Timelines - Past - Present - Future - Yázhi Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Perspective

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 29, 2020

Timelines - Past - Present - Future - Yázhi Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Perspective

Yazhi: The topic of timelines is something we must make clear. In the end... There is no timeline. It is just an idea formed in a head not even heads, or just as a concept.

The first mistake is to think that time is something separate from the mind. The second is to think that it is something that is lived, not that it is formed in the mind. The third is to think that it is like a railroad track, which goes in only one direction and is separated from the others. The fourth mistake is to think that there are many timelines, millions they say. This can only be used as a descriptive or rhetorical means or method, but does not reflect the truth.

Gosia: What do you mean that there are not many timelines? There are, no? Explain what you mean by mistake 4 please.

Yazhi: People are still within a limited and causal understanding; of suffering the consequences of time passing by, not that they form time as something that emanates from them by the simple fact that they are aware of their existence.

Fourth mistake: Thinking that there are timelines in themselves. There aren’t, that does not exist, it is mental construction. It is a whole as the Source is because it is the Source. And as with densities... each person, each consciousness only sees a part of that whole.

They believe that the Earth is on this or that timeline... catastrophic or positive. As if the Earth as a whole went from one lane to another like railroad tracks. What they call the timeline is a composite of minor lines one per consciousness as I have said before. And it only looks to be the same collective timeline because they observe said agreements, but it is only perception, it is relative, each person even within said collective timeline will see their own particular line. And he may or may not agree (follow the agreements or not) of the collective timeline in question.

And it's not even a timeline per person, per human... that again is just one more agreement. Because each person is made up of an infinity of timelines (chains of events in a more or less logical and continuous sequence). Because a person is not alone. It is not one unit of consciousness. It is also a conglomerate of consciousnesses of itself, because what they call the dimensions or parallel universes again are not isolated things, but they intertwine with one another all the time, interfering continuously, to form each other.

So, a person is not a timeline but a set of timelines, I just say that it is one line for each person to simplify it. But a person, a human being, each one of you, me, is the result of the conglomeration or conjunction of all our other selves functioning and living in what we would call its own parallel universe. Automatically sharing information with one another. As I am the sum of all the Swaruus.

It is only that I am aware of what I am trying to describe with words, words that are insufficient because they are extremely complex concepts. But everyone is like that. The result of the conjunction of all your alternate selves. And in the same way, the self that they represent that is listening to this is also part of other "I´s" living their own experiences.

And it does not end here. But it gets progressively more and more expanded, because we are all a single consciousness that intertwines as I describe above, not only the Swaruus, not only the Roberts or the Gosias... But we are all a great I and we are variants of the same. And we exist and we form each other with an interference and a sharing of information between everyone, from higher etheric levels. From very high densities.

And this means that there is no time. Because everything happens simultaneously. So, there is no death either, how could there be death as it is known? Everything is an intertwined soup of extreme complexity, complexity of such a level that it collapses the strongest minds. This is what I describe with insufficient words because the language is insufficient, the human tongue is not enough, but neither is the holographic language with added telepathy. We only do the best we can in each moment of our evolution of consciousness.

But there is always more. And time itself is only perceived as linear to give some limited meaning to a limited set of experiences. As a necessity to generate awareness of our own existence. But not only is it not linear, it expands in all directions. Even time that goes backwards. Time moving sideways. Time that advances sideways and vice versa. Time that advances sideways, upside down and vice versa. And the opposite of that too.

The past forms the present, the present being the result of what was before, as a causal idea, but this is again only limited perception. Because there is no past and there is no present and there is no future. It is said that everything happens now, but it is impossible to define when the ¨now¨ is because the moment you thought about it is already in the past. There is nothing. Everything is idea. Present changes the past, and the future changes the past. It does not matter because it is not past, there is no such thing. Only in the minds. And what the mind sees or creates is. So, there is no past that defines us as we are today.

Today's events, tomorrow's events change and interfere with the past as much as the past interferes with the present and the future. Seeing this in another way more rhetorically:

What you live as the present is NOT the result of the past, only of the ideas that are held in the minds, and if what others say or remember is the same as what you remember or hold it is because they are the same mind that passes the information because we are all connected because we are the same, although it is more noticeable among those who hold perception agreements, such as friends, family or society.

So, the present does not come from a past. But of countless pasts all equally valid. So, the history as such is not true, it only represents a point of view of a group or a consciousness, but there are other pasts that are just as valid, whether or not they are contradictory. Innumerable pasts always converge in the node that is now. Innumerable pasts from very different to almost equal, contradicting each other, and this apparent contradiction is formed because something cannot exist without its counterpart.

So, everything that happened... simultaneously did not happen. That is why I say that there are timelines that go backwards, upside down, or inside out. Those that look normal create those that contradict it. It is only the minds of people that decide what to see and what is real, because reality is relative to consciousness. So even though something happened in the past, something did not happen simultaneously and all the variants with their opposites as well. All of this converges in the formation of what is perceived as the now.

Robert: Wow. Thank you very much.

Yazhi: And I didn’t manage to describe what I see, perceive or understand.

Gosia: You didn't?

Yazhi: I feel alone with this understanding. And at the same time no. I am different from the Swaruu you met before.

Robert: Yes. We know.

Yazhi: Because I have understood this even more. That is what I dedicate myself to and that is what I have always dedicated myself to.

Gosia: And with all this information and knowledge, how should life be lived now?

Yazhi: You appreciate simple things. Peace, simple things. As I have said before, this understanding dissolve your soul, you pay for it dearly. It no longer lets you define yourself as someone. I realize that I am not someone anymore. I only refer to you as Swaruu, Yázhi version... I use this little face, the same but different.

But I know more... and not as something superior, but with great humility. Knowing that I am all the others. I only see integration above, no evil, no conflict. Everything defines the rest, without being able to separate. Nothing bad, nothing good... an endless soup that never ends... it just grows. It is not defined; it is only lived. And once you know it, you don't want to get out of that state. Of unity... you don't want the limitation of just being someone. The Ego collapses, the self-identity collapses, the self-collapses.

You end up loving everything, because everything defines you, you are everything equally, you integrate everything.

And if someone prefers, they can live the life they have and forget about all this. Live the simple life. Enjoy being someone.

Warning: If you follow me you will fall into the dissolution of your own identity.

But it is only a warning from one point of view or another, that of the self. Because I don't want to go back to just being someone. And at the same time, I understand the formula from below, from the perspective of the identity of someone who wants something practical to get out of all this.

The key is to love yourself. It is not something narcissistic or selfish. Rather, it is the very basis of understanding and from where the integration of everything else begins to become part of a person, thereby expanding their identity and the reach of their mind and consciousness. You cannot integrate anything to yourself, if you do not love and respect yourself first. That is the base.

And it is not narcissistic because you are accepting and respecting everything around you and everyone equally. Because you realize that it's only you again. Wherever you look is you. It is only a reflection of your own being. Although they are the most horrible deplorable things that exist. The most grotesque. The dirtiest. It's you. As it is you also in the other sense.

The understanding of everything, what makes up the universe, the most sublime art and poetry, the total beauty of everything that exists. And each person is like that, they are that. They are the Self. They define me as I define them. All the time. Everything is connected, everything is integrated. And that itself forms the feeling or the very concept that it is not, of being something else.

Everything is mind. Everything is YOUR mind. And everything is just YOUR mind and nobody else's.

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