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December 10, 2020



Powerful ancient cities, very advanced civilisations with high technology, legendary disappeared continents, maps of strangely located places, where today there is only ocean. These are some things that are present in our history and that appear in many ancient monuments and records that are today the obsession of many archaeologists and historians all over the world. But where does this information come from? Are they just fantasy stories?

And why do many ancient records talk about an Earth without oceans? Where you could go around the world just by walking? Records that aren't just found in an isolated point, but that are extended to many cultures all over the planet. They are present in the Viking and Scandinavian sagas, Egyptian papyrus, Sumerian tablets, Greek stories, documents from the Native Americans, as the Popol Vuh among others. How is it possible that all these writings talk about the same thing?

And why, thousands of years ago, did our ancestors make gigantic drawings in certain zones? If, according to our official history, the human being didn't conquer the skies until the 18th century with the first hot air balloons... what sense did it make, to make giant figures, dating back more than 3000 years and that you can only see from the sky?

And if it is true, that the human being emigrated from Euroasia during the last ice age, from Russia, crossing the Bering Strait entering the American continent where today Alaska is, and from there went down colonising all the Americas, how is it possible that the oldest settlements and cities are found in the south of the American continent?

And how could they build large structures, with such an intelligent design that exceeds by far the resistance of our modern architecture and materials, to such an extent, that after thousands upon thousands of years are still standing and almost intact? And what are these strange formations that the geologists cannot explain, what were they? If they aren't natural... who made them? And even better, why?

Cristina: Hello friends, welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. I am Cristina. Today we continue with the history of the Earth. You will see that it is becoming more and more interesting. Well, before we start, this is the third video. There are two more videos, the first is the introduction "The Expansion of Lyra" and the second is "The Prehistory, The Origin of the human being.”

If you haven't seen these two other videos, I recommend you that you do it in order to have a larger comprehension of this. I would also like to tell you that in the first video there are two errors. One is that Tiahuanaco is not found in Perú, it is in Bolivia. I was wrong. And the second error is that the Lyrians did not come out of the Mega zone but the Vega zone. It was a pronunciation errors I did when I recorded the video. Also, I will tell you that all this knowledge is not ours but has been shared with us by Yazhí Swaruu Tasherit. She is an extra-terrestrial woman, with who we are in contact with and studying the history of the Earth.

So, it is with great enthusiasm that we share with you all that we learn through these videos. Please stay until the end because there I will share with you interesting things that Yazhí Swaruu has shared with us. Such as, for example: What were the Nazca lines, or who constructed Machu Pichu or Chichen Itsá, among other things. We will analyse some of our most important or best known archaeological remains. So, having said that and before we start with the story let's situate ourselves a little bit. Let us first analyse what the earth's surface looked like in the pre-flood era approx. 40,000 years ago.

We are going to analyse it through a map that Yazhi Swaruu has also shared with us. She has made it herself, and it simulates the earth's surface at that time:


It is 40.000 years ago; the Earth had no seas or large oceans. Its surface was very green, covered by forests and very extensive plains. It had countless rivers and lakes where today there is only the ocean floor. In the deeper parts there were internal seas, but small ones, like today's Caspian Sea, and countless large lakes. Some connected, others not. Defining one and the other as salt water and fresh water.

The terrestrial ecosystem had another way of functioning, it was another ecosystem, very different. Although today most of the oxygen on Earth comes from the seas, back then it came from the forests, swamps and green grasslands that covered more than 80% of the surface.

Where today there are the oceans there were land. There were five more continents: Oceana, Apalachia, Tirannia, Fennoscandia and Beringia. The continent of Oceana was, practically, all the area that today is the Pacific and some parts of what today is the Indian Ocean. Including Australia.

The South Pole and the North Pole were in different places and inverted. What makes up the Earth was seen upside down. Without the oceans and upside down, our planet is almost unrecognisable. This is because the poles were later reversed, with the cataclysm.

The North Pole was where today Australia is, and the South Pole where you today find the north of the United States and Canada. This is why many of our scientists believe that there was an ice age on Earth 15,000 years ago with indications of Polar Glaciers in the United States, mainly in Utah or Arizona. But they are only looking at the ancient position of the South Pole. And what is now the South Pole was then ice-free, green, tree-covered and full of life. Greenland had a large lake or central sea and was also ice-free, hence its name Green Land or Green Earth.

There are no records that the Earth suffered any ice age, nor that it was formed by a single continent, as some earth scientists maintain, in the well-known theory of Pangea. Although, there is, and always has been, a movement of plates and the clear evidence of this, it is for example, the Indian Peninsula, crashing into the Eurasian plate and forming the Himalayas.

But in those times, the Earth, as it contained much less water it was much more stable than today. This is the difference with the water planets, the more water a planet contains, the more unstable its surface is. Due to the water promotes gliding of the tectonic plates. On the other hand, planets with more earth have more volcanic activity. It should be noted here that many of the earthquakes or quakes that we suffer today are, unfortunately, provoked. But, although the Earth had less water, there were small seas that encouraged tectonic movement of the plates, but to a lesser extent.

The Earth, like the rest of the planets, does not have a compact nucleus or interior, but is full of large cavities or vaults, similar to a gruyere cheese. Some vaults are as large as countries on the surface, provided with their natural light from photoluminescence and volcanic sources. They are even called inner continents, because of their size.

At that time, these cavities were inhabited by different species. The most advanced were the Vulcanos, a very ancient intraterrestrial race and similar in appearance to the Lyrian race. But also, various reptilian races, smaller in size, no more than a meter tall and with primitive societies. The rest were mainly different species of animals, some of the humanoid type.

The word "Earth" does not only mean soil, but it is also similar to Erra, the second planet that orbits the star Taygeta. Erra is Earth's twin planet, because before the cataclysm, both planets were very similar.

Cristina: The Earth actually looked very different from how we know it today. The interior of the Earth or the inner continents is a very interesting ecosystem and I think that it is worth it going deeper, and I think that if we have the opportunity, we will do it another time. So, I won't keep you any longer, let's start with the story!


In our Galaxy, The Federation of United Planets was paying off, and thanks to the unity and strength of its members, balance was gradually being restored in many solar systems and planets.

In the Pleiades, an atmosphere of peace was beginning to emerge. Giving all the migrants from Lyra, who had settled in the different solar systems of the cluster, the opportunity to develop as independent races. Civilizations began to prosper and by their greatest strength, soon after, the council of Alcyone would emerge. Today it is the council of all Pleiadian races. Yet the members of the council of Orion did not give up and continued their hunt.

Shortly after the arrival of the first Lyrians on Earth, the first group of reptilians, the Usungal, arrived in their pursuit. The objective was... to find and hunt the Lyrians. The reptilians settled down on the Appalachia continent, creating there their first base or colony on Earth. But they not only settled on our planet, but also on other planets in our solar system, including some islands on Tiamat and Mars, despite that on the latter there was already a colony of separatist Mantis from the council of Ojalu. Still not satisfied, they tried to colonise the moons of Jupiter. But they were surprised by the Karistus who slowed them down and had no choice but to retreat.

Since their arrival on our planet, the reptilians attacked the Lyrian population to such an event that there was a moment in which the species was so reduced that only eight women remained.

But they were not the only reptilians to come. Later, more came. Many years later, estimated at about 20,000 years ago, a second wave of reptilians arrived. Among them were Dracos and Alpha Dracos. The reptilians were creating colonies on Earth and spreading across the surface. Finally, they formed an entire planetary civilisation, Atlantis.

A civilisation that had large cities in many areas of the planet, space ports and extensive mines where the Lyrians were used as slaves, forced to extract minerals and gold. Although the various Sauroid races were in charge, there were other races or colonies in the settlements under the permission and cooperation of the government of Atlantis. This made Atlantis a multi-race and multi-cultural civilisation.

At that time, some Lyrians had been able to escape the oppression of the reptilians and had fled to the continent of Oceana. Shortly afterwards some Lyrians from the Pleiades cluster arrived there with the main aim of helping.

The colony or base of Oceana spread, forming a whole civilisation, Lemuria. A civilisation made up of separatist Lyrians from Atlantis and with the intention of becoming a resistance, confronting the tyranny of the reptiles and freeing the slaves. Their society was matriarchal holographic, as is common in the Lyrian races and with influence from other Pleiadian races, such as the Solatian, the Taygetean and later also the Engan race, all present there. The capital city was MU. The rapid growth of Lemuria and the high technology that the Lemurians had at their disposal led them to become important rivals for the hegemony of Atlantis.

About 15,000 years ago now, Atlantis was in full bloom, flourishing all over the planet and becoming a civilisation of great planetary influence. At that time, Atlantis and Lemuria became the two great West and East and clearly in eternal struggle.

Cristina: Today there is quite a lot of confusion about Atlantis, as there is much speculation that Atlantis was a city or a continent, when in fact it was an entire civilisation. Now, I would like to give you a little more detail about how the Lyrian race developed in the Pleiades and a little bit about how the invasion of our solar system was. A few more details, and I would also like to better clarify what the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations really were, among other things:


During the Great Expansion, the Lyrian race arrived in the M45 constellation, the Pleiades, and established themselves in several of the solar systems and planets. It is not clear on how many, but it is certain that they arrived on those that are currently inhabited. Some were the Engan race in the star system Electra, the Solatians in the Pleione star, the Elohi, or also known as Homo Capensis in the Asterope star, the Hyadeans in the Merope system, the Taygetans in the Taygeta system, the Mollusc in the Atlas system and the Mayans in the Maya star system.

Today all Lyra migrants who arrived in M45 have physical traits that differ greatly between the races, resulting in the variety of Lyrian races that inhabit the Pleiades today.

This is because over the course of several hundred thousand years, DNA is altered or changed according to the personal, collective and cultural experiences of each community. Since all Lyrian races, even if they are basically the same, suffer alterations that will determine the course of a new species. This will eventually cause physical appearances to be modified over time as well.

On the other hand, returning to the reptilians. When they arrived in our solar system, the first ones were the Usungal race. It is known that they set up bases on the planet Mars, but it is not known with precision if they initially agreed their entrance to the planet with the separatist Mantis of the council of Ojalu, that had their colony there at that moment, or they simply displaced them.

In Jupiter they encountered the Karistus, which is a very positive and powerful race, and for being in 6D they were simply out of reach. This is the reason why the cabal today uses the planet Saturn and ignores Jupiter, the largest and most impressive planet in the solar system. Clearly, because it is not theirs.

As for the time when they came to Earth chasing the Lyrians and almost exterminating the Lyrian women, this can still be seen today. Because in all humans, in the mitochondrial DNA that only comes from the mother, you can see only 8 ancestors. The number of men that remained cannot be calculated precisely, because the father's DNA is found in the nuclear DNA and this contains the mother's DNA. This does not mean that there were only 8 women left, but only 8 women were able to have offspring. It may be that more survived, but if they did, for some reason they could not reproduce. And there was no record of this in the records.

After the first wave, more reptilian races arrived, among them the Dracos and Alpha Dracos. The latter are the ones that have given rise, in our history, to dragons being very present in myths and legends all over the world. Although the Alpha Dracos were present in reptilian society, they were not under the command of Atlantis, but only interacted with other reptiles according to their interests, maintaining a very closed society among their own race. Although at that time the Alpha Dracos were negative, today they are mostly positive. It is very rare to find regressive Alpha Dracos anymore.

It was after this second wave that the reptilian society on Earth began to expand. Atlantis was not a continent, nor just a city. It was a society, a culture and the name of the capital city of that civilisation. A great planetary society, with influence everywhere, with an aerial capacity.

On the other side of the planet was Lemuria or Mu, which is not a continent. Lemuria was the civilisation and MU the capital city, which was in the now disappeared continent of Oceana, today Oceania. Unlike the Atlantic cities, which were multi-race, the Lemurian cities were more adapted exclusively to the Lyrian race. Although most of the remains are found under the waters of the Pacific Ocean, there is still Lemurian influence in Japan, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, although it is mostly cultural.

Cristina: Regarding Tartaria, Yazhi Swaruu told us that they had no stellar records with any earth civilisation by that name. That they had found records of Tartary only in earthly records, but not in stellar ones. So, she believed that Tartaria was part of the Atlantean civilisation, some specific point, some city or maybe some region, but part of the Atlantean civilisation.

Today we have many archaeological remains from the Atlantean civilisation. Many of them are super famous. But we have very few of the Lemurian civilisation, because it was mostly concentrated on the continent of Oceana and it was almost completely covered when the cataclysm occurred, so most of its remains are now under the Pacific Ocean.

As I promised you at the beginning of this video we are going to explain some archaeological remains that Yazhi Swaruu has shared with us. I am sure you have heard about them because some of them are very well known and we have found it very interesting to share with you:


Let us return to the ancient map of the Earth. The circles in blue represent the most important settlements of the Atlantean Civilization. And the green circles, the most important settlements of the Lemurian Civilization.

In what today would be the Bermuda Triangle, formerly the continent of Appalachia, was the capital city of Atlantis, which had the same name.

Another major city is located in what is now the Middle East area, in northern Iraq and Turkey. But there was also one, one of the biggest cities, and its remains are still there. It was part of what is now known as the Eye of the Sahara, in Mauritania. The city was located on the edge of a large lake and looked very similar to this image.

But these were not the only ones. There were also cities where today the Mediterranean is located, and a large part of the American continent, especially in the centre and south, such as Machu Picchu, Tiahuanaco, Tical, Chichen Itza and many more. All part of the Atlantean civilization. Even though if today they have an ancient appearance, they were equipped with high technology.

And after so many years, the problem is that other civilizations after Atlantis settled there, altering the original constructions. Even so... The stone used in those places is more durable and more resistant than concrete. That is why everything appears to be made of stone, and that would seem to be something primitive.  But it is the opposite.

Because a lot of the stone that we even find today, in any place like Tihuanaco or Giza among others, is of a very special purity. Because it is a stone that used to be liquid and that was formed there. But not everything, not all of it, because many times it is quarried but cut with compressed sound machines and later levitated with anti-gravity or sound. Compressed sound cutting outperforms laser cutting because it does not generate as much heat.

One of the most important gold mines at that time was found in southern Africa. It was one of the places where the Lyrians were used as slaves for gold mining. This fact appears in the Sumerian Tablets. Gold is very valuable and is used by many races in the Galaxy. It has many uses, but mainly it melts in a crystalline manner, in zero gravity, to form electrical transmission cables, with superconducting properties at room temperature. It is used for technology, for spacecraft, vehicles and advanced computers. It can be mined in space, by extracting it from uninhabited asteroids and moons, but it is rare and scarce. Today there are still many mining operations throughout the Galactic Quadrant by various races. Almost all of them.

The Atlantean civilisation also had several airports or spaceports. One of the main ones was in the now known Nazca. The figures are not drawings of animals, they are Star Maps. They are designed to be seen from above. Each animal represents a constellation. And they are placed there to guide spaceships entering the planet.

For example, this figure: The Tail represents a portal, if we count the fingers they are 15, 15 stars, it represents the constellation of Chango. **Pictures not supported**

In this one, the figure does not represent a hummingbird, but a dove. The elongated beak indicates direction or vector of movement or approach. If we count the feathers, it has 11, 11 feathers. It represents the constellation of Columbia. **Pictures not supported**

This figure is not a bird. It represents an eagle. If we look at the fingers, it has 9 fingers. It represents the constellation of Aquila. **Pictures not supported**

This figure, for example, represents the Owl Nebula, also known as Messier 97, located in the Ursa Major constellation. The face does not represent the face of a person or being, but the two portals of the Owl Nebula. **Pictures not supported**

Each figure has different characteristics, referring to different constellations. Many of these characteristics are in the fingers or legs, which are not the same. The figures are a very old star code, still used today, and are intended to facilitate communication between different races. Remember that the Atlantean civilisation was multi-race.

Animals are ship traffic routes between these constellations. The lines that connect the animals are vectors or routes in space. The lines have a mathematical relationship between the drawings. It is a mathematical language that every race understands. But it is base 12 mathematics, which complicates understanding for humans.

The long lines that cross between the figures are interlaced with specific angles and denote approach information, such as height, parking areas for the ships and distance to other stellar bases on Earth, such as the stellar base at Giza. Geometrically, Nazca points to Giza.

The thick and long lines are the parking areas. They indicate the ships according to size or mass, or by use of the ship, such as cargo ships in one area, worker ships in another, private on one side and military on the other. The details of the exact point where each ship should park are not there, because they were given as guidance through computers, from the underground base.

Control towers were not used, because it is not necessary to be there in a building. That is human interpretation, which dictates or indicates the level of technology.

The controllers were underground, as they are today, and everything was managed through an ultra-detailed hologram. A room full of computers, placed in semicircles around a huge hologram. The size of the hologram varies, depending on the region, base or the whole planet. With zoom at will.

Then each ship appears there on approach or landing, with small letters indicating what it is or its speed, vector, height, rate of ascent and other data. You can direct them from there, tell them what changes to make and to what exact point to go. Today the remains are still under Earth.

That is, all these lines and drawings are information, they are guides for manoeuvres, position, coordinates, movement vectors and parking areas for large and small star ships. As would be today the air traffic corridors for our planes and the indications that our pilots must follow on the airport runways. Everything was designed to be seen from above. The lines and figures were made with printing of the tractor beam of the ships, the same technology used for the crop circles.

Another of the most important spaceports of the Atlantean civilisation was to the west of Giza, full of animal figures exactly like those of Nazca. There was also an underground city that supported that star base, a dumb. Today both the base and the figures are still present there, although buried under the desert sands.

Cristina: When analysing our history, we do not only encounter the problem of dating, which I mentioned in the previous video. Not only we find that other civilisations have settled later, altering in some way both the buildings and the engravings by modifying the original, but the cabal, the controllers, have hijacked part of our history. That is to say, they have taken away what was really important and have left us the crumbs.

Because history is power, knowledge is power. The controllers know this very well, for they have not been in power for thousands and thousands of years for lack of intelligence. Moreover, they have subjected us to very deep mental control, altering our perception of reality, altering our reality to such an extent that they have somehow programmed what we will see as reality and what we will not. That is, what we will see as truth or reality or what we will see as fantasy or science fiction. That's why some people can hear this story and will quickly identify it as a science fiction movie, like Star Wars or Star Trek, and store it in that place in the brain. This is how we have been carefully programmed.

Finally I would like to leave you with a message from Swaruu from Erra:

"They put science fiction as a fantasy and impose a false reality as something valid. What happens is that it is reversed: science fiction is the truth, and what is imposed on you in the news, in universities and schools as reality, is fantasy. So, many things that are science fiction are hidden truths in plain sight, for people to take as fantasy. So, when people like us appear, they take it as that: fantasy.

This is by design, to keep the masses away from the truth. They are programmed, all with mind control."

Cristina: Here I finish this video, I hope you found it interesting. Thank you very much for being here and listening. And see you in the next one!

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