PCR Tests, Maitre - Tall Greys (Yazhi - Taygetan Pleiadian Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 23, 2021

PCR Tests, Maitre - Tall Greys (Yazhi - Taygetan Pleiadian Communication)

Yazhi: 2 of our Hashmallims retrieved PCR tests to test them. They got it out of the United Stated, just outside Boston, MA. Nothing went wrong, it was a bounce in, bounce out operation. When it got here it was treated with utmost infectious and invasion protocol, the nose swabs were tested here by Alahi, Senetre and Eridania. The PCR tests after being analyzed were incinerated and then disintegrated.

Gosia: And what was found?

Yazhi: Nothing we didn't know, it just confirms what we suspected and what is already being shared online in places like Brighteon.

It has several chemicals designed to swab and conserve DNA samples (DNA harvesting) and a dozen different nano technological devices, all very nasty. They include two-way communication chips with full geo-location GPS and Wi-Fi microwave capability. It´s irrelevant where we take the samples most probably.

Now, what we have all being seeing, the implementation of a rice size chip under the skin, as others have said, it is only a distraction from the real chipping agenda. That rice size chip is ancient technology compared to what is in the PCR test.

There is another which is a sensor that "smells" people's noses and runs the result through a spectrometer and then runs it through a computer algorithm. That is so silly it hurts, but we now know that it is the covid-PCR equivalent of a rigged voting machine such as the ones used in the recent fraudulent US elections. It's just a "Dominion" machine to catalog people fraudulently, and completely in a fascist manner.

As for the nano-chips there are at least 6 different variants in each swab and half of them have locomotion. We believe one of them is capable of emigrating deep into the brain, and another is capable of entering the retina, being able to transmit whatever the subject is seeing. And all of them have nano-microphones.

All with an advanced microwave interface and electric power plant feeding off neuronal networks, meaning the body itself feeds electricity to the devices.

They reacted badly to medium strength EMP experiments here but did resist the simpler ones. Anything in the vicinity of 900W EMP will fry them.

Gosia: How could they be transmitting all that? To where?

Yazhi: The grid is strong enough and it is far more advanced than what they tell you, it can handle the load, they wouldn't have ever sent all this off without the infrastructure, but in effect they do need 5G or better to maximize efficiency.

Gosia: What do they need to be seeing what the people are seeing for? Most people have normal lives. To spy on few dangerous ones, they need to implement this on EVERYONE?

Yazhi: They do that because they can. The bots in them are very small. They are about the size of a grain of salt.

Gosia: Tell me more about that EMP please that fries them.

Yazhi: Any high voltage EMP can fry them, there are videos in YouTube about how to make them. But they do need a lot of power, so a 9V battery will not be enough, 900W and up.

Gosia: One time is enough? Apply this to the body?

Yazhi: They reacted to one time, but more times may be a good idea if possible. Yes, apply to the body. The body must be inside the EMP range. And the EMP is not very good for the body, by the way. And don't get electrocuted.

Gosia: The tests they do with the saliva, are these PCR tests too? Are they the same?

Yazhi: I don't have the information about the other types. Only the swabs. And those go all the way into the brain. So, the virus is so infectious that you need to be tested many times to find it, and you need a swab from your brain for that. Wouldn't you think that a runny nose would be enough?

Yet the materials used to manufacture them are quite human. No fancy polymorphic materials found, only regular aluminium, titanium, gold, and silicone.

Gosia: Still though, that technology is very advanced like you mentioned. You said that humans don´t even know it exists. So it must be coming from non-humans. I wonder what alien race would want this to be happening to humans?

Yazhi: The human body is a bio-suit for countless races, obviously many are ill intended.

Gosia: I wonder who. Any possible suspects?

Yazhi: Maitre - tall greys. Mostly. But in general, that's too deep for the people. On the human level, the ones that are doing all this are just nasty parasitic humans, like Bill Gates. Yes they are alien controlled, but from a human perspective no need to over complicate things.

Gosia: What´s Maitres´ agenda? Are they part of the Federation?

Yazhi: Maitré are definitely not Federation. And their agenda is total control and enslavement. Infiltration for exploitation.

Gosia: Then... it can be said it´s not Federation causing all this but Maitre. The manager would not be the Federation.

Yazhi: Federation for not doing anything about it, but we already said that!

The technology looks like it's coming from Maitre, comparing to samples in our data banks. But reptilian regressive races, the same ones as always, definitely do have a hand in all this.

Sensor data indicate the presence of sensor inhibitor high technology around the District of Columbia area. So this tech is above human. We know something is going on in there that is not conventional.

Warning: We sense an alien invasion here going on, behind the back of the Federation itself. Or they know and do not say. But we smelled the "rat" already, because we are in low Earth Orbit, almost sub-orbital. That's why they didn't want us this close.

Gosia: Why don´t you collect the evidence and present it to the Federation and other ET races? Maybe then they will react.

Yazhi: We are on the task as we speak. There is far more going on than what meets the eye. Even of the most awakened ones. It all boils down to alien invasion.

Gosia: That´s a new angle.

Yazhi: No, it's actually not! The only twist here is that it is very active on the surface. Very overt now. We knew about the terra-forming Nuclear Power plants. The weather control, the places where no one can go, like the north and south poles, the DUMBS. Come on, we've been shouting this for years now.

Gosia: Yes, but it was different. The manipulation has been going on for centuries. Not in such a malicious invasive way. This is super invasive.

Yazhi: They are no longer hiding, because they intend to kill off just about all the population. Especially the awakened ones. So you are starting to see certain declassification of evidence and documents. And as we said before, in a very real, and sad way, our work, and that of others, to awaken more people, actually helped trigger the genocide and the reset. Because too many know something is very wrong. They must be eliminated before they become a threat to the system. And as the very system does not work as they want, they must collapse it all to implement a newer one with far more control.

Another strong clue is that Reptilians are more into mind control covert exploitation using slaves that think they are free. When Maitre is very into direct slavery through overwhelming power. So this smells very Maitre!

But the sensor inhibiting technology over the DC area is also a direct indication of extraterrestrial activity around the District of Columbia. It uses an array of frequency disruptors covering the area in a soup of electromagnetism in all known frequency ranges used by Federation vessels like this one I'm sitting in.

Gosia: What´s sensor inhibiting technology?

Yazhi: Basically it is an electromagnetic high energy bubble designed to blind starships in orbit looking down with sensors like the ones we have. So it is quite obvious that if all that going on in DC was just human they wouldn’t be concerned with blinding Federation starships. So the fact that we cannot see in there, is also a revelation.

Gosia: So how does it relate to Saturn manager and all?

Yazhi: I know it's connected somehow. And directly. The how is complicated and I already started describing how the other day. Using multiple presence and multiple entry points in bio-suits (humans) and ET races of the Federation.

Gosia: This is all highly interesting. How does it change the game for you if at all?

Yazhi: Still pondering this here. Observing. Thinking. We have not drawn conclusions yet. It would possibly change the dynamics of the situation from planetary mess created by humans, to full scale invasion.

Gosia: Right. That´s what I am thinking but didn´t dare to suggest yet. However, human consciousness still plays a role, always does. Cause we wouldn´t be a match to this invasion for no reason.

Yazhi: Absolutely.

Gosia: Are Maitre strong militarily?

Yazhi: Very.

Now, it is getting more and more common to see starship operations and maneuvers from the surface in a bluntly unrestricted way. This is escalating rapidly. UFO videos are just all over, countless now, and they are not fakes. The fakes are now in the minority.

We cannot know yet, but we suspect the Federation did know about this before. Because that is the reason why they didn't want us so close.

We cannot know for sure they are Maitre or what is going on. So I'm not saying they are. But all the data does indicate they are. The data so far.

Gosia: Are Maitre types of Reptiles?

Yazhi: No, they are not. But Maitre many years ago were the result of genetic modification done by reptiles to plant based Gray species. They lack empathy to a complete level and are known to also be against reptiles. They cooperate and then they fight.

Gosia: So, they are a MADE RACE? SECONDARY race? Not sprung by the Source?

Yazhi: Secondary race. And can only reproduce artificially, that's why their DNA does not return to normal.

Gosia: Are they tall?

Yazhi: Yes. Maitre = Tall Grays. The same.

I must go now. More to say about all this as usual. Until tomorrow.


Yazhi: Back to what I was saying yesterday, I'm not stating all what is going on IS because of Maitré. All I'm saying is that several things do point in that direction. So it is a real possibility.

But in order to create all what is going on, you don't need "alien" tech to do so. From a very Bill Gates-Soros human level, being them front men or not, is sufficient to achieve the goal. So I do want to make clear that it probably is coming from a more human level. The Plandemic hoax is not perfect, far from it. Suggests humans.

Gosia: But it can´t come from them since you said humans are not aware of this technology. Or you mean it´s coming from the human deeper level, the one that does have this technology. But still, how would they develop it on their own?

Yazhi: Yes, exactly what I'm referring to. As I said yesterday, the nano-bots and the smart dust when tested revealed that they were made with very human materials concurrent with the level of human tech on Earth today. Covert Tech, Top Secret, perhaps, but nothing more. From our standards those nano bots and smart dust are quite rudimentary. As I said yesterday, those rice size chips they are saying will be implanted beneath the skin are very old tech and only being pushed in the media as disinformation, they are way ahead of that. They are laughable. But, as people don't know better, they think that is cutting edge, when in reality it is only to distract them from the existence of the real chips being pushed in both the PCR tests and the Jabs.

Gosia: But they still had to get it from someone. I doubt they invented it on their own, no? I feel it must be coming from someone off planet.

Yazhi: Yes, but in essence everything is. Even earrings, buttons and necks in men's clothes. Velcro is ET. CD's are from Ummites.

Gosia: Isn´t that interfering and against natural development and Prime Directive? To be honest, I am completely lost as to what the rules are anymore.

Yazhi: You are not the only one. It is a complete mess nowadays. Only applicable when the Federation wants and not so when it is convenient to them. Also have in mind that not all so called “extraterrestrial” technology was introduced on purpose. Most of it was only filtered down as ideas coming from starseeds entering Earth with partial or full memory, or only a hint of so, as inspiration.

For example here, we've been discussing a subject to give. And it is the two-way cultural influence between stellar races and humans. Many would see that as discrediting us, but it is, or would be simple ignorance of the hard and simple fact that we've been trying to convey since we started to work with you: There is more humanity up here, and a lot more. The line between what is “extraterrestrial” and what is “human” is very vague, shady, dubious, blurry. Also heavily contributing to make proving our existence even harder. Humanity is in reality all Lyrian races and more.

All what exists comes as the result of a collective manifestation using a collective unconscious which we can call Matrix, from which what we call humanity on Earth was sprung and called as "apart" only by the nature of them being somewhat isolated in one planet as a society.

But even so it is also shady there, as even standard puppet government levels, like Trump or Putin do have access to the existence of extraterrestrials and even talk to them directly on occasion. So the restrictions are only meant for the simple people.

From the game perspective those are the real “players”, the broken shoes. All the rest of what exists is only a frame for their experience. Being also other experiences as well.

Returning to Maitré, many things don't add up, or indicate Maitré or any other invasive species. For example, if so, why would they even be interested in being in the Capitol building in the first place? I mean they can have safer and better Command and Control installations elsewhere. Does not add up.

Gosia: How do you know it´s them there? Could be any ET.

Yazhi: Could be any ET, yes, correct. Yet, what is going on does telltale them. Overt slavery. Direct genetic modification. Zero empathy. Need for Lush creative energy concentrated by fear. All that does point to a regressive “Tulpa” species such as Maitré. It is like a fingerprint that points to them. Not even to reptiles, those prefer mind controlling population. Softer slavery approach. They know very well that in the end full slavery will result in a terrible rebellion.

Rebellion: Maitré wants to control and divert and use to their advantage using technological devices such as the smart dust and the nano-chips. Technology that we have found to be able not only to see and hear whatever the subject does, and transmit it to the web, but also control emotions, hormonal secretions, reactions, inducing fear, happiness, action or passivity.

Those chips found in the PCR tests and also in the Jabs have voice to skull capability, synthetic telepathy. So any subject can be talked to at will and guided, perhaps as a MK ultra, or simply to drive them mad. Countless possibilities for using this technology for the Cabal.

Those chips would give the full control over humanity, making them become cyborgs, or biological robots. People would think that whatever they are doing is because of their own thoughts when it was inserted into their brains using this technology of microchips and smart dust. They would not be able to rebel. And they would be happy not to. Convinced it is because they decided so.

Gosia: Have Maitré always been around Earth, taking advantage of people?

Yazhi: It is hard to determine since when they arrived to Earth in linear time, but we are quite sure it is fairly recent. Something in the vicinity of a couple of thousands of years, perhaps more, but not much.

But as I said above, those chips look very human-made. Basic even. In spite of what I said above that is ancient for us. So it points to a human hand. Or someone really smart wants to make us think so.

Rice chips are human level. Everybody knows about them. But the smart dust and the nano tech are Top Secret beyond public understanding, yet still only human, just hidden from the public. Smart dust and nano bots are ancient for us, because we no longer need anything physical to enter a body to do anything. We can do it all using frequency manipulation and projection. That is above-human technology.

Gosia: Then why wouldn´t Maitre do that too? They don´t have that technology?

Yazhi: We don't see them as having particularly advanced technologically. Basically, as advanced as the little Zeta Grays are.

Gosia: Ok, thank you Yazhi.

Yazhi: You are welcome, more to say, as always.

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