History is not Lineal **NO VIDEO**

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June 06, 2021

History is not Lineal **NO VIDEO**

Yazhi: About Earth's history, I am giving you an alternate linear history, based on the conjunction of Federation data, including Taygeta, my personal data when I have it, and also alternate Earth ones that for me have much more value than the official ones that I consider to be basically garbage, lies and agendas.

As expected, there is a linear structure to this data. Like time and how it is perceived on Earth: past, present, future. A line, what they call a time arrow.

I've given it this way because I'm expected to give it this way for general understanding, but this doesn't reflect how I understand and perceive history. So, it is quite a complicated work here, because the dates do not always coincide and that has no explanation if you see the sequence of events as linear, but it does from a different non-linear position. Although I understand the linear, I don't function that way. This would be a separate topic, but it explains this subject of history. However, it is complicated to understand without a more complete explanation.

As an example of this, we could have as a reference a point in time represented by a photograph. It is a frozen point in time and I will call it a "nexus point". We take for granted that there is a history before this photograph and another history after. It represents an event, one of those I'm telling you about. Any event as an example.

But from a broader perspective, several different prior events result in that same photograph. For example, in one story it's a photo of three friends who went for a walk on the land of one of them on a Sunday afternoon and had the photo taken. But it could also be that those were rescuers who went out to look for a missing child, or they are promoting jackets for a clothing company.

It can be assumed that one is the real one, the others are fake. But often all three result in the same photograph, or historical event. And to make matters worse, they influence each other's lines because, from a broader perspective they are the same one.

However, the fact that an event is a lie does not mean that it is true in another timeline. Although it also happens and explains many things. A lie, from the most expanded point of view, has multiple reasons, people and different motives for which the lie has been formed, but a lie remains a lie.

A real event has multiple reasons why it happened. A lie also has multiple reasons why it was formed, but it remains a lie. In many, the vast majority, if not all visible alternate timelines, it remains a lie.

I perceive history as multiple lines of events, some similar, some not so similar and some very different, all including each other, not isolated. And each person, in this case I who observed or still observe them today, am the one who gives them meaning.

In this case, in my personal observation, it is not a series of fixed events, but multiple different events happening in multiple timelines. Even if they are contradictory or different, they form the current reality.

For example, timelines where the 1991 Iraq war did not happen. And others where it did. Both converging to form what is called "today". Forming different opinions of people and of current events.

Basis, for example, of the so-called, "conspiracy theorists". Who others claim that they are crazy because they see things that are not there. But one group of people may have their objective truth about something, and another will also have their objective truth about the same thing or events, but diametrically opposed. So, they are both right from their points of view, but they are unable to understand this and fight each other, both sides with reason in hand. It only creates conflict. Because from the so-called 3D you cannot understand, let alone perceive what I am trying to describe above.

Here I only bring in two contradictory points of view, both with reason, truths. But in reality, they are not just two timelines, but an infinity of them. Billions of infinite timelines. Each one with a variant of events and all converging to form what is today, today's reality, the now.

And, in addition to this, how this is interpreted varies from person to person. So, from my point of view, the history is completely incorrect, both the official one and the one I am sharing with you. Mine remains only as an alternative one, also true, but by no means the only one. There is no true past, just as there is no true present. Much less is there only one future. Everything is relative to whoever observes it. And the past does not remain in the past. The past can be changed or the present influences the past or the past is the future or it can also be the present.

Humans see time in this way:

Or they see alternative timelines in quantum physics as this:

Like two timelines going from the past to the present to the future. And seeing an alternate one they understand it as something very advanced in their quantum physics.

But the reality of time looks more like this:

(Not the exact image shown by Yazhi but similar.)

But set as a sphere, not flat. Where all lines and all points touch and influence each other all the time. And time does not flow in only one direction, that depends on the mind of who sees it, generates it, or experiences it.

So, going back to the Earth story, I know I have to give something linear for it to be understood and I have given that. But it is not how I see or understand things. And you may contradict me with evidence that in itself may or may not be valid, but that does not take away from the fact that what I told you is still valid, because I also base it on evidence or records, and I do not make it up myself.

You cannot explain history in a linear fashion. Putting an event in one line or another is only something arbitrary and explanatory, nothing more, because in itself there is only a timeline as a sequence of chronological events, but that is and will always be relative to who sees or experiences it. So, if I place a line of events in chronological order, it will only be my interpretation and not that of someone else.

And each person's interpretation is just as valid as the next person's. In itself, there are no timelines, that again is explanatory or rhetorical, because I need something to explain this, I need words, and this already collapses the language. They are concepts, and telepathy is necessary, and I miss it here.

So, it is again as I have explained with the existential densities, that each person only sees his own density and that this 3D or 5D or any "D" thing is just rhetorical explanatory again. Being that there are none. There is only one great Whole, the Source, or the Universe, the great Whole. And each person sees only a part of that great Whole and that part will be a density.

And if more than one person, two or more, see the same thing, it is only by agreements of perception between them, but they will never see the same thing the same, only similar. Same with timelines and time, exactly the same.

There is no time. It is only animated by the consciousness of the person. Where he places his attention in each moment. And he creates in his mind the chain or sequence of events that is called the timeline.

And this is what I see and with my own experience. And I also get information that supports what I have been able to empirically observe. Of course, I can't see everything obviously, but the big holes where I can't see, I fill it with information from the Federation or Taygeta that is according to what I see as logical. So, I do accept that it is my information, as I interpret it, as objectively as I can.

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