Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
April 04, 2021


Cristina: Hello friends. Welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. I am Cristina and I am here today with my colleague Estel·la. In this video we would like to present to you how is our communication with the extraterrestrials. This video is also a follow-up, it is the third video in a series that we are producing where we want to present to you in a better way, how our contact is and we want to explain to you here today, how the extra-terrestrials are communicating among themselves, how they communicate with people on Earth, in what ways there can be a communication, and in particular, how they are communicating with us, that is, how our contact with them is.

Estel·la: And it is also important to say why they are dedicating themselves to be in contact with different people here on Earth.

Cristina: For this reason, we are going to use, as in the previous video, a slideshow to explain everything in detail. So we will share the screen with you… let’s get stated.


How do aliens communicate? How do they communicate with people? What are the tools they use? The methods of communication with Earth are: direct telepathy, channeling, dream contact (which is a variant of telepathy and channeling). We are going to explain a little bit about the differences of these first three methods.

- Direct telepathy is when you receive a message or get information in an obvious and strong way from another person.

- Channeling, on the other hand, is the most subtle way to obtain information from another person, but you don’t necessarily know who that person is.

- Dream contact, on the other hand, is when two people, or two consciousnesses, meet on an equal frequency on any plane of existence other than this one, that is, the one we now consider reality, as an example we were informed that positive gray races of such as the P’tleen also called gardeners use dream contact as a form of communication.

Then we also have direct contact which is, face to face. We also have direct radio - microwave transmissions that are messages through phone calls, video calls, text messages, emails, WhatsApp, Telegram and others. Then we have the mass media that we all know about as the social media that would come in here: YouTube, lnstagram, Twitter, Facebook and finally we have the muonic transmissions, that is communication through muon neutrino. This method is exclusive for communicating with leaders or people of power here. The muon neutrino, for those of you who don’t know it, works through the manipulation of gravitational waves and is much more effective than microwaves, which we use here on Earth. Furthermore, it is instantaneous, meaning that, for example, in the case of Taygeta, they can send messages from here to their planets, or vice-versa, in real time and the most important feature of the communication through the muon neutrino is that it does not damage or harm biology as opposed to microwaves. This is the method of communication most widely used by extraterrestrial races.


SETI, this scientific organization, which supposedly monitors space for extraterrestrial sounds, Taygetans say, that this is some kind of a joke, because as we have commented in the previous video, both NASA and the governments already know about the extraterrestrial existence, or even being in communication with them, and they also know that the extraterrestrials do not communicate or use microwaves to speak to each other. So no matter how much they look for radio signals in space, they are not going to find any.

This is just another cover-up to perpetuate the lie that we are alone in the universe, that there is no one out there, and to reassure people that if there was someone out there, these powerful antennas would certainly receive the signal, so since they don't pick up signals, it's because we are alone.

The same old Chinese story that NASA promotes when it goes around looking for water in space when we already know that life in the universe is very diverse, and the biology that we know here on Earth is just one amongst billions and billions of possibilities.


How do they prepare for contact? Before they arrive on Earth, these people receive a preparation, or what you might call a kind of preparation. Prior to their arrival they are informed of the situation on Earth, that other extraterrestrial races are here too, of the relationship between each of them, and they also receive very complete information about star travel. Once here, people who master terrestrial languages teach these languages to those interested, and each language includes its culture as well. With the use of telepathy the learning process is much faster. They can learn a new language and speak it fluently in a period of 3 months. In order to learn the language faster what they do is that during the time they are learning it, they only, or almost only speak that language. After that, depending on the language and culture that they speak, they will be assigned the corresponding tasks with that, that is, for example, if a person speaks Russian they will be assigned to manage the Russian social media, or everything that has to do with that country.

Many of them arrive as cadets and learn according to their own interests. For them the same ships are also like schools; they also say that education is a lifelong process, so you never stop learning. They also have a kind of academy, it is only that there would not be classrooms as we have here on Earth, but they learn more in the form of conversations, and sometimes around a kind of holographic projector where they can see relevant images and videos. Their way of learning in general, is through practice and each one is learning according to what they are interested in. At the moment, within the crew here in orbit, they do not have cadets, given the complex situation they only have experienced personnel on board.


How do they communicate with us? How is our contact? As we explained in the first video, our contact with them is through a neutral and technologically human medium. In this case the one we have here on Earth at the moment, is the Internet. It is the Internet because this is our most advanced medium of communication, and at the moment we don't have anything else. We are in contact with them, live, through a program where we can write, that is, the contact is in real time and in writing. We can also send audios to them so they can listen to us, and they themselves have had contact with voice, in other words, with audio, and even face to face with other contactees, but for the moment we only maintain contact with them in writing.

They adapt to our technology. Extraterrestrials must adapt to the technology of each civilization with the objective of respecting the progress of each people and not interfering with their development. This is within their ethical and moral principles of contact with other species, but we will talk more about this and why it is so in the following video. Contact through the Internet may sound strange to many people, and this is because we are under a Mind Control scheme already imposed on us, let's say, some ideas of how aliens should be or how they are and who they can or cannot communicate with. So unconsciously one can believe that the use of the Internet is reserved only for humans, and this causes many people to enter into cognitive dissonance, this is because being limited by Mind Control we cannot understand or we cannot accept new concepts that go outside our frame of reference that we already have in place. This makes that many people automatically reject the possibility that aliens can communicate through the Internet.

But if we manage to analyze it, we will realize that the contact by Internet would be the most logical. The Internet, we already know that nowadays is everything for us. Everything works on the Internet and it is today the way we have to communicate with the rest of the world, and many times to communicate in a safe way. So what better way to communicate with people than to use the internet if we were the extraterrestrial. It is also important to think that Taygeta is 850,000 years ahead of us technologically, I don't think it would be a big difficulty for them to be able to connect to our Internet.

Another very important point here that I would like to add is that extraterrestrials get sick from the contact with Earth and this is due to the difference in frequencies between them and us. Mainly because of the negativity, that is, the destructive frequencies in which we humans live immersed. As a consequence, this causes a dissonance of frequencies, and this makes them sick. They call it, the "extraterrestrial disease" which can even cause their death. And although they protect themselves against this through the use of technology, this disease also affects them even when they are in orbit, because, as many of you know, diseases are mental, so in a way they start in our minds through our thoughts. As they put their attention on the Earth, even if it is talking to people through the Internet, somehow they absorb the problems that we are suffering here, and this ends up affecting their health because as I mentioned in the previous video, the Taygetan race is a highly empathic and emotional race, and there is no technology that can protect them 100% from their own mind, but furthermore this is not only a problem of the Taygetan race, but any extraterrestrial race that maintains contact, or is present here on Earth, they are also exposed to suffer from "extraterrestrial disease".

Here is another sentence from Swaruu of Erra. The image of the woman that you see here is a composite picture similar to how she looks, but it is not her real image:

"Reality is relative to each person, so a person specifically can only understand a concept within the framework of his or her own consciousness. If something exceeds his understanding he will not be able to understand or comprehend what is being said, entering into Cognitive Dissonance, which is another way to say that he doesn't have the capacity to understand.

So a common frame of reference is needed in order to ensure understanding, advancement, and the introduction of new concepts, or else there will be Cognitive Dissonance, which will cause people to return to whichever they are previously comfortable with: their previous beliefs and their Matrix.”

- Swaruú of Erra


How do they connect to the Internet? To access the Internet, they connect to the Earth's satellites. They have a satellite assigned for this connection. To connect to the Internet, they use digital computers, that is, human computers, with their keyboard screens and mouse, since they use the computers just as we do. These digital computers that they have are either replicas, since they have replicating machines that can perfectly replicate anything, or they are computers manufactured here on Earth, which then some person who has come down to the surface has brought them up to the ship. And the reason why they use digital computers rather than their own computers, also called advanced computers, is because they are simply not compatible in technology. If just one of their computers were to connect to the Internet, what would happen is that it would burn down everything, including the satellite. Also, when they use human digital computers they protect themselves against microwaves, for example, they use anti-radiation glasses because they consider microwaves as highly dangerous for the biology.

They have another type of computer that they call quantum holographic computers. Very briefly for people who do not know the difference between their computers and ours, is that theirs work by imitating a biological brain, and they are also able to access the Ether, which allows them to access other timelines, i.e. move through time in all directions, and as a consequence they can jump forward and return with the results of a particular question. All the variants, all the possibilities already exist in other timelines, what the computer does, is to jump forward in time and extract the correct result, and for that it "scales" all the densities to which it has access. They don't have search time nor they are very fast computers, it's just that the results are immediate.


Here we have another sentence from Anéeka of Temmer, where she explains a little better how their computers work. The image you see here, is an image she uses of Avatar, simply because it has a resemblance or similarity to her:

"The computers of the ships ask the other ships that are 30 seconds ahead of time. They are actually nano seconds. That’s why these computers can read your mind, it's not reading your brain impulses, like the computers on Earth, but they read your mind before you do anything, before you think about it. Because they have already read it in another timeline. That's why computers know what you will do and what you want, moving forward in time by only nano seconds. This is the mind of a Taygetean quantum computer."

- Anéeka of Temmer


How long have they been using the Internet? Taygeta has been using the internet since 2009. They are also pioneers in the use of social media. In the past they have used direct contact, face-to-face, or channeling. Now the Internet has made it much easier for them to contact people. Face-to-face contact is very complicated for many reasons that we will explain later, and channeling has its flaws. You need to be very sensitive and very good at channeling to receive such accurate and technical information without the person channeling ending up distorting the message or information.

This is because when you channel, the message pass through the thoughts of the person acting as the channel and what happens many times, not to say 99% of the time, is that the channel ends up changing the initial message, that is, mixing his or her own thoughts with the information that he or she is receiving, which alters the final message.


Here we have another phrase from Anéeka of Temmer, where she explains how strange it seems to her that humans find it so weird that extraterrestrials communicate with people on Earth using the Internet.

"We just don't see why they take it as a weird thing or impossible. It's the most logical way to approach Earth people electronically. It’s like being there and not at the same time. Technically it's very easy for us to get on the Internet. So, why not do it?"

- Anéeka of Temmer

Cristina: And now I leave you with Estel·la who will continue to explain a little more about our contact.

Estel·la: Now I am going to explain a little bit about how many of them are in contact right now, with which people they are in contact with, and why they are in contact. So we go on.

To begin with, I would like to tell you that this section in which we define the benefits of this medium that we are referring to, specifically not only the fact that it is through a technological medium and the Internet, but also that it is limited to text. The reason for this limitation will be explained in the following video. But keep in mind that these benefits and limitations are totally our opinion and our personal assessment that we have made after all this time following the Taygetan contact and then as contactees. These are the points that we have observed and that we thought we could share with you.

So, I want to tell you that, as benefits of this method, it is important to say that the Internet is scalar, this means that it can combine different densities, that the densities are levels of frequencies, in one single point. So this is very important because sometimes we forget that even though they are also of the Lyrian race, very similar to us and with a biology that is also quite similar, they live in another level of frequencies, so they are really at a different vibration and this could make another type of contact very difficult, for example, direct contact. In fact, many times, when they have to come down to Earth to do some mission with their physical body, they have to wear a device that helps them maintain their frequencies because, as my partner Cristina has explained to you, there are times that they can become ill because of these frequencies that are denser, because their biological body is not used to them.

So this fact makes communication much easier because there are times when we can be walking in the forest, for example, or in some area and that particular area is in the fifth density because it has a higher vibration, and we don't realize it, because in our mind we keep recreating that frequency in the 3D. So, if we were to meet an extraterrestrial live, the same thing could happen, that we would not noticed their presence simply because we did not fit into their frequency level. So, this point we think is positive for the communication via internet, because it enables our communications in this case.

Then, on the other hand, to say that there is no distortion at all of the message because the fact that it is passed on by text, so it’s their own words as they are passed on to us and then we try to pass them on to you. So, from our perspective, we think that this helps a lot because, even though we sometimes try to explain something that they have given to us , even though not intentionally, it always ends up distorting the message. The understanding of a concept and the personality of the person explaining something to you already makes it appear in a different way, even if it is only 5%, it is still some degree of modification. So, as you can see in these presentations we make, we put sentences directly from them because, we believe that there is no better way to express it than in their own words.

So, it makes it much easier for them to write a text for us, and then we can simply make the videos with the conversations untouched. Not as in the case of channeling and being one of the reasons why they have not been using it since they started using the Internet. As my colleague has explained, is because whether you want it or not, when a channel is opened, as the name indicates, the person at that moment is the channel through which the information arrives, so, whether you want it or not, it is inevitable that you will always end up putting a little bit of that person's opinion at the time of translating the message, because it goes through you, it goes through your filters, passes through your own understanding, but many times when there is this type of communication, the frequency of one person rises to meet the other being who is transmitting the message, then the channel will often transmit concepts that they themselves do not understand, but still there is always a distortion in the message and depends much on the emotional state of the person at the time or other factors and so Taygetans see that the use of the internet is more direct and avoids the distortion of the message itself.

On the other hand, I would also say that it is not at all invasive, that the fact that it is through the Internet and through the computer means that we, or those contacted, or the extraterrestrials also, are in total control of the situation at any time, it means that I can decide when I connect to the computer and when I chat with them and when I don't, and they do the same. This makes it much easier for each person to have their own personal space and not feel invaded at any time because, for example, and I will return to talk about channeling, many times people who channel explain that often the message comes down in the morning, while they are sleeping or at some point because it is not always in control of the situations that a person has, sometimes you can start to do a meditation and consciously rise to receive that message, but there are times when you don't, that you simply find yourself in a private moment and exactly in that same moment is when the download comes down. So this can be a little invasive because you are not always in control of the situation and you don't always decide when that is happening to you. In our case it is not like that, but in order to meet with them we both have to agree on a moment to hold the conversation, to work, to talk, you can always leave a message and when the other person is available and wants to respond he/she does it.

This is also very convenient because even though, as we have explained, they are a highly telepathic race, as we humans are too, but here in this 3D, it is blocked, they respect this very much. Yes, there are times that you can notice, we notice, that before we ask any questions you can see that they are already explaining to us what we are thinking, is like if you can feel their presence easily. But it is true that they try very hard to respect this because since we do not have this ability or understanding to communicate with another person telepathically, they respect it very much and try not to invade your space, or try to read your mind, or any of this.


On the other hand, what we have observed that could be the disadvantages of this written method on the Internet could be, for example, that it is slow. This is so true because it is not the same thing to have a live conversation as to have to write down every word and all the feelings that you sometimes feel that it is hard to express when it is in text form, and in fact there are many times that the conversation has to be stopped because one of us has to do something or go to the bathroom for a moment, because it is normal that we are people and we are talking for three hours, because we also have to take a break. And while we ask the questions, and they answer and all that, the truth is that it always takes longer and is a little slower than if it was directly.

On the other hand we could also say that at first it may seem cold, down here we are already used to it, everyone communicates through text messages, through WhatsApp, through Facebook, with their family and friends and many times we can see that everything depends on the intonation in which the message is interpreted, and surely it has happened to you some time that you have had a misunderstanding with someone because the way I can send this message is not the same that can be understood by others. So, at the beginning it may seem a little cold, but this depends on the person to feel the energy of that moment and how things are being expressed. It is something that each person has to work on and know how to make the right interpretation. But if you immerse yourself in the moment, the truth is that you can get to perceive a lot. And on the other hand, you can also say that you have to be sensitive. Why do we say this? we say it basically because we really think that this contact is possible through the internet. But what happened?. Since it came out, since we started to spread the information there are many people who have taken this opportunity to distort the information or to hijack identities or for other purposes. So what is the point here? that each person has to be able to discern the type of information they are receiving and judge it for themselves.

The fact that this race is communicating in this way does not mean that anyone who also says they are an extraterrestrial and hide behind a computer screen is also an extraterrestrial. Therefore, it is always wise to question things for oneself and not simply follow blindly. It's always good to learn how to read and how to decipher everything that you're receiving so that you can classify it as truthful or not, because it might be something else in disguise. That's why we say the computer screen is also a filter that might not be as reliable as if you were in front of the person and he or she shows you the material and the technology or something else.


How many of them are contacting? This all started in 2009 when there was a first contact program that lasted about 10 years. So in this first contact program, the only goal they had was to say "hello". The aim was to let humans know that there were other races and that we are not alone in the Universe. So the highest moment where more Taygetans were contacting was in 2016, as there were 500 Taygetans contacting more than 1000 humans.

One thing that seemed curious to us was, as my colleague Cristina has explained, that they receive training when they come here, but the truth is that they didn't have any protocol or preparation when it came to make direct contact with humans and that in this case Taygetans were the ones in charge of writing the contact guidelines and protocols. So they, the truth is that they expected to find a more receptive humanity, eager to know more about other civilizations, about other cultures, in order to take examples to improve our own society and our own experience here and ultimately to move forward.

It must be said that today they are still working on the development of these guidelines and protocols, but that basically as these 10 years have passed they have come to a very simple conclusion. That we humans are not prepared. Why? Because we are totally indoctrinated to think that life in the universe and extraterrestrials in general don't exist, and that if someone says so it's just a joke and they will make fun of it. They found out that the vast majority of humans are simply not interested in knowing anything about them, anything about other cultures and other civilizations because it won't be of any benefit to them, and so it was not productive to have a conversation with someone who doesn't want to know anything about all of this.

They saw that each person reacted differently that in general they were totally unpredictable and that many times 99% out of 100 simply were not interested and totally questioned the veracity of all the data that they were providing, so it is through this time and these experiences that they came to the conclusion that in general humanity is not prepared to receive extraterrestrial life.

Today there are only 30 Taygetans left in an orbiting ship, and only very few of them are in contact with people. As the years went by and these guidelines were developed, little by little more Taygetans went away and more ships withdrew, because as my colleague explained, there were moments when there were 35,000 Taygetans. When they saw that they were no longer needed, little by little they went home until they were left with the crew it is now.


Why do they contact with people? We could say that basically because of the disclosure that is being made here. And why are they interested in this disclosure? Because they are here to sow ideas that can help the awakening of the people, the awakening of the human and humanity because we are the ones who have to provoke the change since we are the ones who created all this reality. So, the way they have found to be able to help us and to be able to assist this process, is through providing knowledge, ideas, which can help us to evolve and to take responsibility for what we are, the creators of our reality, and why is it made this way?

Because if a change is to be permanent, it has to come from within each one of us. If someone suddenly imposes on me that I have to start living differently, I am not going to adapt properly or understand it fully, and I am simply going to be following something down a stream. It is us, it is the human race that has to bring the change. We cannot wait for other people to solve our problems for us. So what they do is to contact people to pass on all the information that can help us, and they do it through this disclosure.

As we have said, they have been present throughout Earth's history, in fact, we are related, we could say that we are all part of the same family, and it is not only now that they are assisting this process. So, in the past it was done in a different way by sowing ideas and it was done through key individuals, in this case it was in a physical form. What they did was to speak face to face with key people or in the form of channelling. But they realized that the intervention or the filtering of information directly to a single person, only promoted the idea or the concept of Messiah and gods, instead of taking that person as an example and realizing that he/she is a mirror, and that each one of us could do the same, instead of that, they idolize that person. Like: “This person has an incredible knowledge so I have to follow him, I have to do whatever he says and defend that he is the best.” This is totally the opposite intention of what they were looking for.

In fact, in the past when someone was said to be a Messiah it was usually a person who was contacted, by some non-human group, that through that person information or concepts could be filtered out to a larger mass of people. But as we have explained, they saw that this method of contact caused many problems, and what are we referring to when we say key people? A key person is an individual who is known by a positive race that he or she will have a lot of influence within a group or within the human population. Either because they planned it that way in their life mission, or because they decided it that way at that time. And how can they know that this person will have a lot of influence? As we have said before, because his life mission indicate that he is programmed to do so, through immersion, for example.

As we know, there are different ways to incarnate on a plane, for example, here on Earth there are times when the person programs everything that is going to live that is going to experience, and through that program you can see that there is a certain moment that is going to be the transmitter of certain information or that he is going to have a certain influence, from this point in time they can see it and that is what is considered a key person. But they also say that they can observe it through time. They have the technology called Sand Clock that is to make temporal jumps using frequency manipulation so they can observe the progress and the evolution of that person. By making several jumps, they can see if that person will really have the desired influence.


Here we have a phrase from Anéeka of Temmer. Here, I wanted to tell you that in the next video, where we are going to talk about what could be called as "there is no proof" of this contact and why it is so, who decides this, which in this case is the Federation of United Planets, and we will explain who they are. We continue… So she says:

"When we started we didn't think this would be or become this big. Because the lack of evidence the way they would like to have, it dynamites the contact. Since the only thing that sustains it is the strange information that is unique to us. Which explains another kind of information, giving light to the missing pieces. Even so, it is still not enough for most, but we decided to stay for the few who do see our information as useful. Whether they are many or few, but something tells me there are more of them than we think".

- Anéeka from Temmer

As you can see, they are here not to impose anything, simply for all the people who are prepared to listen to them and to receive all this information that they are providing.

And who are they in contact with? On Earth they are in contact with people in some level of governments, we were told that mainly the United States, in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Japan among the most prominent. So please understand very clearly that they DO NOT WORK for the government, or any of these above, they are not part of any program or anything in this way. Instead, they have some influence and they are infiltrating some of these governments to gather information and to try to help in whatever way they can.

Also, to say that normally this race doesn't talk directly to presidents, in fact presidents or royalty are not the most powerful people in this society, but behind them there are those who are really pulling the strings, the presidents would just be a puppet who is the public face, for example they didn't tell us they were talking to Trump, but to people who were inside the Trump administration. The Taygetans mostly work through people in the three-letter agencies. For those who don't know what I'm referring to with three-letter agencies, some examples would be: the FBI or the CIA or these types of intelligence agencies. So they have this more direct communication with the people who belong to the Intelligence agencies rather than with the governments directly.

In case you are wondering, there are many of these contacts of theirs in these agencies that don't know who they are talking to, but they don't need that because many times they are validated by important people who already validate them, or they are mutually validated, and they don't need to give their identity or justify who they are to anymore. But it is also necessary to say that there are many others who actually know exactly who they are. Why?

Because secrecy and doubt, and this whole aspect of the need for evidence is only at the level of the population, but not at the level of the government, where many people, especially in these three-letter agencies, already know at all times who they are talking to, and what they are doing. For example, here is the fact that as we have said they did not speak with Trump, but they did know that Trump was in contact with other races that were part of the Federation and this type of contact was either through direct conference or through a hologram.

The most common method, as we have explained, is through the Internet, but it is also important to clarify that, as we know, governments have a much more advanced technology than what is known to the general population worldwide. There are certain governments that already have the technology of the neutrino muon, which, as my colleague has explained, is used as a base for communication using gravitational waves, and there are certain governments here that already have this technology and so they maintain contact through this method.

And last but not least, they are also in contact with some civilians, that is to say, with ordinary people, so to speak, with everyday people and with them also, with star seeds because as we said, one of the reasons why they are here is to bring back their star seeds. Star seeds that came here either for an experience or to bring something back and many times they are here to support those in orbit also. They are in contact with people of their team who are here on Earth. Not all those contacted are participating in the disclosure, either now or in the past.

There are many contactees who have kept it private and others who have decided to share this information. And the fact that we don't have, for example, an important position within the government or some other position, does not mean that we are any less important, but that each one works through his or her own frequency and through that he or she can influence the masses and the people that he or she is surrounded by. The have also found people who is supposedly on top of the whole thing that is not really having that much of an impact...

Finally, in the Taygetan disclosure, the contactees that are currently sharing information are:

Robert Carbonell who is from Barcelona. He has quite a few channels on his social networks, but the main ones would be on YouTube: Despejando Enigmas and the other Agencia Cósmica Semillas Estelares. Although he also has an account on Twitch. And if you go to see him in Facebook you'll find there all his different platforms.

On the other hand, there is Malgosia Duszak, she's from Poland. Both Robert and Gosia have been in contact with this race for three years and they were the ones who started to spread the word. Gosia's channel in Spanish is: Agencia Cósmica, but also has it in English: Cosmic Agency. She also has a web page that is, where she facilitates the link to all the videos and the transcription so that it is easier to reach the information for all types of people.

We also have Dale Harder, he is from the United States, he does not have any platform where he is particularly sharing the information, but he does collaborate through Gosia's channel in English. And then he has also participated more directly through, conferences. These three people were present at the ufology world conference in Barcelona, where they made different presentations and then. Gosia and Dale were present in another ufology world conference in Laughlin, Nevada, also presenting the importance of all this contact.

In addition, my partner Cristina Álvarez and I, Estel·la Fernández we are also from Barcelona. And you can follow us through this channel Conocimiento Pleyadiano on YouTube. On Facebook we have the page by the same name and then we also have the English channel Pleiadian knowledge.

Again, this does not mean that they are the only people who are contacted, but those who are disclosing the information right now. There have been other people in the past and there will surely be others in the future as well.

Estel·la: To finish we are going to leave you with an explanation from Anéeka of Temmer, where she shares with us why they are so cautious about contacting people and the purpose they have of being here. So thank you all very much. We will leave you with her and see you in the next video:

"Our message is not that the gods have returned. We do not desire reverence. What we want is for the public to see that we are the same. That we are relatives. That you are the gods. That you didn't evolve there, but that you come from the stars. We are all the same. In that sense, it's very convenient that we don't talk. It keeps some distance from the audience. It makes them think. They will decide now what they want to believe, and who they want to believe in, and hopefully they will see that they can only believe in themselves. That's the message. Grow up! You are like us. We're family and that's why we're here. Look no further why extraterrestrials are interested in humans. It's true that many races are exploiting humans and have other agendas... But the reality is that the vast majority are interested in the Earth just because their family is there. People who used to be here and now call themselves human. That is what we want. To see them again. Those souls who are not from there. That is why we are here .We are a beacon for those who need us. Let them see that, in spite of everything, we are here. Reminding them of their cosmic, eternal nature. We wish to empower the human race. But I mean the everyday people. The ordinary people who live from day to day. Reminding them who they are.

- Anéeka of Temmer

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