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September 23, 2020


Yazhi: There are pyramids underwater where the cities of Atlantis once were. Some of them are located in the Bermuda Triangle area. Those pyramids are still functioning and are, in part, the cause of the magnetic anomalies in that area.

According to my data and Taygeta's data, which are very reliable in this case, nobody uses them. They were left more like operational reactors that are just sitting there, operational despite being immersed in water and under meters of marine sediment.

Those pyramids have been there since the flood, and no one is using them. But they still produce energy because no one has gotten to them. That is to say that nobody has taken away their internal components and parts of their structure, as it happens with the pyramids on the surface, like those of Giza or Mesoamerica. So those pyramids are there and there are at least three of them under the area of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. With no one to attend them and constantly producing energy that is not drained into anything useful.

Sometimes they discharge it into the seawater and underground. This is how they work anyway. Creating electromagnetic disturbances in the area. They create portals because that is part of their very function, not just being reactors.

Then, when they build up too much energy, they release it. See as a relief valve that activates. At that point, they create a high energy point in the area that differs from the planet's average. Anything that happens to be in the area of influence of that high energy at that moment will change frequency-vibration. Same principle of how a spacecraft changes frequency-density, but in a controlled way.

So, this zone is dangerous because it engulfs the whole area with other frequencies, which in themselves are portals, and something of equivalent frequency is just more of that, more of that same frequency. That is, if we have a frequency represented numerically and that frequency is equivalent to Namibia in the desert, any object that is passing through that electromagnetic disturbance, like a ship, will stop having the frequency of the sea, of that area, and will suddenly have the frequency of a point in Namibia, in the desert. And all of a sudden you have a container ship stranded in the desert.

The problem here is that nobody is taking care of those pyramid Zero Point reactors. So, they do whatever the automated systems decide. Oftentimes, an electromagnetic flux or bubble isn´t strong enough to move an object to another location, as a traditional portal, but it only alters it in frequency a little bit. That little bit alters the position in time of the object but not its location. So, the ship is still in its logical position in the sea, but in another year entirely, another position in time.

Because in itself, everything is frequencies, there is no time as an objective external causal thing. Nor are there any distances either. Everything is oscillation frequencies, vibration. In a few words I describe vibration as: the revolutions per minute given by the subatomic particles that form the molecules of everything called material. With a time frame given by the observer.

So far, the Federation has done nothing to deactivate them, they don't even talk about it. Only keeping an eye on them. But they never consider deactivating them. I see no reliable reason why not. It wouldn't be complicated. But, why specifically, I don't have the answer. I' ve asked that question myself, and I've asked them that question in the past. Nobody has answered it.

And how can they continue to function even underwater? I don't think they are functioning at full capacity. Or the surface disturbances would be too strong and obvious. In itself, a pyramid functions as a Zero Point reactor just because of its shape. The internal systems make it more efficient. But the simple pyramid shape is enough for it to emit a lot of energy.

In the case of these three below that area, it has been proven that they still have functioning systems. It may be that those instruments are still inside sealed chambers, dry chambers. And that they don't really emit a lot of energy. And the fact that these portals in the area are very sporadic may answer why the Federation has never bothered to look at this problem more closely.

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