Infiltration from Beyond Earth - This is Bigger than you Imagine - We Reveal the Facts

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 08, 2022

Infiltration from Beyond Earth - This is Bigger than you Imagine - We Reveal the Facts

Narrated by Gosia

Marina and Ester's contact with Taygeta and Yazhi's team started around June 2020. They were very enthusiastic, showing a lot of support, and communicating quite frequently with Anéeka of Temmer, mainly, and Yazhi. They spent hours with both of them, receiving a lot of information that they started posting on their channels (the information they still have there).

In February 2021 Ester was living temporarily in Norway. After a short time, and just when the Covid restrictions started, she had to leave Norway, and since she didn't want to go through the PCR tests and vaccinations, we suggested her to come to Finland where she could stay in our apartment. I offered her my own room and went to my partner Matias' apartment. That was at the beginning of March 2021.

Ester arrived in Finland driving from Norway in the middle of winter, in harsh weather, and accompanied all along her route by the Taygetan team who were ready to assist her with any problem. They were very concerned about her and took great care of her in every aspect. In one of her videos, Ester mentions seeing lights above her car on the road.

Upon arriving in Finland, we started sharing with each other our experiences with the team, and when we got into the subject of "stellar identities", I shared with her what I knew about my own link to Taygeta, and the fact that I am in the immersion. At this point, Ester still didn't know anything about herself, or not much, but I encouraged her to insist to receive more. At this point I already knew that Ester was also in the immersion, but I wanted her to hear it from the team itself. I knew no more about her at that point, although I could already see the strange affection the Taygetans and Yazhi had for her.

Ester took my advice and insisted that Yazhi tell her more about herself. She said she was ready to know, and so it happened. Yazhi revealed everything she knew about Ester at the time.

As we always say, our lives in 3D, and of all of us, are intertwined with what happens beyond Earth, in other realities, and we are not isolated earthly souls without complex histories behind us. What we perceive as our life in the 3D Matrix is only a fragment of the more complicated and extensive trajectory of our souls. And the reasons why we are here also entails a series of events to which we normally have no access due to lack of memory.

Because of that, and because of that complexity, sometimes it is better not to remember our links with the extraterrestrial worlds, because the realities do not fit, the 3D world is very one-sided and much simpler, and we would not always be able to face all the reality behind it.

Ester's case turned out to be quite complicated. Mine also has its complexity, Robert has not been given much or nothing, but Ester's story was complex, and we were helping her, Robert and I, to make it easier for her to assimilate it.

Yazhi revealed that Ester, with the Taygetan name Stela of Erra, had entered the Earth Matrix from the Taygeta immersion, after arriving there from the future line as a daughter of Alenym of Temmer (from another line). To sum it up, supposedly her "mission" was to return in time and approach Alenym to warn her of the future disaster where Alenym and other Taygetans die.

On the other hand, since time is not as we think on Earth, events do not happen in the linear way, and the souls that are grouped to work together do that many times because they are linked, Yazhi also revealed to her that Stela of Erra, although she is from the future, also gives birth to a girl who later becomes known as Swaruu 1. And yes, it sounds complex, but I remind you all that we all have this kind of stories, and it is not something reserved only for certain people. We all have cosmic adventures, entanglements, loops, and what to the 3D human mind sounds like "mess".

That's why, among other reasons, the Taygetans and Swaruus don't like to give out information about starseeds´ stellar identity because, for what they have come to do on Earth, it usually doesn't concern them, and it can be difficult to assimilate.

Returning to Ester, it is at this time that she was introduced to a Taygetan scientist, Alahi, with whom she began to talk and... with whom she began to have a love relationship (obviously long distance). The two fell in love, with Alahi apparently remembering having been with Ester in his past life.

Over the course of time (where we really didn't know many details because both Ester and Alahi were very secretive about their relationship), the two began to plan their meeting on Earth, probably in Barcelona. Ester insisted that this was very important to her, for them to meet and for him to meet her family before they were all extracted, Marina with her family, and Ester, probably around October 2021. All this happened between March and April 2021, in the short time that Ester was in Finland.

Ester informed us that at the beginning of June she will leave Finland and drive back to Barcelona. During this time, she continued to deepen her relationship with Alahi, with him preparing everything he needed for his stay on Earth, although he had never been here before and it was highly dangerous for him.

At the beginning of May 2021 (and forgive me if I have the exact dates wrong), the Taygetans lost communication with Earth, and decided to temporarily return to Taygeta to regain strength. It is then that Athena Swaruu contacted me and then Robert for the first time, staying close to Earth together with Yazhi having their own means of communication. And she revealed to me a tragic event that happened on the ship a little earlier: Alahi died from the heart attack he suffered the reason being that he could not be connected with Ester (that's what the Taygetans thought at the beginning. The real reason for his death will be understood later).

Athena Swaruu and her attempts to help
Now, we have to remember that Swaruus, not only but especially Swaruus, are experts in temporal manipulation, with that saying that instead of immediately informing Ester of Alahi´s death, Athena offered to look for alternatives to avoid the pain that Ester had to go through. She wanted to do everything possible by examining the situation and possible temporary solutions to prevent Alahi’s death from happening, joining timelines, or even considered simply bringing in another Alahi from the time before his death. For this reason, we decided not to say anything to Ester yet, until Athena knows for sure if there is a solution.

Athena and I spent several weeks debating possibilities, and shortly after with Robert, assisting Athena giving her our support while she traveled the timelines contemplating all the ethical points, and doing everything possible to find a good ending, even talking to Alahi himself from another timeline to possibly come to ours, which in the end proved impossible as it would make the situation with his Ester there difficult.

With the help of Yazhi, and after many attempts, both Yazhi and Athena have found that in all the timelines they saw Alahi dying, more or less at the same age, for different reasons. It was decided that even bringing him here from the "past" would not be permanent, and that he would probably die anyway. We all decided then that it was time to tell Ester everything. She could no longer be protected.

When we finally decided to tell her, it was very close to her return by car to Spain, so we decided to postpone it until she arrived in Spain, as we did not want to put her at risk driving all over Europe after she had learned of Alahi´s death. She would not have been stable and could have lost control of the car. So we waited for her arrival in Barcelona.

A few days after her arrival, I informed Marina first, and we asked her in a group with Athena to wait a few more days, so that Ester could enjoy time with her family a little bit. Marina did not respect this though, and the next day she informed Ester of everything.

As we expected to a certain point, Ester was very angry that she was not told before. She was offered to talk to Athena, as she was the only one who could explain the details. Ester demanded to speak to Athena alone, since, according to her, this was nobody's business. Athena agreed to do so.

We were not in the conversation, but from what Athena told us, and then reading the conversation, we saw that Ester did not have much respect for Athena for all that she tried to do, and you can see the whole conversation, without any editing, in the link in the description below the video (in Spanish). You can very clearly see here that there was absolutely nothing with the Taygetan information itself that the two girls did not "resonate" with and the matter, as I always said, was purely personal.

A day after their conversation, although we all had a server with Athena in common to chat with from that day forward, both Ester and Marina left the group (screenshot available in the Spanish transcript).

Although on the same day I sent Ester words of support saying that she is very much loved, since we never had any disagreements, neither Ester nor Marina spoke to us again. Nor did they approach Athena, and it was the last time that both Robert and I, as well as Athena, spoke to them.

I didn't understand why there was so much resentment for simply not having told her about the accident before, and why Ester didn't want to maintain communication with us, nor with Athena Swaruu. I tried to understand her, and her anger, and I gave her space to recover from her pain thinking that when she gets over her anger, she will come to communicate with us or with Athena. But it never happened.

The screenshots I show now are part of the letter Athena herself wrote some time ago, telling the story with her own words, when we were about to share with all of you the whole story, but in the end together decided not to, and simply continued to work.

(Screenshots in Spanish. In the video you can listen to the English version)

Athena explains more:

Swaruu X (Athena): "Ester forgets something very important. Something we've all told her before, something you even made videos about. All Swaruus are connected. What she did to me, cutting me out of her life, she did to Yázhi. Almost like a package deal. And this has been very difficult to understand from a limited human point of view. People are just not equipped to understand something like this because it's too different from their experience.

Things cannot be understood only from the human perspective. Everyone falls into the error of thinking they understand the Universe and how things work. But some things are so "ET" that they must at least respect them, if not understand. It has been very difficult to explain this to humans. Even more so when typing. It would be much easier by looking at us. This is something that Yázhi and I have not been able to explain. There are no words. There is no way to convey this.

Ester can see Alahi 2 as another. He is not other. There are no timelines, no alternate universes. This is what we don't seem to have explained correctly. Alternate realities and alternate universes are only alternate from one point of view, but from a broader one they are just part of the same thing. So for us it's just Alahi. Not "other." Same old Alahi. And that is non-human thinking."

Removing Athena and us from their lives, Ester and Marina continued to wait for the return of the Taygetans, because let's not forget that they were planning their extraction around October. They thought that regardless of their disagreement with Athena, when the Taygetans return, they will contact and extract them.

Contrary to what they tell the public, they never cut off contact with the Taygetans. They were still waiting for them, as I show you in the following screenshot, courtesy of Anéeka who shared it with us later. These are the messages that both Ester and Marina sent to Anéeka informing her that they were ready for the extraction. The last message is from September 30, when, as they tell people in their video, they terminated their contact in June 2021.

(Screenshot from their video where they tell the audience they "withdrew" themselves in June 2021)

Messages they kept sending to Aneeka until 30 September 2021:

In Anéeka’s words later:

Translation: "The ones who decided to stop the contact were all of us together, and it was not Ester and Marina as they mistakenly make the public believe."

In the next section we will understand more about the reasons why both were not extracted, and this is where the story gets really murky.

Anéeka: "Extracting people is a delicate and personal matter. Having disagreements of this magnitude does break the extraction contract. That's why you have to expose a lot of material as to why of everything, even the personal stuff, because they turned a personal matter public.

They are strange, something is not right there with those two. There's something wrong in the air with them. I also don't like Marina's tendency of not saying anything. Even when I was giving them topics she rarely said anything, she was just there, greeted and said goodbye, very strange. They asked for it, let the public see the big reason why they were denied contact."

Findings of Taygetan Intelligence
In the beginning of October 2021 and forward, when the Taygetan team was communicating again, it was revealed to us what the Taygetean intelligence found in the past months against both Ester and Marina.

There were moments where we even had the authorization from Alenym herself to share all the information, something that together with them we were postponing in order not to extend the "drama" for the followers, and for the "ethics" towards Ester because it involved her personal matters.

Anéeka: "My high command authorizes the publication of all or any part of the existing information against these two. It is at the discretion of the two of you to decide what to publish and what not to publish.

It should be known that what I am sharing with you is only a part of what we have as reasons to stop contacting them, since we have more elements that could be shared as well. Because I know them very well, who they have talked to and who they have been with. And they know what I mean."

Before Anéeka gave us all the details, which were developing little by little, Athena gave us little clues, although she did not want to be the one to tell us everything because it was the work of Taygeta Intelligence. Besides, not everything was known yet. What was known already, though, was that Ester and Marina had some shady links even outside the planet.

Swaruu X (Athena): "This is a sensitive issue for Taygetans. Not even for me to say. All I can share with you is that there is more going on here than what meets the eye. Taygetans are not dumb, and they do constant counterintelligence operations. They are running a counterintelligence operation right now to find out more. This is sensitive and I'm telling you a lot already.

It is so sensitive that for your security you cannot know until we can understand more. It's not a lack of trust, it's just that there are some things we can't tell you yet. Not everything can always be shared, or at every moment. It compromises or could compromise an ongoing operation, for example."

Let's go little by little. First let's talk about Ester.
As it was already explained, Ester had a romance with Alahi, a ship scientist, and shortly after, Alahi died. It was thought at the beginning that it was because of the communication cut that they suffered on the ship, for not being able to reach Ester. Why he really died, it will be revealed now.

Alahi had drones, they are always at the disposal of the Taygetans, and when he did not have the means to reach Ester, he let his passion overcome him and launched the said drones to be closer to her. Passionate and excited, and doing so without the Taygetans' knowledge, he suffered a great disappointment when he discovered certain things about Ester that, let's say, he didn't like. What he found basically and literally broke his heart. He was clean, young, and very idealistic, and did not expect to see what he saw. And since Taygetans in general are much more fragile in this sense, his heart simply did not survive the pressure.

In Yazhi's words:

Yazhi: "Ester takes too many things for granted. It takes physical and mental training, knowledge, being on Earth (for step downs). And a lot of gradual adaptation. Not all at once to go down to be there for months. He is not human, it is not easy. Note her "entitlement", note that she feels she has the right to demand. It is part of the narcissism that was strengthened by me telling her those things (she refers to giving Ester more information about her identity).

Ester is not innocent she appears to be, and very well. She has a darker side, a double personality that causes a double life, and we know it now. Alahi found out and that shocked him, he was not prepared to discover those things about her. This has not been explained to you before. She cannot hide it from us. From humans yes, but not from us. And we know many things about her. That is why the Taygetans no longer wish to contact her, nor to extract her. And there is more.

Why do you think she is so interested in giving the image of an innocent girl? She is not innocent as she pretends to be. This was discovered by Alahi, and that is why the Taygetans hold Ester responsible for his death. It is complex, but it is at least the main reason.

Alahi had at his disposal drones and sensors of all kinds from the Toleka, because he was the science officer. He saw things he should not have seen. And it affected him. On top of the other stuff he was already carrying on his shoulders. To see that Ester was not what he thought she was. Yet, he had already promised her everything. But she didn't fit his expectations. He didn't know how to get out of it, he felt trapped. It was too much for him. That's for using sensors and drones to see things he shouldn't (it was with a drone and that's why the Taygetans know because the drones leave activity logs).

And the Taygetans didn't know why or what had affected Alahi to that degree to cause him death for almost two weeks. Until Anéeka reviewed the activity logs and the recordings of the drone that Alahi used. So now you know what happened."


Swaruu X (Athena): "Piece of news, from them, not too good: the crew sat down to talk and most of them don't see what to be here for any longer, they don't see they have any purpose.

The main reason is that Alahi's death has affected them a lot, they only see falsehood in human behavior when they talk or interact with them, generalizing. This against Ester because they do see her as the cause of his death. They do know about what happened here between us all and Ester, with me specifically. So they do see interacting with humans, mingling with them or, even worse, developing a relationship with them as extremely risky.

What they see is that Alahi gave Ester his heart and one way or another she broke it. Basically Ester and whatever happened there finished breaking their faith in humanity. That is how things are."


Let´s continue with the story. As I said above, the discoveries were underway, first about Ester, and now the focus went to Marina, since both turned out to have things in common, which I will explain now.

As we always say, matters in the misnamed 5D, a physical world outside of Earth, are not as rosy as the New Agers portray them, although life is mostly peaceful and much more harmonious than on Earth.

That said, conflicts do occur, and Taygeta itself suffers from them sometimes, especially since it is a very desirable place for the terrestrial Cabal itself, as will be explained later. And sometimes it is the very extraterrestrial elements, non-human people, who negotiate and help the Cabal with their attempts with the entrance, or rather, invasion, to certain civilizations outside the Earth.

Continuing with the plot, Taygetan counterintelligence discovered that there was a non-terrestrial person, and linked to Taygeta but not really from Taygeta, who was in operations to help the Cabal and the regressive non-terrestrial elements to dominate Taygeta. Without further revealing her identity, let's call her Starlette.

Starlette on Earth
To understand more about how Ester and Marina's infiltration into our contact ties in and why, I will first share with you a conversation we had with Anéeka about Starlette. I have edited out many names and details for our own safety, following Anéeka's advice not to get too involved in this matter publicly.

Anéeka: "We found evidence that Starlette was down on Earth passing for a human and working on her agendas from below.

While it's pretty illogical that someone with Starlette's power would bother to be there, it turns out that as soon as Starlette got in there, circa or between 2010 and 2014, the place she was at was filling up with high-level drug dealers, displacing the sons of businessmen who dominated there. It also turns out that the site where she was is run by Jesuits. And from there she managed human trafficking and smuggling networks, as well as narcotics. With a large network of methamphetamine production in clandestine laboratories that gave them strong dividends with which to finance their operations on Earth.

Gosia: And why did she do that?

Anéeka: It has to do with their world domination network, with how they hide. From there to get the necessary support to invade Taygeta as their plan has already proven to be. And the Jesuits were always there. Yet, we still don't know what else she was doing there.

Gosia: I don't understand. She already has everything and gets involved with drug traffickers?

Anéeka: She financed and controlled them. She didn´t just get involved with drug dealers, she managed them.

Gosia: But what does she get in return?

Anéeka: Money and power.

Gosia: But why does she want money if she already has it all outside?

Anéeka: She needs money because she still has to operate at the surface level, or around that date, then no more. The prepaid cards were no longer working for her, later for no one. Still, we don't know what else she was up to with that. Remember this is circa 2010-2014. She was also moving human trafficking networks.

I know this topic is tiring, however there are things that should not be ignored. For example, what I am telling you, this is beyond your league. It is not your place to mess with people of that caliber."

Now, what does Ester and Marina have to do with all this?
As Anéeka informs us, after the arduous work of intelligence (because it is not always possible to obtain the data of who a human person is immediately), it has been possible to find Marina's identity, or at least a remote influence:


Anéeka: "Marina: Star Identity: Starlette. Status: in unauthorized and unregistered immersion from her ship for 32 months."

It's getting a bit complicated, isn't it? Well, now you will understand more, patience.

What Anéeka explained to us is that Starlette, from Taygeta, among many other shady activities, has conspired with a girl up there to pass for Stela of Erra to use immersion or partial immersion, to enter Earth as humans, and to approach Queen Alenym (which is otherwise very difficult to approach since she is guarded by special forces) in the form of innocent humans, with Ester as her "daughter". Thus, when being extracted, gaining access to the Toleka ship from within, and with intent to dominate Alenym by eventually removing her from her position as queen and leader of Taygeta.

In other words, what Ester is, is an imposter, conspiring with Starlette who, on the other hand, through partial or complete immersion, managed Marina as her extension/avatar.

Swaruu X (Athena): "Yes, there is Stela of Erra, who entered in immersion to warn her mother of the events of her (Stella´s) past, but the regressive elements threw in there the impostor: a Troyan Horse to make her pass for Stela of Erra, and conveniently, they called her: Ester.

That´s why it was corroborated that it was Ester, because it was the impostor in the immersion pod. But that impostor was not Alenym´s daughter. The impostor part almost worked out for them.

Robert: She came to destroy our project?

Swaruu X (Athena): Not only. She came to destroy Alenym and take over the throne, with that invading Taygeta for the regressive Cabal as they have always wanted.

Ester already gave signs that she has interference from the dark side, and it is logical that they use her as a puppet to remove Alenym, because they have tried it before. Ester's personality and her record of activities is consistent with this type of interference, it is not consistent with her being Alenym's daughter, they are too different. The Taygetans are considering Ester as a Troyan type operation. Ester and Marina want the extraction and that's why it can't happen because it's a Troyan Horse. The Taygetans already found out everything about it."

Cabal and Taygeta´s Domination
Cabal and domination of Taygeta? Now you will understand more.
Honestly, this information was never going to be shared by us in this way, it is not something that really concerns humans, and it is the internal affairs of each extraterrestrial civilization. However, given the situation, we decided to share it. This is the only way to understand everything better.

Swaruu X (Athena): "There are people against us, but I am not only talking about people like trolls or people from other Youtube channels attacking us, I am referring to the networks of people on Earth working against Taygeta, and also non-human networks that were planning to invade Taygeta in one way or another, for example the Troyan Horse operation involving Ester and Marina as Starlette's puppets. Humans working for Cabal, Cabal with parts of the Federation and/or with the group that does wish to invade Taygeta.

Taygeta has always been coveted by the Cabal, they want to dominate it with a puppet removing the real queen. A puppet that would remove the High Council by imposing an Earth-style monarchy.

Gosia: Why do they want this?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because it gives them power of all kinds. From technological to political, in order to then invade M45 (in their Cabal minds because they could never do that because things don't work that way). They have tried to invade before, last attempt between 1938 and 1945 entering through Cyndriel (the Cabal with the Nazis).

Robert: And why Taygeta? Why not Electra?

Anéeka: Simple, because it turns out that since ancient Gnostic Barbarian (German) texts it is said that the Aryan race descends from the stars, hence their interest in going to Aldebaran, which in itself means that it is Taygeta that they desire. And they want Taygeta because it is the cradle or the origin of the Aryan race according to Hitler and company.

With this you can see why they want so strongly to invade Taygeta. In the mind of the Nazis who still rule the world, Taygeta is their origin, it belongs to them.

Swaruu X (Athena): Also Electra, but:
1.) Electra is stronger militarily than Taygeta.
2.) They see possibilities to enter Taygeta because its royalty has links with that of Earth, and Electra is more closed as a society, more difficult, they see Taygeta as more vulnerable.

Gosia: But the Federation should not let them do this. Isn't the purpose of the Federation to protect the races from invaders?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that's why, that's in the minds of the Cabal. They couldn´t do it because the Federation itself would never allow them to, but they keep wanting to. It is evident that from one level or another they still believe they can go out and invade planets with the human Pentagon mentality. But that mentality is contained on Earth. These are their dreams. Fostering treaties with people who are outside of Earth (like Starlette) who have their own interests. And developing technologies to leave Earth by ship since the portals are impractical because they are too small for invasion.

I know the Taygetans are developing the case against Starlette. But they can't just go after her, because she is not acting alone and they want to know who else is with her. Or who she works for. So this is a process of gathering intelligence first. They're developing a counterintelligence operation right now.

And to be clear, this mess is not against you. Taygetans already investigated you, I'm sorry to say that in that crude way. The ones who didn't come out clean are Ester and Marina."


Anéeka: "You have to know that the Jesuits pressure their people who control in their networks the secret society with mafias to make contact with ET beings or with other contactees so that it is possible for them to infiltrate there among the contactees, and if possible, to infiltrate with the same ET that the Vatican knows and accepts that they are here.

This is a perfect picture of two spiritual girls having contact with Pleiadians. Textbook case."

Drones at the Ester and Marina´s meet up
Now, many people wonder what those drones were that appeared at the meeting organized by Ester and Marina in July last year.
The answer to this question is clarified by Anéeka.


Anéeka: "Last minute Intel. I checked the traffic over Barcelona over the meeting. Yes, there were seven drones. Drone type motor frequency signal... 110cm spherical. Like the ones from the Toleka. not from the Toleka"

What Anéeka explained to us at this point, something that fits perfectly with this story, is that the drones were sent by Starlette and her team to validate her puppets. Let's remember that at that time the Taygetans were not around, plus Ester and Marina had no contact with anyone anymore. How then could the Taygeta´s team, and why, send them drones? In five years of contact we never received drones but suddenly they appear in their meeting when they no longer had contact?

And the answer is - because they were not theirs. They were Starlette's.

Swaruu X (Athena): "Federation blames the Taygetans for misuse of drones. The direct way to show the drones of clearly non-human origin is violation of the Prime Directive to back up what Ester and Marina say to the public. At this moment my High Command is negotiating with local Federation explaining to them that those 110cm drones do not come from this ship. And the local Federation already knows, because of air traffic, that they do not come from the Toleka.

The problem with that is that the drones of this type, 110 cm, are interstellar. I mean, they don't require a mothership to come or go anywhere within their range. That's why the High Council considered the drone incident as a security priority. So, with the strong suspicions we have thanks to our Intelligence team, and together with the whole case being prepared at the moment, they issue back to spaceport order for Starlette.

Gosia: But it is very strange, not being able to show drones etc. if UFOs, drones and whatever... are already seen everywhere. Whose are they then if the Federation is so strict?

Anéeka: Because you have to send or declare flight plan to the local Federation traffic control in the Viera. Those drones operated without declaring flight plan. The others do declare flight plan, and yes it is true that there are ships and drones over terrestrial airspace at plague level today. But they are authorized. As long as that flight plan does not violate the Prime Directive, yes. And that's the case here because it validates their contact with extraterrestrials. And you can't do that. It's Starlette validating and endorsing them directly. And if there are problems with the Federation, she knows it would be our fault and not hers.

Gosia: And why are some drones authorized if in theory they go against the Prime Directive? Why some are and some are not?

Anéeka: Most of the drones and ships follow authorized routes that do not go against the Prime Directive and are only seen or detected by chance. That's very different from putting on an air show above a UFO meet up."

Search for Starlette
At this time, the Taygetans already had a warrant for the capture of Starlette and her team and were searching for her. Teams of Hashmallims were also on several operations on Earth that had to do with stopping other activities that had to do even with the alien false flag invasion. Several people were arrested and Robert and I received team reports from Anéeka and Swaruu X (Athena) informing us of the progress.

Swaruu X (Athena): "You should know that Starlette has one Earth week from last Sunday to respond to the High Council call or a warrant will be issued for her arrest. Her intentions are extensive and it is to lead the Earth Cabal to invade Taygeta. Ester and Marina were only useful to her until they were discovered. That is her plan A, B or C, but she has many more awaiting their turn."

Although in those times we were debating whether to expose Ester and Marina and explain why they really lost contact, we always ended up deciding that it was better to ignore them, rise above, and give them a chance to leave on their own. Obviously, until now.

Swaruu X (Athena): "Yazhi and I are of the opinion that they should not be contacted anymore, they should not be attacked in any way. They should be left alone and ignored, unless they initiate some kind of attack, slander or something against us. Otherwise, do absolutely nothing. The two of them are not the head of what is going on here, it is Starlette, there is no point in attacking their puppets, because puppets they are. The intelligence work here, and capture, should be focused on Starlette herself.

They are not that important to Starlette, they are disposable, and that is what Yázhi and I anticipate. They don't even need this Ester to use her as a puppet to remove Alenym. Starlette can bring in any Esters she wants, whether she is from this timeline or not doesn't matter at all.

I love my Taygetan sisters very much, but they tend to be very naive and not think multidimensionally in specific situations as Yázhi and I can. The problem here is multidimensional because Starlette hides between the folds of densities and between the wrinkles of time so as not to be discovered. Only the two of us, Swaruunians, can keep up with her in this multilevel game, it is our job, let us do it. We will go after the snake's head, not her puppets. She doesn't need to use these two who have already been discovered.

Let Ester and Marina play contactees, they will dry up eventually. Even the drone trick, I see that as hardly repeatable because Starlette now knows that the Toleka is on alert, and by following the drone jump signal the Toleka may find out the point in space-time where she is hiding. She will not be able to repeat it so easily without risking being discovered. Starlette has a lot of experience, as an elite sniper, she knows that she cannot and should not shoot twice from the same position. What we should do is anticipate Starlette's movements, not of these two. Let them talk to their Mediator (Interstellar Mediator) and their Jesuits, there is nothing new there."

Athena means here that despite the good intelligence work of the Taygetans, the Swaruus wanted to find Starlette with their own methods, using their timeline expertise, and also Yazhi who was able to mentally approach Starlette trying to locate her.

Anéeka: "Athena and Yazhi will go to find and stop Starlette in Sand Clock operation as soon as they finish formulating their plan. As long as she does not appear before the Temmer High Council on her own as she is ordered to testify and give her account of the latest events. By the time the deadline expires, which is tomorrow, Sunday at 17:00, she will have a warrant for her arrest."


While the operations were in progress, Anéeka kept us informed of the changes.


Anéeka: "Latest intel: Starlette is reported to not be in Cyndriel orbit. Does not report her position. High Council of Taygeta from Temmer orders Starlette to return immediately to spaceport because of what we reported today.

Intel: Starlette is not in Cyndriel, it is not known where she is and she is not responding to the call to return to base. Just less than a week ago Med (Interstellar Mediator) re-activated all her accounts and all her channels. Ester and Marina are still in contact with her, last communication between the three of them today morning. They talk to each other in codes and for a few seconds. End of intel."

Starlette´s Arrest
Finally, thanks to the Swaruus' attempts (this is also when we first met Minerva - she was involved in finding Starlette from her timeline, thus ending up in ours), Starlette and her team have been arrested and detained.

Anéeka reports:

Anéeka: "They are investigating what is inside Starlette's ships´computers. The 50 or so detainees are being interrogated. Starlette is being interrogated and from there we will proceed according to what we find.

Robert: Wow, more than 50 detainees.

Anéeka: Yes, 57 exactly if I am not mistaken.

Robert: But it is not known yet what it is they wanted?

Anéeka: Not yet, it's early, but things are moving along.

Robert: And what motivated those 57 people to support Starlette?

Anéeka: I don't have the statements yet. It's early, that's in progress.
Starlette is in the detention center in Toleka City as well as about 130 of her followers. They are going through the interrogation process and all that. Most of them will be sent to re-habilitation and spiritual healing centers."


We don't know more about what happened to all the detainees but what we do know is that Starlette, due to a lot of stress, has transcended or, in other words, died shortly after her arrest.
Now, you may wonder what has happened to Marina then as she no longer had the link with Starlette? Shouldn't Marina "disappear" then?
As our friends explain, this is a complex issue as it involves partial versus full immersion technology, and also depends on other factors such as, for example, whether the person enters her mirror or a fully Matrix person.

Anéeka here explains:

Anéeka: "There is an "imprint" of Starlette left in Marina. That is, Marina is now Starlette, at least on Earth. She doesn't have the same capabilities, no, not even the shadow, but something "evil" remains in her, the truculence that defines her.

I have to do more research on this, but it seems to have to do with the very nature of immersion, as in a person in immersion enters their 3D mirror so they don't die, as opposed to a 5D person in immersion using a Backdrop or empty person, in which case they do die."

In other words, from what I understand, what Marina is now is an imprint of Starlette, with some of her influence but not total, having formed her own point of attention-soul that continues with her life.

Now, in reference to Ester, something similar happened. The person who was an impostor for Stela of Erra was awakened from her immersion and arrested, with Ester remaining as her reflection on Earth, without the connection to her pod, and moving on with her life in her own admatic point of attention.


With all that happened, it could be even said that a part of the alien false flag from space was stopped as well as the attempted invasion of Taygeta, because that´s what Starlette and her Earth associates were after, some of whom were arrested by the Hashmallims.

Anéeka: "Maybe what we have stopped was a very important piece for the alien false flag invasion. But that false alien invasion plan can be done from Earth with normal human resources too. And easy. People believe anything already nowadays. We could also say that we know who was behind that fake alien invasion here helping the Cabal, and that they could contact more people.

As Robert says, he feels used by them and he is right, but the only thing Ester and Marina wanted is extraction. What I don't like about it is her offended attitude, not only against you two, who helped her so much... but against the Swaruus. Since it is known that they work with us, they live here among us, if they have not realized.

Robert: The extraction is the excuse for something yes.

Anéeka: I feel that it is their way of saying: ‘Look how fake they are because we told them we are ready and they never showed up’. Although if they have two brain cells they will know that it was because of that attitude they have had.

Another thing that doesn't fit is this excessive anger against Gosia and Swaruu X (Athena) just because of Alahi, since they had a logical and strong reason to withhold information from her, her security.

Ok, I understand that for Ester it was not right that she was not told but it was not enough her to react like that to dismiss people.

Which once again reinforces Gosia's and Swaruu X (Athena)'s feelings about why it was necessary to withhold it from her in the first place. As if it was an excuse to cut off contact with the two of you and the Swaruu.

They fail to connect that whatever they do to the Swaruus they do to us in Toleka, and they do to you as well. So they have a distinctly impertinent and highly self-centered attitude that even works against their own interests. Interesting because that attitude is tantamount to precision with black-eyed children, vampires and other regressive beings, who ask you to let them into your house.

As they said here, what other resentful ex-contactees did not achieve, Ester and Marina are achieving. To get us out of the public eye. And that we no longer accept new contacts, much less new disclosers. That is the extent of the damage."

And finishing up with the subject of extraction:

Anéeka: "It is very strange that they talk about being ready for extraction if there are tensions, you don't jump into the void like that. Without knowing whose ship you're going into. I see that they use the fact that they are ready for extraction as a possible method of exposing us as a lie. Because we could not extract them.

That's why in any case it should be explained firmly why they are not extractable. It is not that we cannot extract them, but that they are not eligible.

But the strong and insurmountable reason behind it all is that it is a Troyan Horse against the Queen, no way we can extract them. It is the strongest danger we have encountered against the Queen in several years.

You should know that now my work is only focused on the security of Taygeta's interests (and those include your interests). I am still the head of Alenym Intelligence. The truth is that we discovered a whole roll of toilet paper with a long list of problems against those two. We wouldn't extract them, ever, we wouldn't touch them with a broomstick.

Ester plays the innocent. That makes her dangerous to Taygeta because that's the face that people would see, because the Taygetan population is very innocent. They would only see that YouTube Ester, innocent and sensitive. Not a cold, calculating narcissistic woman. She is a danger from many angles. Extracting Ester is treason to the Queen.

Robert: It's all a shame, Ester seemed to be someone special with potential.

Swaruu X (Athena): She was, until she was discovered. Now she is inconsequential. That's what she seems to be. She's just a misguided woman playing a contactee and enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.

Anéeka: Also, whoever takes them (Ester and Marina) off Earth will have an immediate warrant for their arrest, which has been active for over a month now. The order is for whoever helps them to leave Earth. Their capture is automatic if they leave Earth."

Let us now turn to the subject of the photos since, apart from this whole story, you want to understand this as well. As we have already explained many times, and even warned four years ago with Swaruu of Erra, they always use supposedly pornographic "evidence" as the way to discredit them. This has been done in Billy Meier's time, it is the same now, and that is why the Taygetans had so many objections to pass their photos to the public.

As we have already said in the previous video about the photos: There was never any deception on the part of the Taygetans. And there is no fraud. The faces they show us and other contactees are them, but the sexual context is either added by whoever wants to shut them up, inserted and manipulated, or it is done with the use of clones. Other photos are of the look-alikes or even mirrors we have been talking about for years. So the deception is not on their part, but in false context where those images could be found.

It is easy to inject or set up any scenario on the web just with the technology used on Earth. Photomontages, implants, alterations of all kinds with a view to discredit, even with dates to give them more realism, are commonly done against people who do not fit the agenda of the one doing the discrediting. This is nothing new. And if you have advanced off Earth technologies, that makes it all even more so incredibly easy.

Ester and Marina as well as some other former contactees knew very well what it is all about and that these are Cabal traps, they have never "exposed" anything while they were still in contact, but when they lost it they have decided to omit everything they knew about the real reasons behind the photos, and they attack, taking advantage of the limited mental capacity of their followers who easily fall for all these old debunking tricks.

Why not report the "deception" while in contact? Here we have Angel, an ex-contactee who seems to have understood very well the problem of the photos, but when the contact was cut off, he suddenly starts to take revenge saying that they are fake. Why not before?

(Angel here states three years ago that they did the same thing with Asket, confusing her with the actress, that they are always mixing them up with the terrestrials)

Let me repeat: The photos that Anéeka and other girls shared with us of them are theirs, they are their faces and sometimes more than faces, but the whole pornographic scenario is fake and added digitally and holographically by their enemies. As easy as that and who does not understand it has missed many of our videos, for example about implants that the Federation does and not only Federation, inserting people´s complete identities and entire histories.
The Matrix is digital numerical, as Anéeka explained, and even cities or entire situations can be inserted without anyone knowing that they are false. Implanting photos and videos based on real photos is kids work, not very creative on the part of the Cabal either, a very worn-out trick, but which still seems to work on some.

And there are also clones, something that Swaruu of Erra warned about years ago:
"Another problem or factor here is that several regressive races use holograms and/or clones of Nordics to pose as such, in order to carry out a control agenda and blame us."


Here I will share with you an interesting conversation with Anéeka where she explains the use of clones, and how many clones have been found aboard the ship that Starlette had, not the only place where they are kept and manufactured.

Anéeka: "If my picture is a problem, I'd better take it down.

Robert: Why would it be a problem? You look like a nice person.

Anéeka: Because I have the same or similar face as the pictures they use to discredit us and that will give rise to hundreds clones they found of all of us and of other people. Oddly enough, all women, not a single man.

Robert: And where did they end up?

Anéeka: They are still there, there are four clones of me and my friends who you know, among other people. All that comes out of ‘Starlette’ to discredit us. Interestingly no unclothed version of her appears on the web. "Strange" isn't it? The clones are in stasis, asleep in special clear tubes on the floor. I still don't know what they will do with those clones, there are more than 100 of them.

Robert: Wait a minute. You say there are clones of you there?

Anéeka: Yes, of all of us: four Anéeka´s, yes. Naishara has eight clones. Alenym four also. There is also Swaruus in clone.

Robert: And what are you going to do with those clones?

Anéeka: I don't know, it is High Council´s problem.

Robert: But can destroying those clones affect you in any way?

Anéeka: It doesn't affect us to destroy them.

Robert: There is no energy connection?

Anéeka: Minimal. Especially because they are asleep. The purpose is to make these clones do filthy things. To blame us later. To make porn pictures, for example, for the moment just that. But with this is enough, with that stopping our possibility to show our face.

Gosia: So... Why not eliminate these clones already?

Anéeka: I don't know. I think they are still looking at ethical dilemmas. They are empty shells, aren't they? All clones lend themselves to problems.

Robert: And how would you destroy them?

Anéeka: You turn off the vital signs that keep the stasis pods where they are and then bury them like any other body.

However, this is not the first time that clones of some of us have been detected. In 2016 there was detected a clone of Swarupapriyananda, for example.

Another thing is that I know that for you this matter of clones is something very whoo whoo strange, but here or from here it is quite normal. You can make a clone with any Med-Pod, the common medical ones. And on Earth clones abound too, just that people naturally don't see them. On Earth they have uses such as to replace politicians and people of interest or for sale for entertainment.

And when I mean they are used for discrediting, I don't mean just with YouTube and Earth, but with the Federation, discrediting in front of the Taygeta people, more drastic things like that, not with the YouTube public, not that, or little, because of the porn pictures. But that's not their main goal.

There is evidence now that it was Starlette who implanted some porn photos, so that we could never show our faces. They knew some of our real photos and, with the AI, they embedded a normal photo with a naked clone's body and in a corresponding pose.

They also exploited the fact that Swaruu and the rest of us only usually shared headshots where you can't see our uniforms, because of the same restrictions on passing around images of objects from here. Such restrictions only hurt credibility, and Starlette and whoever else exploits this to the fullest. For if we were to pass at least bust photos in uniform it would be more difficult to insert nude photos. So the issue of photos, thanks to Starlette and the Federation itself, has become a lurid one that only fuels disbelief and skepticism."


I will now share a snippet of conversation with Dhor Dhor Káal’él on the subject.

Dhor Káal'él: "The photos that Athena passed on, as she explained herself, all have one or another level of manipulation to circumvent electronic filters. But the essence of the photo is real, what you see. There are also digital problems or defects in the manipulation, that is normal and happens with every photo. But they are still real direct photos. Layered to pass the Federation. Although some pass almost direct and have only one or two layers. Layers because small details such as the eyes get deformed and then have to be corrected.

Many of our photos already have body parts, clothes, torsos. You can pass whole photos already, but sometimes we feel it's not convenient because they would outline Swaruu X (Athena), for example. Something they didn't do very well with Anéeka because she came out too puny and short in some photos.

Gosia: Káal'él, maybe you can explain more about how the Federation inserts up to entire identities of the people, photos, etc.

Robert: Gosia, DK needs to go for lunch. He only had three minutes.

Dhor Káal’él: It's simple, with direct manipulation of content on the Internet as any hacker would do. There is no mystery in the how, they just have access to the keys to all the places on the Internet.

The recurring photo theme, as if that were proof, comes from Angel PA and his group, those are the ones who write letters like to Victor or Gaia.

Now the core of what they allege is that Swaruu and Anéeka used porn photos to represent themselves. From the point of view of wanting to use someone as photos to validate who you are it is absurd to use porn photos, it is shooting yourself in the foot.

Fortunately, we have here Swaruu from Erra who says she went through the same thing we are today. Swaruu says that what happens is that when they started to enter the internet with the First Contact project, they used their photos freely without considering that they could be used against them.

Then, when they came in contact with you, they had already distributed the photos when they realized that someone, probably from the Federation, or someone with access to human internet keys, had inserted their real photos and had mixed and matched them with porn photos with a view to remove the girls from this project.

By the time they realized what had happened they had already distributed their photos to you and other contacts, so they could no longer retract the fact that they were them.

But the damage was already done because they were slow to learn that they were being used to make porn photos against you, because no one here is scrutinizing porn photos.

The fact that those pages appear with retro-active dates, before our time, does not mean anything, because you can also change the dates very easily by inserting photos and description pages of the photos in web pages.

This is a coordinated attack of defamation using low tactics exploiting that Taygetan girls are pretty turning that against them.

Let everyone know that this group, which includes the Mediator (Interstellar Mediator) who has no good reputation, who is also known to talk or spoke with Angel among others in that group, invents quite absurd things and falsifies evidence with a view to destroy and end this disclosure.

It is quite absurd to use porn photos to pass as you if you want to give a complex message with so much effort for years, only to sabotage yourself senselessly by distributing pornographic photos easily found on the net. It makes no sense.

And the public should not pass off as true information anything that doesn't come out of Robert or Gosia."

Here I am asking how the photos that were shared freely before have passed through the filters of the Federation.

Dhor Káal’él: "The filters were not as strong as they are today, proof that someone in the Federation has it in for us. The level of censorship has increased a lot and that goes hand in hand with the increase of censorship of Earth or on Earth."


Here we have to mention that the inserts done in this way are only a small part of how those who have access to this technology, not only regressives, implant whole lives of people, not only pictures, and it is part of how a Step Down (a complete ET stepping down to Earth) is "inserted" into Earth system with the intent to merge with the reality of humans.

Gosia: “Is it related?

Dhor Káal’él: Yes, because that's been done before, and it's part of how they insert a prior life identity, family and all that, before a Step Down comes down. So that´s the situation.

The inserted life is ultimately false. If the person leaves Earth, the mirror remains sometimes, sometimes not."

This point here is very interesting, and it would be good to deepen it at some point: the entrance procedure of a step down into the human Matrix, and how, when the step down exits, sometimes he or she leaves behind its mirror, Doppelganger style person.


As you can see, everything is very complex and cannot be seen only with the simple human 3D one-sided mind.

Furthermore, as you will see in the following excerpt, the subject of images in general is something that transcends our mundane mental capacity. Images are much more than just images, and Athena explains it here, and then Yazhi also leaves her comments. Now we are talking about images in general, and we enter the metaphysical realm. I decided to include this part here, although it has nothing to do or much with the subject of porn pictures.

Swaruu X (Athena): "The subject of photos in general is a part of what we are trying to tell you from here. Reality is very complex, but it is still only one reality, the one from the point of view of the Original Source. All other realities, timelines or parallel universes, other dimensions, other densities... all that is a product of limiting ideas inside the minds of beings that have those limitations of perception.

Light rays are temporal lines, different events and different lives. Converging lens is a photo, valid for all the timelines but with the reason or genesis that is different according to different events in each timeline. And the focal point is now.

The photo is valid in the now and in all the timelines because there are no timelines. There are no timelines because the entire universe is one mass. What separates one timeline from another is only a group of ideas of each person, and the consciousness limitations of each person.

Robert: Depending on how you view this graphic, there could also be infinite focal points, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): Again, that only depends on the point of view of the observer, being that for each person that would be his focal point, yes, however from the point of view of the absolute, there is only one "focal point", that of the Original Source.

And we are all that focal point of the Original Source, from our point of view, and by right. We are all one, what separates us are only ideas to which we have attachments.

That´s why photos are dangerous because you are passing from one density to another. From one line in this graphic to another.

So if I send you a photo ‘x’, from my point of view I took it here, but when you jump to the context of that photo from the point of view of another timeline, the same photo has different explanation.

Because you insert something that all the timelines have in common, that photo ‘x’. And that photo ‘x’ is the same in all the timelines because that photo is a moment captured in time, that´s why it is a focal point, or singularity, that is characterized by being the "now", and there can only be one now.

This is obvious for us here but not to the people who watch the channels.

Robert: Does the Source do that to optimize resources or is it not necessary? That one image-photo serves several lines for different purposes? Or just because that's how it works? I understand now, yes. What a complex mess.

Swaruu X (Athena): This is simply how it works. A photo, an image that is the summary of everything that happens in all the timelines where the situation captured in the photo competes.

It´s not that simple. Because, as Yazhi already tried to explain, I don´t know how many times... there are no timelines. Being that the actions of the very person merge to form the "now".

I mean to say that what people call alternate timelines all converge in one point or singularity that is now.

Imagine a lot of parallel lines that are the past... and when they arrive at the "now" they converge just like the blackhole does which is the "now".

So all the timelines and all different things that the person did in all the timelines, it´s all one mass that merged to form the "now", what is now the person-consciousness. You, me, or whoever.

So what is a photo? It is a moment that is captured in time, it is singularity. That means that among all different parallel lines, the same photo can have different origin.

In other words, if the now is a focal point that is the conjunction or the union - final result of all the temporal lines converging, if you take a photo of that now, everything that happens in the temporal lines that converged to form that moment captured in a photo... then that photo is the summary of everything that happens in those temporal lines, because it is a singularity or focal point.

The important thing here is that if you have two timelines that result in the same moment captured in photo "X", the explanation of the genesis of that photo will differ according to which timeline you observe it from.

For example, the little girl in a photo and the circumstances in that photo could be and are different from the point of view or from the timeline of the observer. Which means that this is Ms. Robinson´s daughter from Wisconsin. And from another timeline it is a daughter of Irish immigrants, called McPerson. Or from another timeline it is a Taygetan girl.

Because there is no ‘here’ and there is no time and all is just one mass occurring right now.

Robert: Wow, what a complex mess.

Swaruu X (Athena): This is complex if you look at it in detail. The simplest answer is that it is the same person in different circumstances.

Robert: Wow. And we could apply this not only to photos but to all kinds of events, right? Like for example a crime, an invention etc. The same accident produced in different timelines would converge in a now, in this case ours.

Swaruu X (Athena): Basically, to everything. The only thing that separates one fact from another is the set of ideas that define those facts as separate. We just either don't see it or we don't have a point of reference, or it escapes our comprehension. Even if a person dies in one timeline and not in another. They do not contradict each other.

Because the fact that in one he dies and in another he does not die, they define each other as two sides of a coin. There cannot be the dead person without the living one.

As with Alahi, he dies in all timelines. But in all the ones that we could see, but they are not by any measure all the ones that exist. So yes, there is necessarily infinity of timelines where Alahi lives. The problem I had months ago was that I don´t have the address in time-space to go there, and I don´t have how to obtain it. But it doesn´t mean it doesn´t exist. Yes, there are places where Alahi lives. But I can´t reach them. I don´t have energetic address to introduce in my navigation computer of the ship.

Robert: And why don't you know that direction, is it complex to know?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because I simply have no point of reference. I have nowhere to get that address from. I need a marker that I don't have."


Returning to the subject of porn pictures, and considering that there are thousands of timelines (although there are none), and the images are a mixture of all of them, Robert asks:

Robert: "Then Gosia´s porn photos could be found, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, of all of us, and in all imaginable circumstances.

Robert: Ok, interesting yes. And logical.

Swaruu X (Athena): But in the case of Anéeka and Swaruu 9, it´s all much simpler. An implant with the view to discredit us.

Robert: But how can we get to know which images are manipulated and which ones are not?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is easy for us from here as it is for you to analyze an image manipulated with Photoshop. Because it leaves traces. But since the technology from here is a lot more advanced than that of Earth, they will not be able to see the manipulation because it is too perfect and exceeds the current Earth computation level. It will look like a genuine photo, but it is not. For that you need a Taygetan image manipulation computer program, in order to know if the image is or not manipulated.

Like in the 90s no one could see that the digital photo was or not manipulated if you alter it with the Photoshop 2021. Simple. The photos are taken and altered with the very advanced Photoshop, but it still is Photoshop.

But good luck explaining all this to the people. They will take that as a sophisticated excuse to get out of the porn photos issue."


From the conversation with Yazhi:

Yazhi: "Things, realities, tend to be incompatible because they do not fit the explanations of those who see and perceive simpler realities. So there is no deception and never has been, they are their faces. However, from the strictly terrestrial point of view they are not their faces but of mirrors, inserts, clones, or people who resemble, in some high percentage, us who shared the photos, but for whom the photos had other origins. There will always appear a ‘3D’ explanation that normalizes everything to the expectations and level of understanding of those who perceive, and therefore form, such reality.

And another point. If the photo is an insert from the Federation, or whoever wants to attack the Taygetans, or a mirror, it doesn't have to be one or the other. An insert will be the cause for which a mirror person is formed. Because not only is a person inserted, but at the same time and as a procedure by which it is inserted, the reason why that inserted person (or thing) exists is created as well.

So even if you go looking for those porn people, as an example, and find them, and they declare that those are their photos, they will still be our photos, at the same time. Simplifying everything, yes they are our photos, but from certain 3D perspectives they are not, being that both perspectives are perfectly valid at the same time."


And so was and is the story, and what lies behind Ester and Marina. It seems complex and it has, for sure, even more details behind, but it is important to understand that we are all part of larger realities beyond our 3D lives. We are all complex beings with stories behind that define and influence us.

Does it seem too much to believe? Surely for many it will be so, for others not so much, because they already understand what life is all about.

As Yazhi said:

Yazhi: "Talking among us here we feel that we have given you ‘too much’ on this subject, not because of lack of trust, not so, but because we know that from the point of view of ‘there’ yes, it is ‘too much’, but that ‘too much’ always applies to the contrast between here and there with respect to everything that is information on any given subject."

Final Comments
The Cabal and their puppets work in a myriad of different ways and have a variety of resources at their disposal to discredit who they find dangerous and who they want to terminate. Taygetans and Swaruunians especially are dangerous to them because they are rebellious, brave, and dare to give humanity what they lack to know about how things work. They are the only race among all extraterrestrials that I know of that has shared such an enormous magnitude of stellar information and knowledge, something that, according to the Cabal, humans are not supposed to know. They will rightly be discredited, and with full force. Not only by attacking our work here but also by trying to reach them directly, with Troyan Horses as was the case with Ester and Marina. By the way, they almost succeeded.

So that is the story of the immense infiltration into our contact. I know that after this video there will be many questions, and that there are missing elements to understand more this story, like so many others. There is always more. But we also hope that many of the questions were explained, and that you have a better understanding of the forces behind, or some of them, that are trying to hinder this project. Surely, they are only some of these forces, others will always appear. Which, by the way, must be, because otherwise it would mean that our work has no effect.

I wonder, are we really ready for contact with extraterrestrial races especially with human appearance, or will they end up in Playboy again and again, as Yazhi said? When will we be mature enough to see that this kind of evidence does not hold up, and that there is so much more behind? Are we ready to understand that the world outside of Earth is not all love and peace? Are we ready to face the fact that the terrestrial reality is very much linked with the extraterrestrial one, and what forms both is something enormously complex?

I think that as awakened as we all feel, we all still have a lot to learn. But I can only say, this is what we have been at! Learning and learning more.

Let's move forward, with integrity, imperfect but clean, and always with the only purpose in mind: to help humanity free itself from all that oppresses and limits us. We continue!

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