Mini Topics - Information from Extraterrestrial People - Taygeta, Pleiades

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 30, 2023

Mini Topics - Information from Extraterrestrial People - Taygeta, Pleiades

Pole Star

Gosia: I'm still trying to figure out why the North Star stays fixed in the sky. Could you ask why it stays in one place if the Earth goes through the precession of the seasons? It should change location surely, or does it move with the Earth?

Yazhi: The position is not perfect, it does oscillate. Only by a few degrees, but it is wobbling. The star does not move with the Earth, it only appears that the poles point to it. Polaris, the star, does not move. Just the Earth's axis in such a way that it always seems to point to it.


Gosia: Question from Dr. Alex. "What causes immunological insufficiency in patients with supposed HIV?"

Yazhi: I would have to study each particular case, but what I have heard here is that the immunodeficiency is caused by the same drugs that are given to those who test positive for HIV. The first severe cases of HIV that started all the way back in the early 1980s are the result of the collapse of the immune system caused by the 1976-77 influenza plandemic vaccines. So I expect a very similar reaction among 2019-2022 plandemic vaccinees.

The result or consequence of having been vaccinated caused a collapse of the immune system in specific subjects and that served to try AIDS, and subsequently those who test positive for HIV, which is another PCR test and just as incoherent, are given AIDS drugs, which then are the ones that collapse the immune system but people believe that it is the disease that progresses and take more drugs.

Everything is as false as Covid-19. And that's not the first time they invented plandemic. There was another one in 1918, another one in 1976-77 and other minor ones in between as well.


Gosia: Jonathan from the Matrixxers asked me the following question: "If you're in immersion and you remember things that you've downloaded from your avatar, like me remembering things from Gosia... if I then remember past lives, is it my avatar's past life or mine? Whose memory is it?"

Yazhi: I guess it's a matter of perspective and opinions, but I would say it becomes your past life memory. Everything in your avatar becomes part of you.

Gosia: Yes, but whose memory was it originally? Now we are one, but before we were not.

Yazhi: Ultimately, memory is in the ether, and if you're in an avatar, immersion or not, you're assuming and taking their memory as yours. To differentiate, I think it would depend on the memory itself, what's in it.

Gosia: How to differentiate?

Yazhi: Some may be easy to discern, others not so much. Others may be impossible to know. If you remember something from Poland, it is most likely from Gosia. If you remember having been bitten by a Moghyay then it's your memory from here.

In the end, it is best to go with the flow and not worry too much about the details, as no one can know it all. Sometimes it can be very clear where the memory comes from, sometimes not so much. Immersions can get complicated and I don't even like them, not even for fun, I prefer old school video games, Nintendo, Mario and stuff like that.

Pyramid Beds

Robert: Question from a follower: "I have seen for years that sleeping beds are made with an exterior structure in the shape of the great pyramid. Is it effective to regenerate the body while sleeping? And what material would it be made of?"

Swaruu X (Athena): They could serve to increase the possibility or to propitiate astral travel and lucid dreams. They could promote better quality of sleep - restorative. There is no firm data to support that, only that by logic yes, it would work. More so if the bed is inside a pyramid, and of materials the most recommendable would be amethyst quartz, if it can be built that way, or with that.

Robert: Can a wool cap or other material with copper wires serve as a Faraday cage? At least on the head so that synthetic telepathy does not affect you. Or also it can isolate you from the thought waves of your neighbor.

Swaruu X (Athena): This would be similar to the case of the use of aluminum hats that are even made fun of in movies by being associated with madmen. For a Faraday cage to work, the subject must be inside a box with all six sides covered. If one side is left unprotected, the electromagnetic waves that the individual wishes to avoid would enter through it.

So, in the case of both the cap and the aluminum hat, they would not work well because it does not enclose the brain completely inside the insulator.

It is also said that aluminum hats make telepathic invasions worse or propitiate them, although I think that it could all be a plot so that people do not wear them, because they do work. We do not have more concrete data on the matter at the moment. Laboratory tests would be needed.

ETs reproducing with humans

Gosia: Is that true that ETs can reproduce with humans?

Yazhi: Some can, others cannot. I mean, that's just common sense. And the ones that can, it is because they are more humans, even when they look a bit different. And it also means that humans couldn't have evolved on Earth as they say. Humans are more "aliens". Get over it!

Gosia: Which ones can reproduce?

Yazhi: About, I´d calculate, like some number in the proximity of 200,000 races can reproduce with humans.

Gosia: How come Taygetans can´t?

Yazhi: Some, even though may look alike, internally they do differ genetically. Some may look very different, but genetically can reproduce with humans. But others may be very different inside, as are the Taygetans. The difference is the central nervous system, it is simply very different. It is said that the reproductive system is also different, but perhaps a little, but mostly not, even human females can do parthenogenesis. It is just suppressed.


Gosia: Why do Jews have circumcision? Where does this tradition come from?

Robert: There are non-Jews who also do it.

Swaruu (9): It comes from the idea that they resemble the gods, the "El", and it is also a symbolic castration that denotes being faithful to their new beliefs. And it also limits the sensitivity of the penis making the man need more sex to be satisfied and with that have less emotional union with the woman.

Robert: Are Taygetan men operated on?

Swaruu (9): No, that is a genetic difference. Taygeta men don't have that extra skin. So it's like making it look like they are gods or like "gods". Like tying the heads of babies to make them look like "homo capensis".

Gosia: But they also have less sensitivity there?

Swaruu (9): No, that is in the case of operated terrestrial men. Here that is normal.


Dale: Did Roswell UFO really crash or not?

Yazhi: That was not only one crash, there were several there. But they were not crashes. They were downed with energy weapons based on microwaves. The little Zeta Greys did not come across several hundred light years just to crash "Willie Coyote-style" in the New Mexican desert just because.

Radar frequency microwaves interfere with the sensors in the craft, so it blinds the computer and it cannot manage the engines correctly so they do not cancel gravity correctly any longer and the result is the ship hitting the hard deck. It was real, and what a mess it created. The weather balloon theory later... is just the cover up.

And Taygetan fighter class starships and larger vessels are immune to that, by the way! Taygetans only use gravity manipulation for maneuvers, not as a main propulsion system. Only functioning as ailerons do in a normal aircraft.

Pirate Flag

Robert: Tell me about the pirate flag, please. You said it was used by the victors.

Anéeka: It's simple. There were many pirate flags. There were real pirates, as they are painted, groups with a captured ship that ravaged the seas to plunder other ships and to plunder villages. But the most famous and most successful pirates worked for the Cabal Illuminati - Vatican.

Of these the most famous and most obviously working for the Cabal was Sir Francis Drake. Note in the name "Sir" (he was a knight of the British crown and “Sir” means "great serpent"). Francis Drake (Drake, Dragon, more Reptilians).

This emblem is Skull and Bones 322.

Robert: But why was it a good thing to arrive at the port with that flag? Because you had defeated these pirates and snatched the flag from them?

Anéeka: This means that this flag is telling you that this "pirate" ship is from the regressive Cabal and is used to overthrow governments and to subversively, without other governments knowing, alter who is in power in the seas and coastal places they are interested in dominating.

What happens is that a symbol arrives diluted to the public. It becomes "Disney-like." So it is used only as an emblem with playful and basic meaning.

When a warship arrived to port with the pirate flag waving it means mission accomplished. And the same crew raises it out of tradition, without knowing what it is or where it came from. Just because it looks "pretty."

HMS Conqueror, British nuclear submarine with the pirate flag waving "mission accomplished" after sinking the Argentine ship "General Belgrano" during the Falklands conflict.

The same submarine:

Note something important above. That this symbol was clearly used by both sides of the war, World War II. Germans and Americans. Because they were under the control of the same criminal Illuminati organization, as I show in the images above.

Creation of Matter

Gosia: Question from someone: "What particles comes first in creation of atom, matter. Is it proton, neutron, and then comes the electron to atom?"

Yazhi: They are only human terms. And if you study the theory of manifestation, you will understand that none of these particles comes after another, everything is created simultaneously, and it is only the human mind and its need to try to understand things by the sum of their parts that assigns characteristics to what is only potential matter.

Gosia: So they only manifest. There is no one behind the other.

Yazhi: That's right. I was talking about manifestation of matter from ether. If you already give it temporal values (generated by one or more consciousnesses), there is a sequence but according to subjective parameters or only those of the observers.

Gosia: Yes, yes, I mean that. From the point of observation of temporal values, of the observer. So then, there would be a sequence in the creation of matter?

Yazhi: That sequence would not be from the point of view of which particles.

In the manifestation theory, there is talk of nodes as points where particles are formed, but that would be only from the point of view of generating particles.

If you want to manifest an elephant or a ship or a red London phone booth with the drunken vomit inside, you would manifest everything together, that is, all the particles that compose it.

However, there are no particles either, since even on Earth Heisenberg's theory of uncertainty dictates that one cannot know where a particular particle is, so it always remains only as potential energy.

In itself, speaking in a way more focused towards consciousness, there is nothing in itself, the telephone booth does not exist and never manifested itself. Rather, the mind and consciousness, according to the circumstances that are the preconceived ideas in sequence according to the Matrix field in which the subject is immersed, is the one that interprets that potential energy as a telephone booth that had the misfortune of being installed outside a pub.


Robert: And what would be the best way to learn their language if a human wanted to do it? And another question: How could books, for example Taygetan, be translated into the "generalized" human language? Without the telepathic component there is no point in learning Taygetan, is there?

Swaruu X (Athena): There is no way to learn it well without telepathy because it is not linear and without telepathy it loses meaning and sounds like what on Earth is called "star language", which on Earth ufologists mistakenly label as quackery and meaningless.

The way to translate it is manually, with someone who speaks both languages. Taygetan language would not be validated by human linguists because it is meaningless to them from their point of understanding. Without the telepathic element, it is just chants and phonemes without logical syntax.

But it wouldn't be like listening to dolphins, because I have heard that. That would be Sirian.


Gosia: Tina, does a triangle have any meaning for Taygeta? I wondered it myself, because it is in my logo, and I always felt the closeness with the triangle.

Swaruu X (Athena): Not directly, it is only seen as an energy collector, not as a symbol as with the Illuminati.

Gosia: But Taygeta doesn't have any triangular symbols in their culture that are relevant?

Swaruu X (Athena): It can be found looking for it. However, I don't see it as very relevant, not like wings, for example.

Gosia: And why does the triangle collect energy?

Swaruu X (Athena): Actually it is the pyramid, because it reflects everything towards the center by its geometric shape.

Gosia: Ok. But look at this symbol:

It does not mean anything related to the Pleiades?

Swaruu X (Athena): That symbol in the center retains energy. Yes, I have seen it before in the Pleiades. Like that or almost the same. However, it is not the symbol of the society or anything like that.

Gosia: So it is an authentic symbol of the Pleiades?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't know if it was created there or if it is something shared, but I have seen it in Taygeta. I doubt very much that humans have created it, it is a basic symbol, very well known. It means energy, as in concentration of consciousness. It is used in meditation places, sanatoriums and temples.

Gosia: Then someone has exported it to Earth. Some starseed, or Step Downs.

Swaruu X (Athena): Surely.

Miscellaneous questions from Robert's followers

Robert: "Referring to the attacks we receive to our psyche, what kind of technology could be used to adapt the spaces with protection so that we cannot receive attacks at the psyche level."

Do you know anything about that? Is there technology for that?

Swaruu X (Athena): It would have to be a very sophisticated device that detects subtle frequencies of the type used by invasive synthetic telepathy technology. And transmit in a way that cancels the frequency and wavelength of those transmissions.

However, from what I know that is used on Earth, it could work to be inside a very good Faraday box, or two, one inside the other.

Robert: Okay. And another question, "Do you know anything about scalar frequency technology that would serve to repel those psychic attacks?"

Swaruu X (Athena): I do not know about the existence of such technology on Earth. Outside yes, there is, they are synthetic telepathy suppressors. They are even used as part of the electronic countermeasures of a ship or military personnel.

Robert: Ok, and also this one: "Is it possible to create scalable wave technology with quartz and Robin coils in resin with pyramid shapes activating them through consciousness to do the function of transmuting dense energies?"

Swaruu X (Athena): The use or functionality of such artifacts could not be corroborated here when they were experimented with a few years ago. They are called orgonites. I feel more research would be needed on that, I would use them in the meantime, yes.

Robert: Ok, the next one is: "Is it true that there are etheric devices that belong to each different races?"

Swaruu X (Athena): We would have to define what exactly an etheric device is. Each species or race has its devices, with some common to all of course. However, I cannot answer that question without more data.

Robert: There are videos on YouTube of certain races implanting etheric devices in the shape of a "flower" to lower the frequency of the implanted person. Could that be?

Swaruu X (Athena): I would have to research or see examples of that. I have no knowledge of such things. At Taygeta's technological level, that's not even necessary. The current technology here outweighs the need for such implants.

Robert: But I imagine they are for lowering the frequency, or so they say, that the regressive races use them.

Swaruu X (Athena): It is possible but they have more efficient methods such as manipulating events in the environment or in the subject's life that lower their frequency.

Robert: "Synthetic telepathy suppressors." And what exactly is this? How do they do it?

Swaruu X (Athena): They detect the frequencies of the device that is transmitting the invasive synthetic telepathy and transmit the opposite frequency to it, that is, the one that cancels it and thus neutralizes its effects. This is used in combat as protection because many times frequencies and synthetic telepathy are used during a conflict.

Robert: And with that technology could they do as if a person is parasitized?

Swaruu X (Athena): With synthetic and invasive telepathy, yes.

Robert: But that on Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): Outside of Earth it is more sophisticated, but it is already used on Earth as well, by the great powers. It is or they are classified devices, of course.

Drinking water

Gosia: Question from the follower: "Could you address the issue of drinking water, if the shortage is real or is it just a charade by governments? And if it is real, what to do? Any method or system that you can implement?"

Swaruu X (Athena): What happens is that there is a shortage of water, more so in some places than in others. But the shortage is manufactured. That is to say, it is artificial and it is because of the big corporations that are physically monopolizing it, also with a background of population control, because if they control the water, they control the life of the population itself.

There is water. The problem is that the shortage is real, especially in the big cities, because instead of directing it to the population and their needs, it is being sold to the highest bidder, which are the big companies.

There is also a strong element of governments pushing or exaggerating the scarcity of water to promote their own projects, including making it more expensive so that the population consumes less and the volume of what they can sell to the companies increases.

Robert: That they consume less? The population uses water for many things. Cleaning, food, etc., etc.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, they would consume less, because they are implanted with the idea that they should be careful with water. For example, there are many regions where people are fined for washing their cars with a hosepipe, or similar, and the idea of bathing in four minutes is promoted, and that this is enough. Bathing in four minutes does not clean anyone, least of all a two meter bearded hairy man. In four minutes he hasn't even wet himself properly.

Gosia: So, there would be no natural shortage as such, no? It's just mismanaged.

Swaruu X (Athena): Not as such. However, artificially yes, remembering that there is also climate manipulation where they can create shortages or rainfall in each region as they see fit.

Robert: I imagine that water is like oil, inexhaustible.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, as long as the water cycle works with the oceans. What can be lacking is drinking water, for consumption.

Robert: In Spain, water is already listed on the stock exchange. Is that good or bad?

Swaruu X (Athena): Bad, because that means it has owners. They speculate financially with water and it is no longer a human rights resource, free for all.

Robert: Wow, good point. The water now has an owner.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, and it no longer belongs to the people.

Robert: So the water has become a business, just look at the fact that it is already listed on the stock exchange. That means we will have more scarcity and speculation.

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, in addition to something else. The volume of fresh water on Earth is minimal compared to salt water or sea water, so they can control it. They have more and more infrastructure for it, dams, pipes. In addition, much of the fresh water in rivers and lakes is undrinkable, or heavily polluted, products of human waste pipes and industrial waste.

Robert: Are desalinization plants any good?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes of course, but they are expensive and do not support the entire population.

Robert: Tina, what about importing water from asteroids. Is that valid?

Swaruu X (Athena): In a civilization with the technological level of Taygeta, yes it is valid and even easy. And it is done in the case of mining, not water. But in the case of Earth and its official state, no way. That idea to me is more of what they push with the agenda to make believe that water is needed and scarce. It would be much more feasible and cheaper to install more desalinization plants.

Replicated Food

Gosia: This was the question someone asked after Mari's video about food and replicators. Sharing Yazhi's answer here: question: "I don't quite understand. It has been said that the Cabal has not reached the technological level of creating matter from energy out of nothing, but a multinational can create to print food from energy."

Yazhi: Because those replicators are not at that technological level. Those replicators still need basic raw material and that's incomplete. Printing things directly from the ether is a technology far beyond what they have there.

It's that they replace food volume with things like expanded styrene with artificial flavorings because they don't have the chemical bases needed to print complex amino acids, vitamins and complicated nutrients.

Gosia: So replicators don't really create matter from energy or some like yours do?

Yazhi: It depends on each type of replicator. Yes, there are those that print from nothing. Some of ours do.

Robert: But food is "biology", it will never be the same if you replicate that.

Yazhi: The food replicated with cutting edge technology "from the ether" yes it is almost perfect, but it is that "almost" that makes it... you better not eat it, although it would still be healthier than anything processed terrestrial.

It's just that molecules or molecular structure are reversed in replication, not always but it happens a lot. And the inverted molecule of a nutrient turns out to be useless to the body.

An example of that is, as Mari said, vitamin C that is inverted creating ascorbic acid (what they sell you as vitamin C in the pharmacy) which is completely useless for the body, being that what gives you relief in case of flu or cold is the acid itself and not the vitamin C. In that case it would be more useful for you to consume apple cider vinegar and not ascorbic acid."

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