Vatican - Secret Societies - Power Structure on Earth - Federation - PART 1 - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 24, 2021

Vatican - Secret Societies - Power Structure on Earth - Federation - PART 1 - Yazhi Swaruu

Yazhi: The Vatican is the main control organization of Planet Earth, at least of the part that is visible by the people although they don't usually connect or understand what and how it controls just about everything.

It is basically the State of Rome, and the Pope is the Caesar with another name, same thing. Rome never fell, it just transformed itself into something according to the times. Rome is still the main control mechanism over Planet Earth and has been so since at least 600 B.C., although the exact date is dubious.

The Pope is just a high priest and a puppet of hidden handlers underneath him. He holds no real power, he is just a front man.

The Pope and all his priests and cardinals and all those, are not Catholic. They only play to be Catholic as part of the religious control mechanism over the human population.

They know their bible tales are false as they are understood by laymen and “sheeple”, and only hold some validity when read in another way as they are written with a code only the initiated know, that's why it is difficult to understand the wording, especially of some parts of the Old and the New Testament. I'm not going to discuss this here now, but as a small example of this, in the Old Testament when they are talking about a person or an individual character, they are not really referring to one person, the hidden message is that it should be read as a tribe, a community, or a group of many people.

The Pope and all those high priests follow another set of beliefs that, loosely said and for the main understanding of the public listening to me, can be called Satan worshipers. That means that they are the very opposite to what they want to portray to the public in general. Going a little bit deeper in this direction, what they do is believe in a series of secret documents and agreements based on ancient knowledge from all around the world picked by them after analyzing if they suit their needs or not.

The main sources for them are Celtish, Druidic Gnostic, and Egyptian ancient knowledge, but not in its pure form, but only in a synthesized, concentrated, picked and filtered version where they take whatever they need and like from one or the other. And their main historical base boils down to Atonism as started by Ahkenaten and Nefertiti circa 1330 B.C. Where they worship the "black Sun" (Saturn) and Lucifer (Tiamat, extinct planet), as explained in detail in other works.

Moving towards the structure of control the Vatican has over planet Earth, basically they use the so called “monster of three horns” that is the Vatican itself as the first horn that controls spirituality on planet Earth, then the City of London that controls the economy of the planet as the second horn, and Washington DC that controls the Military force over Planet Earth, as the third horn, and this one polices all the planet so everyone conforms to the narrative and the needs of the Jesuit and Illuminati Cabal whose headquarters are in the Vatican.

Note that all three, the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C., (District of Columbia) are independent city states inside another sovereign country. They don't follow the same laws or rules even though they are contained inside a city that in turn is well inside a country that is supposed to be independent. They all answer to the Vatican.

The Illuminati are the Jesuits, no difference at all, just semantics. They work through the Free Masons and their influence is all over the world using their lodges and alternative secret societies that are all set up in a compartmentalized way so no one in any stage knows what is going on not only in the other stages or levels but cannot access the bigger picture in the levels above them.

People in the higher stages of that Secret Society structure and in places of medium power no longer use the same economy that the rest of the population uses.

The same way as religion and politics are used to control the perception of reality of the human population at large, economy as well, and it is only a control structure for the masses and not for the people in real power. The Illuminati Jesuits don't believe in the same religions and they know politics is always rigged and it is only pantomime to make people believe that they have some control over who governs them and over their destiny.

Same with economy. Those people in real power don't use Dollars, they don't use Euro, Yen, Peso or any other. Those are for the “sheeple” only, so whatever happens to the economy as the human population perceives it, does not affect them at all!

Those medium strata of the social control structure of the Illuminati and all the people associated with them use Gold for all their transactions. In lower levels they will pay one another for small favors using gold coins minted by their own organization. This is another reason that explains why gold is so scarce nowadays, at least for the general population.

But in the higher strata of this Cabal, Jesuit Illuminati organization, the level of power is so unconscionably high that they no longer use any economy at all. They own everything and they no longer bother to invest in anything, if they want something, it's theirs and has always been theirs any way. If they want a particular work of expensive art, a Picasso, for example or collect expensive brand sports cars, all they need to do is transfer fake digital money, the price is not important, and it's theirs! Many times not even, being that if they want something it is given to them as payment for a former favor, and so on and so forth.

This takes me to the next subject.

I have been talking about the human levels of the Cabal that controls Earth, but as we go higher in the strata we come to a point where things get dubious about what species is what and who. Even the very meaning of being human comes into question.

People at these levels feel they are so superior to the rest of the population, they perceive themselves to be “something else”, something higher, therefore entitled to their power and commodities. They are so alienated and separated from the rest of the human population that they don't even understand what it is like to be, or to live, in the lower strata of the population. It is a completely different experience.

They feel so deserving and entitled that they no longer feel empathy for the rest of the humans. They see them as lower lifeforms, and scum! Therefore they use derogatory terms when referring to them, such as: Zombies, Retards, Living Dead, Scum, Useless Eaters, and so on. They basically see them as completely inferior and ignorant.

And that ignorant part they notice especially, because according to them they tell the people everything that they plan to do with them and what they did with them, and the people do nothing about it, they just accept blind to the information the Cabal is giving them about their plans.

This because of many reasons. It is true that human perception is controlled and therefore at large they are blind to the otherwise obvious, but there is something else at play here. The very members of the Cabal are very used to talking and communicating among each other using codes, and that is embodied in the Mass Media, and in movies and TV series, pop culture, and just about everywhere.

Gosia: (Gosia´s comment: The following codes have been given to us about 3 years ago by Swaruu of Erra. I add them here to fit in the context).

Swaruu of Erra: We have detected some codes that they use constantly:

- Dark Matter = Other dimensions.

- Nuclear = Genetics. In context human DNA.

- Nuclear war = Using genetics against the human population.

- Atomic = Alien.

- Atomic war = War against aliens.

- Atomic or nuclear war (context 2) = Agenda 21 procedures, depopulation, (context - nuclear war using genetics or GMO genetics against the human population).

- Atomic incident = Incident with aliens and variants (use your imagination).

- Nuclear or atomic = (alternating according to context) Extraterrestrials/attacks against the human population (the two meanings not related, important context).

- Asteroid = Extraterrestrial ship.

- Meteor or meteorite = ET spacecraft in atmospheric flight.

- Satellite = (seen from Earth) Spacecraft in orbit (origin not specified).

- Traffic or air traffic = (without explaining what traffic) ET ship sighting from an airplane or from a control tower.

- Spiral = The word or symbol of a spiral painted somewhere = portal or place where there is a portal.

- Liberation of the people = Operation begins for the control and exploitation of the people.

- Peace = War.

- Black Knight = L-class Centauri fighter ship.

- Arrow = Missile.

- Keyhole = Secret program.

- Alice or Alice in Wonderland = Dumb.

- Chemical (fuels or industrial matter) = direct face-to-face interaction with an extraterrestrial race. They evacuate the population.

There are many more but we don't know all of them. They are used in the mass media, codes are passed that way or in military broadcasts, including those of NATO. They know we know many of those codes, if they changed them we would also realize that.

Example - "There was an atomic incident in the town of Springfield, the population is asked to evacuate the area" = There is some mishap with a non-human race and that is why they take the population out so they don't see anything.


Yazhi on Vatican continued:

Yazhi: People see fiction and empty entertainment in their pop culture, because they are used to think in a literal way, as they interpret the Bible for example also in a totally literal way and not understanding hidden meaning. When all Media is set to not only guide and alter human perception of reality, but also to tell them what will happen to them so the fault, the Karma, when that finally occurs, falls on them and not on the members of the Cabal.

The higher controllers believe very much so in Karma, in Cause and Effect, in Duality, and in balance of energy, being that they see the need to be evil, and good in their actions, balancing both for harmony. That's why so many philanthropist billionaires have “Foundations” to help others, with seemingly benevolent intentions, while at the same time they will also do unimaginable evil to those same others. They feel no remorse, they feel no guilt.

People in general in the normal human population find this hard to understand, because they would never harm another fellow person in that manner, so they transfer that idea to everyone, taking for granted that people in power think like them, but they do not!

This entitlement and superiority complex that makes people who think themselves to be members of some kind of Elite shows a lot even in lower social strata as seen for example in a work place where the bosses feel they have the right to denigrate and push around their employees not to forward productivity, but for the simple pleasure of having power over them.

If this is seen in just about every work place, what is to be expected from the people in higher strata of the Jesuit Illuminati control Cabal?! They have no remorse and no guilt at all, and will not hesitate to kill off a whole population or to cause genocide based on manipulation and plain lies over the general human population! Just because they feel they are too many people, or because they feel they are or can get in the way of their plans! Not to mention that they will always keep all the best technology to themselves as a way of furthering their control over the general public.

Then this brings us to the next questions: are they human? What does it mean to be human? What makes someone human, their genes or their actions?

As I see things, you cannot separate genes from ideas as explained in other of our works here. A gene is the expression of a firm idea that manifests into something material, a genome. So for me even though they may look “human” they do not qualify as human simply because their perception of reality is so different from that of the rest of the human population, in bulk. I know this is subjective, but it's a personal thought.

At this point, the Illuminati Cabal Jesuits and higher-up members all know that the human species is not alone as an intelligent being in a specific model of a biological body called “human” (Lyrian from a stellar point of view). And they are all the time in contact and making agreements with other species that reside on Earth and outside Earth.

The next level of power and control over Planet Earth is an alliance between the Cabal's higher strata and non-human races of which on Earth the most influential ones are the so called Reptilian races that also benefit from exploiting the human population at large. They have agreements between them of direct exploitation of human resources, mostly for food and for energy.

The Cabal, Jesuit Illuminati, also talk directly with non-human Federation representatives. And this is where it gets complicated. At this point the very meaning of Earth, Realms, Densities and similar concepts, become complex and dubious, where the whole system of layers on and around Earth come full circle, where the ones who control Earth are not the Cabal, not the Reptilians (and not even the Federation), but at this level all what goes on, on Earth has to obey agreements with the Federation onlookers and keepers of the garden of Earth - people themselves. Because they respond to those overlords using what they call “Universal Prime Laws” (that are also questionable as universal) such as the ones described above, as in Karma, Duality and Balance. Notice here that the belief system of those in control of Earth, members of the Illuminati-Jesuits, do concur with the general notions and belief systems of the higher up Federation controllers.

But, as stated above in parenthesis, this is where all the dynamic around Earth comes full circle. Why full circle?! Because the Federation itself is not the ultimate controller of Earth, the people on Earth incarnated as little hapless humans are the ultimate rulers of Earth. The simple people, the real ones, not back drop people, are the ultimate rulers of Earth and therefore of their experience.

The Federation firmly believes that Earth must be kept under a “free will” condition with little to no interference. But this opens up innumerable questions as we all know the Federation's members interfere all the time, so this is dirty and complex.

But as a “free will” zone, the Federation must ensure that the will of the people having an experience on Earth as humans is respected, beginning from a collective consciousness agreements of perception and ending with personal wants and needs of individuals, that unfortunately are under the collective influence, its control and therefore limitations.

But even then from a broader perspective, from a higher Federation point of view, or from the point of view of a higher existential realm or plane of existence, the simple people of Earth, those little hapless ones that I call “Broken Shoes”, are the ones who ultimately are controlling everything that is going on, on Earth. The Federation is only giving them what they ask for. This because the very members of the said Federation and other races involved on Earth, are having a human experience there, sometimes having a dual experience, on Earth and from outside Earth, with all the variants and combinations we've discussed about in so many past works here.

The people in bulk create their own reality manifesting what they want and see depending on their perception and level of awareness. This creates a Collective Unconscious that is a set of agreements about what is real, what is not, and how things work as well as laws of all kind, natural and artificial, that rule everything on Earth. This is no other than the Matrix of Earth.

From that set of agreements and perception rules, the Collective Unconscious will make, create, or manifest, mental constructs that come to reality as self-fulfilling prophesies and self-fulfilling belief systems, that create many means of manifestation using dominant frequency harmonics out of the collective mindset of Egregors and Tulpas that become the devils and the angels, the concepts of good and bad, and the creatures that embody both concepts, such as evil governments, evil man eating reptilians and benevolent Federations and Angels... all spawn from the mind of the human Collective Unconscious!

Having said all this, I still see the Federation as the controller of Earth, that is acting very permissively towards human suffering based on belief systems that are quite complex and therefore shady that end up perpetuating and even justifying human suffering. This clearly from a point of view of someone who either wants to cause human suffering, or someone that does not understand the meaning and the experience of suffering on Earth.

And the hand of the Federation that directly controls all governments on Earth is the Vatican because it is through them that they impose their agendas of control and of whatever. It is this Jesuit-Illuminati group that is in power on Earth the one that the Federation sees as the true rulers or authorities over planet Earth.

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