Symbols of the Federation of United Planets - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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January 11, 2021

Symbols of the Federation of United Planets - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Interviewer: Can you pass us the original Federation logo or is it similar to the Star Trek logo?

Anéeka: The problem is that, like everything else, it's amalgamated. What they use on Earth as the Federation logo in Star Trek turns out to be the real logo. So that just gets us in trouble because we seem to be taking it from science fiction.

It goes further, the existence of Saturn rings in space agencies is the Federation all over again.


How is it that Roscosmos has the same symbolism as NASA? Were they not enemies? From above, everything is controlled by the same people and they tell this directly in their symbolism.

The United Federation of Planets is behind all Earth space agencies and they are the ones who control the Cabal behind and in secret.

Also the insistence of the laurel wreath that is going as far back as Rome, at least.

On Earth, you are insisted that extraterrestrials do not exist. Later, in the next layer, they say that if they did exist, they would be strange, incomprehensible beings. The truth is even stranger. There is no clear distinction of where humanity ends and the extraterrestrial begins. It's all together, what is there as fiction is true here. They sell it to you as fiction to tell you everything, but as if it were made up. Everything, in case people like me come out and say these very words.

I know it is too much for many people to understand this, but the Federation logo is the one above and its subsidiary, "the Andromeda Council", is present in the "A" in Star Trek. It is also present in the Chinese space agency which is completely under Federation control. The central command of the Federation is the Andromeda Council.

Interviewer: And do those three predominant stars symbolize anything?

Anéeka: The three main stars are the three creator races of the Federation: Lyrians, Andromedans and Arcturians. In the back, the Milky Way, the galaxy itself.

Interviewer: So, are the Andromedans the most in charge or the most predominant race?

Anéeka: The Andromedans are not supposed to be the ones in charge, because no one is in charge, but they are the ones at the head of all the Federation councils being one of/or the most dominant Federation race of all.

Closely followed by the Arcturians in their three variants: Dieslientiplex, Devonians and Corendians. Leaving the Lyrians as a very distant third place, as they are a very small race today, with very few inhabitants.

Look at the real logo of the United States military space branch. Taking it from Star Trek not because they like it but because it's real and it shares symbology because it's part of the Federation, it's the same thing.

Interviewer: Thank you. That's incredible how the symbols match. You said the Lyrians are far, in third place. Is it because they are few in number?

Anéeka: It is a race that is evolving in consciousness. Already being of higher densities. It is a very ancient race. It happens as with Taygeta, they are not many anymore. And they are listed as endangered as Taygeta is endangered.

Interviewer: Thank you, Anéeka. I didn't know the Lyrians were endangered.

Anéeka: Doesn't this ship, USAF TR3B, remind you of the U.S. Space Force logo?

Interviewer: Absolutely. And does the circle symbolize anything? And the laurels? I understand the connection to Rome, but something older? Or the origin?

Anéeka: Yes. The laurels are of millennia-old origin, but there is more behind it. Before Rome, they arose in Greece and were given to commemorate excellence and victory. It is said that whoever has them will always be victorious. It means something of great importance. And about the circle that delimits it, I have nothing about it. It is possible that it means continuity.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you. And the races that belong to the Federation, where do they wear this logo? On the ship? On a suit? I remember you guys wear the Taygeta emblem or the Sand Clock emblem.

Anéeka: Yes. The ships have it on the side. On the uniforms, on the front and sides of the arms. Even our fighter ships have the United Federation of Planets logo on the sides. Also Taygeta's large ships, but not this one specifically, as the Toleka is Queen's Yacht and has a crown instead. The sand clocks are on the ships, yes, on the sides as an additional emblem, and also on the flight uniforms just as they are worn on Earth, in the same places.

The Taygeta emblem is the Pleiades shining on a blue background with Taygeta as the star. It is a very nice hologram on our uniforms as a little window into space.
The image is a little crude, I didn't have it done or ready. It looks nicer in the hologram.

Interviewer: So, your space uniforms have two or three symbols on them at the same time?

Anéeka: Yes, depending on the ship and the position or who it is. The fighter pilots, I think, have the most logos, and the queen has none.

Interviewer: And how does the hologram look? With depth or movement?

Anéeka: With depth and high definition. It doesn't have movement, but it's not like we wear uniforms every day. I haven't worn it for about two months. We wear normal clothes, as we said.

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