Breaking down of the Unconscious - Break the Perception Agreements - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 28, 2022

Breaking down of the Unconscious - Break the Perception Agreements - Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - April 2022

Gosia: Yazhi, talk to us about how to get out of the perception agreements with others, and form your own ones? Like what you have done, being surrounded by the Taygetan collective. How do you do that step by step?

Yazhi: It is not my case. In order not to be in those agreements my mom had me in Hyperspace in a ship in deep space. That's why I make my own rules. Or almost because I am affected by the Taygetan collective and the terrestrial collective. Even if it´s only by adoption of customs and things I like, like mopets, birthday parties, etc.

It is the same as defeating the unconscious. Which is the same as remembering many past lives, the more the better and the more the unconscious you control because you understand it. So you have to work on remembering past lives. But the problem is that the Earth Matrix is there to prevent you from remembering past lives to focus on the limited human experience.

It is defeating the unconscious. That is the magnitude of the task. However, within what you control, and within what you are conscious of, you can form the intention that all that you carry as unconscious no longer affects you. That is, to let go of karma. Karma as cause and effect. Not karma in the Buddhist sense. That is, with religious charge.

Gosia: And that decision is enough? You can no longer be controlled by the unconscious then? Well, I will tell myself that right now. I feel it might not be enough, right?

Yazhi: It is if your conviction is strong enough. All that stuff about revoking contracts is useful, like leaving letters of "I do not consent" and letters of removing yourself from churches. But in the end, they are just crutches or mechanisms to entrench the feeling of inner power, a procedure for oneself. Not that the procedure itself is the reason for the revocation of contracts (as a ritual for example). Being that it would only really help if someone else from a practical point of view would read it, as an oppressor.

Gosia: It´s just that we are within so many agreements of perception. And I'm talking about the more advanced ones, like seeing the wall as solid or not. Things like that. Being able to fly.

Yazhi: That is in the unconscious, to see the wall as something solid. There is a step before, realizing that there is no wall. To realize that it is only energy, and the reason you feel the wall is solid is not because of its 'matter' but because of the electromagnetic repulsion action between the charges of the particles that make up the wall and those that make up your hand. The apparent solidity of a wall or any object is only due to simple magnetic repulsion. Because both things, wall and hand, are on the same frequency which manifests itself as having the same magnetic charge. Because they are in the same plane, so the energy is charged with the same polarity, and equal poles repel. Basic magnetism.

But if you reverse the polarity, they would attract. (This principle is used in artificial gravity systems for ships or in gravity cancellation systems, or gravity engines). And if you have a neutral polarity... in an existential neutral state, incorporating into your being, into your unconscious, everything that others would call positive and negative, as energies and however you interpret it, then... you are neutral to everything. And there is no wall.

It's all due to a state of mind. To your deep structure of attachments. What you reject and what you accept. Everything is mind.

Gosia: But for example, Yazhi... I know that in theory, what you said, so why can´t I still go through the wall? I still have agreements then. So, it seems that just realizing what you have said is not enough. What else is necessary to achieve it? I know that you gave us some exercises some time ago, in the teleportation video etc. But is there anything else?

Yazhi: Your unconscious is still too strong, as I showed you with that experiment with Matias. Even imagining it, you feel resistance when passing through the closed metal door, and that is only imagination. Here lie your attachments.

Robert: How to achieve it? Exactly the same thing you do when you dream, right?

Yazhi: Yes, because you are on another plane in dreams. Yet your determinism follows you because mostly you don't control them, you just live them. Whereas you could very well control them.

Gosia: Ok. So how did you manage to release those attachments yourself?

Yazhi: With a lot of practice over several incarnations and being born out of no Matrix. I am not physical, I only appear physical to all of you. I am not of this realm. I am a daughter of the ether. And I have only come to tell you that you are that too and that everything else are only attachments to ideas.

That is why it is necessary to let go of the limiting concepts of the Ego, of the "I", because that is what slows down spiritual advancement. The idea of being someone specific, not embracing the whole. That is what we have to work on in order to let go of agreements.

But in no way trying to destroy or let go of the Ego because it will not be possible, not during an incarnation (because that is what it is for). But accepting the Ego and accepting other Egos as part of oneself. Integrating and accepting everything, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the horrible.

It can be achieved in one incarnation if you really want. Because time is also a product of your mind and your ideas and ideas are also attachments.

Gosia: It's just that I don't feel physical either, and strongly, and yet I can't do what you do. Yazhi, can you fly like Superman through the ship?

Yazhi: I can do whatever I want. However, not everyone can perceive what I do. So they say it's imagination, and that's what it is. But imagination is reality, it is the basis of all there is, of all there ever was and ever will be. It is the direction of the flow of attention of the Source itself.

Gosia: But why can't they perceive it? I am not talking about astral where you are not seen. I am talking about being in the physical for them, being seen as you fly.

Yazhi: For the same reason that you cannot see discarnate beings that are all around and surrounding you, because it is not within your vibrational state that dictates your level of consciousness-perception. And that is governed by agreements and attachments to ideas such as Ego-Identity. Everything is working from your unconscious to form your reality from there. That's why you have to work on your unconscious, on your past lives, because basically they are the same.

There is a conscious level of your current life, of course. But mostly what forms the mass of your unconscious, what forms who you are today, your self-concept of the Ego, of the Self, are your past lives, because you are the sum of all of them. That is why when you recover the memory of past lives, during an extraction for example, it does not change who you are, it does not modify who you are, but it only makes you understand why you are the way you are and why you are who you are.

Gosia: That's exactly why Matias wants to remember, for example, to understand himself, but you always say that it doesn't matter to remember. That you are always what you have been and there is no need to look for more. But still, as you say, it is important to remember.

Yazhi: Because you can very well be happy just remembering from last week ago. In fact, you would be happier, much happier with only seven days of memory and not all that amorphous mass of ideas getting in each other's way.

Gosia: Happy yes but you won't understand yourself, and with that you won't be able to let go of the unconscious. There are many happy people, but they can't cross walls. So the fact that someone does not remember then, limits them in the process of releasing the unconscious?

Yazhi: It is also useful to let go of all that. That is to say that it is not necessarily necessary to remember everything to achieve this, but simply to let go of attachments to ideas. And accept things as they are, even not being able to walk through walls. Because to do that you have to remember countless past lives to work on the long chain of specific attachments.

Because wanting to break such agreements may become an obsession, (another attachment to the idea that you must achieve that in order to be a complete being, a highly spiritual etheric being... therefore happy).

Because in the end the only thing everyone is looking for is to be truly happy. They will say otherwise, but the most basic need of their being, of their whole existence, and from their unconscious level-sum of all those past incarnations, is to be happy. And you don´t need more but to let go of everything, even the idea of having to work to let go of everything.

Gosia: In my case I don't think it's to be happy because I am, but I just want to do it, cross walls, for example. To be able to do things that I feel inside that I can, but still, I cannot. It's not a question of happiness because happiness in my case doesn't depend on anything, just being alive.

Yazhi: You are at one level but not inside. It's ok at your existential terrestrial level but if you were completely "happy" you wouldn't be making videos to "wake up" humanity. That "makes you happy" because you have the idea that it means something important. And that's what reinforces the idea that that's the way to happiness, when you can very well be happy eating a spicy pineapple lollipop and that's it.

Gosia: But before making videos, I was happy too. In fact, maybe more so in some ways. Now I feel more tired, before I was lighter. So I don't think I do it to be happy. It's something different. But I understand your point.

Yazhi: You are only happy when you are in the Ether and you know that you are the whole.

You speak of comparative levels of happiness, Gosia. Valid yes, but I'm talking about complete happiness. Of what I have described as complete love that fills you and envelops you like a warm blanket. The effect of being in the afterlife.

Gosia: Well, yes. I was happy before but within something was still calling me to feel more. More for the "cause".

Yazhi: Ergo, your happiness is not complete, because you know there can be more. And you can't be because as an empath how can you be happy if you know there are puppies out there freezing in the cold.

Gosia: Going back to the memories, it´s just that I also feel that leaving the memories behind, what you were before (because in some way the memories define you (even unconscious memories)), you leave space to self-create in a new direction. You let go of many things by not remembering. Could what I say be valid?

Yazhi: Yes, that's what I mean above. But in order to be completely free of limiting attachments, and if you can because usually most people can´t, you have to let go of everything, and at the same time incorporate everything. What I described above as being in magnetic neutral, to go through walls. It would be to incorporate everything you can always and at the same time to let go of everything (that is, not to have attachments to it). That is the how. That is understanding all that you can and accepting it without judgment.

Gosia: So in the end, Yazhi, do you regard remembering as a necessary or not necessary step?

Yazhi: From where you are it is not necessary. But everything helps. Not rejecting anything, incorporating everything.

Gosia: I feel that not remembering can be the result of letting go. To be something new.

Yazhi: Yes, also. It all comes down to that, yes. Considering that you have to empty your glass to be able to put new things in it. But, it depends on the size of your glass, of course.

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