequency compatibility. Then they don’t travel to a destination, but become the destination. These jumps are instantaneous. They are also here for some personal reasons and for other reasons too, some of them strategic.

Apart from the invasion we have suffered on Earth, there were other planets too that were in a similar condition as us. In the Alpha Centauri constellation, there were four planets affected:

The first and most notorious was Alpha Centauri A3, known as Phaeton. Today it is called Alfrata and this is the main planet of the Alpha Centauri, or Alfrateans. Later in the same system there was also Sycorax Alpha Centauri B3. Phaenon, Alpha Centauri A4 and Stilbon, Alpha Centauri B1. We also have a video on our channel where we explain the history of Phaeton and the Alpha Centauri, I recommend it to you. But there were also other planets like the planet Tau-Cete, in the constellation of Cetus, Sun Cetus-a, 12 light years from Earth. Or the planet Kepler-62f, which orbits the Sun Kepler-452, 1402 light years from Earth and two more in the system of Canis Minor GJ 667 C-c and GJ 667 C-e. All of these were under regressive control. At this time only the Earth and Venus are under regressive control as Mars is a case apart.

Cristina: Here I finish the video. To say goodbye, I leave you with an explanation by Anéeka of Temmer, where she herself explains why they are here. Thank you very much for being here and listening, and see you in the next video.

“We are here to help awaken humans to who you are. To your inner power, to what you can be. To return you from living and thinking in a victim mode, without control, living in a deterministic way… to a way where you are the ones who know that you are in control of your lives and have the capacity to make your own decisions and take responsibility for yourselves. To return humans an adult mentality as a race, and not as children who always expect someone with more authority than you to solve your problems. We open people’s minds to what exists beyond your planet. That you are not alone, that there is not only more life out there, but that it is the norm. That the universe is full of life, that there are more people like humans out there, that as a species you are not alone, but are part of one big family. To help you grow spiritually. We are guides more than anything else.”

- Anéeka of Temmer

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